Strange Beast On The Beach

Posted on January 15, 2009

My life has been full of brushes with the paranormal. I was born and raised in a hundred year old haunted house, and things have been progressively stranger since then. A lot of these incidents of the odd happened at my former job, a coal burning power plant located on the shore of lake Erie.

The plant was built on a nexus of sorts, every stripe of supernatural weirdness you could ever hope to experience or be subjected too was there. And as a security guard, you were going to see it all like it or not. We had a high turn over rate.

Out of all of the incidents, this was the winner. We used to do vehicle patrols on a near constant basis. On of the nicer routes was along the lake on a dirt road that sat about a story above the lake looking down on the beach. I used to park the patrol vehicle and sneak down on the beach when the mood struck me. But I’d been denied this pleasure because the corpse of a deer had washed in from the lake bringing with it a fine bouquet of reek and nastiness.

One evening while a storm was blowing in off the lake I offhandedly checked to see if the deceased deer had been sucked back into the lake by the waves and off my beach I saw something that broke my mind. Some bear sized creature was eating the deer carcass.

It was twice the size of the deer. Orange-brown short fur covered it, and it had a back hump like a hyena. The neck was long and ended in a rounded blunt head like a sloth’s. The forelegs were twice the size and thickness of the back. And it was eating huge hunks off the deer as the waves from the lake washed over it.

I stopped the truck and just stared, it seemed to notice me and when it looked up it locked gazes with me and stared me down. It’s eyes were glowing orange, not unusual for light reflecting off animal eyes, but it was dim out, and the trucks headlights were pointed away from it. It stared me down then loped off down the beach. It moved like the gargoyle dogs from Ghostbusters, a really weird hop-spring, pulling itself with the front legs and pushing off with the back.

The next day I snuck down there to look at the deer. Round bites had been taken out of it. No tearing from teeth just rounded plugs cut clean away,even through a shoulder blade. No scrapes at all on the bone from teeth, just sheared off holes. The waves cleared away most of it’s prints, but I found one in the sand. It’ was about six inches across, seven long three inches deep in the sand. Four claws and a weird “thumb” off the side. I could put my entire finger in the claw holes.

My question to you is what the hell did I see? We don’t have bears or wolves around here. And there’s not a coyote or fox alive that gets that big. Any answers out there? Because I’d love to know.

Sent in by “Goththom”, Copyright 2009

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25 Responses to “Strange Beast On The Beach”
  1. Alpha says:

    I personally believe that it was a cryptid of some sort or an extraterrestrial.
    It’s an unusual encounter but encounters with monsters all over the world are frequent nonetheless. Descriptions of scintillating beasts of a broad spectrum reach the ears of police cops everywhere.

    Perhaps return to the site again with a couple of friends?

  2. Goththom says:

    Thanks Alpha, Kind of what I was thinking. It’s a remote area, and fairly untouched by people. I worked out there for a long time, and hadn’t seen it before or since. Again, the place was a nexus of weird, but this thing shocked even my jaded senses. I haven’t worked there for going on two years, but I keep thinking I should’ve made a cast of that print, or got a picture of it.

  3. Tinydancer says:


  4. Jackie says:

    Check out stories of Chupacabra’s – that sounds just like the way these ‘things’ work.

  5. Goththom says:

    When I did cryptid research to try to find out what it was, my first thought was the chupacabra. But most descriptions don’t match this thing.There’s an Native American legend called Shunka wakim that comes real close. And the place where I saw it was where the Erie indians used live.

  6. India says:

    Maybe is was a sasquatch!

  7. Moya says:

    that is creepy, and i dont know but i did see something like that a long time ago here in Texas in the back roads at night . I will never do that again, and yes it ran after us, and you discribe it the same way i would of.

  8. Goththom says:

    Nothing bigfoot like about it, This thing could never move upright. The backlegs were tiny compared to the front. Nothing apelike either, It’s physique was just messed up. Texas huh… If they range that wide I’m surprised more of them haven’t been seen. I couldn’t imagine having one chase me down in a car. At least with that weird hop/sprint it does, I can’t think it kept up with a moving vehicle for long.

    • Pat says:

      It sounds like a gila montser typr vreature; they swaller and though thick and strong would likely never keep up with a moving vehicle….. I’d set up a camera and TRY to get a picture of it!!!

  9. Stacey says:

    I’m at school right now i just read this i reali like ghot and things like that. I’m doing my work and Ghost i just reali like this storie <3

  10. Superduper says:

    why u didnt take a picture of it..
    it would be nice to see.


  11. Retal says:

    DO u have the picture?

  12. Goththom says:

    No picture unfortunately. The security truck had a camera/recorder, but it was broke, go figure. Also this was when I had a cell phone that didn’t have a camera . But even if I had had one I wouldn’t have had the presence of mind to use it. I was engrossed with watching it . Keep in mind the whole incident happened within a 20 second time span.

  13. ico says:


    You should go to Your True and go to the January 2009 page and read the story called “mexican tongue monster.” It sounds similiar.

  14. Goththom says:

    It does seem similar. Good call. Didn’t see a tongue like that, but who knows. It could retract or something. Thanks for the help, it’s a lot closer match then anything else I’ve found, short of the Native American shunka wakim which is similar to what I saw as well.

  15. ico says:

    Your welcome.

    It was weird. I had just read that story an hour or so before then i read yours and i was like “hey, that sounds familiar.” What are the chances of that happening.

  16. Goththom says:

    It’s neat when that happens, synchronicity is a good thing sometimes.

  17. CuteSagittarius says:

    Hey,so have u found anything else about that strange creature? I would like to know what hapPened next!

  18. Pat says:

    I would go to a sketch artist or a friend that can draw- be something to go on anyway… being in an area with few people this thing may have lived alone for years and years and you just happened to spot one…I still think there are many things/species out there that we have yet to fully understand or discover… creepy scary- glad that thing did not harm you! Thanks for sharing!

  19. tigerlily says:

    I’ve read about the shunka warakin which was a hyena like creature killed off by the pioneers. Maybe they didn’t kill all of them.

  20. Doesn'tMatter says:

    It might be a proto-Hyena creature. Here’s a story about one with a hide to boot:

  21. chantelle says:

    spooky, i cant beleive you went to look at the deer! what if it came outta nowheres and ate u too! lol did u take piccies?

  22. Brandon says:

    well that is certainly a abnormal (to say the least ) encounter. It does match the description as portrade by others to be a chupicabra,but it does remind me of another creature said to be extinct, the smiledon a.k.a the saber tooth tiger theywere fairly large creatures that slidered towards the hide quarters abit with smaller hind legs. The coloration matches up as well along with the marks in the sand. Also the way you described the bite mark is the way theyd eat with serated teeth that would easily slice through bone, but i couldnt imagine one being around here in modern days, then agian isnt it a bit cold up there cause with deciduous trees cause that would be prime habitat for one, o well. thanks for the story very interesting definitly somtheing to ponder on for a bit.

  23. Nightangel says:

    hello, I know this story was posted awhile back but it sounds so eerily familiar to stories I’ve heard and researched I had to share with you.

    In southern Wisconsin as well as other surrounding states in the midwest there have been several sightings of this creature. In the town I lived in it was called the Beast of Bray Road since that was where the first sightings occurred. The descriptions of the creature match yours EXACTLY: large, wolf or bearlike with shorter hind legs and alrge forarms, almost humajlike hands with large claws and especially the glowing orange/yellow eyes. Other witnesses have also reported being very weirded out by the way in which this creature would just stare them down like it did you. There have also been many reports of the creature sometimes walking upright on its hind legs. While I was doing a research paper on these sightings I also came across theories that it was a cryptid wolf creature or the shunka warakin you mentioned. So I do believe this Beast of Bray Rd is the creature you saw.

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