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Spiritual Accident

Posted on December 26, 2010

This is a true story. How I came upon the knowledge of the occult is not important, however what is important is how I used it.

I think that maybe when I was younger I was more in tune with the paranormal, or just simply frightened, so I became skeptical and rationalized everything. My point being that when I was younger I never did a Ouija board session or a séance or any of that stuff kids do to scare themselves. And now I felt like I’ve missed out on something, that’s why I decided to do it.

Halloween was coming up soon and I figured there couldn’t be a better time to do what I was going to do no matter how cliché it might be (because that’s half the fun right?). So I decided to do a scrying ritual/séance which seemed simple enough and didn’t require much explanation or training for a novice, who happened to be the friend I invited for this ordeal.

For those who aren’t familiar with it scrying is, for our purposes, a way to see into the spirit world. We decided to look for demons, to go for a scare on Halloween, so we made a black mirror) typical for the visible manifestation of demons) out of a black shirt and a frying pan filled with water to cause a reflection. I wasn’t interested in seeing any old demon either, I wanted to make sure I knew what I was seeing and insisted we pick a demon to attempt to see in the black mirror. We came up with a more or less benign spirit called Vassago, said to be a prophet of sorts, thinking we could get him to answer a few of our questions. Anyway while reviewing how we were going to call him where to do the séance/ritual etc… a couple of weird things happened to us.

We were in my friends room and upon reviewing our choice of demon the lamp on his desk started to flicker, like flash on and off and animals kept running into his window like a toad then a bird, I can’t be sure because we only saw flashes of them and it would have been weird to see a toad since his room was on the second floor.  Anyway there was a graveyard close by and it was pretty big with lots of tree cover on all sides so we decided to start there.

It was night but it wasn’t dark, since there was always this white shroud that covered the graveyard at night. Looking for a place to set up we came across a kind of mausoleum which provided the only suitable writing surface for the magick circle we were to place our black mirror in. Climbing on its roof we began. I remember the longest part of the setup was drawing out the magick circle, it was my first time drawing it on that scale and it took a little time. The whole ritual was kind of makeshift with pieces loosely thrown together earlier that afternoon, it was sort of personalized. The wind seem to blow harder from the roof then it did on the ground and we were getting cold and couldn’t concentrate on the mirror, no positive results. So we decided to pack it up and try it again and my friend’s place.

After having my head down looking at the mirror for so long I stretched out and to tried and work out some of thing kinks, going from left to right then up. That’s when I saw it. The sky, the white shroud that covered the graveyard seemed like it had been pierced by the magick circle and the clouds formed a perfect circle around us, quite the phenomenon. But stranger things happened still inside my friends apartment.

We decided to resume the operation on his kitchen floor where the air was still and there was little to distract us, things started to form out of the blackness of the mirror as we took turns reading out the calling to the demon I had prepared, but still, nothing concrete. I remember, as I was reading the calling so my friend could peer into the black mirror, I felt something part the hair that hung loosely on the back of my neck, not just once like it fell (I have ALMOST shoulder length hair but not quite) but three or four times! I did not let my voice falter even though I felt fear, I kept reading the calling, trying to channel my fear because I knew that that’s what demons fed from, I tried to lend it a bit of energy so that I could see it.

I read the second part of the calling, a binding to the magick circle in which lay the black mirror. My will was strong and it seems the demon was sent straight to the mirror because my friend pulled his face up pretty quick and slammed on the lights, he seemed scared. As we talked about what he saw we both admitted to feeling chills pass through our bodies, up our spines, I remember feeling things brush against my arms. I didn’t quite realize what was going on at the time, I only wanted to see my ritual successful and see a demon so I convinced my friend to keep going. This time it was my turn to peer and his to read.

I had him read the calling a few times and I could feel that the demon was getting annoyed with us, I didn’t keep this to myself either, trying to use my friend’s fear to channel energy. I didn’t see much during the time after the calling, only a green light, which my friend admitted to seeing to from where he was sitting. It was during the binding that I began to get what I wanted. My friend was new to this and didn’t have the same will power I do so I had him read the binding with conviction many times. I saw my face in the mirror, I saw my eyes darken and become hollow and my mouth begin to gape in the reflection even though I held it closed, it was filled with teeth and a large pointed tongue flailed from it as though it were searching, dark tendrils were emanating from my head, and that was the problem, it was my head, still my reflection, only contorted and corrupted and I said to my self enough I don’t want to see myself I want to see you Vassago, I willed it in my head.

By this time my friend had fallen silent, and I watched as the disfigured illusion of a monster quickly left my reflection and my face turned back to normal, but only for a split second then it widened out into the face of an old man, all the while with the eyes hollow, and yet still for only a split second, then the old mans face converged, as if on a point became narrower to fit my face, looking down at me with hollow eyes, noseless and with tight lips, its face strong and smooth. And I could feel its anger it stared at me for what seemed like 30 seconds but could only really be 2. That’s when I stopped, turned on the lights and realized what I had done. I felt it, if we were truly scrying we would have only seen never felt, we didn’t employ circles to protect ourselves. I had accidentally done a summoning of a demon. I quickly gave it license to depart, to leave us and we cleaned up the circle as fast as we could, we never got to ask it any questions. That night I slept with the lights on.

The next morning I was unbelievable drained and fatigued and aching right down to the bone, I could hardly move. When I finally did and my memories came clear from the night before a single question popped up in my head, I’ve already heard of the saying, “what is the sound of one hand clapping?” and I’ve known a guy in high school who could clap with one hand, still groggy I asked myself sincerely, “then what would be the sound of a thousand hands clapping,” and the answer entered my mind instantly…

My friend later told me he had a dream that night where he saw a red dragon. My fatigue and aches continued for three days.

Sent in by el Nicko del Fuego, Copyright 2010

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