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Spirits Who Dwell Around Me

Posted on March 21, 2011

Ever since I was a boy, I’ve been fascinated by the paranormal. The wonder of there being an afterlife, fueled my will power to know more. My family are believers, but seem to ignore me when I went on and on about the paranormal. It seem to me, they were a bit frighten to touch on the subject. I was 6 years old at the time, I don’t blame them.

On my 7th birthday, my uncle has been shot, along-side his beautiful loyal dogs. My dad was devastated, the family took a turn for the worst; on my birthday. I remember walls being punched, objects thrown around, screaming and crying filled up our living room with a cold darkness of fear,confusion,and worry. I didn’t have a clue at first what was going on. I felt selfish, because the only thing I was worried about, was my gifts.”My birthday ruined” I thought to myself. My father looks at me with tears flowing down his eyes like a waterfall, and tells me ”son, my brother, your uncle has been murdered in cold blood by Serbian soldiers”. The hate that build up inside of me was unbearable,my mind was suddenly surrounded by a deep sensation of irrational thoughts of revenge for the Serbs and what they have committed. ”Why God, why did this happen to my family on my birthday!” I couldn’t sleep without crying.

We moved out of the basement into a 2 family house, around this time I was 8 years old. ”This house is the start of a new life” my dad told my brother and I. I was excited to explore new possibilities and to get out of the project we lived before. We are builders at heart, so we completely fixed up the whole house, from bottom to top. My father told me he would make up for what happen on my birthday, and gave my brother and I the largest room in the house. Not to mention a PlayStation,N64, and a big television to play my video games on. I guess he seen if my mind was occupied by video games, I wouldn’t really think about my uncle’s death. And he was right, I was to worried about killing things I seen in the video game.

I remember, couple of months after we settle in the new house, feelings of being watched. I felt every where I went something was behind me. As I walk up my stairs, I can literally feel wind brushing against my neck and body. I debunked it as a draft from the door, bathroom window, or window down stairs from the staircase. Then I began waking up with marks on my body. The marks look like someone dug their nails in me. I woke up with a bite mark as well, it look k9 teeth, I wasn’t sure maybe my brother bit me or I nibbled on my self, I do look juicy. Now the crazy paranormal events start beginning.

I felt something crawl into bed with me, by my leg side. This energy completely paralyzed my body. I breathed in and out at an extremely fast rate, my heart is pumping, and fear is rushing throughout my entire body. ”What is going on?” I thought to my self. The numbness that controlled my body didn’t allow me to speak at all, I tried screaming but it was worthless. It felt as it time was standing still, at this moment time did not exist, it was just the thing and me. My brother in a deep dream state right by me, couldn’t hear my screams because they were muffled, almost like someone putting their hand over my mouth. I fought this energy plenty of times, it happened to me weekly on the most random days and nights, and still to this day. I was trying to be in control of the situation, but one dark cold night I awaken from my slumber. My eyes open wide staring at the white painted ceiling, a shadow flies by my vision about three times. I sit up on my bed and look at the time, it was 3am. Again it felt as if time stood still, I look to my right at my brother’s bed side, and what I seen was incredible. A man on his knee, petting an animal. This man had a blue energy field around him as so his dog. I can remember when I look at him with my surprised,brown glowing eyes, this man turn his head and look directly into my eyes while petting his loyal dog. I covered my head with my blanket, and couldn’t believe I just seen my uncle’s ghost along with his loving dog.

I always wondered about the paranormal, and why certain events happen to one’s spiritual consciousness. Was my experience with my uncle’s ghost happened to reinsure me that he is ok, and that there is such thing as an after life?. These questions puzzle me still to this day, and I am 20 years old. I do not fear death, I am not worried anymore. We are all prisoners of our own mind looking for a way out. spiritual science is important and stories like mine are all over the world. Do not fear to be looked at in a certain way, do not fear to tell people your experiences with the paranormal. Soon It’s just going to be normal.

Sent in by John, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Dreams, Sleep Paralysis

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7 Responses to “Spirits Who Dwell Around Me”
  1. Rosie says:

    I don’t get it————if that is your uncle’s spirit, why did you see biting marks and scratches ? He should be there to protect you or comfort you.

  2. Buds420 says:

    Paranormal will never be normal..

    • K. Smith says:

      Buds420, I agree with John when he stated that the paranormal will soon be viewed as normal. I believe that all paranormal activity is controlled by Satan and his demonic host. I am NOT a fan of the spirit realm, but the bible does state that Satan will take possession of the Anti-Christ body and rule the world through him. Seeing that Satan is evil incarnate this means that every foul demon, monster and creature that people are encountering will be viewed as NORMAL in Satan’s coming New World Order and we can see from the stories posted on this site, these demonic beings are REAL and not very nice.

      The conditioning of your mind to accept the paranormal is in full operation. Look at the programs and sitcoms on television or the movies being made. I would say that about 90% of movies and television programs are based on the occult or paranormal. Society is slowly being programmed by movies and television to think that evil is cool, and hideous monsters, werewolves, vampires are beautiful and approachable. Remember Bewitched, The Munsters, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, The Addam” Family, I Dream of Jeannie, Medium, Angel, Dr. Who and Supernatural just to name a few.

      • Caretaker says:

        K. Smith Things like Angels, miracles, demons, prophecies, and the like ARE paranormal :)

        ‘paranormal’ in the Oxford dictionary. “Beyond the scope of normal objective investigation or explanation”.

  3. Chi Chi says:

    i think what John meant to say by “soon the paranormal will become normal” is that for us living paranormal is “beyond the scope of normal objective explanation” but when we die and become spirits then we become one of them (one of the paranormal), then it becomes normal….sorry, i just don’t know how to express myself :)

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