Spirits Talking to My Boyfriend?

Posted on March 3, 2011

Lately, there have been many strange things happening and before I tell you about my experience… or rather, my boyfriend’s experience, I’m going to give some background on the situation.

My father died 6 years ago on February 21, 2005. His death anniversary was a couple days ago. My boyfriend had a brother, his parents had triplets but only two of the boys survived, the third one died shortly after birth. I cannot see, hear, or feel ghosts at all other than a few occurrences I’ve had recently and in the past but none of them have been my daddy. My boyfriend doesn’t know anything at all about ghosts, other than seeing his deceased brother one or two times, and has only had one other interaction which I believe was with my father.

But, the one I’m going to talk about happened the other night. My boyfriend went to bed around 11:30 pm. He woke up around 1 or 1:30, and I was still awake. He texted me and told me that he heard people talking, but nobody was home. The house was completely empty. He then heard somebody tell him, right in his ear, “Get out”. I told him to get out of the house that minute, but of course, he knew nothing about ghosts and was just as crude with his reply. The voice kept repeating what it had said, and said “I swear I’ll burn this place down”. I told him, whatever you do, don’t provoke it and get out of the house now. And of course, he didn’t leave, but I told him to ask the spirit what he wanted and if he knew him. Apparently the spirit said, “You killed me” and my boyfriend told it that he never killed anyone, and maybe he could help him find who killed him. There was no reply.

He figured the ghost left, but shortly after that the room got extremely cold. So cold that he could see his breath, which I know is impossible because the heat is turned up very high in his house, sometimes up to 90 degrees. Once again, not knowing ghosts, was confused and couldn’t understand why it was so cold. I told him, that thing is still there and told him to ask who it was and say “I know you’re still here”. After he said that, my dad answered him. He kept talking to my dad and relaying messages back and forth between me and my dad for a couple hours. Also, my boyfriend’s dead brother was warning him about something. At one point in time, he said my dad came to my room and of course, I was bawling and crying, and he said he told my dad to come see me and tuck me in so I could sleep. He said my dad was right next to my bed, but he wasn’t talking to my dad anymore, the little brother was telling him what was going on. However, I saw nothing and felt nothing and heard nothing. Like I mentioned before, I can never see him or hear him. My dad told my boyfriend that it’s time for him to take care of me now, and to get me to stop crying, and he is going back to Heaven for the night but if I need him I can call for him and he will be there.

Now, the thing that I am wondering about… was that really my dad? Or could the angry spirit he first talked to be a demon and acting like he was my daddy? Could the baby brother be sending a warning about the evil spirit? I’m just very confused right now and not in a good place emotionally. If somebody could shed some light on my situation, I’d really appreciate it.

Sent in by Stephanie, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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16 Responses to “Spirits Talking to My Boyfriend?”
  1. Buds420 says:

    Threats are definenatly evil spirits. When you hear your brother talk say ” in the name of Jesus Christ I demand you to leave forever “. That will instantly make it vanish.

  2. Jerry says:

    If it had been your dad, you would know it, the feel, smell, or any other way of knowing it was him, the same way with evil, you just feel it, ………

  3. Stan says:

    Stephanie, as much as you may want to believe that your father is communicating with you from Heaven, you can be sure that he is absolutely not. There is not one ounce of credible proof in human history that anyone has ever returned from beyond the grave (with the exception of Jesus Christ and those that he and his disciples raised from the dead). There is, however, ample evidence that evil spirits and demons absolutely do attempt to fool people by appearing to them in the likeness of a dead relative. They know the human condition and they understand that you will be receptive to them if you believe they are a loved one that has passed on. The bible states explicitly that we should never attempt to communicate with or contact the dead – for that very reason. So, if God has instructed us to not communicate with the dead, why would he allow your father’s spirit to leave heaven and come back to connect with you? Based on the bible alone, you can be sure that any spirit that contacts you will be of evil origins. The only spirit that humans should be receptive to is the Holy Spirit, sent by God to comfort us, guide us and protect us. I urge you and your boyfriend to cease all communications with these entities. they are dangerous beyond your comprehension. Because you don’t understand their origins, methodologies or motives, that makes them especially dangerous to you. Also, calling on the name of Jesus will not necessarily have any impact on preternatural entities. That only works if you have something to back it up with – like a relationship with Jesus and true faith in him. It’s like having a huge cannon that you have no idea how to load, aim or fire – you just point it at something and yell “bang”. These entities are way, way smarter than you and me. They know very well who has the ability to resist them and who does not. They prey on those that they believe to be easy targets – they perceive you as weak spritually – most likely because they can sense that you have not given your life to Christ, therefore, you are “up for grabs”. they want to destroy your life and as many lives through you as they can before somehow causing your demise. If they can cause your death before you belong to Christ, then you belong to Satan forever – and nothing will ever change that. Please be very careful -you’ve been targeted. go see a minister and tell him what is going on. Ask for a blessing and ask what you must do in order to protect yourself from future attacks. If they get to you, they will eventually target everyone else that enters your life – husband, children, friends…

  4. countrygirl says:

    Unfortunately bad spirits can portray to be what they want:(I do believe spirits can visit eg..passed loved ones so on and so forth..these particular one should show no concern,torment,games,destruction,harm in any way!it is the bad that are/can be out to weaken ,devastate,torment etc..so all being said..be strong and pray for a cast out!what ever you do,please do not let these things get to you!! Many blessings:)

  5. Sandy says:

    Oh, Stan, Stan, Stan. You bible thumpers drive me crazy. You try to push your religious beliefs on everyone you see and talk to. It’s fine for you to have your beliefs, but there are other religions out there which believe differently, and who’s to say that your beliefs are right and theirs are wrong? You and your fellow believers, of course. Many people have seen or felt their deceased loved ones, and they have come to tell them that they are okay in the afterlife and will be there at their side if they are needed. Your belief that all spirits are evil is a crock.

    • Apostleled says:

      It seems many Christians may have hurt you in the past and I am truely sorry if so. It seems he is speaking truth in my opinion and just because you dont believe dosnt make it wrong. I try very hard to operate in love and I always fall short but your comment seems to be said out of bitterness. I am not religious I agree with the teachings of Jesus in which he rebukes being religious I understand alot of Christians dont operate in love but it is the greatest commandment of all Jesus said Love covers a multitude of sin so I hope you will be filled with the love, mercy, and kindness of The Father.

      • Sandy says:

        I apologize to Stan. I attacked his beliefs. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and beliefs. I guess it is up to the person who posted the original story to sift through the replies and choose the ones he/she wishes to follow and I hope they make the correct choice.

    • Minxsoul says:

      I agree with Sandy. Faith is a personal choice, and should not be shoved down peoples throats. That was a negative piece of advice you gave there Stan. I think that whatever happened that night was not necessarily your father or your boyfriends brother. Evil takes many forms and makes many promises. Has your boyfriend been playing with a Ouija board? Or you ? That is always a sure fire way to bring in the bad. Hang in there it will be ok. And even though you say you cannot hear or feel spirits, you will if one really approaches you. Even the biggest non believers have had to admit when they finally felt the energy of a spirit. Take care and picture yourself surrounded in white light if you get scared. We all know evil hates the light!

    • Stan says:

      It’s unfortunate that you’ve decided to apply a label to me because i believe differently than you. After reviewing my post, i don’t see any content that i would categorize as ‘pushing my beliefs” on anyone, nor did i mention any other religion/belief structure. You might be just a tad over-zealous in your condemnation of me and my “religious beliefs”. But, you criticize without understanding – because you know nothing about me or what experience and knowledge i may have. Years ago, i was just like you. I guess you could say that i believed everything except the correct thing. I believed in “ghosts”, but little else. In fact, i was completely enamored with the subject and i started ghost-hunting and doing research at locations that were reputed to be the most haunted places in the US and Europe. I spent 10 years in Europe investigating medieval castles, ancient cemetaries and churches, horrific battlegrounds, and torture dungeons in Germany, France, The Netherlands, England and Italy. I’ve traveled to and performed on-site investigations at what are routinely called the most haunted sites in the US. I’ve spent countless nights roaming through battlefields, “haunted houses” and even spent an entire night roaming about the 50 acre haunted wood in Virginia – supposedly the most haunted place in this country. I’ve worked with physics and seers and people who are so-called “sensitive” to spirits. I’ve taken thousands of photographs, hundreds of hours of video and audio. I’ve read no less than 250 books written by all of the “experts” and spent thousands of hours researching on the internet. I’ve interviewed a lot of people whose lives have been impacted by the preternatural (i’m betting you don’t know how that term is used in paranormal investigations) – in short, Sandy, i’ve devoted a huge portion of my life to gaining as much insight, knowledge and practical experience as i can on the paranormal. What i discovered, resulting from all of that reasearch – for me anyway – is that there are no “ghosts” – at least not of human origin. I’ll bet you’ve watched a lot of episodes of TAPS or Ghost Hunters – or whatever – tell me, in all of their hundreds of investigations, have they ever captured a single piece of real evidence that ghosts exist? Have they ever even encountered a ghost? There are definately “spirits” roaming about – but they never took a breath as a human being. In all of those years of research, i never encountered anything that wasn’t pure evil. I was very close to my Dad. He died just before mother’s day when i was 13. I wanted very much to connect with him. I connected alright – but it wasn’t with him. Everything that i experienced and learned in all of those years, Sandy, led me to one inescapable truth – satan, demons and evil spirits are alive and well and doing everything they can to distract and mislead human beings from our only purpose – to have a relationship with our creator. I wasn’t a “religious” person before i started this journey – but i guess you could say that i am now. The paranormal is a very scary and dangerous playground – and i would never offer anyone any advice about any of it based solely on my “opinion” as i suspect you have. Instead, i offer the benefit of almost 30 years of research, analysis, experience and solid conclusions drawn from the resulting evidence. I don’t care if you (Sandy) believe what i believe or not – i’m not responsible for your soul, you are. And, in spite of what i know to be true, versus what you suspect is true, i would never arbitrarily denounce another person’s beliefs or comments, just because they contrast wiht my own. To do so, in my mind, makes one appear to be very intolerant, close-minded and ignorant. I’m happy that you are able to believe what you believe and that we still live in a society that permits you to trounce on others that believe differently. I feel sorry for you, though, because i’ve been in your shoes, and i have a full comprehension of just how misguided and naive you really are. (Since you drew first blood, i have no qualms about speaking my mind at this point). I hope that God chooses to bless you, Sandy, and i truly hope that one day you will open your mind to something other than what you were spoon-fed in the public school system or brainwashed with through melodramatic television garbage designed to sell pampers and dog food. BTW – in spite of what you may think, i have never “thumped” a Bible.


      • Sandy says:

        Stan, let’s shake hands and go forward from here. Thanks for accepting my apology.

        • Stan says:

          Sandy – of course. I sent in this diatribe before seeing your very gracious apology. Water under the bridge….


          • Sandy says:

            I kind of knew that. I figured as I was posting my apology, you were busy writing your detailed response and didn’t see it before you posted your comment. However, from your reply, I think I better understand the background behind your original comment — so it’s all good!

  6. Akriti says:

    Huny, I really want to help you shed some light on this matter but I have some doubts myself. I’m sorry because I know that I’m not helping you. But you cannot be sure that what your boyfriend is saying is true. He may be bluffing with you or trying to take advantage of you by lying. You have not witnessed or sensed anything, so you cannot certify that he’s really seen or felt ghosts, let alone that of your Dad. My dear, once someone has gone to heaven, he cannot come back, even if you call him. So, be careful before coming to any conclusion. However, if YOU start to feel such things, i.e., very very strange and scary ones, then only, you must consult a priest or someone who is competent and has the power to get you rid of such things.

  7. Denny says:

    Sounds scary

    WOW and religious people say they are not judgmental and have proof. It called belief for a reason.
    “I’m not responsible for your soul, you are. And, in spite of what i know to be true, versus what you suspect is true,”

    I also like how people say because they researched it that they have to be right and no such thing as ghost when how long did it take to make slavery illegal. Another words change or answers they do not always happen fast or in ones lifetime.

  8. eisbrecher says:

    to sandy i don’t think stan said anything that could be pushing beleifs on anyone. to stan, their is nothing “right” or “wrong” about your faith. i personally am not a beleiver in god himself, but i do follow your principles

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