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Spirits Stuck in Time

Posted on September 5, 2009

This is a true story. It started when my mom met my step dad they decided to move in together and so my step dads boss offered him a house to live in. They took it and my grandmother moved in upstairs because it was a two story home so me, my mom (she was pregnant), my step dad and my two older sisters moved into the basement. I was only six at the time but I still remember it clearly.

I would always have strange dreams. I was little so I didn’t know what they meant, all that happened in them when they first started were two little girls running down a hall holding hands. My family was happy so I never told anyone. When we got my dog she would run and hide under the couch then right after she did that I would hear strange laughing.

As I got older my grandmother moved out and my mom gave birth to my little brother and we got the whole house to our selves then when I was 11 we had people move into our basement and when they moved in things went from OK to horrible. We would hear things running up and down the hall. When my sister, who was 13 at the time, would do something wrong something would come off of a shelf and hover in the air a minute then would hit her right on top of her head. My dreams would get worse. I would have dreams of little girls being killed by their father and then he would kill himself and his wife. They would tell me things.

I still live in the house because I cannot find any other place to live and still have those dreams. I have been slapped. I have seen men, women, little boys, little girls, everything in this house. I even seen a man with a rams head say he can help me he can take the pain away. I have been woken up by people yelling, people waking me up and telling me I need to get out of the house. I have even had my attic door, which I make sure is closed, come open. I have found a very strange pendant hanging on the doorknob and my lights have gone out. I have heard screaming of little kids and I have wanted to cry for no reason.

I will not sleep in my room because of things waking me up. I am Wiccan but I do not do any spells or anything. I have had bibles thrown at me, I have heard the sound of glasses clinking like in a bar. My mom couldn’t handle it because she would get thrown down the steps every day so she and my step dad moved out of the house. I came to live in it because I needed a home and they didn’t have the right to sell the house and my step fathers boss wouldn’t sell the house insisting it was our imaginations so I go through finding my money gone to things being pulled off of shelves and I feel hands touching my face and words being whispered in my ear such as why did you leave or we can still be together and the weirdest, I’m so sorry Beth I didn’t mean it at all. I don’t like having those things being said to me because that name scares me so bad but there’s nothing I can do so I’m just living here day by day with whatever’s in this house.

Written by Anna Burns, Copyright 2009

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13 Responses to “Spirits Stuck in Time”
  1. Myn says:

    You need to leave the house. Try to find another house. If you still stay there your condition might get worse.

  2. Jamie says:

    you have GOT to get out of that house before it drives you to insanity.

  3. Karen M. says:

    I agree that you should get out of the house also, but you said that you are a Wiccan, don’t you know any methods to cleanse the house of these spirits?

  4. Robbie Scifres says:

    I don’t know anything about Wiccan, but I do know this, we are simple human beings and there is a time to stand and fight such things and then there is a time to run. The man with the goat head? well to me that says, run fast, run hard, and don’t stop and don’t look back. Good Luck.

  5. jess says:

    The man with the rams head might be trying to lure her in by telling her he can make it all end he sounds evil…..I think u guys should get out of that house b4 its too late!!!

  6. chumz says:

    in my case,,,i only see the a clone of my cousin ,,,when i was in our ancestral house,,,,and it seems like that it only makes me afraid….

  7. DarStarr says:

    I agree with everyone. You need to get out of that house before it’s too late. This is not something to fool around with, you have to think of your safety. Please leave.

  8. Pat says:

    YES PLEASE GET OUT OF THAT HOUSE! IF NOTHING else ask a priest or a minister to do a house blessing… If you ABSOLUTELY cannot leave you MUST do all that you can to protect yourself spiritually…. I am very concerned about how living in this house is effecting you long term….

  9. Jonathan says:

    That story lost me,
    - there were people in your basement yet you didn’t once think they were involved.
    - Your parents move dout but you stayed?? if so bad , move with your parents.
    - you say you are wiccan but bibles were being thrown at you? If you are wicaan why do you have bibles?

    This story is a bit overwhelming.

  10. Jonathan says:

    Oh I forgot, if you are wiccan than your god is called the Horned god. He is the male part of the religon. I have a sneaking suspicion you are not wiccan, you just think it sounds cool. I know a lot of people who like to call themselves wiccan and have absolutely no knowledge on the religon.

  11. swavy says:

    crying 4 no reason=hormones or bottled up energy and feelings or stress try poetry or meditation
    man with rams head?=demon or well imagination my beiief of this story 35%

  12. lizard says:

    hey, regardless of what everyone else says. i am pretty open minded and i will believe you. You should stop your wiccan practices, like meditation or feeling the energy flow through you. just always be in a circle when you try it out. but it’d be best if you stopped that right away. Wicca can be really messed up if your learning by yourself. you dont have a proper teacher. stop all the practices, and i’m glad you arent casting spells. ok now. about you. you have powers, yeah psychic powers. they probably devoloped because of your proximity with the spirits. you have to use that power. and you have to overwhelm them. dont think you are too weak. ever. dont ask for your gods to lend you strength.

    First tell the spirts, all of them to get out of the house.

    Second, they probably wont listien, so from within draw out your most personalized energy. push it out of you. and push these spirits away.

    Third, call up your gaurdian. and call up other gaurdians. call as many gaurdians as you can. and tell them to get rid of the spirits

    fourth, push them out one by one with your personal energy. and keep as many gaurdians around you.

    note: guardians can also be ancestors

    You could also ask your gods to get rid of the spirts. no chants. no offering energy to these gods. stop using spirit energy all together and listein to your gaurdians. and if you cant call up the power. then think deep inside of you, and pull out the name that makes you feel safe. think that. and then when you have that name. speak it, and use your energy with that name. it should bring up some gaurdians. but man. you really messed yourself up by living there all your life. push them out with your own power. stop practicing wicca meditation. if you are going to, then do so with your gaurdians around. and always keep your gaurdians with you. and you can call up many gaurdians. good luck

  13. spook says:


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