Spirit of Little Girl Following Me for Years

Posted on June 11, 2010

My story starts in 1986, when a boyfriend of mine was attacked one night in my bedroom. I was downstairs while he was asleep in my room. I went upstairs to go to bed and he was sitting up on the bed with such a look of fright, mind you this was a 40 something year old man. He looked at me and asked me if I was evil, shocked I said what the hell are you talking about? He then went on to describe a little blonde girl about 7 to 10 in a long white gown a pixie hair cut and looked sort of like me. He said she jumped on him while he lay asleep. Pushing on his chest, he was fighting with her and managed to get her off him and as he lay there trippin’ he looked to his side and she was laying there staring at him. Thus began my journey with this little girl.

Well as life continued I often felt the presence of something; pictures flying off the wall, being touched. Once I had these wind chimes in a living room window and they just started moving with great force. The window was closed so there was no wind!

I moved to another house and that is when the little girl started showing herself to my oldest son. He would tell me, ‘mom I saw a little girl in my room.’ She would float to the beds of my other sleeping children and float out the door staring at him. Ryan was so scared. I have never seen her to this day.

My youngest sons dad and I were sleeping in that house and I woke up having felt a patting on my back. I told Sam to stop it as I thought he was patting me. I went back to sleep and felt it again. I got mad and yelled Sam stop that. Sam woke up and looked over at my side of the bed and freaked, jumped up and started growling. I suppose it was his way of dealing with what he was seeing. He climbed over me putting his hands out to grab something I could not see all the while yelling at me in between his growls saying don’t you see her? He later described her and said she looked with shock at him like she was scared and she got smaller and smaller until she turned into a blue ball and disappeared.

I’ve had night terrors since I was 15 still do. I wonder if this little girl is something of a protector.

Twelve years later I moved to Phoenix and one day my oldest boy and I were talking about the little girl. He told me not to talk about her, he was still scared. although it seemed she had been inactive for sometime. I told him Ryan don’t be afraid you always have the white light and the Lord will protect you. He insisted, mom don’t bring her up! So I stayed quiet and then out of nowhere we heard a voice like in a tunnel saying don’t be afraid of me. Well we both tripped out big time.

Now, more years later, I live up in northern Arizona and for years it has been quiet with the exception of my continued night terrors. My nephew John came to visit me and we were all sitting in the living room eating. He went to wash his fork and came back from the kitchen and he had this strange look on his face. He looked at me said ‘Auntie do you guys still see the little girl?’ I said we had not seen or heard about her for a long time. I then asked why John? He said he was just asking.

John use to stay the night and has always been really close to Ryan so he knew about the girl. A few minutes later still looking scared and said ‘Auntie I just saw her she was standing in the kitchen I saw her out of the corner of my eye and turned to look and there she was plain as day and she twirled around for me and then poof she was gone.’

I don’t know why she has followed me, I have a few theories. Both the men I talked about earlier were not good guys, her always looking at my kids maybe she’s a protector I really don’t know. I wish I could understand who and where she came from. It’s a major mystery to me one that I wonder if I’ll ever come to know. Why does she not show herself to me and yet she’ll show herself to men or young boys only.

If anyone may be able to help me with this I would be ever so grateful. I often feel very afraid to this day not so much because of the little girl but of the night terrors that still plague me to this day.

With my best of intentions,

By Kelly Tagaban, Copyright 2010

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15 Responses to “Spirit of Little Girl Following Me for Years”
  1. Pete says:

    Hi Kelly, don’t be affraid of the little girl, she obviously means you no harm and as you say
    she could well be a protector keeping an eye on you. try talking to her, ask her what her
    name is, just chat to her, ask her why she is there, it might make you feel better. keep us updated on the situation. thanks for sharing your story.


    • sushmita says:

      can’t believe ghosts……………………………all the best……………they might do anything……..they only act innocent

      • kelly says:

        I have thought sometimes she could be bad but I wonder if a dark spirit could appear so light the little grl they say has light about her. I have tried to tell her to go to the light and for awhile I thought maybe she did. I also let her know if she means any sort of harm shes not welcome but if shes attached to me for a reason then I’ let her know o not be afraid of me. .I do hope someday I’ll know more about her it’s such a major mystery. When I heard her voice that one time I felt no fear . I have though about a recording device but am leary I think I may hear something I don’t want to hear and my fears will grow as I commented to Pat It’s not just the little girl that around me.
        Thanks so much to all I don’t feels so nutty most folks just look at me like I’m crazy or I’m evil and I am not either just looking for answers and help.
        I’m glad I came here
        as ever Kel

        • melissa says:

          Im not sure what to think, but I will tell you this she may or may not be evil, but I have seen many spirits [ghosts] and some of them can take on the apperance of someone innocent and not harmful and they may act like it too for a while but one day they may prove diffrent.I dont know if you are christian or not but I am and I suggest if somthing happens again like you being touched or whatnot it WILL help to pray out loud and to say Jesus out loud. with the best of luck,

          • Anonymous says:

            I really don’t think she is bad cause for 24 years she would not keep acting good at sone point she would show her true self. She is there to guide you and keep u safe and I think the men could see he cause as you said they where not good and she wante them to be scared. As for the kids they are more sencetive to ghosts so she shows herself to them so they can let you know she is there I beleave that she only wants what is good and I agree try talking to her listen with your heart and look with your heart not so much your eyes and you just might see her. I would not be scared of her for in all those years she has
            done you no harm I do not think she will. As for some ghosts that apear good you can always tell if they are my cause there is always something no matte what minacing about them.

  2. AnNa says:

    i agree talk to her.maybe shes afraid of you.maybe her mother was mean and maybe thats how she feels towards you.just tell her everything is alright that you mean no harm.maybe she likes men because her dad was nice.and for the kids she probably has brothers and sisters that were also nice and your kids are nice to her.i dont know.thats just me.thanks for the story and yes let us know if anything changes.

  3. Pat says:

    I am not sure where she came from but it’s obvious to me she is with you and your children for a reason. Although she would startle or even frighten me; I would believe that by now she means you no harm. I am so sorry to hear of your night terrors- I pray they go away. I would deeply pray to have the LORD comfort you and have these leave you. Also; if you decide you want the little girl to go away, get sage sticks and burn them in every corner and crevice of your home; spitits cannot adibe where sage has been burned. Best of luck to you and your family- Pat

    • kelly says:

      Hi Pat
      I do pray often thru- out the day and night and I have tried to talk to her but so far nothing back. the night terrors are getting worse I feel there is something very bad trying to get at me. My granddaughter and I were sleeping in living room and she woke up and got so scared she saw a dark figure of a man standing over me. , my oldest son often saw this man in the hallway between our rooms he also has night terrors. I feel it’s my fault.
      I think the little girl knows I would be ever so scared i think she knows me better than myself sometimes. i may have picked her up from a cemetary as was somethng I used to do as a small girl. I felt and odd fascination with old graveyards i also call her Mary that was the first name that came to my mind, I think she does try to protect me but I also think shes scared of the dark man which I won’t say his name but my son for some reaon gave him a name. I will not lie I’am scared sometimes. Being america indian I bless my home with sage and holy water as well. well I ‘m trying to stay strong but I often of late seem to feel something is watching me and it’s not good.
      I want to thank everyone for replying It helps know I’m not alone and crazy oh I know I’m literally not alone, I would love to know more about Mary, and I say the lords prayer alot these days espically with the presence of something dark.
      with my very best of intentions

      • melissa says:

        What we do to keep spirits away in our house is we take olive oil and put some one every wall that is part of the outside wall and all parts of the door frame and we pray while we do this and then spirits cannot enter your house just a little bit of olive oil and make sure it never comes off. This process is called anointing and the reson for olive oil is because the prophets in the bible useg olive oil when they anointed someone or something. with the best of luck,

  4. LittleKitKat says:

    For a spirit to stick around you for 24 years I would definatly say she has attrached herself to you and your family, though not showing herself to you is alittle bit of a mystery.
    I would go along the lines of a protecter as she doesn’t seem to hold any ill will to you or your sons though can agree her presence must be disturbing. Have you tried going to a sleep clincs about your night terrors?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kelly,

    it could b sumthin relating to your childhood…. she must be protective…. u can try to talk to her…. after reading your story i feel she means no harm….. but at the end its a ghost…. try to take help from someone n try to find to out the reason y she is following u….

    you r a strong lady…. keep us updated….


  6. gloria ma says:

    I think the reason the little girl does not show herself to you and to men and young boys only is because even though it is not true ,some people think boys and men are stronger than girls and women. I think that is what the little girl thinks, and i think she doesn’t want to scare you.

  7. Gloria says:

    Dearest Kelly:
    I’m sorry about the comment I sent you 2 days ago. It was mean. If you don’t forgive me,that will be okay.

  8. Johnny Ireland says:

    I think she is a “faciliar”

  9. kelly says:

    Thanks for all thle responses, I’m not sure what a faciliar is I’ll have to look that up. It’s so nice to be able to talk about this and not be labled as crazy and I have been prior to sharing my story here so many thanks to all who have responded.

    My very best of intentions

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