Spirit Imitating the Living

Posted on July 12, 2009

When I was eleven years old, we used to live in an apartment complex. My mom and Dad both worked on Saturdays, so my cousin Lizeth would come and baby sit us on those days. My mom’s side of the family is very much into the supernatural and are very superstitious, even though they are Roman Catholic. We would always watch scary movies or TV shows on the weekend. Well that weekend my cousin was making breakfast, my little sister Karina,was helping her. I excused myself to go to the bathroom, and what I saw that day when I was coming out of the bathroom still baffles me and scares me till this day.

Being an apartment, there was only one hallway that lead to the living room and the kitchen. Also, when you stepped out of the hallway bathroom you could see into the master bedroom. As I was stepping out I heard a noise in my parent’s bedroom so I went to the doorway of that room to see who was in there. As I approached the doorway I looked to my left and saw the bedroom’s bathroom mirror. I saw the reflection of what at that moment I thought was my sister, only I didn’t see the face. There was a little girl same height of my sister, same black hair, only the hair was flipped over covering her face. She was putting on my mother’s hair spray. I immediately walked down the hallway, yelling at my cousin because she let Karina go into my mom’s room and use her hairspray. “We are going to be in so much trou…” I was saying, when I saw my sister sitting right there in the kitchen table sitting right next to my cousin. I immediately panicked and it hit me what I just saw. So I ran out to the balcony my sister and cousin followed. When I could finally tell them the story, they were as frightened as me. There was no possible way that my sister could make it from the bathroom to the kitchen table, without me noticing. There was only one way of getting from point A to point B.

My whole life I have had many experienced with the supernatural. Since I was a child I could hear things and feel things about my environment, I have never seen anything till that day. I still have not seen anything else. The weird thing is that, its happened to other people. When I was eight years old, my childhood baby sitter said she had seen my sister crying in the dining room. She said she hadn’t seen her face but it looked like my sister. When she looked again she wasn’t there. So she went to check upstairs, where my sister had been sleeping. She was sound of asleep.

On another occasion, I had a similar experience in the house we live in now. Only this one was with my little brother. It was early in the morning and my parents were going to the supermarket. I was awake resting up because shortly I would begin doing my chores. My parents left, I started doing some of my weekend homework. All of a sudden I hear running footsteps coming down the hall from my mother’s room to mine. I hear them stop, and hear them out of breath. I thought it was my brother, it sounded like his footsteps and how he sounds when he is catching his breath.Without looking, I said “Johnny, don’t bother me, I am doing homework.” That is when I hit me, that Johnny had left with my parents to the supermarket. I could feel that there was someone standing at my doorway, but I didn’t dare look instead I went to the other side of my bed and started praying.

Just last night, my father experienced something similar also. My father is very skeptical and does not believe in the supernatural. He was raised strictly Roman Catholic and has not believe in those things, unlike my mother and my siblings. When I woke up this morning, my sister asked me if I had gone to my parent’s room at about five in the morning. I informed her that although I did get to bed late, that I was asleep at that time. She then told me that my dad had awakened at around five in the morning and as he was laying down he looked at the mirror and saw someone standing in the doorway. He described that someone as looking like my mother, although he couldn’t see the face.Since my mother was in bed next to him, he shrugged it off and thought it might be one of us and he tried to go back to sleep.

I decided to finally submit my story, well some of my experiences because I would like to know what this is. Whatever it is it keeps looking like someone in my family, although the face is never seen. Thank you for taking time to read this.

Written by Denise, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Spirit Imitating the Living”
  1. Cullen says:

    This is a nice story, but I can’t believe it.
    Now, do not get offended by this, these are just my thoughts.
    1. Do you really want to believe that when you die, you are trapped to only wander around because we haven’t accomplished something?
    2. One cannot be solid and incorporeal at the same time. So basically, you are saying that ghosts can walk through walls and knock things over at the same time, no, that just doesn’t make sense.

    These are just opinions, so take them with a grain salt.

  2. tambelina says:

    Huh? when did she say something walked through a wall a knocked something over? and that ghosts stick around when the have unfinished buisness? im confused, it doesnt look as though cullens comments fit the storey.

  3. Jenny Davison says:

    nah, I think it’s real. how else could it have worked? you think a prankster would stickaround for god knows how many years to pull an impossible feat? i think not.
    Denise, i hope you get this sorted out, as it sounds roo scary to function.
    good luck.

  4. trolldoll1681 says:

    hey that was a creepy story and i hope your dad has another experience to help him believe thanks

  5. Biach D says:

    Wow that was really scary. If its true – and I belive it is then good luck with it in future. (and I think cullen was talking about the Catholic religon?)

  6. CMF says:

    Hope that its not a doppleganger, the sooner you guys move the better.
    I believe your story, it doesnt have the tell tale signs of BS some of the others do.
    The fact that it keeps resembling people in your family is interesting, you can always research it on google.

  7. Jess says:

    Why would someone log onto “trueghosttales” if they don’t believe in ghosts, and comment a random story to state this? Doesn’t make sense.

    Anyway, weird story! I would definitely look into ghosts which shape shift, I haven’t heard of that before. Keep us updated!

  8. KAREN QUESTION? says:

    I’m sorry but I don’t know what a doppleganger is CMF, could you please tell us what it is. thank you.

  9. Karen M. says:

    I doubt it dopplegangers are signs of death to come.

  10. BlessedSpirit says:

    cool and frightening.

  11. NIGHT CAT says:

    a doppleganger is the “spiritual” os ghostlly double of a living person

  12. tulipsxw2 says:

    What’s disturbing is that these spirits are manifesting to take shape of people in the family. My intuition says that these spirits can become malicious if they chose to be since they are manifesting to mimic people in your family. They could be intelligent spirits or actual demons that feel possessive to you because it seems like they’re actually following your family around. Please caution and talk to a priest or share your experience.

  13. Geraldine says:

    i believe this story i mean who else could it be ?

  14. Purnima says:

    I guess you would have watched the movie ‘MIRRORS’ hence the after effect. No offence the story was interesting but not true.

  15. leeer. says:

    i had a simular experience.but i fell asleep with my older sis &i woke up round 3am to find her sitting on the floor looking out of the window. i called at it thinking it was my sister but i she ignored me. i felt some1 under my covers and my sis was still sleepin! i kept looking back and fourth at the two and when i woke up my sis in a panic i look back and it was gone. what is it? is it a sign? and it was wierd it took form of my sis, face and every detail! help?

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