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Spirit Guide in the Cemetery?

Posted on October 3, 2009

I know this might sound crazy but I have had a constant contact with a spirit… OK so I’m still sounding crazy… I have always been very sensitive to the sustained souls that are around us. Ever since I was young I could feel their presences and am often times right about what I may feel the entity is trying to tell me. But what is happening to me now is something that is beyond me.

I found an old grave yard by my home and I have been going up to it and working on the old grave stones, clearing the earth around them and doing maintenance. There are stones dating back to the early 1800′s.

Anyway when ever I go to the graveyard I get this strange felling (ok I know what your thinking… it’s a grave yard… it’s all in your imagination… right?) but the feeling grew and grew. It stared out a feeling of being watched, to the feeling of someone standing right next to me.

One day I mustered up the strength and asked out loud if someone was there. I waited and got nothing. Then it was as if some one whispered something in my brain. A boy said Christopher and I got an immediate image of a young boy about the age of 13 (not gonna lie I was a little spooked) but then I felt as if someone was walking behind me watching me work.

By this time I was interested and I asked if they wanted to help. At that moment I felt a light tug on the corner of my shirt. I was not scared. It was a kinda sad but peaceful feeling. I felt his presence for the rest of the time I was working. Some times he would stand by the hole in the old fence where he normally stands but other times he was looking over my shoulder or standing where I was working, just watching me.

I have been back several times and every time it is the same thing. I work on un-covering the old grave stones and he watches. But it is getting more intense every time, like when I leave I can feel him watching me go down the road.

Lately he seems to be portraying more and more frantic worried energy (especially when I am cleaning up and am getting ready to leave, not only that but I am starting to feel another soul around.

In the far far back of the cemetery there is a woods and I feel a little girl there, she cant be any older then seven. All she does is stand behind a tree and stare at me. I don’t know why she is there but every time I start walking toward where I sense her being she dispersers. When I walk over to the woods even the boy does not follow, he stays back almost like he is afraid or something.

I don’t know if they are trying to tell me something or if they are guide spirits. I wish I could better understand what they want. Can anyone help? (I have discovered that there is a good number of children’s graves from the pox pandemic that struck my area hard a long time ago).

Sent in by Cait, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Spirit Guide in the Cemetery?”
  1. Karen M. says:

    Oh gosh that is strange, I don’t have any explination, just that some souls don’t want to leave this earth, maybe they wanted something from you??

  2. Sai Chan says:

    You can tell the ghost child that you are offering it candies, wrapped by sealed transparent wrapper. This is to earn its trust. If the ghost child has tasted it, the candy will be damped. Of course don’t put it under the heat of the sun.
    Tell it to leave message by writing, a container of baby powder may do.

    Sometimes, your energy may be too great for it to do things around you.
    So leave the site, go back later.

  3. Camille says:

    Dear Cait,

    First; it is a kind and thoughtful thing that you do in your efforts to clean and maintain this eternal resting place. I thank and bless you for it.

    Second; I think that you have not yet gotten to the girls resting place. Maybe she is watching and wondering if you, too, will forsake her ,as the others have, as she has been waiting for them (her family) for so very long. Her family may have moved from the area after her death, leaving her alone; no one she knows or trusts has been to see her in a very long time. Now she hides and waits to see if you will forget, too. I hope you will continue until you have uncovered all of the stones. If possible you should compile the information from the stones and imput it into your states historical archive. There are family members that may want to know what happened to and where these people are. Since the cemetary has been “forgotten” it would be a great and wonderful deed for you to share the information you have found.

    If I were you I would talk aloud to “them” while I worked in their “garden”. I would tell them of my plans to make the area into a fine, clean spot. I would also tell them about the world outside of the cemetary. You can see from the dates of their passing what the “outside” world was like during their lifetimes. You might start there and tell them how the area you live in has changed, how the US has changed, things about big events in the world and about outerspace, how men have gone to the moon. You might tell them about telephones, electricity, radio, television, and computers. All in general of course, but, this would help them understand how it is that you would be trying to link them to their lost families. I think that all of the “souls” in the cemetary would appreciate this.

    The boy, Christopher, is watching and “helping’ . I think that he has fears like the girl, that you may stop coming.

    If you go to your local library, historical archive, historical society, newspaper, court house, you would be able to find out about about the community that originally setteled the area you are in. Also sharing information with these groups could lead to you getting some assitance in maintaining the cemetary and in getting the information out about who has been forgotten there. I would love to know what you find out and more about your venture.

    Good Luck to You! And God Bless You Kind Soul!


  4. Casandra says:

    I’ve been to a cemetery before and I’ve gotten that strange feeling as though I am being watched/followed but it wasn’t a creepy feeling. I was with my class that day & were were just strolling through the cemetery identifying plants and trees. Because I was in an environmental technology class.

    I’d like to go back there it was a very peace full quiet cemetery & very beautiful. I believe in the far back to this one there are soldiers graves from long ago.

  5. trolldoll1681 says:

    there’s a cemetary in indianola iowa that has this thing called the wall of spirits. there’s not really a wall but there’s a feeling and temperature fluctuation between the old graves and the new. i thinks spirts linger anywhere! thanks!

  6. meli§a says:

    sounds like you’re one of the gifted ones’ with a ‘the 6th sense”. just let them know you’re sorry if you seemed to have freightened them in any way, and that you mean them no harm. good luck and hope to hear if you have anymore experiences. thanks for sharing the spooky story!

  7. lizard says:

    Ok, they are not spirit guides. They can also change durring their time on earth. Be wary of them. Also try to find your own personal gaurdian. it comes from within you not from without.

  8. Robert says:

    This story reminds me of a ghost my wife and I saw at an Alburquerque cemetery. The catholic community of New Mexico has a tradition on Christmas Eveevening they decorate there homes with lumanaries. They are simply made with small paper sacks with sand put n sevral sacks with a candle that is lit after it gets dark. They line up entire streets and neighborhoods with them and they out line each house on the street. Well the tradition spread to were some of these people would start going to the cemeteries and decorate there deceased loved ones graves. Its quite a sight to enter in these graveyards and see all these graves outlined with lumanary bags. Well we go every Christmas eve to see them. One year a few years ago we went to one of the cemateries to see this beautiful tradion. We drove around the cemetery with out lights off so we can get the full efect of the experiance. We parked at the Crips to bring in evereything and just enjoy the tradirion. We got ready to leave and I turned on the truck lights just to help me turn around. Well this is something we will never forget. A clear full aparition of a ghost well dressed in tradional clothing that you would dress up a deceased young man for his funeral. He apeared to be a young hispanic teen ager probably around 15 or 16 and very excited about what was going on around him. He looked at us and seemed to have a very thankfull expresion on his face. I think the energy from our car lights gave him the energy to appear and he was showing his gratatude. My wife and I did not feel any fear just amazement at what we was witnessing. He seemed to glide and move very excited towards the graves and than he slowly disapated. I would see this ghost or who I thought was the same ghost 1 more time. Around the cematery but on the highway that winds around the cemetery he followed my truck and I was doing 60 miles an hour as if he was trying to catch a ride. May his soul rest in peace and I hope he finds what he is looking for.

  9. kimberly says:

    Wow I had no idea there were others like me that went to cemeteries and cleared away debris from headstones of people they don’t know from Adam. My youngest son and I do this somewhat often at one particular local cemetery……………….

    Kimberly, your comment has been published as its own story at //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/cleaning-cemeteries-and-paranormal-experiences/

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