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Spirit Bound and Drowned?

Posted on July 27, 2011

Hi guys! It’s me again. As I said in my last post, I did have another recent story for you all. This one happened at my friend’s apartment.

My friend Asha and I were sleeping over at my friend Nick’s apartment. Asha was dead tired, so we decided to go to bed. She and I were sleeping on the futon and Nick went to his room. I’ve never had an issue in his apartment before, so I was caught off guard.

I was starting to fall asleep, when I heard voices whispering. His apartment carried sound well, so normally I would assume it was his neighbors talking, or someone in the halls… but something about it made me uneasy. Not long after, I glanced over to the kitchen, and I noticed a blue light. It set me off, and lingered, so I tried profusely to wake Asha up… it faded by the time I got her up, and I asked her to come to the kitchen with me for a second. We did, and I looked out the window for anything that could have been that bright… but the neighbors light was still on, so it ruled that out as the kitchen wasn’t blue anymore. We looked for a good ten minutes, and neither of us could deduce what it was.

So, we went back to bed. Again, Asha klonked out much quicker then myself. I tried to sleep yet again, but that’s when I didn’t just feel like something was there. I knew it was. It was trying to make contact, no doubt… and it felt like whatever was there wanted me to feel like it did. I felt like I was being crushed and bound tightly. I was still awake, and shivering, but I couldn’t move my body other than shivering no matter how hard I tried. Whatever it was tried hard and harder to more or less condense me to a tiny ball.

It felt female in nature to me… like a young girl. I had the feeling that whoever she was, she had been tied up and put in a small, inescapable area. Finally, when I was stuck to as much as it wanted me to be, I felt a pain in my chest. It hurt. A lot. I started to gasp and hyperventilate, and I couldn’t catch my breath, no matter how hard I tried. I began to tear up, trying to breath, but I just couldn’t. Finally, after a good minute or so, it stopped, and I just started to cry.

Despite the fact that I near had to knock her off the bed to wake her up before, Asha woke up almost instantly, asking me what was wrong and hugging me, trying to figure out why I was crying. I couldn’t stop, and she asked if maybe there’s was something there. She knew it was a big deal, because I don’t cry. Unless I’m beyond upset, I don’t like to cry. I always try to be the big ol’ tough one for my friends. I explained to her what had happened, and she was pretty angry over it. No, not at me, but at whatever would have the gall to do something like that.

So, for a third time, I tried to sleep…with no avail. It started to happen again, the same way as before. This time I was determined to get some answers. I tried asking it a few questions. It told me it was indeed dead. I believed that. I asked how it died? It replied that it was tied up, put in a car trunk and drowned. Again, it seemed truthful. Finally, I asked if it was a boy or girl. It said a boy, but it’s answer was hesitated… which made me more inclined to believe it was lying to me now. The pain in my chest was coming back, so I knew I was going to start gasping. Luckily, before that happened, Asha reached over and gave me another hug, and it stopped again. After that third time, I finally got to sleep.

I’m kind of curious now, who it could have been? If they were being truthful, but at the same time, I don’t wanna look into things and end up making it worse.

Sent in by Sladra, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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6 Responses to “Spirit Bound and Drowned?”
  1. Sean says:

    If the thing lied once, then it’s bound to lie again — you can’t trust anything it says.

    Also, if it wants you to feel like it did, or any negative thing for that matter, then it’s a vicious thing and has no place near you.

    Don’t fool around with these things. Sometimes they just want more access to you to play their little games, and the more you connect with them, the more you ‘tune into’ them and the more they can do to you.

    If you do encounter something like this again, just say a quick prayer and order it to go away, and visualize a white light of protection around you.

  2. A.J Ryder says:

    Hi Sladra

    A great story.

    This sounds like a ‘travelling’ ghost to me. In other words, they wander around ‘looking’ for something. I do not feel this spirit is connected to the apartment.

    Sometimes, when death is quick and unexpected, the spirit refuses to believe that the body is dead. It might be the shock of sudden deather, or it might be ‘unfinished business’ holding the soul back from going to God.

    The kindest thing you can do for earthbound spirits are to show them a way to the Light – the rest is up to the ghost. Some willingly move on, whilst others do not.

    I do this by saying the Lords Prayer. The prayer does not ‘command’ the spirit to go, rather it opens up the ‘Heavenly doors” so that the ghost can see the way to be at peace with God. It will be their choice to go into the light not yours. However, you can ask God to welcome the ghost into His arms, in whatever manner you feel most comfortable with – no everyone are Christian’s after all.

    As you are obviously very open psychically, you might be interested in learning some basic protection techniques to help reduce being ‘bugged’ by ghosts when you’d rather be sleeping.

    One I use is called a bubble. Imagine a small speck of white light in the centre of your heart, then expand that light outwards, filling your whole body, until it is approx 3 feet outside of your body. If you prefer, you can place a golden cross on top of the bubble, above your head – but this is not essensial. Typically, a bubble will last from between 6 – 12 hours (if we’re feeling tired when constructing one, it tends not to last quite so long!)

    You can ‘bless’ a house using bubbles too – just contrinue to expand the light out until it surrounds the house.

    The reason I ‘push’ light out from my heart chukkra, rather than just surrounding myself with a shield of light, is so to push all ‘negative’ spirit way (outside of my bubble) rather than unwittingly trapping something inside, which might happen if you construct protection from the outside, inwards rather than the inside, out.wards.

    Different coloured bubbles denote different things; white for protections, pink for love, green for healing etc. I would suggest using white for now.


  3. Sladra says:

    Thanks Sean, A.J.

    I’m gonna definitely try that if something like this arises again. So….Lord’s Prayer, and white light. I kind of wish I knew this before hand. Ha ha. It’s nice to see how helpful people are willing to be on this site. ^.^Thanks a ton again for the tips.

    • A.J Ryder says:

      You’re most welcome, Sladra. And if you have any more concerns, just ask away and I’ll help if I can.


  4. Saman Shahid says:

    Very scary experiance.The not able to breathe part was way scary.Just wanted to ask if u later on spoke to Asha and did he tell u something please write back.

  5. Sladra says:

    I did. She was really worried. She was really freaked out, due to the fact that I like…never cry. So, she’s been asking me if I’m okay since. Good thing is, I’ve been to Nick’s a few times after, and everything is fine.

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