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Something Wicked In Wichita

Posted on April 27, 2009

A few months back I posted a story about our family’s haunted house in Hartville MO (Haunting in Hartville, and decided that this time I wanted to share a story about the experience I had when I was a young teenager.

My grandmother, who lived in Wichita, Kansas, passed away in 1983 when I was 13 years old from cancer. In her will, she left her home to my parents. We were living in Missouri at the time, but had originally come from Wichita, and my folks decided they wanted to move back and live in Grandma’s house. From the very first day we moved in, weird creepy things started happening.

My mother was the one who started having things happen to her first. The day the moving van arrived, she was alone in the house unpacking dishes in the kitchen, while I was outside helping my dad put some things in the detached garage. She was bent down with her head stuck in a cabinet when she heard a young girl’s laugh behind her. She backed out and turned around, thinking it was me, and there was no one there. Figuring I’d just left before she could see me, she went back to her unpacking when she heard it again. This time she got up and looked out the kitchen window to where she could see the driveway and she saw I was still outside with my dad. At that moment, she heard the giggle again from the direction of the living room. She went and looked and no one was in the house. She didn’t say anything to me or my dad, thinking we’d think she was nuts.

A few days later, she had to go down to the basement where the laundry area was to wash some clothes, and she later told us that she felt very cold and had the persistent feeling of being watched the entire time she was down there. The whole time we lived in this house (3 years) she absolutely HATED being in the basement by herself. Many times she would hear the giggling also.

After about a month in the house, my dad and I started experiencing creepy stuff. We had just recently gotten a little pug dog that followed Mom everywhere, but would not go to the basement even if you tried to drag it down. It would sit at the basement doorway and GROWL down the stairs with its hackles raised. Anyway, this little dog slept in a chair in the hallway right across from my folks’ room. One night, Mom was gone out with some girlfriends, and Dad and I had gone to bed. I woke up and heard him hollering at the dog to quit pulling the blanket off his bed. I came out of my room and Dad was standing in the hall with a funny look on his face. He told me he had been awakened by what he thought was the dog jerking the covers off his feet, but when he stepped into the hall, the dog was out cold in the chair and obviously hadn’t moved in awhile.

My first up-close-and-personal incident happened just two days after this. I was woke up from a deep sleep and for no reason I could explain, I was absolutely TERRIFIED, so much so I could not move, could barely swallow. Finally with a great effort, I sat up. Directly across from my bed was the closet, and there was a full length mirror on the door. I saw something in that mirror, something black and oily and very menacing. I shut my eyes and started praying as hard as I could. After about 5 minutes I felt the terror going away and opened my eyes, and the thing in the mirror was gone. Little did I know that it would come back many times in the next few years. I never slept without all the lights on in my room after that, ever.

We started having all the usual haunted house stuff happen, too. Footsteps in the night. Doors opening and closing on their own. Things that you put in one place, like keys, books, what have you, would disappear and then turn up in really odd places, like the bathtub.

My parents were really reserved people and they did not want anybody outside of our little family unit to know what was happening, not even people at our church. After less than a year, they put the house up for sale, but it sat on the market for nearly two years before it finally sold, and during that time it was a living hell, so many things happened I could write a book.

The final frightening episode happened our last night in the house. We had all of our stuff packed and the next day the moving van was coming to get us back to Missouri. We were talking about all the stuff that had happened and wondering how in the hell Grandma had lived there ALONE for 13 years and hadn’t had anything happen to her, and why nothing had ever happened whenever we’d visited over the years, until we moved in. Suddenly our pug stood up and started barking like it was having a fit, and SOME THING whooshed right through the dining room and into the kitchen, where we had some boxes piled. The boxes fell all over the place! We all looked at each other, then grabbed our personal bags and RAN to our car. We spent our last night in Wichita at a motel. My dad was the only one to go back to the house the next day to supervise the movers. Mom and I had had it.

Up until both of my parents passed away a few years back, they rarely talked about the experience, even to me. I never liked thinking about it either. Now MY family is in a haunted house, and we are finally putting the darn thing up for sale. I’m tired of ghosts and evil spirits, it’s not pleasant at all!

Written by Renee, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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10 Responses to “Something Wicked In Wichita”
  1. Carmen says:

    Sounds creepy!!! I faced similar experiences throughout my whole life. Have you ever blessed your home. This usually helps. You should not run from it. Your fear gives it strength.

  2. Jackie says:

    It’s probably you spirits are attracted too, it’s ongoing so you are likely a sensitive.

    Or, there was a demon in your nana’s house which has attached itself to you. Do you ever pray, because if not, then i’d start if i were you and pray for this evil to leave you. I say evil because of the way you described what you saw in the mirror.

    There could also be the high possibility that what you saw in the mirror was the tail end of your dream.

    I used to have a mirror at the opposite end of the room to my bed and every time i sat up i could see myself, which is so scary when it is dark and you just see a dark shape. I couldn’t even move it as it was attached to the wall between fitted wardrobes. I used to hate that mirror. One night i got out of bed to get a drink of water and as i walked past my curtains, suddenly i saw a glow in the mirror, like a ghost. What i’d done was walk past the curtains which had a slight gap, as i walked past the gap, the moonlight had lit me up. Even though i didn’t really believe in ghosts then, that vision in the mirror shook me rigid.

  3. CuteSagittarius says:

    Pray…& God will help u!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why not have a priest come in and sprinkle holy water thats what we did and it stopped our haunting in our trailor. We also had this catholic priest do a small exorcism it really stopped all the paranormal stuff. or at least calmed it down. The catholic church helped us. you proby are a psychic and do not know it. where ever you go you will notice spirtual activity. I moved from a haunted house in woodstock Illinois where my brother died in a car crash. then 20 years later I am living in a haunted trailor. so it stopped for a while. but it happened again to me years later.

  5. CMF says:

    I would tell you that you guys prolly have something in your posession that is attracting this. I grew up with paranormal stuff going on all the time, I thought that everyone experienced it. Apparently they dont lol. You need to go through your stuff and see what it is that may be casusing this. Maybe something someone brought back from another country or maybe some types of books you may have.
    In my case (and no Im no ultra right wing christian conservative that is paranoid of everything) I had some D&D books in my youth that apparently were attracting all sorts of unwanted attention and paranormal activity. I guess having compendiums of demons and such could do that! Anyway years later and after much hell I decided it must be these books, so I threw them away. The activity stopped immediately.
    Some years later someone I knew was getting rid of their books and they offered them to me, feeling nostalgic I excepted them , and soon enough it all started again.
    Years later after the activity got to the point of what you describe here , with shadow people appearing and doors opening and closing and objects moving, I finally remembered what I had done last time so I tossed these books as well.
    Again the activity stopped and we moved into a brand new house and I have had no activity since.
    Just some advice, you can bless the place all you want but you gonna possibly need to throw something out too! :-)

  6. Brianna says:

    ya know ive always wanted to have something creepy to happen to me……..creepy,right? i know that isnt what i REALLY want but yet…..it IS terrible RIGHT?

    i want to tell you a storie it didnt happen to me or anywhone i now……….it all started many years ago this woman was having her wedding aniversery she had a new born baby boy she put on her wedding dress and went to check on him………….HE had died in his crib terrible grief mad her run run very far away……..her wedding dress on……….she ran all this way to a bridge she cried and cried till she jumed off the bridge and died and people reported soft weeping some unlucky drivers even had misty ghostly brides weeping and sitting in the passenger seat of their car!!!!!!!!

  7. anallely says:

    okay..wait so your saying that your mom and dad are the ones hunting you? at the end? and if so dont you want to help them?

  8. gina says:

    i have a pic i wanna show it but i think no one believe. i am indian decent and my aunt passed away i got this takin my pic i want someone to call me or email me back and ill show u. this form stays with my 13 yr. daughter with a black figure behind her plzzz anyone help thanks i need u. plzzz call plzz thanks Gina

  9. Pat says:

    Get yourself some sage smudge stix and smoke every corner and crevice of that home; even the porches if you have thwm! Do not sell your homw without a fight! Yes I used to think that living in a haunted house would be kinda spooky; kinda fun… well I too have lived in a few or visited family that lived in a haunted house and it’s not all that great at all… I have come to believe that spirits are evrywhere and if we want to live in our homes we have to erraticate the bad ones or learn to live with the benvolent ones; whichever way YOU should be the boss…. best of luck…


    • Stephie says:

      Hi I am from Wichita. Ks. And was raised here and I was jus wondering if this house that was your Grandma’s was located in the Midtown or Oldtown section of wichita? Since most of these homes are very old and very large and date back to the turn of the 20th century there are many stories of these house being very haunted. I just seen this story and since I live here wanted to ask where it was located. Thankyou and God Bless!

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