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Something Evil In New Orleans

Posted on April 28, 2009

In 2000, when I turned 18, I packed my stuff, grabbed my guitar, moved out of my parents house in Wilmington NC, and drove to New Orleans. I’d never been there before, but grew up a huge fan of the music and had wanted to go there for as long as I could remember. I got there, found a job, and ended up moving in with two guys I worked with, who just moved into a second story apartment over a store on Magazine Street and were looking for a third to offset the bills.

It was a studio apartment. One room and a bathroom but the one room was a fairly large space. The guys were cool. We all got along. Mostly I planned to just sleep there. Between work, being a tourist, and playing guitar with the local street musicians my waking hours were taken. I also didn’t intend to stay in the city that long. I had visions of staying a couple months tops then heading across the country then up the west coast.

The first night in that apartment, I started having disturbing dreams. I never had bad dreams even when I was a kid. These dreams were vivid and violent like nothing I’ve experienced before or since. My sleep was never restful there. I always felt like I’d run a marathon, waking up achy and exhausted. Going to work felt more like relaxation. I didn’t attribute it to the apartment at the time. I figured it was the stress of the change I was making. The more time I spent there, the more I thought it was the place.

For one thing all of us had horrible nightmares there. In the month and a half I was there, at least twice a week one of us would wake everybody up completely disoriented and freaked out. Before anybody asks, none of us were on drugs. We all did pretty well to afford the rent, food, and in my case parking. One of my roommates drank beers occasionally. The other one and I didn’t even do that. To date I have never drank, smoked, or done drugs other than over the counter or the prescription kind. I’ve got enough problems without.

One night I woke up in the middle of the night having had another terrible dream. The whole room was glowing. It was like a misty halo around everything, even around the fingers of my hand. I did yell like a little girl and woke everybody up. They saw the same thing I did. I had no explanation for it. One of the guys sprinted and flipped the lights on. After a while, we turned the lights off again. The glow was just gone. After that we figured it was a weird weather condition. Fog isn’t uncommon there. I don’t think it was fog, or swamp gas or whatever, but that’s what I was telling myself it was at the time.

Soon after that, one of the guys said he had a weird experience with something in bed with him. He said he woke up hugging what he thought was a big dog. Needless to say, we didn’t have a dog. He freaked out and pushed it out of bed. Turned on the lights- woke us all up- nothing there.

My last night in that apartment, I woke up with my leg absolutely killing me. I thought it was a really bad charlie horse in my calf at first. In the bathroom I took a look at it. It was bleeding. There were teeth marks. All the skin along both sides of my calf was broken. The mouth of what bit me was longer than my hand and definitely not human. I don’t think it was a dog either because it didn’t look like the right shape for any kind of dog bite. This was thin and elongated with lots of fang teeth. I don’t have any idea what it was. A smallish gator? A huge possum? A chupacabra? I do know there was nothing in that apartment capable of making a bite like that when the lights went on.

Next day, I said my good-byes, quit my job, packed the car, drove back to Charlotte, and moved in with friends. I still live in NC. I have traveled all over since but have less than zero desire to ever go back to New Orleans.

Okay squeamish folks might want to stop reading here.

My calf healed perfectly at first with no sign of infection but came up in multiple, pus filled, disgusting boils for the first time a couple months later. These boils reoccur occasionally on my left calf only to this day.

Since then, the condition has been misdiagnosed four times. Now they say it is somewhat like MRSA but is definitely not MRSA. No one seems to know what it is, or what to give me to get rid of it. Unknown infection probably viral in origin, they think. I’ve probably got my own filing cabinet at the CDC.

I’ve had all kinds of tests, including exhaustive allergy screenings, and have taken all kinds of meds. I get healed by faith at church every week. I’ve tried homeopathic cures and home remedies of all kind. I tried a Chinese herbalist. I even went to a medicine man. Nothing has worked for me, including things like turmeric that help with MRSA. Thankfully I’m otherwise healthy so far.

I take every precaution not to spread it to other parts of me or the Lord forbid to other people. I’m terrified at the prospect of passing it to my wife. I’d like to have a child some day if I can ever get rid of this. I do worry it might spread or turn into a more serious condition like cancer down the line as doctors have advised me these are possibilities they can’t rule out.

Now I’m kind of a health nut. I’m off meds since there’s nothing new to try. I eat local and organic. I take supplements. I keep a strict diet meant to boost my immune system. I exercise religiously. I pray a lot too.

I truly believe New Orleans is an evil place. I don’t mean that the people aren’t nice. Most of the people I met there were great. I’m not talking about voodoo either which I consider a legitimate religion. I think there is old, old evil existing there. If you read up on the history of the place you’ll see what I mean. I don’t think time, Katrina, or anything else is ever going to change that. If you live in New Orleans, I’m sorry to have to knock your town and hope you have far better luck there.

As for what bit me, I haven’t a clue. The story sounds crazy, I know. When I tell it to people I leave out how big it was and say it might have been a rat bite. I know that was no rat – or if it was it was a rat the size of a big dog. Yes, I know they don’t get that big. Something big did bite me though. When the lights went on, it wasn’t there.

Written by Mike, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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27 Responses to “Something Evil In New Orleans”
  1. Moya says:

    Oh Man that is scary. i have never experience anything like that, and it realy never healed? that is crazy, well the best thing to do is continue praying and staying as healthy as possiable. Good luck and I hope it goes away before you do have children.

  2. Andre says:

    I completely agree with you about New Orleans. I lived there for about a year and worked the night shift for FEMA (mostly outdoors). I had several paranormal experiences there and will be posting a few stories on the site (if they ever get around to publishing my first one!) It is the city and its history. The presence of evil there may explain the constant killings and maybe even Katrina. I still have friends there but will never live there again!

    • Niks says:

      I’m sorry Andre and you too Mike that you’ve had bad experiences in New Orleans, the city may have a dark past but I do not believe it is intermittently EVIL. I have lived her all my life and beyond the normal hauntings nothing, such as Mike’s story, has happened to me…and believe me, my friends and I tried our luck. Magazine as a very old area I’m sure whatever got you and your friends was some sort of spirit that lurks around the area, or perhaps singled y’all out. Who really knows you can’t ever explain it. Try not to scare people telling them New Orleans is evil and they’ll get eaten in their sleep.

      Also Andre, to say that “evil” brought Katrina down on our city is foolishness bordering ignorance. Hurricanes are natural disasters…not evil or the wrath of somehting evil…

  3. tracy says:

    Freaky !
    I do believe you! Hope you get better , and do keep praying .

  4. carmen says:

    It definitely sounds like something evil was in that apartment, which could have been brought from previous owners. You are doing the best you could by going to church and praying alot. However, you should possibly consider seeing someone whom is very familiar w/voodoo, especially if it was a town that practiced it. They may be able to help. Again, you dont know what kinds of stuff the previous owners of that apt. did and why they moved out.

  5. lynn g says:

    Hi, scary story. I am from New Orleans and now live across the lake from there. While it is a Beautiful city and a great place to visit, I wouldn’t want to live there either. Only because of the violence. As far as ghost, maybe you had a bad experience, but it’s not all bad. I grew up with a ghost that has followed me for 40 years now and still having experiences. It’s like part of the family. We named him Leroy for a lack of a better name. I’ve told him to go to the light and to move on but for some reason he is attached to me.

  6. Samm says:

    I had simliar dream on Sunday but mine was like a bear but day before that I have two small scratch marks on both of my legs I have no idea how they got there.

    Wow. While reading your incident I felt I am not alone. The nightmare dreams is always of a mask or face entirely white with dark eyes and lips.

    Thanks for sharing. I kind of agree with Carmen as she says “You should possibly consider seeing someone whom is very familiar w/voodo”

  7. Cyndie says:

    I think carmen is right. you need to find someone expirenced with voodoo. This was definitley not from the natural world so i doubt doctors would be able to help you. Try googling voodoo/monsters or voodoo healers.

  8. tony ramirez says:


  9. PlayGirl says:

    well i live in south africa, and have always wanted to live in new orleans, but i think hearing all this kinda freaks me out thou… is it really that bad?
    if anyone has more stories on new orleans, please share it!!!

  10. AJ says:

    I live in Louisiana, about 30 minutes from New Orleans- and we had the same thing here. My husband and I had just moved into a new house and our first night we had a WW2 Solider with a Riffle walk into our bedroom. The next couple of days there were more ghost, but one – a black mass – really intense on being seen. So, we got a Pastor and she smudged the house. Well, the next night our neighbors behind us came over (we never told them what was happing) they started asking us about banging on their doors and such. We just said “get a Priest”- well a week later the man of the house was bit, the same way you were. He showed us and asked what it could be, so we told him of the happenings here and he Finally got a Priest. Since, there hasn’t been anything else that happened to them, but the ghost still show up (on photos we take) stairing at us from the woods.

  11. Mellisa says:

    wow, maybe somebody ought to write a story specially about paranormal in New Orleans. if somebocy would write it, i definetely will read it!

  12. lynn g says:

    AJ, I live in
    slidell and would love to talk to you. Email me at [email protected]. I was born in New Orleans and grew up in Opelousas and had exp. all my life. Well since I was 17. I have a comment on this site further up. Please contact me. Mine is a good spirit.

  13. lynn g says:

    New Orleans is a beautiful and Historic City. I love it. I just don’t like the violence but of course that’s everywhere. I’m also a country girl so I visit but don’t want to live there. A lot of people who are not from here think that there are alligators and ghost walking the streets all the time. Although you may read stories about ghost in New Orleans, There aren’t around all the time. I’ve never seen a ghost in New Orleans and My relatives and friends have never had experiences. So although it does happen it’s not like it’s on a daily basis. So don’t let that stop you from coming to N. O.. It’s a magical Place and you would fall in love with it. The people are the friendliest and you cannot beat the food. I’ve never heard of anyone being hurt by a ghosy or spirit. It’s the live people you have to worry about. Come visit us Dawlin, you won’t regret it. I promise.

  14. voodoochile says:

    They are right, you need to go back to new Orleans and talk to a root doctor or someone who knows about voodoo and spells. Go to an African-American neighborhood and ask around. I live in the south and I know all about roots and voodoo. They can probably tell you what bit you, but it was probably a demon.

  15. Aubrey says:

    Yes I agree with them. If the Doctors can’t have a concrete findings then you should consult a voodoo expert. I’m a filipina and I’ve heard a lot of stories like these. What we do here is we consult a “Quack Doctor” (I don’t know if i spelled it right, sorry). Some people are gifted they can tell what happened to you, they even have the ability to fight whatever caused that and counter it so you will be cured. My mother even told us a story about my grandmother (may she rest in peace) who was also “cursed” by someone who envied her. We call it “barang” but I don’t think yours is barang. I think it’s an elemental. If it’s elemental, what we do here is we offer stuff like a white chicken. This could sound really wierd but I’ve witnessed a lot of events like this.

    May God bless you and your wife. :)

  16. lynn g says:

    If I may make a suggestion, please don’t just go to any african american neighborhood for answers.The Best place would be to go to the French Quarter and go to a voodoo shop. There is too much drug activity and violence to just go anywhere you’re not farmilar with. Places in the French Quarter would know something. Good Luck

  17. Stephen says:

    I live in the city and have studied its history for a while. It has been cursed from the get go….The priest-chronicler Pierre Fran�ois Xavier de Charlevoix described it in 1721 as “a place of a hundred wretched hovels in a malarious wet thicket of willows and dwarf palmettos”….In September of that year, a hurricane struck the city, blowing most of the structures down….Much of the population in early days was of the wildest and, in part, of the most undesirable character: deported Galley slaves, trappers, gold-hunters and city scourings…it was populated by pirates and thieves….there were lots of murders and strange happenings… The Great New Orleans Fire of 1788 destroyed 856 buildings in the city on Good Friday, March 21 of that year, and another fire destroyed 212 buildings in December 1794. So just research its history and you will find this has been goin on for 300 years…..

  18. keth says:

    Hi. I’m from the west indies. Our connection with africanism is still stronger than anything found in america. Let me assure you that our very belief system provides for the possibility of dark arts. First off the people talking of being followed by “good” spirits, let me urge- no BEG you to get rid of them! There is NO such thing. Secondly, white magic is a myth. Voodoo is the religion. Obeah is a very evil form that cannot be used for good. I’m very sorry to lecture but please be aware that the spiritual realm is no joke. As for the person who told the story. In the caribbean our catholic priests are trained for things like this. I have seen worse. Please contact me and I will try to help. May God be with you. I feel very sorry you had to go through that.

    • Logan says:

      I urge the people reading on this site to pay heed to Keth. There’s no such thing as a human ghost. People die, and their spirits find peace in Heaven, or punishment in Hell. Anything you might experience as a “ghost” is a demon. These spirits seek only to destroy. This stuff is VERY real, and can be DEVASTATING. If you are being visited by these spirits, PLEASE seek help from the church. Only the power of God, and those covered in the blood of Christ have power over this evil. I will gladly offer prayer to any tormented. Much love.

      • Caretaker says:

        Show me one quote from the Bible that says we go to Heaven when we die. Just one. I dont mean to be rude at all, I am really curious about this

  19. lynn says:

    Hi Keth, The reason I said I have been followed by a spirit all my life is because since I was little things always happened around the house. I’m one of nine kids and we and my mom all had experiences throughout the years.Just more or less “hey I’m here” kind of stuff. Well we moved and things kept happening in the new place. Things would happen when I would go someplace to visit. I’ve always tried to send it to the light but to no avail. When I was dating my husband, he always wanted to experience something because he always heard the stories. One night he was over late and we were watching TV and we both heard someone walk down the hall and sit in the chair next to us then got up and left. We were married 7 months later and for some reason it followed me. We had 2 boys who are 34 and 29 now but had many experiences growing up. As a matter of fact there is a new series coming on in November on TLC channel about mediums who come to your house to figure out who it might be and why they are here with me. It’s an Indian. The reason I tend to believe them is that I grew up in a neighborhood called “Indian Hills” and lived on Natchez Blvd. for 18 years. I looked up on the internet and found out that the school I went to for nine years was built on an Indian site. I was told that I must have found something when I was little and kept it. I did find an arrow head. Out of all the kids I was the one who was sensative. He is my protector and is not lost so he has become part of my life. I could tell a million stories from over the past 50 years. What is strange is that when I first started noticing him( my spirit) I was around 17 years old and would go out with a group of girlriends. This guy I never met before kept coming around telling me he was watching out for me because I was only 4′ 11 inches tall and only weighed 87 lbs. He said he didn’t want anyone to hurt me. He was dating some else at the time so he wasn’t trying to pick me up. He was 6′ 7 ” tall and believe me no one ever messed with him. Then it recently dawned on me. He was mostly Native American. When I moved 3 hours away we kept in touch writting to each other. When I told him I was getting married, he drove all the way to my house to check
    out my boyfriend and then gave me his blessings then left. Never heard from him after that. I’ve been married for 35 years to the best guy in the world. I could go on and on but I’ll stop for now. I’m not sure of the date of the show on TLC. They’re not even sure what the name will be. I’ll try to remember to post it when I find out. Sorry this is so long, hope I didn’t bore anyone. I’d like to hear any comments. Later, dawlin. Lynn

  20. Josh says:

    i do find it very logical to say that a place can be stained by evil
    all very interesting

  21. Wanda says:

    So sorry to hear of your experience. Mine was short lived but still with me today. After touring the French Quater all day, my husband and I returned to the Holiday Inn on Royal Street. My husband was asleep and I had just gone to bed. After about 15 minutes I sinced a presence in the room. It was a young girl in a Victorian full skirt gown. She was begging me to help her.(something about the property that the hotel was sitting on). Needless to say I was in my twenties at the time and could only say ” I cannot help you I am leaving tomorrow”. Shook me up a bit. I have never forgot this and often wonder of the history behind the property If it happened to me today I would not be as afraid and more curious. But according to one reader all ghost are evil so maybe I did the right thing. I would like to hear from anyone who may be able to add information to the research of the property. Thanks!

  22. richard prasad says:

    my friend….can u pliz check ur calf properly…. there is some type of animal hair still stuck inside to this day… remove this…and u will be free of your pains and pus. this hair is now embeded in your flesh or covered under veins
    hope this helps u!

  23. DrVenkman says:

    Hey Mike,

    Great story. A few comments:

    1.) I’m a New Orleans native and I’d just like to say that I agree with you %100. This city is wrought with darkness.

    2.) we actually do have dog-sized rats. No joke! They’re called nutria and they live in our canals. But they’re herbivores and few can afford to frequent Magazine lofts, so… �(-;

    3.) And here is where things get creepy…
    For a short time after Katrina I lived in an apartment eerily similar to the one in your story. It was on Magazine, above a pizza place. The apartment never felt right, to say the least. One night, I actually woke up with a bite mark on my cheek and later (you guessed it) a boil appeared right where one of the tooth marks was.

    I know this sounds almost too similar to your story. Seriously, just imagine how I felt reading your account, which I just so happened to come across while trying to find a story on a completely different site. I had googled a few keywords and saw New Orleans (which wasn’t one of the keywords) in the top link and decided to click on it.

    I got this cold feeling in my stomach as I read that part about the boil. The one on my cheek didn’t persist like yours though, thank God. I’m sorry yours won’t go away, but at least it wasn’t in a visible location, right?

    Anyway, I had several weird experiences in that apartment, which was located somewhere between Napoleon and Louisiana. Where was your’s located?

  24. javier says:

    You have to understand sometimes. A messege must be sent by god as a warning that he knows what is going on in that part of the section and should stop before anything Like the city of atlantis happens all over again. You never know… I’m not saying I believe it did existed. Just saying….. ok I kind of confused myself

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