Something Dressed In Black Running On All Fours

Posted on April 26, 2009

I’m hoping someone out there could shed some light on this or have maybe seen something similar.

My sister lives in a small town in South Australia. She has been in the house for about 3 months. Just in this last week her 8 year old son was sitting on the lounge chair and saw something that looked like a boy, dressed in a black shirt and black trousers run on all fours from the lounge door to behind the other lounge chair opposite him.

On another occasion, he saw the same form standing in the driveway when he went out to play. My sister asked him what did its face look like but he said that he didn’t notice as he was too fixated on the clothes, but definitely black shirt and black pants.

My nephew has also told his grandmother in the last few days that he has had terrible nightmares of “Hell rising up and taking over Heaven”. My sister also has a 10 year old son who has seen nothing of this.

Just yesterday, my sister was standing in the lounge room, folding clothes. She looked up through the door to the kitchen in time to see the same thing as her son saw, but this time flying through the air from the kitchen to the dining room. Human form, wearing all black.

Today the 8 year old is terrified to go into his mothers bedroom because he can see it under her bed. He is constantly shaking with terror. My sister also has a new born baby. Do you think She and her kids are in danger?

Sent in by Kerry, Copyright 2009

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24 Responses to “Something Dressed In Black Running On All Fours”
  1. Moya says:

    OMG. that is scary. I would think her children are in danger if this child is seeing this thing in and around the house. I would get out before its gets worse.

  2. max says:

    maybe its a demon if i were you i would bless the house

  3. CuteSagittarius says:

    I think they better start loOking for another place to live.
    Very short story but toO scary!
    Please let us know if that creature is seen again.
    God bleSs ur sister & her family!

  4. tyra says:

    Thats super creepy. You guys should have the house blessed or get out of there!

  5. maggie says:

    you should get a preist and bless the house.but personly i would move out for your own safety.blessings sometimes don’t immedialty work

  6. Jackie says:

    I suggest you get a priest in to bless the house and you also say prayers for the removal of this thing, which is obviously not good as its creating a threatening environment.

    Good luck and let us know how you go on.

  7. Cyndie says:

    As moving isnt always possible right away start praying now! Have a priest or minister come in sounds more like demon than ghost . remain strong, they feed on fear. good is stronger than evil.

  8. Kate says:

    Blessing the house would be a good idea, also finding out a bit of history about the area. Also have you considered talking to the eight year old to see how he feels about the new baby? Sometimes things like these can manifest when a new baby comes, or when there is a change in the environment. I don’t think that your sisters family’s lives are in danger, they just need to try and find a happy compromise with the being first and try and find out as much as they can. Once they have covered all these areas, if things have not improved, then maybe they may need to consider other accomodation or trying to find a happy medium.

  9. tracy says:

    Start praying and get your house blessed!
    The way this being is showing itself is very bad , all black and never straight up , like a normal person. This is not a friendly spirit.
    It seems to be watching you, I think you guys are in danger.
    Get serious help , or get out.

  10. alberg15 says:

    move out of that house i suggest before it get worse and then later on you will not be able to scape no more.

  11. Yolande says:

    Get out of there…..the thing in that house is evil..

  12. mina says:

    i believe that its a demon but be surte not to take anything out of tyhe house such as anything that was there before you got there and tell a priest and get everyone blessed

  13. PlayGirl says:

    i would say for the sake of the kids, move out… in the meantime keep praying and bless the house!!! God be with you…

  14. Shannon says:

    um moving out may not be a good idea without getting it blessed and see if it works cause if that thing is a demon that thing could follow them and no one would want that to happen… get it blessed if that doesnt work it mite be exercist time and then move out and next time B4 you all move into a home…CHECK THE HISTORY OF IT!!! i mean if you like old houses buy it but u have to like the ghost and demons that mite come with it…

  15. Meagan says:

    uhmm, yeahh.
    that i very scary. i would be crying so hard. i do say that they should move out of there..

  16. caitlin says:

    i think u should bless the house or get outta there!

  17. Mellisa says:

    my advice is please ask an expert psychic as soon as possible to see what’s in the house first. it might ba dangerous for the kids.

  18. Blue jay says:

    Sounds evil.
    But then, what do we really know?
    If an alien came to earth, it would take them a LONG time to understand their customs.
    This ‘demon’ could be checking out the house or something…
    Pathetic, I know.
    Get your kids outta there, pronto!
    Pretend you’re going on a vacation or something.
    If that isn’t an option, call the priest, take the other’s advice, go to a physchic.
    If that STILL isn’t an option…explore.
    I WOULD NOT recommend this course of action, as it is very dangerous.
    Call the police, disguise the story a bit, make them look around.
    If they find nothing, it’s quite likely that it’s paranormal.
    If they find something, they’ll probably investigate further.
    Then, I would say, it’s no longer your problem.
    But it might continue to haunt you…
    If they find nothing…get some better advice online in fending off ghosts.
    Chemical compositions that repel ghosts…
    Type in something like fending off ghosts or demons in google.
    All the advice I can give…
    If it wanted you dead, it would most likely have already done that.
    So, I still say the odds you might be injured or killed if you aren’t prepared are 9/10, but atleast they aren’t 10/10.
    Just don’t do it if you’re not prepared. If you are, 5/10 might be better…
    depending on who you go to.
    Can’t recommend anything, as this site doesn’t seem to have anything useful about this stuff…
    Priest, get the H*** out of there, call the police, have them search the house, or explore, if you’re VERY well prepared.

  19. Blue jay says:

    Or stay, and hope for the best…odds of survival: 4/10.

  20. bryce says:

    doesnt sound scary to me

  21. Pat says:

    Having a black form flying around your home in broad daylight doesn’t seem scary to you???? Let me calmly explain it to you… IT IS FRIGGEN SCARY- SCARY AS (well you know where)…. and a baby could be scratched, thrown who knows what could happen next?? PRAY and get out ASAP- have the house blessed and or exorcised so the next family won’t be walking into this awful situation!

  22. eyepriestess says:

    Any input as to what is going on lately? Hope you are not still having probelms.

  23. Karen M. says:

    I don’t think it’s a demon if it hasn’t hurt anyone!

    • CoralinKC says:

      ….yet. But if I was to gamble, I”d bet it’s showing itself to scare you….Fear=Negitive Energy=Makes it stronger…then all bets are off. Have someone send it back to wherever it came from(give ya 3 guesses where that is..)But do it and do it QUICKLY. but altho since this was posted in 09 , this comment’s a little late….hope everything turned out well anyway-

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