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Something Dark Has Followed Me

Posted on February 17, 2011

When I was younger, I would see this big black figure, it was very tall, tall enough that as I laid in bed and saw it coming from around the corner, its head nearly touched the ceiling. (so about 6 1/2 feet) I used to get paralyzed by it. It would stand next to my entertainment stand and seemingly stare at me. I would have dismissed these occurrences, but when my brother had that room before I did, he saw something too and that was when he moved back upstairs to his old room.

This happened often, I even had dreams about it to where I’d try to run up the stairs from it, but my feet would stick to the stairs and it would slowly come at me. Before I moved out of my moms house, I saw it again and tried to run through it to get away and go upstairs and have felt this… darkness inside of me since. Every place I’ve lived, I’ve seen its shadow. I tried to pass it off as anything other than what it was clear to be for so long. Then, I stayed the night at a friends house and we were sitting up in bed together talking because he suffered from bad insomnia. We dozed off and I woke up because I felt like the room was shifting. I looked at the night stand and it felt as though the room were mildly spinning and I felt a presence. I looked at the end of the bed and this dark figure stood there and suddenly splayed its arms upwards. It took my breath away and I looked over to see that my friend was awakened by it and his jaw was dropped and his eyes were fixed on what we saw. I almost screamed at that point because I knew then that I was definitely not crazy. That experience felt menacing, like it was trying to frighten us. I had several experiences, negative experiences, in his house.

When I moved a few years ago, my boyfriend and I lived briefly in a townhouse. I was sitting on the couch, reading, the TV was off but I caught something out of the corner of my eye and in the reflection of the TV was the image of a dark figure sitting cross-legged in a nearby corner, but there was nothing there. Another night there, we were laying and watching a movie, I had dozed off and was awoken suddenly by what felt like a deep surge of energy and I could not breathe. The power went out 1 minute or so later and came back on.

The next place I lived, we awoke to a tall figure standing at the foot of the bed and it felt like I was being strangled, when I looked over at my boyfriend, he too was struggling to breathe and then it just disappeared and we could breathe again. My kids wanted that room after we got everything moved in and situated and my son came running out of the room in the middle of the night, his eyes bloodshot and he was crying, freaking out. He was about 3 – 4 then and started to bawl that there was a tall man in his room and he tried to choke him, but there was nothing there. We went to the measures of using protection salts and stones and had only a couple experiences there.

I’ll cut to the chase now. We moved back into my old house and the kids were gone for the weekend, my fianc was at work so I had the house to myself. I turned off the TV, all the lights except the one in the living room and began meditating. I always have had beneficial, relaxing experiences with that. This time was different. I dropped all guard and my mind went to a place it had never been and I had no control over. I saw a face… what I can only describe as some kind of demon. Its skin was an orangish color, its eyes were black and it had deep lines in the forehead and under the eyes… and these teeth… these scary teeth. I engaged it mentally and asked if it was what was following me and it told me yes. Without any control, I heard myself ask it what its name was, and it was like there were many voices but I heard a name. I told it to leave me be, and very harshly, and very physically, it shoved me backwards into the floor. I had a hard time moving, my breathing was shallow and I felt like my very essence had been sucked away from me. I laid there for a long time before forcing myself up and I crawled into the shower. I went back out and collapsed into the floor. I was clammy and pale and was so stunned and frightened that I didn’t even know what to do. My fianc came home and he caught one look of my face and knew something was seriously wrong. I was completely pale and I found it hard to even speak. It left bruises on my shoulders. It was the most genuinely terrifying moment of my life.

I feel like there is a darkness inside of me, deep inside. I’ve had the ability, which I can sometimes control, other times, it happens by accident, where if someone gets me really upset, past that point of return where I white out, then I can make bad things happen to people. I usually don’t mean for the things to happen, and I feel guilty for admitting this, but there were times that I did mean it because of how awful the trespass was against me. It’s like I can dole out instant karma when someone is being cruel and mean towards me enough to where I get that familiar feeling and within an hour, a series of bad things happen to the persons belongings or themselves. Nothing too serious, but enough that those people who know this about me watch what they say just in case.

Bottom line? I don’t know what to do about this. I don’t know how to make this “thing” go away, and if that dark figure is the reason I have the very real ability to inflict revenge upon people who willingly hurt me in some way that hits a deep level. I don’t want this thing. I am scared to meditate anymore after that experience. I don’t know what the meaning behind it was, but it didn’t feel good.

Sent in by Kay C. Oliver, Copyright 2011

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Tags: Dreams, Shadows, Sleep Paralysis

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12 Responses to “Something Dark Has Followed Me”
  1. Stephie says:

    Wow! This must be Horrible for you. I do believe this is a Demon who wants your Soul. Revoke him from your being. Pray to God and the Angels to rid this Evil. Keep Holy Water around you at all times. I am really Frightened for you. I do Pray you get the Spirtual Help you need because that is the best weapon to defend yourself and your Family. Keep the Faith and I will say a Prayer for you. Thanks for sharing, and God keep you and yours Safe!

  2. Johnboy says:

    You need an exorcism done, no doubt.

  3. Stan says:

    Kay, You’ve been inhabited by pure evil – and it’s using your mind and body for it’s own purposes. You must do whatever it takes to expel this presence from your life. I have many years of experience with this – please find a deliverance ministry in your area (google deliverance ministry) – and tell them everything you’ve posted here. They can help you get rid of this spirit if you really want to – otherwise it will control you until it decides it’s time for you to die -then you will belong to it forever. Trust me – it hates you and it wants to hurt you – but it wants to use you to hurt others first. It will try very hard to influence you to not do this – it will do anything to maintain it’s attachment to you. Do not allow it. You must regain control of your life or you are doomed.

  4. sharayah says:

    i Agree with all thee above. you need not to give up.tell it to go in God’s name get blessed with olive oil and holy water. try not to be scared of it look to God.try to say the lords prayer.make this thing pay for what it’s doing. may God be with you.

  5. ghost in the machine says:

    I would not be so quick to yell demon possession just yet, i think this may be something you are manifesting yourself or some energy being channeled through you. Were there any important events in your life that happened around the time you started seeing this thing?

  6. not a demon says:

    its not a demon, i know because i have aunts that have this type of power….

    its sort of a para-normal thing, you sort of have a power over things weather you know it or not, my aunt knew this she was very careful about how she would feel or even the type of glares she gave,
    this power you have is spiritual, my aunt could make people sick and even brake things without meaning too, she never practiced magic or anything its simply just supernatural

    now this being could be your self preception of this power, you might think this “thing” is haunting you…it infact could be you go see a “curandera”

  7. Mel says:

    IT sound like you’re POSSESSED its a big risk for you and your family if you dont have an exorcism done you might hurt your family or even yourself you wont have control of your body its like you will be imprissoned in you own body eventually.. if all this is true what you have posted… Its not a joke go to a preist consult with him.. he will then get permission with a Bishop and he’ll exercise you. Good luck and In God we trust. God Bless You

  8. beloved says:

    Wow your like me I have something like that to you know when you think about stuff and when you get mad I get so angry I break doors and other stuff I really hate myself for it.but only with me I. Also get every thing I want in some way or another.and I mean anything ppl, love, jobs, stuff, pets ect…and feel really bad for this I may have also hurt someone really really badly. Because I didn’t like them I didn’t want it to happen it just does. When I was little I also saw a black shadow and other things to. I don’t see them anymore I’m not srcd of the dark but I still get wat I want and I should never think anything bad for ppl.

  9. Tim says:

    the mistake you made was running through it. by doing that you basically said ‘possess me’. The others are right, you need an exorcism. the first time you saw it it seems that it was just attached to that house, but running through it detached it from the house and attached it to you so to speak. I’m going to be blunt here, you need to get an exorcism done. Cases like this have very serouis consenquances and in some, very rarely but still some, those consenquances are death

  10. Carri says:

    I would not meditate it channels into the paranormal. yes you saw a demon in meditation and you r kids and boyfriend saw it. It has followed you. The voices. are demonic. and yes the description you give is a demon. The black eyes and sharp teeth. I have seen this also. the voices are also evil. I would pray for God to help you. wear a cross. when this evil comes again saw Jesus help me. wear a cross it burns the demon if it comes at you. Demons hate crosses. The demon has followed you from your childhood home. that is where it all started. if you can control events that is scary. you need to talk to a priest and get some help.

  11. Cameron says:

    When I was about 8 or 9 I moved into a very old house.
    The room I was given was once the bedroom of a very depressed man who drank himself to death.

    Apparently it happened in this room.
    Before I found this out I saw a shadow of a tall man at the end of my bed that would cause me to freeze up completely until i became brave enough to shout out to my mum, but as she opened the door he would vanish.
    This happened every night for a few months before my mum finally took me to a friend of hers that knew a lot about paranormal phenomena.

    While at this friends house and discussing the man I looked into the bedroom down the hallway and there he was standing in the door way looking at me, I grabbed at my mums arm and begged her to look. When they walked towards the room, the door began to swing shut slowly. At this point I began to scream and then just lay down and didn’t wake up till the next morning.

    That was the last time I ever saw him.

  12. Carri says:

    This event sounds like the Don Decker case. your story and his case is kinda similar. He was a young man who could make it rain after visiting his grandfather’s funeral. Don Decker had a horrible secret he told no one. It was on unsolved mysteries. I remember the story. I have experienced similar evil like the Don Decker case. In my story ‘ A trip to my evil step grandmother Sally’s grave I want to say, I am not promoting my stories only trying to warn others of the evil that I have witnessed.
    this story of like yours is alike. but in your story the spirit who died was a depressed drunk. he possibly was evil also. so like my evil step grandmother sally she made bugs attack us at her grave. Like Don Decker he went to a funeral of his grandfather who was evil. after this funeral the spirit attached himself to Don Decker and he became possessed to a great extent.

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