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Someone Tell Me What This Is

Posted on June 30, 2010

I’m not sure what this is exactly… can someone tell me?

Ok, so me and my roommate are kind of nonbelievers in these kinds of things, but there have been some really weird things happening in our apartment and I don’t know if someone can help us figure out what this is… because I’m pretty convinced whatever it is its not natural.

I recently moved out into my own apartment. I share the apartment with my friend, Sarah. It is in good condition, its small, 2 bed rooms, one bath room and a main living area with a small kitchen. We’ve been living there for about a year and things have gotten a little out of control. I’ll explain.

First, we started noticing odd smells. The most common smell smells like something is burning, but it never seems to come from just the kitchen, its all over the apartment. Sometimes it smells like something is rotting (first we thought it was bad food…). We’ve checked all over the house, but its impossible to find the source because the smell is everywhere. This occurs more frequently, about every other day from anywhere between a few minutes to 24 hours. The smells were just the first thing, no one in our complex has complained of these smells, and our Landlord doesn’t smell them.

Things have gone missing, and they are never anything normal like car keys, but we’ve had our spoons go missing, cups, food we’ve just bought (like a whole pack of bacon), and recently Sarah has found that her figurines are missing. In terms of food, apples usually go missing more often… not sure why that is. Some items turn up randomly, even the food… we found a strip of bacon in our toilet once.

Whenever there are noises, they usually happen between 3 – 3:30 am and are usually just tapping sounds or just one loud knock. It never lasts for very long, and we’ve only had one incident where all our wall photos fell off the wall around 3 am.

There are a few things we’re worried about. We’ve been finding scratch marks on our floors and a couple on our doors. They don’t seem to be leading anywhere, they look really random, they’re not even in straight lines like animal scratches. They look like someone was hatching the floor. The other thing that has us worried is that we found a number written into the floor near Sarah’s closet : 81812.

I know Sarah isn’t doing this and she knows I’m not doing it. At first we thought the food thing was her, because Sarah sleep walks (usually to the kitchen) and does weird things when she sleeps walks, but people sleep walk, that’s totally normal… Even if she was snacking in the middle of the night, she wouldn’t have eaten a whole pack of bacon and left some of it in the toilet like a month later… that’s just not normal.

The number has us worried because its like someone had to have written that there, we didn’t notice it when we moved in, its pretty small, but we would have seen it before. We have no clue what it means, or if it doesn’t mean anything and we’re just overreacting. Anyways, if someone has experience something similar or has some ideas on what to do, please respond to this!

Sent in by HB, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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26 Responses to “Someone Tell Me What This Is”
  1. Yo-Yo says:

    Maybe it’s an aparment number??? It might be… I’d google it and see what comes up.

  2. Damin says:

    Don’t worry, you’ve probably just got a spirit that likes to tease.
    It’s not evil or anything, just abit cheeky. Most probably a child or a dog.
    You might want to check out the history of the apartment like past boarders and such.
    Other then that, you’ll be fine, nothing dangerous.

  3. LittleKitKat says:

    Try asking the landlord about the apartment you’ve rented and it’s background history is it old? To me you have classic signs that there is something else in the aprtment with you two with the smells, knocks and tghings going missing.

    I don’t know what the numbers could mean but the scratches on the doors and floors I would worry alittle about and keep an eye out for anything else in that nature. It seems interesting that it mainly steals food maybe they are all connected?
    People who normaly survived concentration camps are food horders and have repeat traumas of what happened to them. i heard someoen say they had something simular happen to them for a short time before they got the house cleansed.

    If it is really bothering you girls I would say seek a medium to come and give the apartment a once over to locate what is happening and get more answers or you can call on a priest to just bless the house.

    • SUNNY says:

      In reference to the “odd smells” in the apartment building……my daughter lived in an apartment………with neighbors to each side. She often told us about the awlful smells coming in through the air condition vents. The smoke smell was so bad, it would feel as if someone was in her condo smoking. Then she would get the cooking smells……from burnt food …to yucky things cooking. They had to cover the return vent …in coats of plastic to avoid the oders. It was a fairly new building, too. Needless to say, they have moved…and have their own home now. The point being…………smells do travel….LOL.
      The other happenings…………….wish I could have answers for you. Take Care and good luck!

    • bluesman87 says:

      ya , i really doubt a holocaust survivor is gna start stealing whole packs of bacon….

  4. Pat says:

    I agree you need to spk to your landlord; they could shed some light in case other tenants have ahd similar experiences. I would get sage smudge sticks and smoke the entre apartment including the doorway to the hall/entrance… I do not like the scratches as you or your roomate may be the next target….good luck!

  5. Alex says:

    If it were me I would have the house blessed or smudged.

  6. Honeybee says:

    Thanks for sharing your story! It occurred to me that maybe the numbers are significant to the spirit- like perhaps it is date of death? August 18th 1912? or maybe something important /significant will happen on August 18th 2012? Maybe the apartment has a history that ties into the date somehow? It doesn’t sound like a manevolent being – but I would cleanse the apartment with sage – if it is bothering you you need to establish your boundaries. Perhaps you could find out what it wanted- what it is first- polterguiest or spirit in need- maybe its causing trouble just to get attention and create mischeif or maybe its trying to get help and using crazy tactics to get your attention? no oiuja boards if you do decide to figure out what it is what it wants- a trusted medium. A landlord might know something but prefer to play dumb – his or her interest might be to keep the $$$ rolling in and the problems down to zero but still address it. with the landlord. I think a place doesn’t have to be old to have a haunting – some spirits or entities can be attracted to people who are sensitive to them. Good Luck and keep us posted!- Honeybee

  7. Jaybee says:

    Maybe I just grew up with enough of this stuff that I don’t want to deal with it ever again, but if it were me, and as you’ve said you’ve been there about a year – I’m thinking your lease should be about up. Move. It’s a rental, what do you care about bringing a medium or cleansing it, etc. It’s different if you’ve bought the home and you’re stuck with it, but you have the ability to pack and move on. Yeah, yeah, I know – you’d be doing it for the next tenant, but better to document every little thing that’s happened (preferably at a computer at work, so it doesn’t disappear in your apartment), give your notice and tell the landlord. It’s his/her property – let him/her deal with it.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree with you for the most part Jaybee. Moving out would be a really good solution. However I would find out who lived there before and find out if any problems have occured in the past. I believe that these people have demons and if they let it go the next place a scratch will occur is on them. But that number means something. I would think of different possibilities of the sig. Never know. It could be a case of if you help it, it will go away.

  8. AnNa says:

    i find that weird.for the numbers you should cheeck the house how long its been up.maybe somone on the 8th day on 1812 or i dont know.if it really bothers you and your room-mate do some digging on the place.or 81812 people died where you live and no-body can find the bodies.sorry my mind jumps to couclution.and things moving tell whoever it is to please stop.thats the only thing that i can think of.thanks for the story and if something does happen more let us know.if you find anything else out please let us know.

  9. Cyndie says:

    When i first read the story the number thing reminded me of the tatto’s that holocost survivers have on their. H believe its the correct number of digets. Then theres the thing about hording food, which i was not aware of until i read the comments. It would be good to find a psycic to try help this poor lost soul. Nothing sounds dangerous, i would be more concerned with helping the spirit.

  10. Christina says:

    I agree with Jaybee; unless you are locked into a lease which is longer than a year, move on. Of course,………. that is if this is something that is totally doable. With the economy and such, maybe there are more reasons you have to stay put.

    Documenting your experiences is a good tool and would be helpful in the event you need to review it with someone who might be able to help. It doesn’t appear that any harm is intended, but if you have to stay due to reasons beyond your control, I would find out more about the place, but at a library and not on your home computer.

    Keep us informed and good luck!


  11. Cyndie says:

    I apologize, im texting on a cellphone. I meant to say the number is on the arm. You probably guessed that, just wanted to clarify.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like a spirt but it sounds harmless so you 2 ladies should be ok :)
    My Name is Joy :)

  13. srd says:

    Well, considering it might be an old building. Maybe you have a spirit with you thats trying to hint something. 81812 may be: 8/18/12 (August (8), 18th (18), 1912 (12). Maybe its a specific date. Or a birthday.
    as for the stuff happening at 3am. I’ve only heard of that when there are demons involved. And the scratches can be anything from a poltergiest (spelling?) to a demon.
    I would just go to a local priest and get it blessed. In the mean time. Pray to god everyday as much as possible. and if nything creepy or scary happens tell it to go away. and say some prayers from the bible, anything holy:) GOOD LUCK!:)

  14. Ayesha says:

    Hi, I’d just like to comment on the number you found, what crossed my mind instantly is that is sounds like (I’ll explain this as well as I can) one of the marker numbers used to label certain paragraphs of the Bible. I’m not sure it IS the right number of digits, they’re ususallly seperated by commas, and have the name of the ‘book’ (?) first?
    I’m not sure if I’m at all correct here, I’m not an expert, it’s just the first thing that occured to me, you might want to check it out.

  15. raijha1 says:

    OMG how spooky a priest to visit would help he might know what the number means the 3am thing would scare me you could try putting a bible on your njght stand might help
    one other thing is a blessed cross or rosery But there is haunted people as well as houses&apartments If you move it might follow u get a blessing for u and your roomates
    I wish u luck and can find a medium in that can find out how and what it and why its still here and what its wants.so God Bless you be safe

    • Jaybee says:

      I had to smile when I read your advice. I firmly believe in everything you wrote, however, there are times when it won’t help. My cousin used to read the bible every night before she went to bed. It was an old and cherished bible a relative had left her. She went to visit her grandfather (my uncle) at his super haunted house. She’d been there a couple of days, had been frightened out of her wits, but felt better every night after reading her bible. She had a couple more days to go when she went to bed one night, read her bible, then placed it on the nightstand, as she did every night. The next day it was gone. They looked high and low for the that bible and never found it. It completely disappeared. Oh, and yes, they’ve had the priest out there many a time through the years, yup, they’ve poured a lot of holy water into that house through the years, lots of blessed rosaries, etc. In fact, one of the cousins brought holy water back from Lourdes, France one year and they did a major rosary session with about 20 people there one evening. Another cousin even brought in a psychic, but other than hearing that said psychic definitely confirmed this place has issues, I haven’t heard the details.

      I’m not saying that faith, prayer and the bible won’t help, sometimes, if nothing else, they help you psychologically. However, I’m not going to say that they are the solution all the time. My uncle’s place is so scary, no one has ever gone there and not had stories to tell. That’s one of the houses from my past – which is why, when I have the choice to get the heck out of Dodge, I do so. I would firmly repeat my advice. If it’s possible for HB to leave, I would tell her, just LEAVE. It’s not her property, she’s not bound by a mortgage, and I’m not going to believe the landlord doesn’t know about some of this from previous tenants.

  16. Marlaina says:

    It sounds like you are expeiriencing the same type things my neice is right now in her home. I believe you deffinantly have a spirit-being in your apartment. I have always heard that 3:00 am is the most common timeframe for this type of thing to occur. More than likely it’s someone from the long-past. It’s in the property ground;..not someone that past on from within your apartment. I agree with the other’s. You should probably not renew your lease. They probably mean you no harm..but it would be a bit un-nearving to have to continue dealing with it. Good luck to you and your roomate.

  17. Marin says:

    Those numbers could be a date.
    You just never know good luck.?

  18. Rylee says:

    Seems like a date to me
    November (8) 18th, 1912?
    Heres my hypothesis-
    Either on the plot of land or the building there was a fire (hence the burning smell) it was on the date 8-18-12 (12 could be 1912,1812,1712 etc.) the hatchet/scratch marks are probably from a desperate struggle to escape.
    The things going missing might be because whatever is there likes them. Like the apples, maybe whatever is there loved appls when it was alive. Hope I helped!

  19. Shadaria says:

    I think that maybe 81812 might mean august 18, 2012 which is a Saturday. I’m not positive but I’m usually able to help out in stuff like this. As for the spirit you most likely have a trickster which are no real problem and if you ask for your stuff back or just ignore the missing stuff you could get it back sooner.

    I happened to be somewhat of a sensitive according to my mother but the rest of my family are none-believers.

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