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Smelling Dirt and Premonitions of Death

Posted on February 27, 2011

My 41 yr old daughter has premonitions of someone’s death: She smells fresh dirt/earth. This has been happening since she was a teenager. Of course, she didn’t correlate waking up, smelling dirt with anyone’s death. She did take notice that each time she actually did awaken from smelling fresh dirt, someone died.

Over the years, she gets approximately 3 to 4 days notice that someone is going to die. It’s always someone in the family, or a close friend of the family. It doesn’t happen when it’s outside of the family or people that she barely knew.

Today she called me, in tears. She’d been awakened 4 days ago, smelling fresh dirt. She knew someone was going to die. Two days ago, the smell woke her up and it was so strong, as if it were being pushed in her face. Her father-in-law died this AM. She’s never dreamt of it twice in a row… but… being it was her own father-in-law, it happened twice in one week.

She wants it to go away. We have no explanation as to why this happens, but it sure does. Just makes her sick when it happens.

She’s called me in the past, asking “are you OK?” Of course, it’s because she had “the dream”. When I reassure her that I’m OK, she’ll then call her Dad, and her closest friends, etc. This terrifies her, and with good reason. It’s never failed. It’s always happened within a week of the dream… someone close dies.

I have no idea what this phenomenon is called. Anyone out there ever heard of this?

Sent in by Vindi, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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13 Responses to “Smelling Dirt and Premonitions of Death”
  1. Gator says:

    I also have had dreams that foretell a death of someone close. While not as strong as what your daughter experiences, it can still be very unsettling. When it happens to me it can be from one day to as much as 3 months before a death occurs. The most vivid I can remember was when my brother died when I was 13 and he was 23. I had a dream where I was on a city sidewalk in a downtown area. An unknown man walking his dog approached me and stopped. He then told me my brother had died. I said “What?” He then repeated what he had said. I was then awakened by my stepfather in the middle of the night. He started to tell me what had happened. I told him I already knew. The rest of my experiences have been alot more vague by comparison.

  2. Daniel Green says:

    Hi i thought this was a very interesting topic. I have never heard anything like this.
    Would be good to hear more about this.

    Kins Regards,

  3. Jim Carver says:

    When my grandfather passed away. The family went back to his house after the funeral. My mother (who does has preminitions) suddenly smelled fresh dirt as if my grandfather was passing through the house one last time. Strange enough he died on the same date (February 27th) as this posting. I have been searching the internet for anything about the smell of fresh dirt for years. Odd I would find your post and it would be would be on his death anniversary!

    I have similar premonitions about people (never family members) and it usually means within a couple of weeks; I will happen to run into the person or they pass away. I had a very strong bad feeling about a old friend and sensed he was in danger from himself. Six weeks later he overdosed on heroin. The feeling of danger was so strong it was creepy!
    Hope this helps!

  4. Jim Carver says:

    The type of experiences your daughter and I have are clairvoyant and are defined below:

    Clairsentience is another type of extrasensory perception in that clairsentient people can sense past, present, or future events through “sensing” them, though non-clairsentient people cannot perceive them.

    The friend overdosing was just an example of my most recent experience. Receiving this kind of information may seem like a curse, however some say it is a gift. Perhaps some of us are more sensitive to a seventh sense.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I read somewhere in a book that some people dream death as a preparation as what is to come. Spirit world ,or Gods way of preparing them. God bless

  6. trolldoll says:


  7. Tasneem Basardien says:

    I have had dreams of people close to me dieing the evening before they die!The earliest premonition was in the first grade.Obviously i didnt make sense of it at the time,but my dream was that i could see this ugly,dead forest.Every tree was dead.The grass,brown.Suddenly,my first grade teacher came running through the forest and everything came alive!The trees were green,so was the grass.animals came runnuing through the forest,and children!It was as if her prescence awoke the beauty of the forest!Surely,the very next morning when i got to school,the class was informed that teacher cindy had passed away!now this is where my dream makes sense…..she had been suffering from breast cancer…therefore my dream was as if she had now found peace.the premonitions continued…from family members to friends..the next one after my teacher being my friend in the second grade the very next year!!!please help me…what am i?clairvoyant?psychic?I also see the dead aswell as spirits..good and bad!i have been seeing them since a young child,as young as 3!…wow…is there a name for the abilities i have!!seriously,i kid you not about what i am saying!i have family members including my husband who have witnessed all of this!

  8. FaerchFan says:

    this reminds me of the Blue is for Nightmares books. The main character has premonitions of death, too and in the first book she did smell dirt in her actual dream.

  9. tamon says:

    well… its been long time that…. each day i know wats going to happen… everyday i dream about the next day….. sometimes i am fade up……… sum of my batchmates parents died bcoz in school life they abused me….. at that point of time i cursed them… but now i feel fade up…. if sum1 wishes bad 4 me.. bad thing happens to them…. i feel like i am cursed…. 1day before i knw my future…. i dont feel proud…. its very bad 4 me…. i cant even get annoyed with any1…..

  10. Sue says:

    I believe your daughter has the what’s called “clairalience” where she can pick up on information through the sense of smell either literally or emotionally!

  11. Grace says:

    I had this experience just last week. I woke in the middle of night and smelled a strong odor of dirt… Call me lazy but I thought I’m going back to sleep and I’ll think about this tomorrow. Nobody has died (knock on wood) but I’m interested in learning more about the meaning.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i have been smelling fresh dirt for about 3 days now , with every breath i take . would really like to know what it means

  13. Anonymous says:

    I smell incense like in a church before someone dies. It scares me. I tell my husband to smell where I smell it and he doesn’t smell anything. Before my father died, I smelled the same smell of church coming out of his shoes, hours later my aunt found him dead in his sleep. Saturday I smelled it again and one of my son’s best friends died. I told him someone close was going to die and they did. Why me? THis has been happening on several occasions since I’m a teenager.

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