Sleep Paralysis or Demon Encounter?

Posted on January 16, 2010

I’m 17 and I’ve had sleep paralysis several times, but never had anything “demonic” happen. And only once did I experience a negative force during sleep paralysis. Nothing this intense though.

In my past I’ve had a few demon related events, but nothing this intense and direct. Last night I fell asleep a little bit after midnight.

Dream 1

It started out normal and I knew I was dreaming. I was with some guy and he started acting weird and morphing shapes. It started to get weird and scary so I tried to wake myself up. Then I saw myself laying in bed, I thought I was awake and I heard my dog begging to get up on my bed. I reached my arm down to get her but she wouldn’t come to me. Then I felt something on top of me, violently humping me. I tried to push it off but I could barely move. Then more evil spirits (maybe demons?) came and were trying to get inside me. I couldn’t move so I began screaming bloody murder for my mom and brother. But then I realized no sound was coming out even though I could feel my throat burning. I was trying to get out of bed but the demons were pulling me back. I made it to the doorway and uttered a scream. My brother came down the stairs and was trying to shake it out of me. I thought I woke up, but after a minute everything began twisting back and I saw myself laying in bed again with the demons trying to get inside me. The same thing happened and I made it to the doorway and my brother came again and tried shaking it out of me. While he did I saw glimpses of my real room cause I was starting to wake up but the demons were pulling me back in so I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Finally my eyes opened wide. I was awake. I looked at the time and it was only 12:45. Freaked out, I sat up and read the bible until 3 am when I coaxed myself back into sleeping cause I had to go to school the next day.

Dream 2

Just after 3 am I fell asleep. Once I again I knew I was sleeping and began to dream. The first part of the dream I kept on re-living the same scene over and over but in different places so I saw it in different perspectives. I’ll describe the scene. I was in an auditorium type building. It had a balcony and rows of seats beneath it. I don’t really remember the stage or if there was one. There were “good” and “bad” people there. The “good” people were hiding in the balcony and looking down on the bad people silently making plans to escape. I only remember two “bad” people. An adult and a little girl. I don’t remember if the adult was a woman or a man.

The first time in the scene I was on the balcony sitting behind my brother, I tried to ask what was going on but he just looked at me with a straight face and put his finger over his mouth to tell me to be quiet. Then I just looked down at the adult holding the child. After a minute or so the little girl pointed behind her to the back of the building. Then the scene restarted and I was hanging from the balcony. I was scared someone would see me but I don’t think they did. Same thing happened. Then it restarted again and I was in the back row of the auditorium. I remember seeing more bad people at this point, but don’t really know what’s going on. The scene keeps restarting and each time I’m a row closer to the little girl and the adult. The last time it restarted I was directly behind them terrified they were going to see me, but it was dark. Then when the little girl pointed behind her she was pointing right at me. The adult looked right at me, but didn’t see me. Now that I think about it I’m not sure if the adult was human, it had a dark evil looking face. The main reason I find this dream significant is because with every time the scene restarted I felt overwhelmed with feelings of understanding, I understood why the bad people were bad and why the good people were good.

Then all of the sudden I’m at my “house” (but it doesn’t look like my house at all). Then I look out my window and notice something in the neighbors window but think nothing of it. Then all of the sudden I see the demons rushing out of the neighbors windows and I try to wake myself up again because I’m scared. Once again, I see myself laying in bed, paralyzed. I can feel one on top of me, this time I don’t think its trying to have sex with me. I’m trying to sit up and push it off me but I cant at all. More come and are trying to get inside me. I still cant scream but I woke up faster this time than before. I woke up about 3:45. I thought it was weird how the dream was about the same length as the other one.

Now the freakiest part. I’m fully awake laying in my bed scared to go back to sleep. Then I started hearing strange crackling/scratching noises coming from my ceiling. I laid there listening to it carefully trying to determine if it was my imagination, rain, or something else. It definitely wasn’t my imagination, I listened for at least two straight minutes of weird noises.I could hear light rain, but there was a distinct difference between the crackling/scratching noises and rain drops and it couldn’t be rain anyway because my room is downstairs so the ceiling is the floor of the living room. Then I heard footsteps coming from the living room above me. I got so freaked out I said out loud, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ,” and it stopped instantly. Not even kidding, I couldn’t hear a thing besides light rain tinkling on my house. I started crying because I was so freaked out and scared. Then I prayed until I fell asleep around 5:00 which is usually the time I wake up. I had strange dreams but I wont go into detail cause they weren’t significant and there weren’t any demons this time. I woke up at 10:00 and went to school late.

My main question is this sleep paralysis or a demon encounter? or something different? I don’t know. if anyone can help or offer any advice it would be very much appreciated. Also, a few months ago I had a dream a lot like this, but instead of demons I was falling out of reality or life, into the space between heaven/hell and the earth. I could see everyone around me but couldn’t move or make a sound. It was one of the worst feelings I had ever felt. and like this dream it reoccurred several times in one night, but it didn’t keep me up all night.

Sent in by Chloe, Copyright 2010

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19 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis or Demon Encounter?”
  1. Believer says:

    Hey Chloe!

    It seems like they were trying to possess you, I think that you are a strong person because you are fighting them away, don’t give up and let them take over you!

  2. Kat says:

    Keep fighting! I have very few suggestions for you tho. I also make no promises that these will work. 1. Make a protective salt circle around your bed and in the door way. Salt represents purity and ‘they’ supposedly cant cross it. 2. You can have a priest come and cleans the home to expel any demons or spirits* This dose not always work sometimes it will anger what ever is in your home.*. (Which with what you describe I think it is a demon) . Remember these are just my opinions and thoughts please dont take offense to any of this. And good luck I will pray for you!

  3. eyepriestess says:

    Hey Chloe, i have been through demon encounter and it tried to posess me too, i was fully awake. I was just about to get in bed when it attacked me from behind, it hit me, but it went inside my body as it did this. 3 times it hit me and the last time i felt like it was sqeezing my lungs because i couldn’t breathe properly. I couldn’nt scream out or anything, so i prayed in my mind to God and immediately this thing left me. That wasn’t a coincidence, so prayers to God do work, so you have comfort in that and pray like crazy when/if this happens to you again…God forbid it happens again.

    Sleep with a Bible under your pillow, i do every night and i have a cross above my bed too and a picture of Jesus and Mary. Surround yourself with holy objects like this, i believe it does repel demons, like a burgler alarm deters burglers, if you get my meaning.

    Hope you are ok Chloe, try not to show fear if it happens again, do what you did when you heard that scratching and pray immediately.

    I’ve had sleep paralysis and it is different from demon attacks, you really do know when that has happened to you.

    God bless you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sounds to me like you were attacked by a sucubus. This is a woman demon that comes down in your sleep to have sex with you. If it is not this it could be a hag case which is known to cause sleep paralysis. This is where they sit on you and you can’t move or do anything. People have been known to actually be wide awake while this occurs, or drifting in and out like you said. They are said to be ugly creatures…hag or the sucubus. I don’t know how to tell you to get rid of them other then to have faith in God and remain positive in all aspects of your life….easier said then done.

  5. Anonymous says:

    There doesn’t seem to be anything “super-natural” about your dreams take it from me I’ve had similar dreams. When I first had one I too thought it was something super-natural but I did my research and it turns out that your mind is in a very deep sleep state and when you feel that you are awake it’s because you are but the reason you see and hear all these demons and what not is because even though you’re awake your brain is still in a dream state, and I from personal experience have always found meaning to my dreams. I think of what I did or thought off during the day and usually it relates to what I see during sleep paralysis. For example, today around 12 am I awoke with the same symptoms I always get during sleep paralysis and since I knew what it was I didn’t get as scared I happen to like the feeling now, so I layed in bed and told myself “It’s just sleep paralysis it’ll go away” and somewhere during I literally feel my body lifted of my bed my first reaction was like “wow no way this is happening” cuz it had never happened before, and then as if i were in a car I fly straight towards the garage door (my room is right next to the garage and theres a screen door right in front of my bed that leads to it) and then as if I were being dragged into the very pits of hell I fall at very fast speed and as I am falling I’m laughing, it was an amazing experience. I awoke right after with a very good feeling as If I had climbed the pyramids of egypt or something. Anyways don’t be scared It seems that you’re a very religious person and it may be that for that very reason you have all these dreams about demons and such. But don’t worry they won’t harm you it’s just your brain materializing your dreams making you believe its real. The mind is really quite amazing.

  6. Dino says:

    Hi Chloe, I,ve had a few experiences like you with sleep paralysis, shadow figures,
    heavy weight sitting on my chest all of which I believe are related to demonic activity.
    My experiences I think were instigated specifically because I was delving into altered
    states of consciousness like lucid dreaming,remote viewing and out of body experiences. I,ve always been interested in the unknown and have had plenty of ghostly
    encounters but after I started up with the altered states my ghostly encounters started becoming ghastly,cold and clearly evil. I don’t mean to sound too preachy but you must turn yourself fully towards God and our Savior Jesus Christ. As the scriptures say pray often and give thanks to God in all things. Like before eating any meal, ask God to bless it and finish your prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I don’t mean to scare you any more than you are but this is a very serious matter your dealing with. Satan is real and he if the father of all lies he has power over us if we allow ourselves to be weak as to things pertaining to God and Christ. Read this scripture in James 4: verses 6-8 for great assurance and comfort “God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
    therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” You’ ve done well to turn to God and Christ in your times of distress as you’ve testified, keep turning to them with the fullness of your heart in love and keep hate and every evil thing far from you. God bless you from a faithful witness in Christ , Dino Altinay from Chicago.

  7. ChristianTexture says:

    You’re either being warned by Jesus that the enemy is trying to get you, or a full-fleged attack by the enemy has commenced upon you. Keep fighting, keep praying. Don’t do it by yourself, though. Get a female, whom you trust and is a Godly, Christian woman, to pray for you and be there for you. Pray that Jesus places His warring angels around and about you to protect you, then pleed the Blood of Jesus upon you, your imagination, concious, sub-concious, and unconcious, and everthing else you can think of.

    Remember: Jesus is there. Call on Him, He’ll answer.

  8. Anonymous says:

    yes that was a demon encountor. It happened to me also. the devil tried to get inside of me when I was having a seizure. my daugher saw it and I felt it. the devil had an army of demons all around me. there was stench in the room. the devil laughed and said to my daughter I am gonna kill your mom. he jumped inside of me. at that point my heart started hurting. I had a seizure. I had been working in 100 degree heat and got home to heat and turned on the air conditioner. I passed out. all night long I somehow feel asleep. I woke up with my heart hurting and weak. but the devil left. my daughter was praying. we finally moved out of that place to get away. all of the activity stopped. we prayed a lot. we also said I rebutt you satan in the name of jesus. it helped a lot.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I too have really similar encounters, not so frequently as yet…
    But I’ve had a very prolonged nightmare and felt tied down to the bed for 5 hours straight..
    stiff muscles, no movements..that evening I had cannabis….
    I think the effect showed up..
    What I really wanna say is that you have these opioids secreted naturally which alleviate pain and lift you up and make you feel what you wanna feel..
    If you crave 4 horror and u have above normal opioid secretions…u will feel what u wish to feel..
    And in ur case u love horror flicks

  10. Jebusless says:

    @ Anonymous
    January 23, 2010 at 11:54 am

    “There doesn�t seem to be anything �super-natural� about your dreams take it from me I�ve had similar dreams. …”


    Listen to that entry time above. Those are very rational point that person is making. I’ve also had sleep paralysis before, and I used to believe in spirits, demons, and whatnot. Do some research on sleep paralysis. You know how the Bible says “The truth will set you free.”? True as that statement is, it’s ironic that the truth that sets you free, is the truth, and factually based concepts researched through science, not faith (for you know faith, as Hebrews 11:1 states, is not based on facts. It’s even defined as such.). Base your life on facts, and not hopes that are mere fairy tales. That will set you free. That will set you free from fear of what seems supernatural, but can be explained by science.

  11. anna says:

    I said it once before in a story and this sounds like what i had it I think you had a hard time waking up because of demons I had a dark man trying to hold me down where I couldnt get up it felt so real.when I woke up it felt I kind of know what you felt but not the demons thats scary.I hope it stops for you before something bad happenes.thanks for the story.

  12. Mixx says:

    Hey Chloe! i to have had this encounter more than once the first time it happen i think i was 9 or 10 yrs old i think, i go to sleep as normal i dont remember having a dream but i wake up and i herd foot steps running up and down the hall way, i thought it was my brother and sister playing tag in the house so i yeld out stop running up and down im trying to get some sleep, then i clicked! my brother and sister were staying the night at nana house and it’s just mum, dad and I at home so i quickly get up, just for a split secound bang! i felt something holding me down it was so strong i didn’t know what it was or what was going on so i scream out for mum and dad to help me but my vocie was silent, I could hear my heart beating it was hard to take a breath or move when i looked to my left i see the door opening and a shadow walking in and it was a little girl laughing at me couldn’t see her face her hair was covering it, she was dark like a shadow at night and she was talking to me but couldnt get what she saying then i prayed to God then just as quick as it happend she was gone and what ever was holding me down was gone too, then i ran out crying to mum and dad just what had happened and they said it might be a spirt warning or protecting you about something, or trying to share a massage to get across or bad spirts trying to posse you, there are good and bad spirts out there they said.

    Now i don’t know if it was a dream or not but it felt so real, im 21yrs old now and every time i get in a sleep paralysis or demon encounter that little girls is always there and it’s the same dream over again not only at home but other freinds and familys houses i’ll have that dream, but this time on the 18/02/2010 about 5ish in morning i was in a sleep paralysis, this time i didnt fight it i waited for that little girl to show up and she did and only this time i saw here face a young red hair girl she was in a bed beside mine and theres only one bed in my room, it looked like my room was split into a dimesnion or something, our world and there world and this is no dream cause i saw every thing it’s hard to discribe in words what i saw but i was so scared than ever before i forgot to pray for some reason, i can still feel someone pounding and choking on me, every time i close my eyes i see the little girl in her dimension and when i open my eyes i struggle to move scream out for help and all the syptoms you get in a sleep paralysis, so i close my eyes again and said what do you want from me? and the little girl said! don’t fight it they will posse you but i’ll save you………….and then i woke up scared i know there was more words to what she said but couldn’t catch any of it cause i was panicking thats when i google sleep paralyisis for some answers and found this site thought i share my experience with you while i look for more answers. And Oh yeah my brothers and sisters have had this same dream with this little girl to.

    you can belive me or not but what im tell you is true.

    NOTE FROM ADMIN – In the future please refrain from using profanity in your comment AS THE RULES CLEARLY STATE! I edited your comment this time but next time you do that your comment will be deleted.

  13. Chloe says:

    hi guys, thanks for all your comments. I’ve had several more sleep paralysis/demon nightmares that are all very similar since this post. Last night however I had a demon nightmare without the sleep paralysis which was strange and scary because all the other demon dreams have happened when I fall asleep on my back (causing sleep paralysis) but last night i fell asleep on my stomach. In my dream i was watching a movie on tv and there were waves crashing and when the huge tidal wave crashed it felt like it crashed on me for real and i couldn’t breath at all. Then next thing i know i could feel the demonic presence trying to get inside me and i could feel it inside my stomach. I finally woke up and i swear to god i saw something flying around in my room. it looked like a misty spirit or something and it moved around a lot like a small bird.
    I did a little research and demons possessing you in a dream symbolizes ultimate hopelessness, which is exactly what I have been feeling lately with all the stresses of life. Hopefully I’ll be able to get over all my problems and these nightmares will go away. Thank you all for reading.

  14. Trav says:

    I have been through my fair fights with some evil enitites but i don’t know what or who they are. All I know is they feed on fear and the stronger you are on the inside the weaker they are. Fight until they give up because they cannot take your life or harm you. I’ve never found out what they are looking for but i know its more than just sex or just a simple possession. If anyone finds out let me know. Oh and just because there is no concrete evidence of this being true doesn’t mean this isn’t happening to countless people around the world.

  15. PuggyUK says:

    Fighting & False awakening.

    It was the early hours of the morning, maybe about 4 or 5 a.m. and I was sleeping alone. As I turned over in bed I noticed a tall slim figure in white wearing a white brimless hat with a darkish complexion.
    The figure all of a sudden lunged toward me pulling at my ankles, I ended wrestling with this thing and managed to thrown it to the bedroom floor and then I woke up.

    All of a sudden It was back in my room and I was wrestling with this thing again, this felt quite real and not at all like a dream. As I lay there in bed I slapped my forehead just to make sure that I was awake and remember thinking �thank god I`m awake now�. All of a sudden it was back, AGAIN ! When this round was over I was shaking my head think jesus, �I`ve gotta be awake now ! Then I felt its present again, I shouted out aloud and I was awake a last.

    I got up thinking �what was that�. Needless to say I did not go back to bed.

    I`ve had over experiences like this many times before, but never quite as bad .

    If any one can help stop these experiences it would be much appreciated.



    Note from admin – Did you happen to notice where it says “no profanity” in the rules by the comment box? Just in case you didnt notice it I wanted to remind you. This comment was edited but in the future if you use profanity in your comment it will be deleted.

  16. Anonymous says:

    It’s a hallucination. Grow up.

  17. Arahant says:

    Hello, yes what you have been experiencing is real and is more then just sleep paralysis.
    when people have sleep paralysis it is very common for people to feel a “presence” in the room that is usualy always evil, i cant say for sure if there is always a presence in the room but i know that demonic attacks happen, or atleast attacks from “something”.

    What these beings are is hard to tell, if your a christian you will undoubtably believe them to be demons but they could be something else, there are many different types of beings that inhabit the spiritual/astral world/plane and they all want different things are a effected by different things, this is why sometimes even if you use the names of God and christ/jesus, or even the bible, it doesnt always have a strong effect, but it usualy always has “some” effect. It usualy good for making an attack stop temporarily, but iv found it to be fairly ineffective in dealing with this problem long term and i have read the same thing from lots of other people in similar situations.

    as a previous poster mentioed these beings do feed on fear and other types of energy that we give off that are subtle in nature and not easily recognisable. I first had attacks when i was 12 and it was brought on(like another poster mentioned) by practicing astral projection and trying to get into contact with my spirit guides and whatnot, being young and unexperienced, i didnt really do anything to protect myself and i left myself wide open. If you are just starting out into the world of the occult or trying to develop latent psychic abilties, as you progress you will start to “light up” on the astral plane and entities will be drawn to you, good or bad. So its very neccisary to learn how to protect yourself either with rituals or learning psychic defence.

    Anyhow when i got attacked first i was attacked in a dream out of no where, completely unexpected, i awoke in my bed but i was paralysed, i was able to stop the attack by repeating jesus’s name, but shortly after it ended it attacked me again, and a few more times after. Later on maby the next day i was attacked while i was wide awake and i became completely paralysed in a seated position, overwhelme with fear, which these entities literaly “project” into you, this fear is not natural fear they send it into you and it overwhelms your system. But they can be defeated if you can summon the courage to fight back, very few of these beings have the power to physicaly hurt you, and even the ones who do can’t really do much although iv heard some stories of people being pushed or punched or slapped, but thats the worst of it(except for really powerful demons, but the odds of that happening are very slim).

    Honestly i hate to say it and some christians might not like this, but having a priest come in to try and clean the place out or yourself isnt always effective, it depends on the skill of the priest in excorcisms and whatnot, your best bet is getting someone involved in the occult to perform a ritual of some sort the cleanse the house or your body if you feel like you might be slightly possessed. However as someone mentioned, using talsmins or objects in your room can help to deter attacks on you like cross’s and the bible under your pillow and pictures of jesus or mary, doing prayers before bed and asking the arch angels to watch over you might be helpful.

    wow i really rambled on im sorry if anyone found what i said boring im just speaking up from my experience although what iv said is really just a small piece of the kinda information that is out there if you chose to.

    Also ps if you ignore them, and start to shun yourself from spiritual stuff and whatnot it will usualy eventualy die down and go away, thats what happened to me.

  18. Maria says:

    Strong Evil Entities described in here would often result from demons of hatred possibly entering your domain through mirrors. If a member of the family had arguments leading to strong emotional hatred, entities like this will often enter through mirrors to invade the weak. It can also result from summons produced by learning occult practices. Another thing is if a person be it a male or female who looks at the mirror with strong illusions of lust and or dance in a mirror naked. Certain demonic forces will also invade since this behaviors would act a s a summon to them. To get rid of this you need the Lord Jesus Christ in your hearts, forgiveness will help a lot and economical materials to use may include eggs to contain the demonic spirit it is placed near it’s entry or the corners of the room.

    Command the eggs to trap the evil spirits in Jesus Christ name.

    Salt grains placed in a small container (1 teaspoon) would help neutralize it’s power. (placed near bedside)

    Coffee granules placed in the same amount and placed near the bedside will send the demon back to where it belongs.

    You need this 3 elements to finally end its havoc.

    These are all the things that would definitely weaken and eventually end any demonic creature and it will send it back to where it belongs.

    When someone reads the Bible it is best to pray to the Lord Jesus Christ first and ask for the Holy Spirit so you won’t be attacked by forces silently roaming or observing.

    Plus refrain from learning occult practices such as wicca, magic, tarot, quija or mentalism since these will all need demonic intervention.

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