Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations

Posted on August 6, 2009

Hello, I am Daniela from California and I am about to tell you about some very disturbing dreams that I have often. Lately once in a while though. I have heard of sleep paralysis and have read about it and how they say that it is actually “demons” trying to take your soul, or about the “old hag” and all sorts of names in which this could be. Well, whatever it is I have had my share of hallucinations during this half awake, half asleep state, and let me tell you, they are very creepy and disturbing.

One of the scariest ones I have had was when I saw a fat old headless woman at the foot of my bed, and she was moaning in a very creepy way holding her head in her hand. She was wearing a white apron stained with blood.

Another scary one I had was as I was lying down on my back, paralyzed as you know this happens during sleep paralysis, I opened my eyes as far as I could and saw a corpse lying on top of me! It was green and grey in color and had a green light glowing out of it. It was a woman and she had long hair like mine and a dress on.

I have had many of these dreams, a lot, and I can go on and on about what I have seen. Like one day I was taking a nap in my room, and I went into that dream state again, this time I saw a tarantula crawling on my ceiling! I wanted to scream and run but as you know, you can’t move. So I just watched it walk across my ceiling then fall on my chest! It was crawling up to my ear then my mouth it was horrible! I tried to “snap out of it” and forget about it.

Another time I saw a “butcher man” lying on his stomach next to me on my bed, he was just there, smiling at me, with his uniform all stained with blood. Every time I opened my eyes he was there. Then he vanished.

The most disturbing ones I have had, and are stuck in my mind still are the ones with the “demons” in them. Those frighten me and I want to know why I have them a lot. As I was sleeping one night, I once again went into that state and heard a growling sound coming from the foot of my bed, I didn’t want to open my eyes, I was freaking out. As I heard it get closer, I shut my eyes tighter. For some reason I wasn’t scared of my other dreams as much, but this one, this presence I was feeling and just the noises it was making made me know that it was something evil, something that I didn’t want to see. But there it was getting closer until “it” was right on my face. I can feel its hot breath on my mouth, and then it was kind of laughing and growling, then its “drool” or saliva whatever it was dripped on my mouth and cheek! It laughed again and I wanted to scream. Then snap, I snapped out of it shaking and breathing really heavily.

I want to let the people out there that have this sleep paralysis know that it is all the same, as you go into that state, it feels like something heavy is sitting on your chest suffocating you, I have had that many times and it is not pleasant at all. Especially as it was happening I saw a “little demon baby” pounding on my chest really hard and really fast. Super disturbing may I add!

Another one of the dreams I have had that sticks with me most of the time is of “the man in black.” I call him this because he is wearing a suit and cape and hat, and I cannot see his face or make out any features at all, only the outline of him and I can see that he has a suit, cape, and top hat on. As he is coming closer to me, I start panicking, thinking that he was going to hurt me. I was trying to snap out of the dream, but he was getting closer to my bed, went around it, and leaned right into my ear and whispered, “help me” then bam, I woke up.

There are too many of these dreams that I’ve had, but it will take up too much time to tell them all, I still have them, and most of them are very creepy, confusing, and disturbing. Many of the disturbing ones include “demons” and creepy looking girls with hospital gowns standing next to my bed or at the foot of my bed. But anyways, I want to know how I can stop these dreams and what they mean. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Sent in by Daniela, Copyright 2009

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46 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis Hallucinations”
  1. NIGHT CAT says:

    Woa! Do you always experience this or since you moved to a new address? sugest you research the house history, os you can make some sense of whats going on there, and decide from there on what to do with your place.

  2. Delano says:

    my mom goes through the same thing

  3. trolldoll1681 says:

    i can relate somewhat, i used to be on certain anti-depressants that would give me very disturbing dreams. i mean they were very violent and bloody and even painful and when i would try to run away, i couldn’t and i would have the hardest time trying to wake up, like my body was being held down. well needless to say i took my self off of them, i couldn’t get the doctor to believe all the side effects that they were giving me. but that is just what happened to me in my dreams. i hope your not on any heavy meds. otherwise i honestly can’t tell you what to do. try staying at a motel or some place different sometime and see if your dreams change, i sincerely hope so for the sake of your sanity GOOD LUCK DANIELA!!! i hope to hear back about how your doing honey!!!

  4. Wgamador says:

    Do you have these dreams even when you sleep over other people’s homes?

    How about ur car ?

  5. DarStarr says:

    That is absolutely horrifying! I can’t even imagine that! My heart breaks for anyone who goes through this!
    Have you thought of maybe having a sleep study done?
    Talk to your parents, they are your best ally right now. You can not keep suffering through this. It sounds terrifying. I wish I had an answer for you. Maybe even keep a bilble beside your bed. Good luck! I wish you peace.

  6. SomeoneNotImportant says:

    My ex suffered from that.

  7. Noelle says:

    I can somehow relate to that…I once had a creepy expierience when I was about 7 or 8. It’s something that will always haunt me.

  8. quicksilver says:

    Just wait for explanation about that. I have something good for you for that..

  9. Ghost girl says:

    woah…I have no idea what you could do about it. maybe talk to your parents…? or friends…?

  10. Eric says:

    Hey I have had the same problem.. I know what that feels like .. It happen so much I that I even tried to stay in my dream longer just to see what it means… But the further I get in to my dream it feels more real and I force myself to wake up.. I have not had it in awhile but the next time it happens I am going to in my dream no matter what .. I’m going to find out what It means.. I will keep u posted

    • jewels says:

      Don’t try to explore your dreams when you are in an area you are not familiar with. When people are sensitive to the other side they go into sleep paralysis, and see things such as “demons”. When you sleep, your soul is free to roam from your body, letting any passing spirit try to get into your body, which causes the paralysis. Once your body realizes a foreign energy is trying to enter, it panics, and you can’t move until your soul reenters your body. Thats when you get the sudden sense of relief wash over your body like you have control once again. If you ever dream of a wasteland, or have disturbing images shown to you by things or demons you are afraid of, tell them to leave. They aren’t allowed to mess with you and they will taunt you. If you explore in their realm while you sleep, there is a chance you will get lost and put yourself in a temporary coma, during which they will show you things that will haunt you and will deprive you of all your energy. This is when some people have been reported as being possessed. I come from a line of very sensitive people. I have spoken to many mediums and psychics. Please don’t ask these things any questions and never explore unfamiliar dreams.

  11. lostarot21 says:

    I have the same problem… usualy when lying on my stomach, I will then wake up, at least i think I am, then a guy will come busting through the door with a knife trying to kill me.. same as a figure above you that wouldnt let you move..sometimes you would get yourself shot and see yourseltf bleeding and you cant wake up still feeling it. I even wondered why some dreams I get shot and I would just wake up. this is different. you feel fear and pain and all you can do is force yourself to move and wake up. finally I snap out,again, thinking im awake, I would get out of bed just to find out that im being attacked again. i think this wake-up-and-dream-again state will repeat for 3 times until I actually wake-up.

  12. lostarot21 says:

    I checked wiki and study shows this happens twice in one lifetime. I even lost count on how many I had.. LOL… Maybe I’m special… I would have these attacks usually weekends when at home, atleast two attacks per sleep max 4 and at least once and max two per week.. I dont experince this in my boarding house. just at home… Recently experienced it once outside of home. I think this is just a sleeping problem.. but its really scary, you wake up and feel normal again.. panics attack three to four, morning.. One thing I noticed was, when was dreaming, i checked the clock and its 3am.. I woke up and and it was the right time.. weird..

  13. nowandlater86 says:

    My brother and I went through the same thing you are going through but only when we both lived with our parents…and I had it only a couple times at my dorm but most were when I would come back to visit my parents…I HATED that feeling but I never saw anything just felt the presence of something and the last time THANK GOD AND KNOCK ON WOOD was a little over two years ago when I visited my parents and I was 81/2 months pregnant and it was actually the worst one ever it was almost like it was saying it’s goodbye in a really creepy way lol…but my life did change drastically after my child was born so maybe you might need a BIG change in your life and I don’t mean have a kid…but just as an example a big move or something like that.

  14. Mary says:

    I have these happen to me as well, among other things. I even wake up with marks on me that fade in just seconds after waking up. I also wake up still physically feeling what happened in the dreams. I ]
    “wake up” about 3 times, before actually waking up.

    I’ve had 2 or 3 outer body episodes, where I get up out of bed, then feel strange & turn around to see my body still lying in bed.

    I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea in 2003 & have used a Bi-Pap machine since then when I sleep, but these things still happen to me quite often.

    I would assume these things happen because I have some psychic abilities. Nonetheless, it is scary to experience the “night teoors”.

    I have had 2 sleep studies done which show nothing other than I quit breathing in my sleep several times. I’m thinking of trying for another sleep study where they specailize in these paranormal issues rather than medical issues. Maybe see a parapsycologist.

    Good Luck with solving or at least understanding your issue.

  15. sam says:

    i have had the same problem now for 4 years, i hallucinate nearly every night and now in the day to. doctors are trying to figure it out as i also stop breathing and my heart palpatates. my normal ones are of a little girl in a vicorian dress and for some reason she wants me to follow her so i do. i have thespide ones where there swinging off the celings. i have faces coming out of the airing cupboard and of faces at the bottom and side of my bed. recently i have been pinned down to the bed although mine was a bit different than yours. mine felt like it was touching me sexualy and i couldnt move no matter how much i tried. this has been the worse so far…… last night was fairies coming out of the celing….the doctor asked me if i was an addict or ex addict but i can honestly say i havent ever taken drugs…. she gave me temazipan today to take for 7 days… i hope this works or its sleep clinic next

  16. Jenn says:

    Have you ever tried journaling these dreams? Maybe writing them down might help you discern some sort of pattern, like the day, time, or some other factor. If you try this, make sure you write down your state-of-mind prior to going to bed, things you ate or did prior to bedding down, and the time/day of the occurance.
    Sometimes seeing the pattern that exists, assuming there is one, will empower you in some way.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Hey, i came from Philippines. I know aBOut ur experience coz i also had like those before. But now, it all vanished. I just always pray. And go to church once in a week. I also stop playing the ouija board. I know how it feel, so terrifying to saw strange things in my room. I dont want 2 hapPen again to me, so i ask for GoD’s guidance. It works 2 me.

  18. new to it says:

    The first time I felt the paralysis was 9 years ago. I was 21 and had spent the first night with my boyfriend of the time. Then in the morning I heard someone knocking at the door, but I couldn’t move to open it. Usually, I can never open my eyes
    This has happened many times and I often dream I’m choking in my sleep. But last week, I felt the paralysis and felt something was lying on me (I was sleeping on the belly) and I tried to move in vain. Then i managed to open my eyes. Looked left and saw this black creature with hemispheral glass eyes on me. I struggled to mouth “who are you?” and it disappeared and I could move.

    I don’t know the link but the place where I live is known to have some weird vibes (loads of cemeteries, catacombs, very very old churches. My apartment is 400 years old.
    The night this happened to me I had been doing “metta meditation” of which purpose is to send good vibes and love. That particular night I really felt the good energy coming in and out, so…

  19. carol says:

    This are out of body experiences. Either coming back into body or soul trying to leave. Creatures are just a manifestation of fear. Read some books on the subject and you won’t so be frightened. Though i read books and actually went in my out of body state into another room in my house and bumped into our dog who had been dead for two years. But even so, later, i still had the scary part happen. It usually happens when you do something out of your ordinary experience/out of your usual habits. I found sleeping on my side helped for them not to happen. But if you have enough consciousness…try not to be afraid. Easy to say..when it starts to happen to me…i do everything in my power to wake myself up.

  20. nikki says:

    i had this happen to me two times within a month’s time. i was living in mystic, ct (very old town, and famous as some or most of you would know about it) my fathers house was very very very old…. well not like 400 yrs old or anything but built in the early 1800′s and was originally part of a bed and breakfast. i urged him to do further research, and if i had the money to do it now i certainly would. but mine would occur when i was in my room (a VERY small room as opposed to the others in the house) i would be lying on my back both times when it happened. the 1st time, i just couldnt move, could only look around by moving my eyeballs, my neck wouldnt move. i couldnt even pull the blankets over my eyes. i was soo scared! i was only 13 at the times. i didnt see anything that night or hear anything when it happened. but the second time it had happened, i felt as though it was an out of body feeling. like i was on the ceiling of my room looking down at a doctor who was performing surgery. he had all these tools, and scalpals. it was very scary. he didnt see me, and i couldnt see who he was operating on, but it was just him and the patient in the room. but when he went to look at me, i woke up. it was very strange, and i wasnt scared anymore, but more curious as to find out the history of the house. i am now 23, with a child, a boyfriend, and once again living in an old mill house. nothing has happened yet, but i do feel there are some presences in my house :) they are good tho, i like to think. when i hear stuff that normally people would be scared of i just talk to them. tell them to stop, its annoying. it doesnt scare me, but i like my family to be at peace.

  21. lisa says:

    I’ve had 2 sleep paralysis experiences. Once when I was 12 and the other at 15. Both experiences were exactly the same. It was early, around 7a or 8a. I woke up feeling scared but for no reason. I could not move or speak and I felt very small. I could hear people whispering and laughing in my ear. I could only move my eyes and I could see my sister sleeping soundly next to me. I could not speak but tears were streaming down my face as I wept silently. When I finally had control of my body back I screamed for help but help from what I did’nt know. As a small child I had night terrors and night visions. The night terrors were disturbing of course but the night visions were amazing! One particular night terror was at 5 yr old. I had a nightlight in the wall at the foot of my bed. I woke and saw a womans hand moving back and forth as if looking for me! I pulled my legs up and kept moving farther up as the hand kept reaching closer and closer. I finally could’nt take it any longer and screamed for my parents. They swore it was only a bad dream even though I knew I was definately awake! I still believe it was very real. At 7yr I had a night vision. I woke and saw a choir of angels singing and then a white dove flew over me dropping sparkling dust from it’s claws and then disappeared into the wall. Not long after that vision my grandfather died. I dont know if there is any corelation to my vision and his death but I will always wonder.

  22. Kostas says:

    I remember having 3 total experiences; yesterday I had the strongest of all. I�m post this after a Google search and I�ve read other�s stories. My dreams are almost similar, can�t move but not having full awareness of the reality. In fact I realize that I�m half sleeping, half wake up, and someone of something is pulling the cover sheets very slowly out of body. Next, something like daemon or entity is approaching me but no details. Yesterday I felt the sheets pulling out from bed leaving my body exposed, then I remember the presents of a white dress probably of some female entity sitting on my body. I barely remember some patterns of the dress like stripes or stars but nothing more. After a second I regained control of my body and I realized no sheets were pulled from bed all were just a dream. It�s a very dramatic experience and the all concept leaves me a bad and horrify feeling.

  23. Anonymous says:

    My friend told me about this today… it sounds REALLY freaky…

  24. stusvend says:

    No one finds the hat man, silhouette guy interesting? Look up shadow people. That image is very common. I used to see him out of the corner of my eye all the time when I was a small child and then later on in life, I had to endure these demonic sleep paralysis episodes. I think there is obviously a connection. I think the point of these attacks is to make us fearful and wonder all the time. “Will it happen tonight?!” “I don’t want to go to sleep.” They want us to feel helpless and despair. Give it to God and be peaceful. That’s what I did. I let go of the fear and haven’t had any more experiences. That and I finally realized, why would demons want to bother me if I just used the name of Jesus to send them back to hell every night? Jesus is not a magic word. You just have to have faith that the power of Him will do as the bible promises and drive them away. May God be with you. I know how horrible these experiences can be.

  25. Jean jean says:

    I have the same nightmares, I always start praying to myself in my sleep and I always wake up,it works!

  26. Anonymous says:

    Ya i agree with Night Cat it probably has something to do with the house.. because ive recently moved out of my old house, that my family has lived in somewhat a little over 50 years.. And a whole lot of family members died there… And both my mom and my older sister have had paralysis hallucinations, my mom had one after getting out of a usual huge ass fight with my farther, i believe she was she was sleeping and these two people were sitting next to her bed and like everyone else she was couldn’t move nor speak and they kept asking her if she wanted to pass on to the other side, if she wanted to die… she woke up later.. i believe i was staring at her while that happened cause it was a long time ago i was like 7 and still slept in her room.. And was woken up… Also i saw my sister, paralyzed in her bed once with a really scared impression on her face that really worried me.. a few minutes later she looked at me and was completely terrified and was telling me that their were demons all over her bed jumping on her and pulling at her hair….. It was really weird and that house had very creepy things about it.. my friends were scared of my house cause they claimed to have seen things pass by and stuff… and i believe same happened with me D: but since we moved out, no more weird things have been happening and…. ive felt much safer and stress free

  27. sw says:

    I have seen the man in black once. I get sleep paralysis everynight. Most of the time i feel like im floating or i hear things like growls and whispers or the radio. but one night i saw the man in the back. exactily how you described. sitting on me. I was trying to scream and he leaned in closer and then disappeared and i saw a white man appear right after telling me its okay. I woke up so scared and slept with my light on the whole night.

  28. MuphinPie says:

    I suffer from this too. I was at my grandparent’s the last time I had an attack, and as I moved to stop whatever was happening to me, I felt something touch my knee and leave. My grandparents have no pets and my blankets were undisturbed.

  29. Crystal says:

    Well the same things happen to me like one night i heard a growl outside my window, then another time i heard someone in the bathtub and i also heard people whispering all around me saying shh she can hear us. I try to move my body but i can’t but i have not had on for awhile now.

  30. Anonymous says:

    I also have this prob and it follows me from house to house. It is always a demon tring to enter me. I cant move or wake up. I pray and pray and scream and tell it to leave me alone. I finally wake up, but sometime with scratches on my chest where it has tried to get inside me. It has taken up to 9 months after a move for it to find me again, but it does. I have this strange buzzing fullness in my ears before it happens. Does any of this happen to anyone else? It is so horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Trevor says:

    I have been got by this since i was 4 its more then just a dream,a friend and i stayed in an old house for 3 nights a few years ago and we were both got by it all 3 nights my friend had never even heard of it until then,the people of older times were right about 2 things (A) There is 2 different kinds male and female and (B) in the old days a few hundred years ago people would put blue things around their babies to keep away evil spirits,they mostly did it with boys because they were thought to be of more value to the family so blue became a boys color there is no record as to why pink is used its just a girly color i think anyway i now use blue sheets,pillow cases and even blue curtains and i have not had a problam with IT since trying this,my advice is try it.

  32. Tyler says:

    I’ve experienced the “demon baby” and a man in a black suit. What I remember about the baby was that I had managed to get myself under my blankets and it pulled the off me and stared at me and I snapped out of it not long after. The one with the man in the black suit he was floating and facing the corner in my room and was slowly turning. I don’t remember much of that one. I’ve had many others but these ones seem to relate.

  33. AppleGirl17 says:

    I ne’er experienced anything paranormal as the people with other comments claim to.
    But I’m investigating and writing on such cases. It might help if you find out the history of the place you are living. If it happens wherever you go, and there isn’t any solution for it, then it’ll be better if you accept it. If what you see are true souls, then, I’m quite certain that they appear in front of you with some reason. When you are physically paralysed, the least you can do is to think. So just.. in your mind.. ask them their reason for appearing. You can do this when you are awake, and conscious.. try to communicate them. And if this is more than the courage you have, pray to God, believe in him. I believe, the one who has God beside, can never be harmed. Believe the same. That’s all I want to say. Best of luck…….

  34. nicolehubbard88 says:

    Most of them ghosts that came to you like the women in the hospital gowns probably noticed that you can notice them. And they are probably appearing to you to show you that they died there in that spot hundreds of years ago. When a person dies or is murdered their spirit will leave their body and they roam the spot which they died in.

    My mothers grandmothers father right before he died could see full bodied apparitions of Indians walking through our woods that I live near with my parents and my two sisters. Him and his best friend found these stones which were part of an Indian burial ground some where in the woods. They moved them down to my great-grandfathers house where they put the stones right near the edge of the lake he lives near.

    Somehow these spirits were not bothered by you but wish to seek your help like the” man in black” wanted your help simply by saying ” Help Me”. This man wants to know how to get out of the world he is lost in but he cannot just like all those other spirits bothering you. Tell them spirits to not be afraid to walk into the light because it would be better than roaming the earth for an eternity.

  35. Stephanie says:

    I’m 13 years old and have experienced sleep paralysis about 7 times.
    My worst ever episode was last year December.
    A few minutes after I feel asleep, I found myself in a cellar with a man that resembled the Joker and two albino girls. (very weird I know). The man was holding my hands in each of his hands, and I was screaming. The girls were laughing at me and I looked into the man’s eyes. He got incredibly angry and began to use his very long nail to cut my veins on my left wrist. That’s when I kind of woke up in my dream and I tried to scream, I then tried to scream Jesus but all that came out was “Jebluiushsosji” and I couldn’t move. It felt like an hour.
    I finally woke up and I cried and cried.
    Since that day, I am still afraid to sleep in my room alone, I regularly sleep in my brother’s room for fear of it happening again.
    That is the only hallucination type of paralysis I have had. The others are only not being able to move or speak.

    It is a terrifying experience and I hope for people to never have it.
    I am scared to sleep every night.
    It constantly haunts me.
    Sounds like a horror film :P

  36. SarahSharkbait says:

    I had that growling demon thing before :O
    How shocking? I thought that I was the only one who heard something like this.
    My dream was about zombies at first, then I slowly started to wake up and the zombie dream entwined itself into my half-awake state.
    I saw this shadow of this woman coming at me, and I tried to move but I couldn’t, I was paralyised then suddenly my covers felt tighter around me so that I couldnt move. and as I fully woke up and my senses became clearer, I heard this loud growling beneath my bed.
    I jumped outta bed and ran for it, feeling so achy and I asked my siblings (who were awake next door at the time), if they heard anything go into my room, they said NO however, heard something in my room likea dog growling aggressively

  37. Damon Parker says:

    This Sleep Paralysis or Demon whatever the hell it is has been haunting for more than half my life! It all started when I was around 11 or 12 years old,Im 33 years old now! When I tell people about it they look at me like im crazy or something! I see shadows all the time, here footsteps too! Body can’t move,eyes are wide awake,can’t talk or scream,body rising up off of bed and im sick of it but don’t know what to do about it! (I don’t be sleep)

  38. Michelle says:

    I am so happy I’ve found this website. I need some help or suggestions on my experiences. I have had plenty of terrifying experiences in my sleep. Sleep paralysis stared when I was 18 years old. It happened rarely, but still occured until I turned 31. This is when it took a turn for the worse. I started feeling like I was being physically and sexually assaulted while I was sleeping. My apartment was in an old victorian home which was converted into apartments, but it was still very securely locked. The first time it ever happened, I just thought it was a very bad but vivid dream. I always new it was going to happen because I would wake up, not be able to move and then felt something playing with my hair almost like it was caressing the back of my neck. I could do nothing about it. I was completely paralized and terrified. I moved out of this apartment and it still was happening in the new place. I then moved again and it got even worse. I started to hear something shuffling down the hallway towards my room, I would hear a slow knocking on the door then the playing with my hair and molesting would happen. This was utterly terrifying. I started praying to the Arch Angels even though I am not terribly religious.
    This was a band aid, not a cure because it stil occured for the next few years.
    I moved yet again and the last really terrifying attack/paralysis was in my new place and I dreamed or of a coven of old witches trying to kill me.
    I have never been involved with witchcraft nor have I been molested or even raped, so I know it isn’t old memories appearing from my subconscious. For the past two years I have been in a good relationship with great guy and my experiences have only been reduced to half a dozen. I have spoken with many people who go through sleep paralysis but no one has shared the same experience as me. Please, can someone help me with this? Thank you

  39. josh says:

    i had this about a year ago but i used to take alot off frugs lol i woke up bout around 3am or 4am and i was led on my side and it felt like something was pinning me down i couldnt move talk all i could o was move my eyes and then my bed covers started comeing down like some one was pulling them itried to snap out of it but it didnt work i was parilised for 20 minutes and this happened when i was 16

  40. Anonymous says:

    i never knew what i was experiencing until i did it eight times the other night. i have had a total of 16 now. i started having these exact episodes when i was 13, i am now 22. i have experienced every phenomena from footsteps and buzzing to an actual hallucination. One thing i havent seen though is people who can control it. i have learned to control it cause i can always feel it coming and i just ignore it but sometimes i try to fight it as long as possible but the other night when i tried ( i recently fractured my face and jaw amd broke a few teeth in a motorcycle accident) my jaw was trying to grind my teeth and it scared me because a few of my teeth are broke so i just gave in and stopped fighting it…i have learned to control it completely pretty much but its always very disturbing and real….anybody else who has learned when its commin and are also able to stop it? i would like to find someone else who can

  41. duder says:

    Yeah, you wanted to know how to stop it? Just plead the name of jesus. Why that works? Well, you tell me but it does. Make your own mind up. So all I can tell is you are aware.,, they know. Don’t give in, don’t fight them, the evil ones. You know the ones I mean. Just be good, trust and pray in God and I promise, they will go away. It is a miracle….His power! GOD.BLESS ALL THAT CHALLENGE, we love you!

  42. ruby says:

    I’m sorry but will asking for the Lords help be the best idea?

    I’m agnostic so technically I can’t ask for God to protect me.

    Also wouldn’t asking for God’s help agitate the ‘demons’ further??

    Also, I know this may sound stupid but do the demons know that I’m writing about them on a website and researching about them?

    Can they sense when they are being talked about?

    Please someone answer me!


  43. duder says:

    Ruby, in my experience, the answer to every one of your questions is yes. I don’t proclaim myself to be an expert on these things. All I have to go on are my own experiences but I have researched a lot, read a lot and spoken to others in length about what they experience and God is the only thing I’ve seen ever immediately terminating these unwanted intrusions.

    Even if you struggle with the belief in God, He believes in you. All I can say is to try it. The name “Jesus” is not a magic word to be used whenever you feel like. There has to be an element of faith involved. It is the faith in God that these evil entities despise and run from. Plus nothing strengthens faith like seeing God’s power work in your own life.

    It will most certainly aggravate the demons. They DO NOT like it when you ask the Lord to help you. They hate it but it doesn’t matter. They can not stand to be in the same presence as God and they must flee. They do become notably angry when you plead the name of Jesus to help you. I had one of these “beings” make the most horribly ghastly, hateful face at me just before it disappeared. I didn’t like seeing that but the experience was ended immediately and there was a peace in the room after it happened. Jesus himself cast demons away and faith in Him and His power of protection will do the same for you.

    In my experience, it does seem like demons know when you are looking for them (so to speak.) A couple of years ago, when I was experiencing these kind of attacks very frequently, I was researching them quite a bit. I thought about it all the time. I was always fearful, always watching my back and I believe that their presence was in my life a lot at that time. I have heard others say the same thing too. So yes, it does seem like they monitor one’s activities and use that to build upon the fear. Only when I started to ignore them did the oppressive feelings of being watched go away. God doesn’t want us to dwell on these things because His power in our lives is supposed to be a positive thing. It is, in my opinion, the demons agenda to oppress and control you with fear.

    For someone who’s agnostic, this probably seems really crazy and a tough pill to swallow. I grew up in a very christian family with lots of biblical teaching my whole life. I wasn’t always a great christian but I had the knowledge I suppose. So when I started feeling attacked in the night and the feeling of overwhelming evil was so strong, I just knew it was demons. It’s called discernment but I’m sure you know the terror that accompanies these experiences. The fear is so strong that evil seems to be the only conclusion. I can’t promise that praying for Jesus’s help during the incident will work for you. As I said, “Jesus” isn’t a magic spell to use whenever you feel like. He is God and He must be acknowledged but these evil beings are truly terrified of Him and every time I have felt attacked and prayed for his help, the experience was terminated immediately.

    I, for some reason, always say the following, “By the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command thee out!” I don’t know why that phrase is the one I use but it just pops into my head. I’ve read of other people just saying simple things like, “Jesus (or God), help me!” and the experience ending just as fast. As I was saying, it’s not the words. It’s God sending them away. The point is that we cannot defeat evil on our own. Only God’s love can do that.

    I hope this helps. I really do. I know how scary these attacks can be.

    God bless you.

  44. Michele says:

    As I noted on another thread, I have been disturbed by odd sightings and beings since I was a very small child. I am now over 45 years old. It is apparently hereditary � my late grandmother and father (both Native American), brother, and my children have all been tortured by the supernatural throughout our lives. I often wonder what someone in my bloodline did to deserve this. Anyone I talk to says it�s sleep paralysis. It�s not.
    Asleep, awake — it doesn�t matter. Of all the things I have been through in my life, the so-called sleep paralysis night terrors and the creatures I encounter are the absolute worst. It doesn�t matter where I live or how old I am. At my age, I thought it would have stopped by now. These entities don�t care if I am sick with the flu or if I am alone in the bed.
    One thing that bothers me, and it�s something I�ve talked about with other members of my family, is how brazen the beings have become over the years. It used to be that I could call out the name of Jesus as some of you have suggested, and I could FEEL their fear, and they would go away. Then I had to cast them out in Jesus� name. Then I had to pray the Lord�s Prayer and cast them out in Jesus� name. Now I have to practically recite the entire Bible. They don�t leave until I wake up swinging. And most times they just move to the other side of the room and come right back. The worst is when they are surprised by something I say or the fact that I am not actually asleep yet. They don�t like that.
    And though I have been slapped and punched in the face by some of the blacker-than-black figures I call The Silhouettes, the Night Terror Entities (some of them are human-like, some of them aren�t) wouldn�t actually harm me before. Now? Ha!
    Recently, my boyfriend suffered a bad injury, and I stayed with him a few days to care for him. He was in so much pain that he couldn�t sleep. Finally, about 4:00 in the morning, he found a position on the floor that provided some relief and he fell asleep. I was so, so tired, and as I fell asleep on the bed, I was grateful that finally he was sleeping, even it if it was on the floor.
    We were lying opposite of each other. His feet were at my head and vice versa. Whatever worked. All of a sudden, I felt that buzzing feeling that I get when �something wicked this way comes.� Then I felt my legs go up in the air. My mind woke up before my body. I tried to put my legs down, but they wouldn�t go. I opened my eyes. The room was dark, but I could see by the power lights of the computer, TV, clock, and other electronics in the room. I never sleep in complete darkness. Never.
    My legs were still in the air. They were held there by a dark-skinned man with a hooded cloak. He had long, long dreads past his waist with shells or bones in them. He knew I saw him, but I couldn�t move. I tried to talk, to tell him to leave me alone. I was mumbling as always when this happens. He smiled, and then he took his fingers and squeezed my big toe really hard. I guess to let me know I wasn�t dreaming. I never thought I was. My mumblings woke my boyfriend, and he tried to snap me out of it by shaking my ankle. I could hear him saying �babe, wake up.�
    I was still trying to talk. �Can�t you see him?? He�s right next to you? Can�t you see?� Just then, the man in the cloak turned toward my boyfriend, put his thumbs in his ears, wiggled his fingers, stuck out his tongue, like �nah-nana-na-nah, you can�t see me.� I was trying to move, trying to scream, and as the veil of paralysis lifted, I was yelling �Can�t you see him? He�s messing with you! He�s messing with you! Can�t you see him? He�s right next to you!� The man turned and looked at me, first surprised; then he smiled and faded away to nothingness. But I could feel he was still in the room. My toe still hurt. I was shaking and I started to cry, mostly because I was scared, and partly because I woke up my boyfriend when he hadn�t been to sleep for more than a half-hour in 2 days.
    I�ve seen the Cloak Man three times in my life. That was the second. The first time was back in about �83, and he was wearing patchwork pants, no cloak. I don�t want to see him anymore. I thought about putting a camera in my room to film these things. I decided against it.
    It�s not once or twice in my life that this happened. I get a couple of episodes of different happenings, visitations, and terrors each week. I get very little continuous sleep. I am tired all the time.
    But one thing I�ve noticed is the more tired you are, the more often and more intense the experience. I can tell when it�s going to happen, and it doesn�t matter if I�m on my back, stomach, or side. I can be sound asleep and get the unavoidable introductory buzzing. Or I can be awake, then suddenly, I can�t keep my eyes open, and I feel the buzz start as I slide down into the nightmare. There�s nothing I can do to stop it.
    Sadly, my kids all experience it the exact same way. The strange thing is I never told them about the buzzing. I never told them that I can�t escape it once it starts. They told me that was how it happens to them. Same with my late father and my brother. That is how I know it�s hereditary. And now they�re after my grandson. I don�t know what to do.

  45. Anonymous says:

    i had my very first experience with the last night and i am now trying to figure out what acually happened! this is my story from last night/this morning i am 15…im sleeping andi wake up before my alarm by about an hour it is pitch black in my room except for my alarm clock….i cant move only my eyes…than i see a bright flash of light and right after i hear footsteps coming from my door as it came closer, as the footsteps got louder a i could see a black figure, i went to scream and jump out of bed, but no sound came out and i just layed there, helplessly, than this black figure got all the way on my chest it was hard to breath. it put its hands on my shoulders and put its head so close to my face i could finnaly make out the face features, it had a very skinny face with a pointy noise and evil eyes. I was so scared trying to scream as loud as i could but still nothing. It was just sitting there moaning over my face. i was terrifed than all of a sudden poof its all gone. i could move. I got up and ran upstairs. Everything was normal my room was just how it was when i went to sleep with the door shut. I read that this is sleep paralasis, i hope it never comes up again

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