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Sleep Paralysis and Things I Cant Explain

Posted on July 12, 2011

I have been having sleep paralysis now for about 6 years; I started to get it when I was in my final year of university and was holding down 2 jobs, working all hours and partying all night. I would get it about 3 times a week, but only get it now a few times a month as finished uni and started my career. I don’t party much any more and spend most of my time at the gym and doing sports which helped a lot.

I found what triggered mine was lack of sleep, shift in sleeping pattern, drinking too much booze on a heavy session and the worst thing, having afternoon naps. The first few times it really scared me, the first time I tried calling for my mum and I was 20 so that shows how much it freaked me out. But now I know what’s going to happen and it doesn’t scare any where near as much as it did. I guess I’m lucky as it only lasts about 20-30 seconds where as with some people I know it lasts a lot longer. The worst bit is the more you try to move, the harder it is to move, you just have to lie there and ride it out. I have to walk around the house for 5 minutes afterwards, otherwise if I just lie there, I instantly go back into sleep paralysis, and have an even stronger sense of an evil presence.

The thing that freaked me out the most is I told my current girlfriend at the time about it, I explained to her what I saw and what it looked like in great detail. She Googled it when she was at work and printed of a few images. When showed me the ‘old hag’ I was shocked that that was exactly what I saw and described to her. I started to read up on it and found that most people saw the same image, I thought this cant be coincidence that people see the same things.

I have never experienced the hands on throat, and have never really heard the footsteps like a few people have. I have only heard noise with my sleep paralysis a few times and every time it just sounds like the old hag is snorting or quietly growling, interestingly though when I have heard him I have never seen him at the same time.

The most common symptoms I get are split into two different experiences of sleep paralysis I get. The first is I will sense him or something in the room that fills me with total fear; I will then experience something walking up my bed. It feels like when my cat jumps up on my bed and I can feel him walking up to my head. I know it’s not my cat as I lock him in the kitchen and shut my door. The thing then just sits on my chest and weighs a ton. Note that when this happens I always have my head to the side, so I never see what it is as I can’t move to look.

The second common experience I encounter is waking when the back of my head is against my pillow so I’m looking forward. I see the old hag sitting in the top corner of my room between the two walls and ceilings. He just stares at me with his eyes, which sounds really stupid and cheesy, but its like he’s looking into my soul or something, it feels as if he’s reading my mind or something. He also will sometimes sit at the bottom of my bed just staring at me. Sometimes at the same time I will have a faint figure in the other corner of my room that just has really piercing white eyes, but this doesn’t feel any where near as evil as the old hag. With both experiences as soon as I can start to move they start to disappear.

A few times I have encountered things I can’t explain. One time I was dreaming that I was in my back garden having sleep paralysis. I could hear and sense something in the dark bushes at the bottom of my garden. A figure then came chasing towards me making the horrible growling, snorting noise, and as it pounced on me I woke in my bedroom that overlooks my garden, still In a sleep paralysis state, but no longer dreaming, and could hear the thing still snorting and growling, I could sense it climbing up my wall and approaching the window, it then opened my window that was only a jar which is really stiff and impossible to open widely and came through the curtains that were completely shut, leaving them open in the middle.

It then walked behind me and sat by my shoulders, as I was paralyzed on my side I couldn’t see what it was doing, as I started to be able to move and turned around it was gone, but my curtains were open and the window open fully. There was no wind and nothing else could have used the amount of force it takes to open that window. I know that there is probably a logical reason why, like maybe I was sleep walking (even though I have never sleep walked before). But when stuff like that happens it does make me think, maybe there are paranormal things out there?

Sent in by Stuart, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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3 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis and Things I Cant Explain”
  1. Moya says:

    My husband started getting them one year before his brother got killed and a year later he is still getting them.

  2. josh says:

    i’ve had this happen to me also but only twice. i can’t attribute it to anything, i’m not religious myself but come from a very catholic family. i haven’t actually seen an entity but both times when it happened i would wake up with this sick feeling of fear. the first time it happened i felt a sinking feeling in my stomach and then just a pressing on my back (i was asleep on my stomach), but the second time, which was just this morning actually, i felt an even stronger sense of dread and it felt like something was sitting on me pushing my head down holding my mouth shut. this second time however, it happened over and over again like it wouldn’t give up until, finally after the third or fourth time i started getting pissed off and absolutely fighting the fear and trying my hardest to move. i was in fighting mode and kept thinking about how much i wanted to break whatever it was (since i couldn’t move my mouth or jaw to or anything) and there were a few more weaker attempts by “it”, but finally “it” stopped. i have no idea what to think of this and reading yours i’m glad i haven’t actually seen or heard “it”. but both times it was after weeks of sleepless nights (because of terrible, gruesome nightmares). maybe i’m messed up in the head or maybe there is some paranormal demonic sh** going on idk…

  3. Ben says:

    I’ve had SP for the past 20 years. I’m 27 now and i still get it. I have tried all manner of drugs, natural and other, all manner of relaxation techniques and sleeping patterns as well.

    It happens to me almost every other night, although there may be periods where i don’t have it at all for weeks, but when it does happen, it’s beyond words.

    It all started when i started seeing things, i was around 7 at the time and my parents were naturally concerned. I kept seeing one thing in particular, a large boar that went by the name of Boss. He was gigantic, monstrous, the only way i could describe him was like Antabis from Kingdom Hospital. He never talked to me, just growled and staired, and i’d never see him head on whilst i was awake, only out of the corner of my eye, around corners and quit flashes of a pigs tail past my eyes. I was terrified to sleep, because it was then where i saw him fully. Sometimes he’d take on a humanoid form, of a pig-man wearing a suit and behind him was always an erupting volcano.

    After I would awake, I first began to experience paralysis, bearing in mind I was only 7 at the time, it was terrifying for me. I’d not only see Boss, but a myriad of things. One constant thing that popped up as well was what I called “the magic man”, although all I saw of him was white gloved-hands and black sleeves (that I associated with a stereotypical “magician” i guess) that came through the walls behind my head, tickling me relentlessly under the armpits. It was when I began to experience actual pain, as if his fingers dug in to my arm pits and in to my chest I got really freaked out.

    Then i began seeing the worms, they were as thick as tree trunks and they would blast between the roof and floor at high speed.

    When I was about 8, i started experiencing the “dream within a dream” thing, and often within that dream I also experienced sleep paralysis, followed by awaking in actual paralysis. It was hard for me to really grasp what was real and what was a dream, and if i felt something was wrong in real life, i began to crawl with goosebumps, thinking i was still dreaming, and i’d try to pull myself from reality somehow, only to make my nose bleed and my head dizzy. That’s how i knew i was really awake.

    The visions of Boss and creatures from TV coming to life (such as the Skeksiss from the Dark Crystal watching me in the forest behind my uncles cottage) eventually faded with daily intakes of medication that i’m sure they weren’t allowed to give children, but the paralysis continued . And when i was 14 it got so much worse. No longer did i just see things and revive mild tickles and painful prods, i was being raped. Invaded by tentacles in every possible manner. I felt them inside me, in my stomach, in every hole, painfully muscles would contract, even my ears were not safe. One of the frighting things was my face; i could feel it contorting and stretching in ways i just cannot do consciously. Sometimes i felt like things were taking chunks out of me, other times i felt like i was being folded in half, then in half again, turned inside out and pulled apart; and that only what i felt: Suffice it to say that i tried to keep my eyes closed as tight as i could when this was happening.

    And it still happens today.

    Wether it’s some psycho-synaptic thing or something a little more sinister, i don’t know, but all my efforts to rid myself of it seem to be in vein.

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