Sleep Paralysis And Psychic Astral Vampires

Posted on May 15, 2009

Sleep paralysis is happening way too often to way too many people to simply be the result of normal body functions. If it is a normal part of the sleep cycle – or if it�s due mainly to sleep deprivation or stress � then why doesn�t everyone experience it? Or why hasn�t everyone experienced at least a few episodes of it? Nearly all of us are seriously stressed out and/or sleep deprived at least once in a while, no?

I believe this syndrome has been occurring through the course of history, but is growing more frequent due to more global interest in New Age, Numerology, the Occult, Paranormal events, etc., which is bringing people who have little to no interest in those things into the world of witchcraft, Vampirism, Occult, New Age, demonism, shamanism, etc., whether we want to be a part of it or not.

I believe with 100 percent certainty that this purported �sleep paralysis� is initiated by a supernatural entity, for one thing. It is called �psychic vampirism� as odd as that sounds and it is an entity who has died. This entity is, most often, a shaman or �witch doctor� or �black magic person� who has passed away and is now in the astral zone, during which time it makes a quick �roadstop� to a sleeping person�s bed.

During that time it (I say �It� because I have trouble personalizing something so vile) it attempts to leech energy from its sleeping victim by scaring the person or by sexually tantalizing the person. Both of these strategies elicit a generous dose of energy for the psychic vampire which is what it needs to sustain its astral body. If it cannot steal energy from victims, the astral shell will disintegrate and the entity will go to the lowest astral plane which is where it does not want to go – not yet anyway.

After it gets its fix, it leaves, often returning to the same spot until it either gets bored and finds someone else, until you find a way to get rid of it for good (I don�t know how to do that yet) or until its astral body dies off completely and it is relegated to the lowest form in the astral plane. Apparently it chooses sleeping people for its fix because the energy emitted from a sleeping person during a good �scare� is very beneficial to the psychic vampire. Same thing when it sexually stimulates its victims. Siphoning sexual energy makes it a great day for the vampiric astral invader.

Incidentally, these astral vampires can be dead humans or they can simply be �entities,� i.e., nondescript, other-worldly creatures,usually odious, loathsome things. Just this morning I had been researching this syndrome and, because I am on night work this week, went to bed. It was around 9:40 a.m. when I retired. I was sleeping on my back as always. Just as I dropped off to sleep and was really �out,� I felt a presence grabbing at a part of my body that you can use your imagination to determine. At that point I froze, knowing what would happen next. I felt a presence get very heavy and oppressive as it bore down on my stomach and chest, pinning me to my bed. I tried to move – even an arm or a finger – and felt powerless to do so. At the same time I felt a pressure behind my head on my pillow and on top of my head, and a presence to my immediate right. The presence to my right was actually growling, exactly like the type of growling that you hear on the beginning of certain �haunted� or �paranormal� shows such as the one narrated by that guy from x-files.

Anyway, I lay there feeling so desperate and paralyzed and not being able to lift any part of my body even though I struggled with every ounce of my being. The THING pressed down on me, restraining me with all of its might. Apparently this was one well-fed psychic vampire because while I was becoming drained of energy it seemed to be full of it.

If you do a search on psychic vampires you will turn up information that supports this theory. I am not certain of it, but I will tell you something else. The other night I was thinking about the sleep paralysis horror and I began thinking of names. I don�t know why, but foreign sounding names were coming into my mind. I sounded out a word and wrote it down on a piece of scrap paper.

The next day as I began doing some Google searches on the �sleep paralysis� topic and its associated terrors, I came across the articles on �Psychic vampires.� One of the papers addressed the topic of �magick� and �shaman priests, shamanism,� etc. I clicked on it and began to read. Half-way down the page I came to a section that described the �West Semitic� high priests of Magick and Shamanism . I read the names that came under the heading. That�s when I almost went into shock. One of the words looked terribly familiar and I knew why immediately. It looked similar to the name that had come to me the night before. I pulled out the paper and compared the two words. Here is the word/name: Ishlelhalom. (I believe this is how I spelled it, but even if a couple of letters were written differently from the name I found in the article, to me it was close enough.)
I believe that the thing attacking me is a Western Semitic dead shaman (a high priest of black magick or whatever they call it) who is leeching energy from sleeping people so he will be able to extend his life before slipping into the lowest plane of the cosmos – Hell, which is where he belongs forever and forever.

Before concluding I�m crazy, do a bit of research yourself and see if you don�t turn up something similar to this theory if not the same scenario.

Sent in by AC, Copyright 2009

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18 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis And Psychic Astral Vampires”
  1. Bracket says:

    Actually sleep paralysis happens to everyone they just don’t remember it because they usually fall asleep again. The brain turns off the muscles so that your body doesn’t act out your dreams. While the brain is in REM sleep it sometimes wakes up but is still in a dream state. This is usually accompanied by a feeling of an entity being in the vicinity. It’s nothing supernatural.

    There are many body functions that happen often but not all the time like hiccups, ringing in the ear and more damaging things like seizures.

  2. Jeremy says:

    “Sleep paralysis is happening way too often to way too many people to simply be the result of normal body functions”…I think that if it’s happening so often it seems to point towards it being normal body functions, not the other way around.

    As Bracket says, everybody does experience it, but either not consciously, or with no memory of it.

    I experience Sleep Paralysis at least 3 times a week, and many times I have woken up and totally forgotten very vivid experiences only to have them triggered later in the day, reminding me of very complex experiences of Sleep Paralysis the night before (which sleep had conveniently wiped from memory upon waking, like it does for many of our dreams).

    This goes to show that many people could have had these experiences even consciously, and still forgotten about them.

    “I believe with 100% certainty”….certainty is obviously defined as having no doubt whatsoever…100% only strengthens that statement…and yet you say “believe”…which does not indicate that. If you are CERTAIN, why not say “I KNOW with 100% certainty”.

    The point is, you don’t know, you are guessing, so you are not 100% certain.

    Seriously this sounds really superstitious, and there are far more logical answers to this.

    Being a frequent experiencer of this, I have concluded that everybody is paralysed at night to prevent us from sleep walking…some people’s minds wake up before their body has lost the sensation and must wait for it to be over.

    During this waiting stage you are in a VERY drowsy and susceptible state, where dream images, or imagination can create very real things for you, from clear sounds and voices, to imagery, smell, taste and even feeling sensation.

    This is why many people have had the dream where they have tried to run fast but couldn’t, or the dream where they had been able to fly but lose the ability. These are all related to sleep paralysis, but these people are more in the dream state at these times.

    Sleep paralysis is a natural occurence, that some are conscious of, and some are not. It is harmless, and it is all explainable.

    If you believe all this stuff you are writing, and you experience Sleep Paralysis, your beliefs and imagination are going to create a vivid horrible experience for you, because your mind has a lot of power during that state of sleep (I have tested it personally).

    I write this, so that others who experience Sleep Paralysis are not put off by your fearful article, and afraid to sleep at night, afraid that something will attack them….it is not like that at all, and is a natural occurence which you can learn to deal with.

  3. tabatha says:

    i have had that happen to me recently and i remember it clear as day… the only thing is i can’t explain it… and i won’t see a doctor about it cause i have been in situations where they gave me the wrong diagnosis… if you wanna know about it just ask…

  4. Ryan Niemi says:

    I know exactly how u feel. Except in the fact that when i can’t move I somehow find a way to force my way out of it. Like For me its where something is plunging me deeper and deeper in to sleep and I have to try and differ it from real life even though i knew that i wasnt exactly dreaming. It’s friggin weird and happens almost 4+ Times a month. I am rly interested in this. Thanks

  5. Jessica Whiteplume says:

    It’s funny how this showed up in my email! Just last saturday, I was avoiding a guy and planning to stay home alone. There was my two kids and my neice here at home with me. It was probably around 11 p.m. when I decided to go to bed.

    I first checked on my two kids who were sleeping downstairs on the couches, and my neice was crashed out in my kids’ bedroom. I went to my room and watched a little bit of t.v., and fell alseep.

    About the time of 1:30 or so in the morning, I heard heavy foot steps and the movement of baggy pants rubbing against eachother. I was faced towards the window, and my back was to door to the hallway. The first thing that came to mind was, why was my neice up walking around?

    She had a tendency to lurk around and try to spy on me during the day. So I was fully awake, and I turned half way (still hearing the foot steps walking back and forth), waiting to see my neice come into my room.

    How it happened, was as I was turning it was like it ‘knew’ I was awake, and I could hear the steps moving faster and closer to my room. My heart started pounding, as I waited for the sound of pants and footsteps reach to my room. I could still hear the steps and the sound of pants as it reached my bedroom door, but I didn’t see anything there.

    Kind of shocked, and knowing there was something walking, yes, it kind of freaked me out. I closed my eyes and listened to it get closer to my bed. I felt it right next to my bed, also like a presence of someone standing next to me. Next thing you know, I can’t move!

    I’m laying there, and I know what’s going on. I’m trying to move, and I’m like telling myself to ‘get up, move your arm, get out!’ Those were my exact thoughts. It was for a couple of minutes, I felt myself breathing hard to fight it. Suddenly I was let go. I opened my eyes, and felt like someone staring at me. I laid there for a couple of minutes, and then thank goodness my friend texted me. I looked at the time, and it was 1:27 in the morning.

    I texted her a couple of times, then I asked if she could talk. I went outside to tell her what happened. I kind of freaked but stay calm, because I know they smell fear or something. After the talk, I felt a little bit better. I came inside, and loudly told it to go away. “To leave us alone, and you are not allowed to touch, play, or scare any of us. You are not welcome to cause harm to this family!” Something to that effect.

    The very next day, I was talking to my brother’s girlfriend and decided to mention it. She told me that it was a man. It was a man, and he jumped on me. She said that ‘he’ needed help for prayer. She also mentioned that he was hungry, so the next time I made dinner, make a plate as an offer.

    The friend said that spirits don’t know how else to ask for help, that was his way of telling me he was here. We’ve had some out the blue noises and knocking, but I chose to blow off knowing that it was harmless. I always believed they are harmless unless they don’t know they’ve passed.

    I offered a plate that evening for the male spirit, and offered tobacco. I also said a prayer to help the man find his way to the light. I prayed to my uncle to passed when I was five, and asked him to watch over my family, also to help the helpless spirit find where he needed to go.

    I believe. So if someone is out there, calling it some kind of medical condition rather than an entity. They don’t know what it’s like. Why did I hear the movement of pant legs so loud and obvious, and the footsteps walk into my room without a body?

    I don’t believe it was a dream. I know that it was his way of waking me up to tell me something, and that’s what I got.

    I wait for him again, if he needs my help and prayer. But I am also trying to really hard be strong for my family. And blessing is especially good for us.

  6. Erik says:

    It astounds me when I see posts by some of these arrogant and smug scientist types who think that sleep paralysis is just some medical condition. I am no science basher, but I have had many of these experiences and when you here a voice in your ear telling you not to fight it, thats when you know that we are living in an interdimensional universe. My visitations are almost always started with the feeling that someone is walking on my bed. When I get into that semi sleep semi awake state is when the disincarnate will lay down into me and try to suck up my energy. I always kick them out. BUT YOU HAVE TO HAVE WILL POWER or else they win.! You have to have internal strength. Kick them out! Dont give in.

  7. bracket says:


    I have had sleep paralysis many times and i don’t see anything supernatural about it.

  8. Mike says:

    Mike posted an excellent comment to this story, his comment has been published as it’s own story at //

  9. camille says:

    Sorry, I believe that sleep paralysis is caused by temporay possession by a visiting
    sucubus type entity. I have had the “visitation” myself. It has not happened since I had
    a “white” witch come and cast spell to make the entity(s) leave me alone.
    The entitiy(s) were doing all of the above mentioned things, pressing down on me, etc. but also, they were breathing on the back of my neck, breathing on the side of my face, causing extreme duress. I had bruised and scratched arms, scratches on my cheek,
    bruises on forehead, sore back and rib area, did not show any pronounced bruising that I could see, but, felt bruised.
    Since I had the “white” witch come and do a casting out, followed by a blessing, and leaving a blessed cross, I have not had any more “visitations”.
    Thank God! Because until last year I had never had that type of horrifying experience
    again, and I hope I never will.
    I realize that science has a name/explaination for this,and it may apply to some people,
    my experience seems to fall more into what has been described here;Outside of the
    standard scientific explaination.
    If not, I would still be having these occcurances and would have had them prior.
    I have always had very vivid dreams, some of them predicting future events in my life or in the lives of those around me.
    The “sleep paralsis” thing has only occured last year, and with some thought,
    perhaps a little bit years ago when I was a teenager.
    I do think it has something to do with “traveling entities”.

  10. Virginia says:

    I’ve had sleep paralysis before like many others. I found through my own research and experience, it happens sometimes after I have been astral traveling. I believe the paralysis happens because the spirit didn’t have an easy transition back into the body, by either the body being disturbed or becoming conscious too soon. I find it is much easier to “recover” from the paralysis when you realize that that is the cause of it. It will go away more quickly than if you just wait for it to on its own.
    To each, their own, but try it out first and then let me know if it worked for you too.

  11. johny says:

    I would seal the doors and windows with holy water. that is supposed to keep them out. also go on the offense. find where their energy is emanating from the and psychically attack that point. baptism in the holy spirit helps. reiki also helps

  12. Trevor says:

    Please i dont want to have to keep telling people this,i would rather just have every one know,in the old days people put blue things around their new born babies to keep away evil spirits it was mostly done with boys for reasons almost forgotten to us,anyway the good news is the people of old were on to something it works,i have not had a problem with it in 7 years because of the color blue, IT hates it,now go and sin no more.

  13. anony88888 says:

    Modern Physics and Eastern Philosophies re Sleep Paralysis

    Modern medicine tries to explain this as some sort of neurological condition. I have not noticed anyone talk about this from a modern physics or eastern spiritual standpoint so I would like to share my observations in the hopes that it may assist or comfort others:

    1. Reality is not confined to the physical world or the five senses.

    2. There is a spiritual realm/dimension to our existence of which many are not aware of – this is referred by many eastern religion/philosophies as being caught in the 5 sense illusion.

    3. Many eastern religious/philosophies (Buddhism, Sant Mat Meditation, ECKANKAR, Qyan Yin Method of meditation, Inner light and Sound Meditation) talk about the spiritual world in detail.

    4. With regard to modern science, physicists now believe that the universe is vibrating. They talk about about parallel universes, how many worlds represent reality and that we have decohered from these other planes of existence. Some have even admitted that they don’t like to teach this to chemistry students because people would get upset. This branch of physics is called the modern interpretation of the quantum theory. One top physicist who had spoken openly about this is Michio Kaku (co-founder of the super string theory). Other leading Scientists like Stephen Hawking and Neil Turok have also suggested the existence of Multiple universes. The following website has some details on this: Away from mainstream science and medicine, there is new paradigm of science called the science of consciousness and science of trans-dimensional electronic systems (which is purported to be able to create more energy than is put in). Note that the key word here is “trans-dimensional”. Dr Steven Greer has spoken about these trans-dimensional electronic systems.

    5.According to Einsteins theory, matter and energy are one. Physicists believe all systems in nature have their own particular way of vibrating. Each oscillate at its own unique rate. Rocks vibrate very slowly at speeds that are imperceptible to us. Living things like plants, animals and man vibrate faster and appear to be alive. The same hold for thoughts, feelings, events and words spoken – each carries its own vibration. If all in the universe is taken down to its simplest form, it is just energy. (I got this point five from Dr Rita Louise’s radio show on

    6. Often in these so called “sleep paralysis” episodes, many people experience/hear sound, buzzing, vibration. This experience of sound, buzzing or vibration is the vibration mentioned in point 4 & 5.

    7. If you hear sound, buzzing or vibration, then you are experiencing the audible vibration. Some people see light. When this occurs, then they are experiencing the visible vibration. This vibration is also referred to as the inner sound or silent sound.

    8. This sound, buzzing or vibration is also referred to as “The Heavenly Music” in all holy scriptures of different religions such as the “word” in christianity, the “shabd” in hinduism, the “heavenly music” in buddhism, the “tao” in taoism.

    9. Many spiritual/meditation groups, like the ones above, meditate on on this inner vibration. These groups often advocate a “purification” of speech, actions and thoughts as these all affect our personal vibration. By “purifying” your speech, actions and thoughts, individuals are able to raise their vibration and protect themselves or escape/avoid encountering these beings with an evil presence. (Generally speaking, physics theory behind this is that we are cohered to notice or experience things within a similar vibrational range to ourselves).

    10. These unpleasant beings vibrate at a lower/coarser frequency, which is why many people feel uncomfortable in their presence. These beings are also spoken of eastern religious/philosophies for those who are interested in doing research.

    11. Typical examples of purifying speech, actions and thoughts include refrain from harming any living being, speaking what is not true, stealing, sexual misconduct and using intoxicants. Generally speaking, it means being a good/loving person with good intentions/thoughts.

    12. Another way to protect themselves or escape/avoid encountering these beings with an evil presence is to remember, think of and/or want to know about God or what some call the True Self. This is one of the reasons why when many people following an eastern or western religion ask for help from God, Jesus, Quan Yin Bodhisvatta, Amitaba Buddha, Krishna, their True Self or some other Fully Enlightened Spiritual Guru they are immediately assisted in their experience (just like it is stated in the Bible “Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”). From a physics viewpoint, focusing on God helps to raise an individual’s vibrational frequency.

    13. Apart from having a physical body we also have what is called a astral body. This is why an individual can clearly see another being present even when they cannot physically open their eyes or may be very short-sighted. This is also why people can leave their bodies and walk around the house or do other kinds of astral travel.

    14. The vibrational spectrum of matter or cosmic music resonating throughout dimensional hyperspace is now being referred to by physicists as a candidate for “THE MIND OF GOD” that Einstein wrote about for roughly the last 30 years of his life.

    15. Way before the physicists, many spiritual groups/religions have indicated that behind this energy or vibration is a flexible intelligence, often referred to as Supreme Wisdom, Super Consciousness or God. For example, the bible states “in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God (New Testament, John 1:1-2). This is why, all these years, many eastern spiritualists have placed a lot of emphasis on and meditate a lot on this vibration – yes they have been trying to get to know this Super Consciousness, which is God.

    If the scientific community truly want to thoroughly examine sleep paralysis, they need to look into other areas of science (modern physics, science of consciousness, science of trans-dimensional electronics , science of vibration, etc) and not just conventional modern medicine, psychology and neurology, which is where most of the research appears to be taken. Scientists are still making discoveries everyday so I think that a lot remains to be discovered to better explain sleep paralysis via scientific means.

  14. anon says:

    I have a question: Are these entities able to leave behind objects in the room such as a book for example? Please let me know if anyone has had any such experience.. I want to make sense of the encounter I had when I was younger.

    • anony88888 says:

      In eastern philosophies/spiritual groups, it is implied that spiritual entities can “manifest” material things in our physical world.

      There have been cases when spiritual practitioners see an entity, during their meditation or sleep, who offers them some thing in the physical existence (e.g. fame, money, etc) in exchange for something else.

      Generally speaking, many eastern spiritual groups advise people to not accept any “gifts” offered by entities (to avoid any ties or attachment to these beings).

  15. Lt says:

    Ive seen it. I have always had those types of dreams but resently experencinced it in a new form my eyes were open and I couldnt move and I saw a black shadow come out of a person in the bunk next to me. It was trying to bite my neck in the most savage way. I said in the name of Jesus get back and it went back into the person it came from.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would have to disagree sleep paralysis is triggered by an entity, I can go into sleep paralysis and afterwards oob on command, Like many others, I stopped reading at that part because I know you are wrong.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I belief you because i’ve also had an experience .It was last year . I fell asleep at around 11:46 P.m and i had a strange dream there was this woman outside my room who kept knocking at the door, when i opened the door there was nothing but just then i heard somebodys laughter. But i believed it was only a dream i would soon wake up of. And i felt a touch on my neck which woke me up. Honestly i was realy scared and i tried to move but something was pressing my whole body real hard i even tried to move my head but i couldnt and not a moment sooner i felt the wall vibrating and moving i was terrified i tried to call out for my brother because i knew he would be awake probably playing games or watching movies. But i couldnt even make a sound come out from my mouth and again heard the same laughter as i did in my dream. This feeling lasted for about 10 minutes or so. After that i was able to move again. And the next morning i asked my brother if he heard any noise or if there was an earthquake . He said he didn’t feel or hear anything at all.
    Do anyone of you have similar experiences or anything that could help me get rid of this experiences cause im growing tired of this things i’ve recently had 3 more such experiences lately.

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