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Sleep Paralysis a Heaviness and Dark Pressure

Posted on March 8, 2010

I have had this happen to me two of times in my life, I am currently 31. I do remember sleep paralysis happening throughout my entire life, even as a child. I was very young, too young to understand what was happening. I remember running into my parent�s room so frightened. Though the paralysis has happened through my life, the feeling of heaviness and a dark pressure on me has only happened twice. And the most recent time, I believe I also had an out of body experience. This happened again last night and I�ll get to that, but the time before last was 8 years ago, I was 23.

I was taking a nap in a new apartment I just moved into. My room was in a converted attic. My bed hadn�t arrived yet, I has just laid down briefly on my back (as I�ve always slept with my arms above my head) on my air mattress with no intentions of sleeping. I�ve never been a napper. I recall �waking� up seeing the entire room in the daylight, but feeling a heavy dark presence over me, holding me down pushing my into my bed. I was so frightened. I was sinking and I couldn�t move my arms, my head or anything. I could only dart my eyes – I think. I was trying to yell because my roommates were downstairs and I knew I needed help. I just remember telling myself, I�m not going to die like this, get off of me, please leave me alone, I�m not going to die�. Then suddenly I was free. I didn�t feel alone while it was happening. It was as if I was sure there was something that was trying to enter me or push me into a dark whole. But when I was freed, it felt much more peaceful – like I had been rescued and the demons had left.

I checked my air-mattress to make sure it didn�t just lose all the air and that is why I was sinking – as I�ve had sleep paralysis many times before, but never the feeling of something trying to suffocate me and hold me down, I knew something was different this time. But as I had thought, my air mattress had not let air our was full and firm. I felt it holding my arms, head and chest down and pushing me into the bed; it wasn’t just paralysis this time.

I�ve heard that maybe it was my soul connected back with my body as it was out in galloping in some dimension that it can only reach while I sleep, but I awoke too soon, before my soul had a chance to connect back with my body. But then why did it feel �bad� and not good?

Last night, I fell asleep on my back around 11 pm as normal. I woke up to a sound – I think, and then it was happening again. I was stuck, there was a bluish tint in my unlit room this time. I felt myself fighting to get my self back, I felt the heavy pressure holding me down and pushing me into my mattress. I yelled (but I�m not sure if it was aloud or in my head, but it seemed very loud) for �them� to leave me alone and to go away. I recall thinking that the neighbors may have heard me yell� I knew I had to get up and I was struggling with all my energy to get free of this hold on me. Then, all of the sudden I felt like I was thrown the floor from my bed and released. I felt and heard this slight breeze around me – then I and notice that I wasn�t on the floor but floating just above it.

I don�t recall seeing my own body, but I notice my bed skirt ruffling, my palm plant leaves rustling in the breeze and then I move my hand and may a big gust and slammed by bedroom door shut (it didn�t shut but bounced as my towels was hanging on it) without touching it. I�m not sure if I was dreaming, but it felt like I was out of my body. I felt very light, and I was enjoying and scared of the breeze I was creating and being able to float. It was spooky and the feeling is hard to even describe. I thought I heard a knock on my door and was frightened and the next thing I knew – I felt that I was maybe back in my body and dreaming.

In my dream, (I think a dream) I went to the door to see who was there through the peak hole. I was very frightened to open it even though it appeared to be a women. It was a weird dream that pursued, which may or may not have anything to do with what had just happened (but I sometimes dream of things that are going to happen to people I don�t know – the shuttle explosion, the fire in the bar were 200 people were injured or died, and then I hear about them something happening and realize that was what my dream was about) and so I let her in because I felt that this dream was �special� and she explained to me that she was sexually assaulted that night. Then I woke up, checked my apartment for �something, someone, a sign of anything� had a glass of water and tried to go back to sleep, but I was to restless and scared I think.

I know the answering the door was a dream, and I know that the sinking dark feeling was not. The light, out of body feeling is was has me the most curious.

Sent in by Biancha, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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8 Responses to “Sleep Paralysis a Heaviness and Dark Pressure”
  1. anna says:

    I read the story and I just could not think of what to write but maybe go to a profetional and get some help.see what they can do.thats the only thing I can think of.Sorry it took so long for someone to write back.let me know what you do.Good luck.thanks

  2. Leah says:

    I just woke up from a nap to a strong entity holding me down. I tried to speak, open my eyes entirely and get up but something was pushing me down at one point, part of it moved and fell behind my back (I was laying on my side). i thought it was my dog and so i tried extra hard to push him off. Next thing you know i am easily able to move the pillow off of my head and chest.
    The whole ordeal lasted a few minutes I think. I immediately looked around the spfa my dog was sleeping down by my feet under the covers the entire time.

    I looked up ghost experiences and found your article. Do let me know if you find out what your entity is. I just hope it was all a dream.

  3. J says:

    Similar things have been happening to me since I was 13. It started out with what might be labeled ‘sleep paralysis’, however, in such experiences I too felt a weight pushing me down and felt as though I was sinking down into something. The first time I also felt cold hands around my throat. each experience is different. but I always feel a presence, as if someone is lingering around the bed and is trying to touch me- its hard to explain how you can ‘feel’ a presence but its definitely there.

    Each and every time I have willed it to go away. I try to move a muscle, a little finger to get out of its clutches. I tell it to get away it my mind (because I am paralyzed I cant speak physically), and the episodes have become shorter, perhaps because I am getting better at pushing it away through practice.

    Sometimes I hear footsteps around my bed or thumping sounds on the walls whilst I am paralyzed. Once, it leant over me and I believe it was breathing in my ear- although the breath wasn’t physical, it was like the sound of a seashell in my ear, and was very loud.

    I spoke to an uncle about these experiences once, and he could literally finish my sentences, he too has had the exact experiences, down to the cold hands around the throat and the seashell sounds in my ears.

    Doctors have told me its sleep paralysis, and other people say this is a dream, but its not- the episodes are terrifying, they are indescribably terrifying, there is a definite dark and aggressive presence that I know is spiritual. At first I thought it was a demon- but am beginning to wonder if it could be aliens- perhaps whilst I am paralyzed something is happening to me I don’t know or I am being taken somewhere on one dimension of by being whilst my body is still in bed??? Yuk, I wish it would stop.

  4. B says:

    Biancha, I am not going through in details since you have already explained everything above where I am going through the same experiences, thus, I think we are both in the same boat. Really an awful feeling!!!
    I am not sure if I had this in my childhood, but as a child haven’t been that healthy either…
    I do remember that it started about 2 years ago and this heaviness that was pushing my body whenever I was sleeping with my abdomen on the bed. I have been having this push and heaviness at least 10 times so far happening every two to four months and sometimes twice in a week. I have been trying to yell when I was under this dreadful experience but I really couldn’t. Namely, don’t have the strength to take any certain actions.
    Lately, my situation is worse as I am having difficulties to fall sleep for hours thinking that this might happen to me time and again. However, when I fall asleep, I dream lots of long dreams which give me a feeling as I have slept 10 hours, in fact, when I wake up, I realize that I have slept only 2 hours. This is really driving me crazy.
    I am praying everyday to get this thing off me and leave me alone for the rest of my life.
    If anyone has ever found a clue about this paranormal phenomenon, I would greatly appreciate contacting me at the email below which will hopefully will give us a relief when we realize that: ‘I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS HEAVINESS AND THERE IS SOMEONE I COULD SHARE MY PROBLEM WITH’.

    Profuse thanks.
    edited – posting email address or other contact info not allowed :)

  5. Mishka says:

    I just read this because i was reading on sleep paralysis.
    last night was really freaky for a number of reasons.
    i wen to bed at 11pm.
    i woke up in the middle of the night and felt this pressure on my whole body like someone was laying on top of me, i could move after like 3 seconds, i looked at my alarm clock and it said 3:05 am
    now im kind of open to these kind of things but 3am is a creepy time to wake up with this happeneing.
    this continued 3 more times as i tried to just roll over and go back to sleep.
    i always sleep on my side but every time i woke up i was on my back with my arms at my side.
    then after giving in that i couldnt go back to sleep i got on my computer and started reading, not even 30 seconds after that my dog gets up and starts running to my door (from the outside) barking at my closed door, when i opened the door to let him in he folded his ears back and started shaking, then he finally came in.
    any guesses?

  6. Cameron says:

    Last night was the second of my experiences of a similar nature. My girlfriend and my infant daughter live in an apartment so I Spend the night there 95% of the time, but 2 out of the last 4 times I’ve slept at my parents house I have at this experience, which leads me to believe these are entities that reside in a specific location.

    The first experience was late at night, I woke up after about a half hour of sleep wherein I was having a very vivid dream. Upon awakening I heard a knocking at my door, but when I tried to look over towards the door I realized I was completely paralyzed, to the point that I couldn’t even breathe. Stricken with a terror hitherto unbeknownst to me, I felt certain an intruder was coming to murder me, but after about 30 seconds of paralysis I finally launched all of my energy towards moving my neck towards the door, at which point i saw nothing. I had never been so terrified in my life but eventually fell asleep.

    I did a little research and founf that it could have been the result of my spirit either coming back into my body or about to astral project. However, about 6 months later I stayed the night at home again last night, I fell asleep on the floor watching tv for a brief period, wherein I also experienced very vivid and lengthy dreams. I muted the tv and rolled onto my stomach, shortly thereafter I heard the door open and someone walking into the room, thinking it was my mom I merely waitied for her to say something.

    But, being on the floor, I could feel footsteps coming closer towards me and the hair on my neck stood up and I once again found myself paralysed with fear. I felt a group of presences surrounding me, and immediately thought i was being abducted by whatever these entities were, but alas a mustered all of my energy into myarms and launched myself up and ran downstairs horrified. Now I am an devoted researched of all things spiritual, metaphysical, occult, ect, and the only thing I have found regarding an explanation in the vast lterature I’ve read is some abductees reporting similar experiences, or the chocking ghosts of hawaii, or rudolf steiner describes the various spiritual energies we attract to ourselves based on our thoughts and behaviour, and found that the poor treatment of animals can bring negative spiritual forces to a residence, and my family has an 9 month old lab that is out of control and my family is typically yelling at her and scolding her.

    Perhaps this is responsible for the negative energies, or perhaps in my case and others, they are actually benevolent spiritual energies but due to our fear of the unknown we immediately become terrified by their presence. I don’t know but I can corroborate the others in their describtion of the feeling of a terror such as they have never experienced before in their lives. If anyone knows anything more on the subject I’m sure we would all greatly appreciate it.

  7. John says:

    Hi all, this seems a fairly common thing. I’ve had one last night for the first time which made me curious to see what it was. I remember having vivid dreams then I got an overwhelming feeling in my whole body that there was someone in the bedroom, this is when I heard a girls voice whispering to me, I thought it was my young daughter but when I tried to sit up and look I couldn’t move, I then got the feeling of being pressed into the bed. Very strange..!
    It lasted about 30 seconds hard to breath too felt a heavy force on my chest.. Then all of a sudden gone.. Nobody there.. I never felt scared but it was the overwhelming feeling of something was in the room.. I’m an open minded person not religious but I defo think that are some sort of spirits in this world..

  8. Alisha says:

    Last night was the first time I have ever experienced anything like this and it truly freaked me out. It was more in the morning because I have bad sleeping habits due to night terrors my whole life, but I had this happen three times in a row because I kept falling back asleep. The first time I was watching a figure of a girl in a white dress at the foot of my bed crawl up my body. I knew everything around me and I was in my room, but was unable to move. So I threw the blankets over my face to not see her ( I don’t know how I actually did it…because when I woke up the first time the blanket was over my face.) and then I fell back asleep again and was immediately taken back to something crawling up my body and a face poked through the blankets. I remember trying to scream, but nothing came out and I heard the thing cackling. That face…was horrifying and clearly young, but at the same time it felt like the “girl” was just pure evil and “she” was cackling, while I was sitting there trying to move and then I awoke again (every single time was a jolted sensation.) and fell right back asleep again to the dream continuing. This time the “girl” had her hands around my throat and I couldn’t breathe and then she tilted my head to the side like she was going to bite me or something and I could feel myself SINKING into my mattress…but, it was weird because it was a sensation like my soul and body were sinking into an abyss and it was dark all around me. And I jolted awake and couldn’t sleep again. Now, I looked it up and it is called Sleep Paralysis, which makes sense since I have no good sleeping habits due to night terrors, but the thing that gets me is WHY did I feel like I was sinking into a place that was evil and consuming?

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