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Signs And Premonitions Of Death

Posted on January 6, 2009

I was seven years old the first time I saw a figure hovering outside my window. I couldn’t see its face, it had a black cloak on. It came through the window and touched my foot. Two days later my coach had an accident and died.

A few years later I was sent to visit my dad and I saw a figure in my bed room staring at me. It stayed there for a long time. When I tried to yell nothing came out, but it never touched me. After standing in the middle of my bedroom it finally disappeared. The next day my mother got into a motorcycle accident and died twice before she was revived. My dad flew me back to her and with the help of my grandmother she was back to normal in no time. From then on I started to be more aware of my surroundings and the signs that were left to me.

While visiting my great grandmother, I woke up in the middle of the night and saw her walking across the dinning room telling me something. She was an Indian and had a very deep accent so I couldn’t understand what she said. I thought it was weird to see her walking cause at the time she was bed ridden and there were nurses that stayed with her round the clock. I got up and followed her to the kitchen. She was making soup. I figured I must have been dreaming so I went back to bed.

The room was dark and had a lot of shadows, one of which was familiar to me. The figure came right out and grabbed my leg. It startled me and I screamed. One of the nurses ran in to comfort me. Less than a week later she passed in her sleep.

I told my mother about the dream I had. My grandmother overheard the conversation and told me that in the old days they would make soup at midnight the day they buried their loved ones. My grandmother started asking me questions. I told her about that night and she told me I had the gift and that I should learn how to use it.

A few years later, after I had my first son, my husband went out of town on a business trip. That evening after I put him down to sleep I also went to bed. Sometime during the night the room turned cold and I woke up. The figure was standing over me staring at me. I couldn’t move. It bent down to touch me but I moved. I jumped up out of bed and ran to my sons room. I held him the rest of the night. The next morning I called my mother and told her about it. Two hours later they found my uncle at the bottom of the stairs in his apartment. He had a stroke but lived.

While I was pregnant with my second son, I was also taking some college courses at night. I was walking down the hall way after one of my classes and I heard a voice calling from the end of the hall way. No one was there. I suddenly had a premonition. It was about my mother. She was in the hospital. I thought I was just thinking about the first time she was there and I thought that I was just remembering.

When I got home my husband told me that she was rushed to the hospital. At the time I didn’t know it but she had been suffering from a liver disease, her liver was failing. The next day she had a liver transplant. I slept in the hospital waiting room and the figure appeared to me this time in a dream. He spoke and said it was not time and that he will not take her tonight. I woke up and ran to her. The liver she got was rejecting. She was getting worse. They put her on a machine and the next morning they were going to turn the machines off. I was her only voice and I told them to wait. The next day she was better. She had a bad reaction to the medicine and they tried something else.

Four years later I was driving to her house and I was on my cell phone talking to her and we were making plans. I looked down at my clock radio on my car and it said 6:04. I knew it was wrong. I was on the phone with my mom and she told me that it was a little after 12. I told her to write that time down for me. Two months later she died of complications of the liver. She was pronounced dead at 6:04 am.

I don’t ever ignore the signs. I am more in tone with them. I am able to talk to my mother. When something comes up like if I cant find something I will simply ask her and she directs me right to it. I have seen the figure three times since my mother passed away. Once when my grandfather died, once when my aunt had a heart attack and just last year when my husbands grandmother died. When I have a premonition or “day dream” I pay very close attention.

Sent in by Nikki, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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59 Responses to “Signs And Premonitions Of Death”
  1. Cookie Monster says:

    I believe in premonitions, it gives me the chill when I think of being alone and silent…

    • dennis says:

      i also experienced premonition death and accident… the death of my uncle, friends neighbor and people that i know.. i want to help them but my dreams is not exact for what will happen. for example i cannot see the person who will die but that way they die is the same in my dreams.. who can help me to control this things… i feel guilty sometimes if i cannot save them.. i want to know how can i see clear my dreams so that i can warn them…

      Note from admin would you please read the rules by the comment box? Do not post your email address publicly here

  2. Samm says:

    I have something I can’t explain but when I see someone without thinking I will say “oh his/her family going to miss him/her so much” Or I see in their eyes I see no future for them. They either get killed within months. Should I say something or leave as is.

    Glad you have the ability to help others.

    • Berry says:

      Well, i think you should try to help. I dont have premonitions like you, but i see ghosts and they lead me to things. I try to remember what they looked like, and the details and i figure things out like how im in a house where some girl mysteriously died. So use your gifts and they’ll take you on a scary adventure. I sound crazy right? But i would just try to help
      <3 Berry

  3. zoe says:

    WOW!!! it finallay feels good to hear about someone psysic besides my mom and my grandma. The first time i had a preminition, it freaked me out too. (I was 7 or 8 at the time, now im 12) the very first few times, they were a dream. now, i think of completely random things and and they come true. this has been going on for so long, that i know that that is going to happen. i have never had an experience like yours, but i hope to some day.

  4. STEPHANIE says:


  5. haley says:

    i’ve had random feelings come to me,they come true too.i tell my mom,but she just looks at me like i’m retarded.

  6. mark says:

    ah, quite the story, very intruiging as well.

  7. Carly says:

    this gift is special but i would hate to have it because i would hate seeing someone die or knowin someone was about to die. casue that would have made me feel like i could have prevented it. you are special and be sure to still pay attention. God Bless…

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow Nikki….you have some gift. Sounds like it was pretty scary at first. Good luck learning to know the signs, I know these things can be very complicated. You’re a special person with a special gift…always know that.

  9. tatiana says:

    oh my god thank you someone else like me!!!!! i have seen a girl eveery night for the past year. she tells me every thing! its so nice to know that SOMEON IN THIS WORLD feels as i do:)

  10. vin says:

    as i was reading everyones stories tears was filling in my eyes because i understand wat every1 is going through because its happening 2 me every day since the age of 4.
    i always visioned that i would have a baby boy an he would die and it came thru august 2005 my son died frm a rare heart condition.
    now i keep seeing the father of my children dying by getting shot when he goes jamaica what shall i do?
    i dont understand why it’s happening to me.

    • Berry says:

      Dear Vin,
      Just look out. If the father is ever going to go to Jamaica. Watch out. I’m not trying to scare you, but I really think it can happen.
      <3 Berry
      P.S Just relax until you absolutely know.

    • coma says:

      The same happens to me, if i think about my visions or hear about anyone else my eyes start floading with tears and my nose runs and all of the hair on my body, even the hair on my ears stands straight up and my body starts to shake and tremble. All very unnaturally tho. I have seen the same things and more. A man with no face tried to get into my mind thru my eyes. He had the ability to move as fast as my car, i was going 90 one time trying to get away and he was at my house when i arrived and he just pointed at me. If anyone has had illuminations appear i would also like to hear.

  11. DelVita says:

    Wow! That would be so creepy to me…but I have to say this: I run from my death every day, and I wonder what would happen if I stopped running on any given day. I know everyone must go at some point, but I do not want to go before my time. It is one thing to foresee others death, but what if you daily foresee your own???

  12. Nabila says:


  13. Superduper says:

    “The next day my mother got into a motorcycle accident and died twice before she was revived. ”

    I told my mother about the dream I had. My grandmother overheard the conversation and told me that in the old days they would make soup at midnight the day they buried their loved ones. My grandmother started asking me questions. I told her about that night and she told me I had the gift and that I should learn how to use it.

    A few years later, after I had my first son, my husband went out of town on a business trip. That evening after I put him down to sleep I also went to bed. Sometime during the night the room turned cold and I woke up. The figure was standing over me staring at me. I couldnt move. It bent down to touch me but I moved. I jumped up out of bed and ran to my sons room. I held him the rest of the night. The next morning I called my mother and told her about it. Two hours later they found my uncle at the bottom of the stairs in his apartment. He had a stroke but lived.”

    i dun understant… i though they already died. your grandmother and mother…

  14. karen says:

    before the night my mother died I had an exprience with an angle my room went cold and i woke up to see her there at the bottom of my bed and four more around my sons crib an it spoke to me and said you know what everythings going to be ok. That morning my sister inlaw called me and told me my mother died that morning.

  15. Joseph says:

    thats is a very interesting story, you really are gifted..
    ive never had an experience like that, eventhough i dream at times of people and even me in deaths game……
    just dont ignore those signs and premonition and pay close attention to them…god bless you!!!

  16. T says:

    I was laying down one night and my grandmothers face appeared to me and her eyes were red. She died two days later, did that mean anything?

  17. Lollie says:

    One night I was sleeping in bed. At around 3 pm I woke up and saw a dark cloaked figure standing in the corner of my room. I thought that it was my son coming home from College for his Birthday. I sat up and said to him “You came home after all, come and give me a hug”. The figure walked over to my side of the bed and we reached toward each other to hug. Just then a cousin of mine who died 24 years before came down from the ceiling above me and very tightly gripped my hands. Holding on to them so tightly that I could not let go. He was dressed in white and surrounded by a white light. I then thought that the “figure” that I had mistaken for my son was a robber and screamed loudly at the top of my lungs so that the neighbors and my husband would awaken and call the police. Immediately the figure backed away and disappeared. My husband turned on the lights and you could hear the neighbors stirring about. He then saw me screaming and holding my hands upward in the air. Then my cousin in white ascended into the ceiling and then I turned and showed my husband my hands. They were slightly burned and remained that way along with slight peeling for several weeks. This year twice while sleeping I have awoken to see an extremely large “spider like” figure running from the foot of my bed as if having been prevented from touching me when my husband suddenly comes into the room to awaken me. This happened twice in 1 month and after the 2nd time the following week my brother died.

  18. LN says:

    I recently started having these premonitions, or rather really strong feelings that I will die young, as in quite soon. Apart from just having these feelings, I also seem to be sick quite often. My pressure is lower than normal, my legs and hands pain and I get headaches very often. Before I started feeling this way, I had dream about a snake: I was at my grandmother’s house and the snake was chasing someone. I knew it wasn’t me because it was though I was seeing this through the eyes of the snake. Eventually when it stopped the chasing, it propped itself up and started hissing. It was a huge snake, but it never bit anyone. Afterward I checked up on the significance of dreaming about snakes; some say that it could mean an impending death. Another thing is that I havea family history of cancer; its not that I’m scared of dying, I’d just like to know whether these feelings are legitimate or it is meant for someone else? Does anyone have any answers?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I believe in paranormal activity because something strange is happening in my life and I’ve been told that it’s a gift but it’s scary. One day I was cooking and a bright light appeared to me and no one else saw it but me and it was weird so that night my mom came to me and told me my cousin was killed in an accident. Then the light appeared again about two months later, I got another visit from a family member who then told me that another cousin had died. From there it’s been happening every since. I never know who it’s going to be but I know that it’s going to be a family member. When my mom past, it was different, this time I heard music that sounded like pianos playing and people singing and it was very distrubing. I couldn’t shake the feeling, the next night it happened again and it was so distrubing that I couldn’t tell my mother. The day after I got a call that she became very ill at dialysis and she lived a week after that and then she passed. The light have since came to me but the feeling that I had when my mother died and the music that was heard has never been back.

  20. Amelia says:

    I had a dream of a plane exploding, and a month later, that air france/brazil incident happened. A week ago, i dreamt of a train de-railing, perhaps in a few weeks time this will happen. I don’t think i will reach thirty years of age.

  21. Rose says:

    I work in a hospital that is greater than 100 years old. I work on the Gyn unit and have experienced death and dying. I have so many stories of what patient’s go through during their last hours of life. I will tell you about one of them. The first I will tell you about is patient “A”…her life history included being a prostitute, she was on my unit because she was dying of Ovarian Cancer. This patient could hardly walk due to the pain caused by the cancer, she was on my unit for about 2 months. During the last 5 hours of her life, she was laying in her bed. We would check on her every 2 hours. 4 hours before she died, she kept calling us into her room, telling us she was afraid, that is all she would say to us, she kept repeating it over and over. 3 hours before she died, she RAN OUT OF HER ROOM, gasping for air and screamed, “I don’t like that black man in my room, get him out!”…When we went in to her room to look for this man, of course, we didn’t see anyone! It took four nurses to help her back into her bed, because remember, she had lost her ability to walk due to the cancer. We helped her back to her bed and told her to try and rest…When we checked on her at 2 hours before she died, she was laying in her bed still showing us signs that she was scared, so we left the door to her room open and a night light on for her and we gave her an extra blanket…At the last check of the night, we found her in the bed and she had passed away…these words can not describe the horror that we saw on her face when she ran out of her room, telling us she was afraid of that black man.

  22. Jesse Jager says:

    I saw my best friends mother get hit by a car and die. But not before I had A vizion of it all in the day time and I was not sleeping. Then 1 week to the second she got hit by a car. That was one of the first times I was able to see something happen before it acually happens. and that was when I was7 I am now 23 and since that day I had hundreds of vizions and whatever I envizion happens within a week to 3 weeks. It scares me. I mean I saw my Brother-in-Law die before he died…I saw it 8 days before he died…isn’t that crazy.

  23. bonni says:

    i dont know what is happening to me,but i laways see things before something bad happens.black figures usually,sometimes animal like sometimes human.

    i hate it.because i cannot control it and i cant help.

    last night at around 4;30 am i woke up with this urge to just look around my room.it was a bit light out so i could see everything in the room.my husband was sound asleep next to me.

    i saw a figure just peeking over the foot of my bed.it alamost looked hunched.it was about 5 feet tall id say,and it had a dark “cat like face” but the face was the size of a humans.big eyes,white eyes,and it was just looking at me.i blinked and turned my head to the side to kinda “shake it away” as this happens alot to me. i looked back and it was still there,just head peeking over the foot of the bed,i freaked like i do when a big bug is on me,and shook my husband.he yelled “what” and i pointed,unable to say anything. it was still there and he turned on the lamp and ran out of the room to see if maybe someone broke in.it wasnt a robber or person at all.it was a cat like black figure.i wish i knew what cats mean.it freaked me out.now i dont know whats gonna happen

  24. Alpha says:

    From sifting through the comments, a common correlation between these experiences involves black figures. Perhaps then it is safe to assume that these black figures are messengers of death? Perhaps they come to collect it us during our departure from this world?
    However these black figures don’t constitute all death cases. Some death cases have involved people being subjected to visitations from relatives or spontaneous exclamations of how the surroundings have become beautiful (heaven?).
    Personally, i haven’t been exposed to such experiences nor have i experienced visitations from black figures, but my mum told me that when she was young, her grandmother told her that her brother (great great uncle?) died in the hospital whilst smiling saying that his guardian angel and that his grandma had come to take him. He apparently died almost subsequently.

  25. Candy says:

    I am a nurse, it was a busy night at the hospital. I had 3-4 patients, and I was walking past the nurse station and something made me turn around to look in my patients room, and when I did, I saw this black cloaked figure, like an A shaped cloak, with black pants from under the cloak, standing at the foot of my patients bed. My patients light was on, so I could see clearly.The patient’s curtain was pulled maybe 1/4 of the way around the bed. I immediately turned around and went into the room,wondering who would be visiting this time of night. I expected to see this person all dressed in black behind the curtain. There was nobody in there but my patient. He had alcoholic encephalopathy, so he was unable to tell me anything concrete, but noticed he was lying down on his back while leaning up on his elbows with wide eyes. That was a Friday evening about 9-10pm. When I went back to work Monday I found he had died. This was my first experience. Several nurses I have worked with have reported similar sightings or experiences of their own.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Whats funny is how people have the premonitions of death by the dream, but i in fact have an associated bond with death in saying if i were to dream about the person that is to die all i have to do is raise my hand on that person and it is for sure he or she will. Scary maybe, but to see some of things things i have seen you would be. Scared of myself yes. But why, for a person who’s favourite book of the bible is revelations, a book that resolves around death. To understand it and for a part of me to act on it is scary. I am not here to preach to but, to say that the ones who have been chosen, have a gift unlke no other and i have a feeling that we may be the ones who will stand on the last battle of of heaven and earth to take down or ebolish the evil part of death. Its not normal for one person to see what could happen. Why am i saying this cause i have seen 9/11 2 days before it happened, who was killed, who who was actually flying the planes, what is so crazy is that i flew in the same airline 2 weeks prior to the all this going in and was in new york. I seen the bombing in spain 2 weeks for it happened and touch one by one the ones that would be taken, for a picture to go from color to gray to bright red in sequence is something i had to go through. Sightings of people walking, talking, and breathing, and dieing are things that i have gone through. We are angels!!!, maybe. Look into urself and see if you have died urself and call ur self dead man walking no one can see it but you.

    • BIG.B says:

      I have had dreams a couple of times that i went back in time and stopped 9/11 from happeninq. These are not quite premonitions since it already happened but its more like a presemonition. I don’t know what these dreams mean since there is no way that i can travel back in the past to stop anythinq but i think it miqht be a siqn for the future somehow.

  27. Yvonne says:

    I have been scared lately because of my own premonitions. Both my boyfriend and I have had our share of premonitions. Mine have been over harmless things like seeing the future of what was gonna happen the next day or even that same day. My boyfriend however has had premonitions of death in his dream. He has had three family members with which he has dreamed of their death and heard their screams and when he awoke he found out they had passed. Recently he has had a dream that we were on a high terrace. I saved him from falling but I fell instead and he heard my scream. I am still here and had forgotten it until I looked on my fridge today and saw the word death spelled out. I don’t know whether to think of this as coincidence or if something is coming. I’m scared that something is gonna happen to me.

  28. j says:

    I don’t exactly believe in this stuff, but I write down my dreams every morning, and also have long lie-ins where I’m half dreaming, and an incredible amount of the stuff in my dreams comes true. I had a very strong vision, almost hallucination, of a plane crashing the exact night before the air-france crash. I almost thought a plane was actually crashing onto my hosue. Once I dreamt I saw my mother collapse, and the next day she fainted. Another time I dreamt that my brother (who I didn’t even know was on holiday abroad) was lost, running around in a city which looked like istanbul, and the next morning he phoned to say he got robbed and then lost that night, while on holiday in lebanon.

    But dreams also have a symbolic meaning, I think – which isn’t always directed related to this kind of simple prediction.

  29. Ryan Taylor says:

    I Had a Premonition That a Train would Crash at 11.30 then i woke up
    and i decided to go To the train station to investigate then i checked my watch it said 11.27 then i saw the train i got scared and i managed tos top my sister to go on and she didn’t belive me but then we went in shock down the track the train crashed and exploded
    i think that death might be stalking me….

  30. Ashley says:

    Yeah wow but I have somewhat of a different problem,I keep having a vision that I am getting shot and I die. I don’t knw what to do I have done so much research to try and find out if I am seeing my own death or maybe the death of myself in a past life. Please help anyone who has any insight or maybe that could e-mail me about it if you have any experience at all. If it is my own death I don’t have much time because I am not much older then I am now in the vision. Thankyou so much for any help.

    • S R Das says:

      Hello Aslay ,
      Chant this mantra regularly and you will experiance fearlessness within you .
      ??? ????? ??? ????? ????? ????? ??? ???
      ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
      ??? = Ha-Ray
      ????? = Krish-nuh
      ??? = ramah
      By chanting this mantra in multiples of 108 you will experiance the eral peace and fearlessness that you want .
      Your experiance of being shot might be from previus life ..(Bhagwat Gita talk in details about the eternality of soul you can read it to know more ) what carries on to the next life is the soul covered by a subtle body (made of mind intelligance and false ego ) which infact stores the past life experiances within it .This subtle body is contaminated by so many experiances and desires that bind our ture abilities .By chanting one purifies this subtle body eventually experiances the freedom we are looking for . You may write to me on swapnilnirhali at gmail dot com

  31. Mello says:

    I believe in them, even thoe im only 14 i have them all the time and when i fall asleep, they happen so like a few day,months,or years later they happen, my mom had it happen to her to when she was younger. so it really is a gift, im still figuring out how to use it thoe.

    • william says:

      Same here i’ve been having premintions since i was seven im now 12 and im stil having preminitions but one day i had a big premintion i saw a thousand eyes and a and a hooded figure staring at me and my brother we’ve both had premintions but my biggest premintion is i see my mom get killed in a car crash and its always the same plese help me get rid of this curse

  32. S R Das says:

    With referance to a story related to a dying prostitute who reported of seying a dark man who was apparently torturing her . …………This is a scientifically documented phenomenon called as Terminal Restlessness where in the person who is dying reports of certain horrible looking beings (with pointed nose , long faces , standing hairs ) .They seem to come with certain kind of ropes that pull the soul of the person from the body .THis is very nicely explained in the vedas , especially the Bhagwat puran 6th canto from the story of a person named Ajamel .Theres also a book called Second Chance which elaborately explains this phenomenon .This book also tells how one can counteract the effect of such gostly beings …… when i tried i,t when i had an encounter with a ghostly creature, it worked out wonderfully .SInce then i have developed faith in what the book talks about.

    There are certain holy sound vibrations which when uttered helplessly drives away such beings , I have personally tried it out and it worked very nicely .When i chanted this mantra ‘Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare ‘ I have found that such beings no longer seem to influence us .

    One more thing , if one acts piously, follows the Laws of GOd as revealed to us in the holy scriptures , chants holy names of the Supreme Lord on a regular basis , prays to Lord then such beings dont even come near . On the contrary one who breaks the laws of God will certainly see such beings at the time of death .

  33. Keane says:

    Wow i think ever since my father died i have been thinking to much about ghosts and death. Its a problem cuz he died wen i was 15 (2 years ago) and i almost every other month have a dream of him saying it was all a hoax, and we laugh but when i wake up i have tears runnin down. If spirits can actually contact us cant they make it obviouser or at least provide proof that who ever claims to have contact isn’t questioning him or her self if it was real or not. For instance the first dream of my father happened two weels after his death. I dreamed that he and i were laughing about how everyone believed he was dead, then we walked down this street. He looked at me with a straight face and said “son i gota go now” and he began cryin. I was confused and said “can i go with?” he cried more and said “you cant, but i love you.” he kept drifting back into this bright light.
    This was my realest dream to date. Now am i crazy or was it real. I like to think he went to heaven but i dont believe in the whole spirits contacting the living.

  34. Anonymous says:

    im barly starting to see things…just the other day me and my nephew n sister were in the car and my nephew kept messing with the door all of a sudden i saw a vision that the door swung open and he fell out i ignored it but less then i minute later it happnd..the door flung open and he almost fell out we were driving so i swooped down and grabbed on to him and held on to him the rest of the way…no one knows except my boyfriend

  35. scott says:

    hi i’ve been having premonitions for years but all that happens is that one minute i’m normal and next thing i know is i’m getting chills through my whole entire body then i start to cry which i cannot stop which lasts 50secs to a few minutes and then within 2-5 days someone close/relative pass’s way.

  36. Melissa says:

    I believe in them for the simple fact I have them too, i kinda keep it to my self b/c im afraid someone would call me a freak, im 15 years old and sometimes its a gift but other times i dont want to have them, they scare me to death sometimes, My mom says its a gift from god, but sometimes it dosent seem like it, They started happening to me when i was about 5, sometimes i want them to just go away, I havethem mainly when im asleep, The day before 9/11 when i was asleep in kindagarden cuz of nap time, i didnent know what they were or where the buildings were at, but the next day i walked into my grandma’s house and say it on the news, my dad was supost to deliver in new your city that day, but he couldnt b/c the load had to go somewhere else, so he had to say home and for that i think god for, b/c that could have been him killed their, i feel horrable for all the people that passed, i just wish i would have known that was gonna happen.

  37. Mr.Azazel says:

    Your grandma call it a gift, but i call it our cursed. People like us makes this world unknown to other people. If you are true and bonafide with your premonitions, try not to conceal it to others but don’t ever tell them.

  38. Aly says:

    I have been having premonitions all my life, and they nearly always come true, but not in the way I expect. I get the same feeling every time I have a premonition, and lately I have been having it a lot, and it is pointing me toward something that I dont want to believe, but I think it must be true. In two weeks my family will be driving through the Canadian rocky mountains to visit family for christmas. This feeling I am getting tells me that at least some of us are going to die going out there. I want to tell my family and to warn them, but we cant afford to fly out, and they would be so depressed if we didnt get to see our family. And then on the drive, my mom (the driver) would be so nervous, and that might be what causes the accident that kills us!!! I dont know what to do.

    • tory says:

      maybe i can help….i felt the same way…what i did and maybe it will help you is i told my dad about my prem. and he said he had them at my age to and so did my granmother..so we sat down and talked about it…i told him that i wanted him to try to stay calm when i said i had a premonition of granpa dieing of a heart attack and he did sure enough my granda was dead whe we got to his house but he always said he was greatful he got to talk to him on the phone on the way there befor he died and befor we got there….so what im trying to say is tell your mom let her know what u see and trust me she will thank you for it in the long run….and shell get to see her family befor anything happens.

  39. Anonymous says:

    i had premonition of a train crash and i have a school trip coming up, but out of my whole class me and some other girl were the only surviver, i only have 9 days to pervent this from happening. i wll try everything i can do but if i tell,any one they will think i am crazy.

  40. Nico says:

    I have had several premonitions, but not in weird forms. I actually saw things happening 1 minute before it happened. I was sitting with my friend and just chatting about a lot of stuff. Suddenly when I blinked I saw this man in a room sitting with a stick in his mouth and then a blinding flash. (was a split second).
    I was really shocked. 1 minute later somebody phoned to there house and told them his real father (his mother was divorced) just blew himself away with dynamite in his room.
    Never told him about it.
    Just wondering… This figure that looked at you did it have a hat?

  41. tory says:

    i think this is interesting….i have premonitions but there either in my dreams or whenever i shut my eyes it takes me back to the past or shows my glances of the future its quite freaky my dad says i should take advantage of it and help people but i find to scary and i dont want to get into it more than i haved to i mean….would you?

  42. Krissy says:

    Since i was young I have had sometimes overwhelming feelings.. I remember i was about 5 I woke up crying i the middle of the night screaming for my grandmother, cause she was hurt, my mom came and comforted me . The next day my mom got the call that my grandmother knee gave out as she was doing her crafts on her wood saw table and cute 4 fingers off. With in a few months of that , my mom was waiting on my step dad to get home and he was running far later then usual.. I remember i was playing cards and somehow or another i had an Ace in my hand and i told my mom A for accident , she got the call about 10 mins later, He was rear ended. Then when i was about 12 i had a day dream about a storm coming and a tree falling on a car.. Later that after noon there was a small tornado touched down and uprooted a tree and killed a friend of mines older brother while he was driving. Again when i was 15 i was drinking water, and i remember choking on it ( wrong pipe).. But the face of my cousin appeared, we got the call that night she had a seizure and fell in her kids baby pool and drowned. Same year in the fall i had a dream this time.. that there was a hit n run on a near by route.. I saw the guy get hit and i saw the car that hit him. The license plate had fell off and in my dream i saw the numbers/letter on the plate.. I woke up and turned on the radio and it was a breaking story that a man had been hit and the license plate was found and in our state we have front and back plates so they were asking people to look out for the car with the other matching plate.. and the numbers and letter was exact to what i had seen. Theres been a few times that i dreamed of my granny telling me things.. and when i investigated what she had told me in my dreams they were all true..Here recently and i am now 30 ive had premonitions of death, back in feb my sons father died of an overdose, the night before he died i dreamed about him, we made amends and laughed and i remember him telling me ill always love you no matter what.. The next morning i got the call , I was devestated and scared .. that night i had another dream about him he told me hes sorry that it was an accident and hed never leave his kids like this but he was stressed out.. i woke up at 3:14am crying.. thats the time when they believed that he passed in the area of 3 -3:30am.. This past week.. I was at work and i remember standing there and almost a day dream but was still hearing and seeing everything but it was almost as it was slow motion.. i remember looking up and seeing the girl i work with.. i got a very very cold , tingely feeling through my body and almost like it was going to take my breath.. it scared me cause i never felt that before.. the next day the girl i work with fiance was hit on his motorcycle and was killed.. These are only a few thing that i have experianced.. there are alot of other things inbetween all the years ive listed.. Ive never told anyone about anything.. i dont want anyone to think im crazy, even though im not.. Just sometimes i feel the happiness , or tragedy about to happen.. Sometimes i see the whole thing.. and sometimes its just a person or someone assoicated with the person.. or event.. but i follow them.. if i can help i will with out saying to much about what i see.. but im still trying to understand my abilities . I dont deny them, sometimes just confusing..

  43. william says:

    me and my brother have had prem. Ever since our uncle jackie died and wen ever we have a prem. It always happens a day later and my scariest prem. Is when i think i was ten and im now twelve my prem. Was when a hooded figure touched me and wen i woke up my mom and her boyfirend got in a huge fight and i had to call the ambulance cause he hurt my mo. Bad and the scariest part was before that wen the hooded figure touched me i saw my mom fighting with her boyfriend i forgot to mention it earlier and im still having prem. Even though i twelve and were getting scared and more scared. But my biggest prem is wen my mom ghets in a car crash and its the same thing and i no im not having bad dreams becausei keep seeing the hooded figure plese help and my mom wont believe me.

  44. David says:

    hey I’m David i am 14 years old, i really dont need this right now, these “dreams” that I had, and still is. I mean why me. i don’t like it at all, seeing nasty dreams, people dying, but that’s life I guess right… so my worst dream, I was sitting in my house and I was grounded, so my friend was calling me and then I had to change the time on my computer because it was way wrong, it said 9:32 it was 5 or something, so then he had to go. and then I was outside on my front porch and saw this bus go by that said Last Stop, i though nothing of it. So then i see the time again saying 9:32 so thinking to myself that i must have never changed it, i change it again. then my friend called back again saying he got some movies, i asked what and he got a movie called Last Stop. so we watched them over at his house without my parents knowing any of it, so as we were watchin the movie, his house phone started to ring, and he asked me to get it because he was in the bathroom, so i answered it and i look at the time and it said 9:32 and the police said that his cousin and aunt have been murdered by his uncle, so sitting there thinking it was a prank but yet getting ready to cry. my friend walked out and i hung up. so we walked to the station and he asked whats going on? so they told him the news and he called his mom and I just thought that I should leave it was about 10:30 when I left and then he called, so we talked about it, and then we hung up. so i go back to my computer and i went onto facebook, looked at the time and it said, 9:32 shocked with fear i threw my laptop off the desk and cryed the whole night, scared, and feeling alone. I have had dreams and nightmares and death, but nothing has yet to happen.

  45. Conner says:

    Had a dream that scared me for life and I was 13. I’m 14 now so it’s ago. Anyway this dream I had is of death….sort of. It was a body that I was looking at and the body didn’t have any cloths on. This dream or nightmare I had it felt more than another dream. It felt evil. I remember that it was in a bathroom.
    When i woke up I was in a cold sweat. I also felt like in a way that I was still in the dream. I was panicing so I literally jumped out of bed opened my door Started running and screamed in the hallway. One of the feeling that was going on in my head way that I was all alone and that I was empty and sad. When I screamed I awoken my mom and grandmother and I just cried to my hearts content. Another feeling and thought that I wanted to do was kill my self and get it over with.
    If I didn’t scream I probaly wouldn’t be here in a way

    Another part of why I scared is because that I have been having Deja Vu more lately and my deja vu’s come from me asleep so my main fear is that the nightmare comes true. One of my friends say I had a OBE or Out Of Body Experience but I highly doubt it.

  46. Anonymous says:

    I have dreams of loved ones dying all the time. They always come true. The thing is I have to look around the funrel to know who is not there to know who it is. Once I figure it out its always a day or two later the person is gone. With my son I knew from my dream it was him right away. Now I am dreaming that my two oldest girls will die in a house fire. Or at least I think it is a fire from what I can gather. I have never had a dream so real that when I wake up I can smell the things from the dream. I am scared to death. The first week of the dreams was that my oldest twin got up hungry and tried to cook for herself. She set the house on fire. Her and her twin sister went out my front door. I had to go out my window. I tried to get to my oldest two and got burned. I could not save them. I could hear them scream still when I awoke.
    The second dream I was at a local funeral home. At first I see my family there. I am crying. Still don’t know who it is. Just two people. One a bigger casket and the other smaller. Then my childerns fathers show up. Which makes it more clear to me. There is no reason for them to come unless its my babies. I have checked fire alarms. Went over with the girls how to get out of the house. I have not been sleeping much because I am scared of what will happen if I do.
    I really pray this is just a fear and not something I have seen to many times before. I can handle death it is a part of life. The one thing I can not do is lose another child. The two weeks are up today. Most the time it is with in two weeks. However I have never had a dream feel so real. Never ever smelled anything before after a dream. I have never woke up still hearing things from my dream.
    I hope it;s just a mothers fears. I dont know what else I can do to keep something happening to my babies.

  47. Connet says:

    Just wanna also say what if the “dreams” we are having are premonitions of death. Like when they say death has a system. What if and this is just a theory but what if you were able to stop death from killing what you saw in the premonition or dreams. Would death start stalking the person or people you saved. It’s a theory but still.
    On the other hand god is calling us back in heaven where their is no pain or suffering in which when ever it is my time I will go just as you will. So enjoy life, go to a movie, hang out with you girl/boy friends and remember god is with you even when you least feel it

  48. aNnA bIteS BaCk says:

    i had a dream that i was going to my own funeral.i talked to a friend and he said that it could mean im starting my life over.long story short i have cancer and i went through stuff and got done so im starting my life over.if that makes sence to you all.it does to me.so my dream is just saying im starting my life over.even though i still have stuff i have ahead of me.

  49. anna bits BACK says:

    caretaker i left a comment and its not showing?it shows at the right hand corner but not on here.is there something wrong?

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