Shaking Beds in Certain Rooms

Posted on July 29, 2010

I’ve had several things happen to me over the past several years and I’m still not sure what to think…

First off I live in a house that was brand new and no one has live in this house before us. There are two bedrooms in the front of the house and two in the back one of which is mine. The two front rooms were my sisters room and the guest room. When I was in high school I would hang out in the guest room to watch TV. I watched TV there a lot and never had any problems but one night I felt the bed shaking.

Right away I thought it was an earthquake but then I saw the TV or other furniture wasn’t moving. Just the bed was shaking up and down. Then the thought of maybe my dog is under the bed but he’s so small there’s no way he could have made it shake then I thought that maybe someone was under the bed so I jumped off and ran outside the room and looked back and nothing was there.

I immediately told my parents and they had no idea what to think. They know I don’t make stories like these up. Well I stopped watching TV or even hanging out in the room I was too scared since that day.

When my sister moved out a year ago, I took her room so I could have more space. The first night I stayed in the room I had a nightmare that the room and the sky outside was talking to me and taunting me telling me “we know you’re scared. You know you’re scared” and during this dream I could feel myself trying to wake myself up and trying to call my mom and trying to continuously reach for the light by my bed but every time I reached out it’s like I couldn’t speak like I was making the words but my mouth wouldn’t open and like I was always an inch away from the light but could never get close enough to turn it on until I finally woke up from the dream and turned on the light.

After that night I didn’t have problems, I was able to sleep but I didn’t notice until a couple months ago that the shaking of the bed started again and you might think that it must be the floor. But I sleep with my feet against the wall and I had my foot actually touching the wall and once again I felt only the bed shaking. Not as much as the time before but it does shake and I’ll catch it shaking a little to this day. And sometimes when the bed doesn’t shake… I notice my mirror will creak as if it is vibrating. Or as if a large truck is driving by but all these occurrences have happened at night never during the day.

I don’t know what to make of it and wonder what all this could be?

Sent in by Ana, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Shaking Beds in Certain Rooms”
  1. Pat says:

    I read and reread your story… I would ask your sister if she every experienced this shaing. Something may be tied to the land where the front of the house is situated..if it continues it may be time for a house blessing or a sage (smudge stix) cleansing too… but get the whole house not just thr two front rooms- make sure to include the porch and basement if you have those! Let keep us updated ok????

  2. trolldoll says:

    hmmm, this is a mystery! does the bed make noise when it shakes? could you maybe video tape yourself on the bed and try to catch it? just a thought, good luck ana!!

  3. AnNa says:

    i agree with Pat, ask your sister if anything weird has happened in the room while she was there. you could always video tape the room while your sleeping or stept out of the room for awhile and see what happens.even though the house is new check the land and go from there.thanks for the story.

  4. Josh says:

    This same thing had happened to me and my mom before, both the bed and the mirror, but never at the same time, its a trip, I guess this is the form of a intelligent haunting

  5. angie says:

    this happened to me and my husband years ago he mentioned that something strange had happened during the night, he said that the bed was moving very slightly and that it wasn’t me or him making it move. I thought nothing of it till the following night when it started to move, it freaked me out! I held my breath and looked at my husband who was fast asleep and not moving apart from his chest going up and down which wasn’t in sequence with the bed! It has happened to me on my own since, I was so tired and said “GO AWAY” and the bed shook so much that the divan drawer slammed! it hasn’t happened for years now but I often wonder what it was all about!

  6. mazza says:

    OMG Ana!!!!!! The reason I have read this page is because the same thing has been happening in my bedroom over the last year. the first time happened when I was in the early stages of my pregnancy so really really tired, I was on my own, went to bed early and fell asleep as normal, I woke to my bed gently shaking, I was in aware of this but couldnt open my eyes so reached for the TV remote and turned on the TV. Although I knew something weird was happening I didnt freak out til I remembered next day. When I told my sis she wasnt convinced. It happened a couple more times after that and all I could do was turn the TV on which seems to stop it. When my baby was due a few months ago, my sis was staying with me to make sure I was ok. One of those evenings we were falling asleep on my bed when she said “are you ok?” why are you shaking? thats when I knew I wasnt going mad, she felt the same thing,….. you are not going mad either, dont know what to suggest but I know what you are going through!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was at a B&B in Florida this month. I went to bed around 9 pm and started to read. About 30 minutes later the bed started to violently shake. This lasted about 4-5 minutes. I found out the next morning that it was not a tremor and other guest have experienced a shaking bed in the same house. I am 65 years old and this was a first for me.

    • Ana says:

      So I haven’t checked back on this for a while, I really just tried to convince myself it was an earthquake, since we can get small ones here and there but now it seems other things are happening. And I for a while I was seriously convinced it was but recently different things have started happening again. Several month ago I was sleeping and woke up because it was too hot. Probably had been awake for five minutes just laying there and I felt something touch my leg. I’m not talking a light brush or a tap I mean it felt like someone’s hand rubbed the back of my leg with medium pressure. This is still in my sisters old room that I moved into. I got over it and haven’t had any problems in the room anymore but I was in the kitchen the other day making dinner. I had just put the pan on the stove, and I put it flat on the stove, I walked away to was my hands, it was a good minute when I heard a scrape/screech like someone moved the pan, I looked back at the stove and the pan was rotated 45 degrees from how I left it and it was rocking up and down because it was no longer flat. I put it back flat and after I tried to see if I could somehow move it to have it rock it up and down the same way it did when It moved and I couldnt do it. I don’t know how it could have moved I would have noticed if i had accidentally hit it with my arm, there’s no way I moved the pan.

  7. mazza says:

    I had to come back to this page to give the latest. First I want to say hands down, no lying! Last night I was falling asleep, TV on as usuall, baby in bed next to me, she became restless and I realised the bed was shaking again. This time I sat up to look at what he duvet was doing and it was going with the shaking motion, I am definetly not dreaming, my bed shakes. the killer is, when I said Stop I’m trying to sleep, it slowed down and stopped

    • Anonymous says:

      The shaking bed that I experienced while vacationing in the Florida Keys still has me mystified. What bothers me most is that people laugh and think I imagined it. I know without a doubt that the bed was shaking violently. I would love for someone to give me a scientific explanation. Meanwhile, I just don’t know what to make of it.

  8. Anonyous says:

    I have been in the same house for 2 years now. During the last year major construction has been ongoing in very close proximity to my house. Apparantly, this has upset something. I was told my an elder in town that someone was murdered in my house. I have objects moving in the house. Ex) Coming home from work to find my shoes in line on the floor, boxes in the middle of the floor, candles flying off the television and breaking. Lights going off and not working anymore. A laptop that was off for a year and a half making alarm noises in the middle of the night. My dogs growling at night AND my furniture shakes constantly. My sofa and bed gently shake to the point they rattle the wall. I tried to convince myself it was all in my head but when I ask for the Lord Jesus’s help the shaking will stop for awhile immediately. I would love to move but can’t afford to. I feel I am at a loss at this point.

  9. mazza says:

    To Oct 18th I would like to tell you to take control, When I say stop it stops, candles have thrown themselves in different directions in my house room i have heard a child coughing in the corner of my living room and felt like i have been tucked into my bed at night, but when I say stop it stops, hope this helps x

  10. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately my problem is not a child. The part that I didnt include in the original post that scared me the most was the first night it started. The night of the candle/laptop/dog incident I was in bed and something violently pushed me into the mattress for a matter of a nano-second. Hasn’t happened again since then but scared the daylights out of me.

    I heard from co-workers that they are seeing figures standing in my house and in my yard while driving by.

    I should add that I am a police officer and my co-workers are sane, officers that are driving by and seeing things. I now have my house on an extra patrol list. It’s terrifying. All the lights are on in the house. What a waste of electricity.

    I should have known something was up when I first moved in. All of the light fixtures in the house were operable. Very quickly one after another quit working and lights were turning themselves off while I was sitting in the house. I just figured old house and old wiring. WRONG

  11. mazza says:

    I feel for you, personally i am going to see a medium this week, obviously I wont be letting anything go but expect some answers, i’ll write to let you know what occurs……. perhaps a recommended medium might help where you are, and if its as violent as you explain then have that medium come to you x

  12. Anonymous says:

    Mazza I am interested in hearing what the medium says. Things have quieted down in the last two weeks here. When the bed or couch shake and you say STOP it actually stops. I have close friend who is a preacher coming in a few days to bless the house. Hopefully that helps too.

  13. mazza says:

    Hi again, well i went to see the medium, the session was good, she was spot on with details about my life and who came through, after the session ended and I had paid her we talked for 15 mins more, she said that she thought I was sensitive to paranormal things and had i had anything happen, I told her yes, now she said there are 2 children around your house, both from different times, a boy called Arthur and a girl called Millie, these kids are from a long time ago, when the place I live in was farmland, she said I should acknowledge them, they are not evil.
    I’m glad you tested the “stop” theory and it worked, do you have anyone with you when it happens? Good luck with your blessing, let me know how it goes!

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