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Shadowy Figure in the Bedroom

Posted on December 12, 2010

Hello all, After reading all the stories people have put up I decided to recall if I had anything past memories or “hauntings”.  Now I’m not a full skeptic but most of the stories I read I tend to think are made up. (Most likely because I don’t really want to experience it first hand). But enough of that and more to my own experience.

My memory begins living in my old house in North Mankato, Minnesota. I was around 10 or 11 at the time, I’m currently 20 now. I cannot recall exactly when I began to see this shadowy figure in my room, but from when I first saw it till the time my family moved I saw it every night at exactly 1 am. I shared a bunk bed with my older brother, who always wanted top bunk, which left me with the bottom.

One night I had woken up, something that was usual for me.  I opened my eyes and felt something… else was in the room with my brother and I. Looking over to my right I saw this shadowy figure, who was standing next to me. If it was watching me or my brother I have no idea. This figure had no facial features to it other than it resembling a boy’s shadow(height wise). I also got a feeling that it was male. But no sooner had I saw it, it began to run towards the small floor vent near the bedroom door on the other side of the room. The closer it got to the vent, the smaller the figure became until eventually it slipped into the vent.

The odd thing was that it never missed a night. It was always the same routine, wake up, look to my right and… boom it ran to the vent. I’ve never told my parents or anyone for that matter about my personal experience. I have asked them if either my parents or grandparents have had similar paranormal activities, which I found that my Dad’s side of the family has a history for paranormal sightings. I kinda hope I don’t have natural affinity for this sorta thing. Well that’s my story, has anyone else had similar sightings?

Sent in by Jake, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Mankato, Minnesota, Shadows

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15 Responses to “Shadowy Figure in the Bedroom”
  1. aimz says:

    wow thats weird does it still happen to this day?
    i see shadow figures alot in my house then tend to peep around the corner of the door but they only show themselfs when im alone but i dont fill scared by them or that they are a threat…i wrote a story on here called the shadow lady check it out if u like :-)
    do u ever get a feeling like if it has a bad feeling ? if that makes sence

    thanx 4 the story

  2. Nicole says:

    Why did you “recall” if you had any memories of hauntings? Doesn’t seem like something one would easily forget if it happened every night…yes i’m skeptical of this skeptic :p

  3. 12 more days until christmas AnNa says:

    that is weird.maybe it (he) runs because you see him.i dont know.

  4. Jake says:

    @aimz, Yes I have read your story, and as for this happening since my family moved… No. However the only other thing that has happened to me was my bed shook quiet violently about 1 month after our move. But ever since this I have had this weird feeling of something always watching me.. I tend to brush it off but the feeling is always there.

    @Nicole, I’m not one to really believe in all the ghost things and what not, so naturally I try to rationalize these things. I had to “recall” them because its one of the few things that I surpressed because I couldn’t rationalize it.

    @AnNa, I don’t know, it very well could have been that I saw him.

    • bella says:

      thats freaky that the bed was moving, how where not scared? and like AnNa, the ghost probily ran because it saw you looking at it.

  5. J.J. says:

    thats kinda freaky. do you know if anyone died in that house? it would be cool if you put a camera up in the room and see if you catch it on camera. you could upload it on youtube and see wa people say.

  6. sharayah says:

    i use to see things at a young age so yes i understand :) i’ve seen a lot more then just shadows :( so please be happy that is all you saw and that your not dealing with it now. im sure am happy i don’t see anything no more but i sometimes feel something is around me :( it’s a strong feeling when it come but it’s not all the time :| i want it NO time LOL.did your bro ever see this thing ?you should ask him. hope all is well with you may God be with you.

  7. Jake says:

    @ J.J., I would but I’m in the navy and my family does not live in Minnesota anymore. As far as someone dying in the house, I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure.

    @sharayah, I did ask my brother about it, he said that he never saw anything but he claims he felt some thing that shouldn’t be there.

    • sharayah says:

      yeah i know the feeling.oh yeah it’s cool you in the navy when i was a teen i did think about joining lol all because of GI Jane. :) i really believed i could join the navy seals lol :) DREAMS

  8. Eliade says:

    Your story reminds of a story one of my close friends shared with me. She was taking a break from studying in her room to rela on a couch in her living room. She always carries her cell phone, and it has a camera in it. Just for a random reason, she wanted to take a photo of herself. She does this often, like when she’s hanging out with friends and for other spontaneous reasons. So this wasn’t an unusual thing either. At the time she was completely alone in the house, and did not feel threatened, but says that feeling the presence of another person was a usual thing for her since she moved in. When she was looking through her photos and short clips she captured saying other random things like “I’m taking a break..” she captured also a shadow off in the distance on the wall. I personally viewed these photos and clips and can say I did see the distinct shadow of someone bulky, perhaps a tall male, doing something with his hands. It looked like he was knitting or.. something very similar to this. I also noticed that the shadow could not have been made by anything else because there’s no object near it that is even vaguely shaped like it, and she wasn’t even moving, only holding her camera phone steady in front of her. This is the first time she actually saw the figure and since then has been afraid to stay alone in the house.

    • Jake says:

      Does she have an interest in the paranomal? For me, it seems that ever since I have begun showing interests in “ghosts” and what not, I have had the same feeling about something watching me. I’m actually planning on buying a oujia board this weekend or at least making one. I’m quite interested to see what will happen. My reasoning behind this is, is to prove that most of these stories about demons and what not coming from oujia boards isn’t true. If for some reason something does actually happen (I do not think anything will) I will write a story about it. if anyone has any tips or other pieces of information I should know before using it please let me know.

      • Eliade says:

        Hmm that’s weird. I’ve been so interested in ghosts, esp and the occult for more than 5 years and nothing ever happened to me. Whereas for my friend, it seems that it’s just her home that has been having these things happen to other people who lived in her house too. And about you trying out the ouija board and such.. are you really sure you want to risk it? I mean, just read the personal stories that people put up about ouija boards.. playing it, creating them. Honestly, I used to be curious too but after reading them, my curiosity just vapourized. From my perspective, whether demons and scary things happening are related to the ouija board or not, I don’t want to risk such things by playing it. I just hope for your safety that you really reconsider. ;)

  9. Jake says:

    Well two of my friends and I used the board several times but nothing has happened. Just giving an update.

  10. eman says:

    Hello, just came upon your website this late night/early morning. I saw a shadow man on april 7, 2009 (4-7-9) but think it was Jesus. I wasnt religious at the time, but was trying to become a better person. must have slept with 10-12 prostitutes during my military years and after that. I wanted to stop doing that stuff, sinning. So one night in my motel room i wrote down a list of all the sins i had done in my life, for example sleeping with 12 prostitutes = 12 sins of my life, and being angry alot counted as more sins, and so on. but what was unique is that i was always trying to go to the local Church and confess in front of a minister or whoever you call that person in the booth. but always put it off cause i was embarresssed to confess about sleeping with hookers. so anyways one late night around 9pm i actually decided to write down all my sins, because in the past i would lie about my sins and count sleeping with 10 hookers is just one big sin, but in reality it was multiple sins.

    so after writing down on a loose leaf paper some 36 sins during my life, i felt better that i was not only honest to myself for once in my life but also honest to Jesus. anyways, went to bed before 10pm. woke up for some odd reason a few minutes after midnight during a week night at this very old hotel. saw a shadow figure standing in the center of this huge tall hotel window that was approximately 6 feet diagonally away from my bed. went over to the shadow, saw what looked like a shiny gold ankle bracelet around the ankle area of His lower right foot. was looking into this shiny gold light, with some kind of outline, like a rattlesnake skin that is wavy thin black lines, but overall gold in color. looked at it for certain around 40 seconds. i got up, it disapeared. The only reason I think I saw Jesus/God is because i confessed for the first time in my life all my sins and wrote them down on paper, only to be awoken just two hours later.

  11. Skylark says:

    I had a somewhat similar experience. I think it was when I was 9,10, or 11 that I started seeing a shadowy figure of a tall masculine man standing by the wall across from my bedroom door. He would just stand there looking at me or in my bedroom(i’m not sure since he didn’t have any facial features). I remember that I would just look at him from my bed but if I made any noise like loud breathing or moving on my bed he would go up the stairs right next to him really fast. Whenever he came I would make sure I didn’t make any noise because I got scared when I saw him move or I was afraid he would go upstairs and hurt my parents. I would just sit there watching him quietly until I fell asleep. I never knew what time I woke up and saw him though because I didnt have a clock in my room. I told my brother about him one time and he said that he saw the same figure a few times too but he threw a pillow at it and he never saw it again. I don’t remember when I stopped seeing him but I never got the guts to throw a pillow at it or talk to it. Anyways, I just have a question…most of the stories I read or hear about a shadow person, the shadow person is said to be a tall man. Why is it always a man? Maybe our brains turn natural shadows into a human figures because we are scared or something.

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