Shadows and Sleep Paralysis

Posted on April 28, 2011

Okay, so I have a story and its been a very long time since I’ve told anybody about this story, and I still remember it as if it happened last month, but I thought I’d submit it to this website because a lot of these stories seems sincere.

I don’t remember how this all quite started all I know is that I had been seeing a shadow when I was living with my dad and step mother at the time. It begins when I was living with my dad, brother, step sister, and step mother at the time in one of our apartments, it all began with little things like, stuff moving from one place to another without any recollection of us moving it,to finding our stuff in odd places where they were usually never placed, then it went on to things moving in the night like plates and bowls sounding as if they were being shifted inside the cabinets.

Now my brother, step sister and I had all come to the conclusion that we were dealing with something other worldly and since we didn’t feel threatened by the entity we welcomed it and let it do its thing so to speak, we would laugh and joke about it sometimes and when we forgot some things or we we had misplaced items we would joke that the ghost or whatever it was, was playing with us and took it for a joke.

Then my father and step mother began getting into fights and soon they got divorced and now it was just my brother, my dad and me all living in the same apt. Then suddenly things began to change, it became tense in the house my dad and I started fighting and so did my brother and I. our bowls and plates would still move around in the cabinets but this time instead of being at night and rather subtle (to the point where you actually had to listen to it move) to being in the middle of the day and louder than usual, this made me, and my brother feel uneasy because this was unusual, then we started seeing shadows, and they were almost everywhere we went, its like they followed me around.

I wasn’t sure about my brother because he never told me anything like this, but when I was still in high school I would be in class and would see a shadow on the other side of the door as if peeking in, I would only catch it in the corner of my eye and when I turned to look it vanished instantly, we would both see it at the apt. Though he told me NUMEROUS times of him seeing a shadow, in the corner of his eye and once he told me that when he was brushing his teeth one morning he felt as if someone was behind him and he thought it was me trying to scare him and when he looked up he saw the shadow he then told me he blinked and it was gone.

I would see it in the reflection of our TV and the way our sofa was positioned we could see our bathroom door behind us in the reflection.. well one day I was watching TV and and in the reflection I saw the shadow standing in the doorway of our bathroom I turned to look and it was gone, this figure had no identifiable features what so ever, it didn’t have the hat as described as the “hat man” or the “hag”… but it seemed more humanoid, I could make out a head and shoulders and nothing else, and it was completely black, I couldn’t even see light behind it.

But this entity was not friendly it didn’t feel the same as the other one, this shadow being or whatever it was made me feel real uneasy and restless.

One night I remember waking up scared and completely paralyzed, I could move AT ALL the only thing I could do was blink and move my eyes… I felt terrified, more terrified than I have ever been in my entire life even today I have not been as scared as I was that night, and it still gives me chills to this day to recall this memory, but I wake up as I said terrified beyond all human reason possible and I remember lying on my left side facing the wall, and I distinctly remember hearing my door to my bedroom opening… it doesn’t creak but it rubs against the carpet when you move it and we had just put new rug in because my brother had spilled coffee or soda, but I remember the door opening and then it got deathly silent its like someone had put headphones on my head the only thing I heard was foot steps drawing nearer and nearer, and it was making that same crunching sound that new carpet makes when you step on it, and that and some semi faint breathing coming from… it.

I’m telling you that when I could hear anything but that… its the scariest thing to remember because me and my brother shared a room and we had bunk beds and he slept on the top bunk, and I couldn’t even hear him breathing, and I was literally over come with a sense of dread and fear, again like I’ve never felt before, and at once I had… a hallucination perhaps? But for a moment I pictured what this thing had looked like and I remember was it was still all black but instead of appearing humanoid, it had and elongated face and protrusions, almost like horns.

I remembered praying to god to protect my brother from this thing and watch over me, just praying and praying and praying harder than I remember ever praying, and at once I was able to move again and it was gone I remember telling it leave and to stay away and never come back, then shortly after that I went back to sleep because I was so drained and I felt exhausted, I didn’t tell my brother the next day because I didn’t want to worry him, we continued to see shadows the next few years but I never had another encounter like that again.

Today I have have stopped seeing shadows or the same shadow, my brother moved with my dad into a house after I moved out to pursue my carrier, and he tell me he still sees the shadow, but he says he doesn’t, feel un easy about it anymore. I just wanted to know if this was normal, and by this I mean my experience and the shadow following my brother and him feeling different about it.

Sent in by Josh, Copyright 2011

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7 Responses to “Shadows and Sleep Paralysis”
  1. Stephie says:

    That is very scarey to experience something like that. Praying was the right thing and best thing you did. I hope you get the answers you seek. Thanks for Sharing.

  2. bob j says:

    I know what its like I have a ghost in my house and I seen her and she hangs around in the bathroom.

  3. Mahoney1993 says:

    I’ve noticed something about people who tend to see these shadows: they almost always have sleep paralysis. Maybe it’s a a connection, whether it’s caused by the shadow or vice versa, it still seems odd to me.

    • Caretaker says:

      I disagree with that as I have read many many different shadow encounter stories. Sure, sleep paralysis is sometimes involved but not most of the time. People commonly report seeing these things when they are wide awake just sitting in their living room or something.

      • Vonnie says:

        It’s a little scary to think about.
        I’m a Christian, does anyone have any idea that follows my beliefs on what these entities could be? Demons or such? It’s hard for me to dismiss such stories as simply fairy tale or schizophrenia without good reasoning.

  4. Sarah says:

    Strange… I too remember some sleep paralysis experiences from when I was younger. I remember at one point apparently waking up to see these ‘white birds’ fluttering around near the ceiling of my room! Loads of them!
    Also a dog – I still remember lying in my cot as a 4 year old and seeing a tiny dog running up and down by the window of my room. It wasn’t like an actual dog – it was tiny! About the length of my index finger!
    As I grew older, at the age of about 10 I would often see a large dog sat in my room; black and wolflike, just sitting there.
    The most regular occurrence was the screaming: I’d wake up and be unable to move, and hear screams of terror in my head getting louder and louder.. I’d see faces and things coming towards me and items in my room would seemingly metamorphose into nightmarish objects. Coats would look like people with eyes and shadows would dart across my vision.

    I don’t believe that any of this is paranormal, however it is terrifying!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just like to say I to was a victim of these shadow things.
    And they just come at your most down moments and they drain you of all strenth that was in your body.Any way Im not a mad cristian or some one who knows my bible in side out but every time I was atacked and I coldnt move and the room went just all black the fear rises in you and all you can do is think,
    In my mind I pray out loud it those work it goes..Iv loads of storys about the hat man and things our family have been seen but Im tired to night so next time maybe..sleep well all God bless!!!

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