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Shadow Person and House Cleansing

Posted on July 5, 2010

Recently some weird occurrences have been taking place in my house. I just moved in not long ago (about a month) and a little over two weeks living there I saw the first sighting of the shadow person.

I was walking down the stairs to join my boyfriend in the kitchen for breakfast. As I turned around the spiral of the staircase I saw a dark mass walk down the hall through the living room doorway. I thought it was my boyfriend and went to follow him. I walked into the room finding no one and then a moment later hearing my boyfriend in the kitchen.

At first I didn’t think much of the incident. I had seen these dark shadows before in previous homes I’ve lived in. Nothing bad had ever happened before, nothing really spooky.

However, a week or so later I had just come back home from an early morning art history class. I was still very tired and decided to go back to bed. My boyfriend had left to work for the day so I was alone. I crashed onto the bed thinking I would fall asleep almost immediately. It was strange, I was having a hard time falling back asleep (which I never did before).

I was laying on my back, eyes closed, just barely dosing. I started feeling what seemed like someone was blowing on my face. I smiled and opened my eyes thinking it was my boyfriend. I saw nothing, no one. I rationalized this happening as an effect of the ceiling fan. However, now that I think about it, the fan was on too low a setting for it to cause much wind in the room.

I closed my eyes again and a few minutes later I heard the door down the hallway open and close, accompanied by footsteps making their way to my room. A feeling of dread built up inside me as the footsteps came closer to my room. They stopped at my door, and I felt a presence make it’s way from the door to the foot of my bed.

I opened my eyes and saw a dark, black shadow at the end of my bed. A wave of terror and panic rushed over me, but I couldn’t move. I closed my eyes again so I didn’t have to see it and I tried to move my arm to grab my cell phone but all I could do was think through the motions of doing it. After a moment the feeling alleviated and I could move again. I jumped out of bed, grabbed my phone and ran all the way down stairs.

Those were really the only two times I have actually seen the dark shadow in that particular house. Other than seeing anything I have heard strange noises, the lights flicker and turn on and off, the ceiling fans change settings, and a feeling of being drained of energy, being watched, dread and complete terror.

Now it is an old house, built before the 70′s. So there are a lot of issues with wiring, plumbing, flooring, etc. Many of the occurrences can be explained because of basic problems old houses have. However, how can the dark shadows be explained?

My boyfriend has never seen or heard anything in The house. He says he isn’t in tune or sensitive to other worldly experiences, but he does sense when I feel it.

We decided to try to “cleanse the house”. We bought sage and burned it throughout the whole house. In every room, every closet, every single nook and cranny. We also bought some rocks. Rose quartz, amethyst, and obsidian stones. We bathed the rocks in salt water and waited for the bubbles on them to disappear. Then we laid them out in the sun until they dried.

We put the rose quartz by my bed on the night stand. The rose quartz is supposed to protect the heart from harm. It promotes good energy, gentle warmth and love.

The amethyst I wear around my neck while I sleep at night. This stone helps restore calmness and clarity to those who have confusion and stress/anxiety. This is also a protection stone, it wards off bad energy.

We bought four obsidian stones. One for each corner of the house. The obsidian stones absorb bad energy to the corners of the house and also provide a barrier against negative energy.

Since we’ve placed the stones in the house and burned the sage I haven’t felt any bad energy. My boyfriend and I also sometimes speak aloud to this being. Usually just a casual “hello” when we walk in the door or “goodnight” before we sleep. I feel this has helped the most. Whatever it is, I have made sure that it knows that I know it’s there, that I’m not scared and that I am even willing to live peacefully with it. I sleep better at night and feel comfortable being at home on my own now.

I have always sort of half believed in other worldly spirits, ghosts, good and bad energy, and all that. Now my suspicions have been confirmed.

Sent in by almostautumn, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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9 Responses to “Shadow Person and House Cleansing”
  1. AnNa says:

    i like that story it ended up being a happy ending.im glad your boyfriend helped you with how and what you were feeling.im glad things are better now and i hope for good.thanks for your story.

  2. trolldoll says:

    sounds like you know about the stones! i have a friend who has several all over the house. unfortunately it does little for her boyfriend, who is extremely ill. she takes some with her to the casino to help her win. she is addicted. i just never put much faith in stones helping althought i know it’s a quite old thing to do. i do wear a moonstone around my neck, but it’s just a neckless. talking to them will probably help if this isn’t a residual haunting. good luck!!

  3. chantelle says:

    that would have been soOOOooo scary! im glad you’ve made your home a bit more peaceful and the entitiy isnt trying to hurt you. Have you ever heard it speak? I say this to just about every story but maybe you could find out who the spirit is by looking in to previous owners or the house history. Anyways im glad you are feeling a bit safer and dont mind sharing your house with an xtra tenant :)

  4. John says:

    Wow, well done. You seemed to do all the right things. I would have left the stones out in the moonlight to charge the stones, but otherwise I think you handled it well.

  5. JustDana says:

    just an FYI: God is more powerful than crystals :)

  6. martha says:

    Loved the story, I would like to know more about the stones though. Like is there one to kill bad dreams. I have dreams that all I remember is they scare me and I wake up screaming. Never remember why though. Do you think one of these stones might help my problem. If so could you tell me where to find them and how to use them.

    I beleive God made all things to be used, not to just be here. And I’m willing to try if you can help me.


  7. sydney says:

    wow! good story! 8D you should become an author! i believe you. I’ve always wanted to have my own experience…just not a bad one. ;)

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