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Shadow Person and Haunting in South Africa

Posted on January 18, 2010

Since I was five years old I have had an obsession with anything supernatural, not like aliens but anything that has anything to do with spirits, demons, angels, anything. I am relatively religious, and I do believe God watches over me.

For most of my life, I have always felt that I have had something with me, I have never felt alone. But it has never been good feelings. When I moved in to the house I live in now, (I live in South Africa) I experienced many things in this house. When we first moved in, about three days later, I was unpacked and feeling anxious about living in this house; if only I knew why at the time.

I went to bed that night, I cant remember the exact time, but I was woken up by a noise, as if somebody was in a hurry to get somewhere and they had jerked my mothers bedroom door open and was rushing down the passage toward the kitchen. Naturally I got a fright. I thought my mom had received an urgent phone call and was rushing out of the house. I jumped up from bed and pulled my door open and realized my mother was still safely in bed, sleeping. I was shaking and almost in tears. Many nights after that I heard running and sometimes walking late at night, on our wooden passage floor. It fooled me many times until I learned it was a spirit of some kind.

I must admit, I have been involved in the esoteric, but I have never played a Ouija board and never will, and have not gone too far into the supernatural although I drink up every bit of info or story I can. My mom always taught me to respect what we don’t know and what power they might have, that is why I cannot understand where the Shadow Person comes from.

Some nights, well, many nights, I have nightmares about these spirits. I remember one really scary dream that I have had a few times, where I am looking into a mirror, and the face staring back is my own, but you can clearly see it is evil with an evil grin and evil eyes. One night I was sleeping, and I woke up and saw a dark hooded figure in my doorway when I sat up, it was gone.

I have taken pictures in that house and there is like, a dark mist in the frame that was never there when I took the picture. Someone will take the same picture and there will be nothing there! Even pictures taken of me will have a dark mist across the frame. I have also noticed a blonde little boy following me. He is a good spirit, I know that. For some warped reason, I named him Ethan.

I have had experiences where I become paralyzed, and hear this evil laughing while I cant move, something invisible crawling on my bed and making the covers heavy, my stuff would move by itself in front of my eyes and stuff would be hauled off my dresser.

I’m used to it by now but would anybody have any advice on what to do about my Evil situation?

Written by Wendy Senekal, Copyright 2010

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16 Responses to “Shadow Person and Haunting in South Africa”
  1. Nana says:

    Wow. I think you’re really brave to be going through this. Just remember that God will protect you if you need it!

    • Mitchell says:

      God can’t protect you if demons are messing with you.
      Learn to become partially ethereal that way you can peer into their world.

      God has nothing to do with the supernatural.

      • Nana says:

        Sorry to oppose your opinion, but god does indeed have a significant role in the paranormal, especially when it comes to demons. Demons come from hell, the realm of Satan, and God is the only one with power over them. Demons can be repelled by prayers or uttering the name of God. I’m not preaching, I’m simply reciting the conclusion that has been reached by many people who have been haunted by demons.

        Attempting to peer into the realm of the demons will only give them an invitation into your life and worsen the situation at hand. Trying to communicate or interact with demons or supernatural forces will also have the same effect. To repel a demon or to get rid of one, the best thing to do would be to turn to spiritual matters. Once again, trying to interact with demons to get rid of them will at best do nothing. Most likely, however, it will deepen the entity’s want to torment you.

        Keep well and safe!

        • Anonymous says:

          “the best thing to do would be to turn to spiritual matters.”

          What does this mean? Especially if you already live well?

      • Wendy says:

        Hey there mitchell i am very interested in why you might think that way.. Could you explain? i am not going to preach to you about anything, dont worry. i would just like to know your take on that subject.

  2. nicki says:

    OMG im also from sa czape town and have the same things happen in my house but my parents were the first and original owners of this house for the past 35yrs (im 20 now)
    we have spirits or entities in our house that just moved in as they like to do.
    but it just got more busy after my dad died when i was 14 (shadows, things touching you voices waking you noises) but ja we mving soon so hopfully they myt not follow me lol also had a blond little girl follow me but i stopped seeing her when i was little and only after he died she showed up neva saw her just felt her around

    keep well and keep safe

  3. Wendy says:

    Hey Guys, thanks for your comments, and for reading my story

    Anyway, things have been quiet recently. Maybe i have been to busy to notice but i will post a story as soon as something happens. Ethan has’nt shown himself for months now maybe he feels things are safe.

    Keep well

  4. anna says:

    I think thats cool that you have a friendly ghostbut about the evil spirt you should call a priest to clens the house or do the our father pray.Maybe it will work if not I have no idea.I wish something good like that would happen to me.A spirt not evil ofcorse.when I read stuff I acually get jelous a little.

  5. Michelle says:

    Hi Wendy, Im also from SA, I read your story and it did freak me out a little. I want you to do yourself a favor, Google up ‘South African Concentration Camps 1903′ and maybe you’ll find that the house’s allocated on a concentration camp. The area where I stay is built on concentration camp grounds, and to make it worse when I moved into my house and one evening when I was washing dishes, in the corner of the room I was in, out of the blue a mans voice shouted at me “GET OUT” and that inspired me to find out what might of happened in the area I live in. I just ignore them (spirits).
    Take care!

  6. courtney says:

    i dont know how to say this but that little spirit boy ethan must be protecting you, you need to make sure he is there by your side every day and night, that bad spirit is no good, if its still bothering you you need to get some help cause the same stuff is happening to me…i posted a story that will come up idk when but its called “Unknown Haunting” and its all about what is happening to me. i hope that you are safe and that nothing bad has happened yet, ethan an amazing spirit im guessing, god sent him to take care of you and watch over you, that evil spirit is going to keep coming back for dumb reasons everyday until you get help. just say its for the bad spirits, ethan would love to stay by your side your whole life, hes a guardian angel.

  7. W.S says:

    Hey guys, here is an update. a few years back, my friend named Kyle was murdered. i was thinking alot about him the other day, and browsing through a facebook profile made in his honour. Anyway, i was recording some things on a recorder for work, and when i played it back a voice came on whispering, “it’s Kyle”. I jumped so high i almost hit the roof!! anyway, i suppose maybe he popped in to say hi. it was a huge surprise i can tell you that!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I think u should maybe just find out the history of the house. The running/walking up the hall may just be a past event replaying itself. Like a residual haunting. As for the hooded figure etc try and get help asap, something or someone invited that thing and it won’t leave on its own, that is what my gut says and I am genuinely scared for u as I feel as time passes it will become more violent and Ethan can only do that much. Protect urself :)

    • W.S says:

      Hey there, thanks for your concern. About a year ago, I had a priest pray for me, and that hooded figure has not shown itself since. Ethan hasn’t shown himself much either so I think he feels things are safe. About the residual haunting, I think you are right because I only hear footsteps at night when everybody has gone to bed.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Be careful about thinking they are dead people of this world… Been through a hell of an experience with my ordeal, and have good reason to suspect that these beings were never physical beings born of this world… Like with what happened to me, they will attempt to gain your trust by posing as people you once knew, or by tricking you into believing you knew them in a previous life, etc..

  10. JT says:

    Hi Wendy. In response to Michelle’s comment about Concentration Camps…

    I grew up on a farm in South Africa in a house built in die 1800’s. We too had a LOT of strange things happening. Nothing serious, mostly noises, footsteps, the sound of furniture moving and so on. Luckily none of the entities have ever tried to make contact, although there were 4 instances that might have been something in that line…

    1st instance happened one night when I suddenly woke up feeling like something is pinning me to the bed. The cat that slept on my bed with me went nuts and scratched my body as it was spinning on me, building up momentum to get out of there. Don’t know whether this was a haunting or a panic attack like my parents thought it might have been. (Never had a panic attack before or after that)

    2nd instance happened while we were playing games on the computer. The sound from the speakers went all slow and “deep voice” like the things you see in movies, right… It only made a sound which sounded like someone saying my name. All went fine after that and it never happened again.

    Third time round me and my brother were sitting in my bedroom when we heard my dad calling me. Went to my dad’s bedroom; he was reading the newspaper and said he did not call me, but both me and my brother heard this (In my dad’s exact voice and tone)

    4th time was exactly like the second, but this time it was me, my brother and 3 of my friends in the bedroom (we were about 20 years of age at the time). This time the voice called me like my dad would when he is mad at me for something. Long story short, my dad wasn’t even in a 20km radius of the house at the time…

    So I did some digging and the only explanation I could come up with is that if you study the drawings of the concentration camps; concentrating on the mountains and other recognisable landscapes, that house should have been somewhere around there. This was confirmed by an historian. He also told me that some of those big farm houses were used as hospitals in the boer war.

    I moved out of the house a couple of months after that. Never had any of those problems again, not even when visiting. Guess I will never know what or who was calling me and I prefer to keep it that way.

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