Shadow Man in the Top Hat

Posted on November 9, 2009

I haven�t seen him since I was a little kid, but the shadow man in the top hat used to visit me in the curtains of my bedroom. I thought he was the Boogeyman, but wasn�t especially afraid. I thought he�d come to carry me off, but he never did any harm, and wasn�t very menacing. A few years after that, I told my best friend about him, and he said that the same thing used to happen to him. As Nic Kelly says, there is something going on here. I�m nearly 36 now. It�s interesting to me that so many that experienced the man in the top hat are about my age.

Over the years, I�ve read various stories involving a similar figure, both fiction and non-fiction, and have noticed this particular archetype, if that�s what it is, showing up in movies and on TV, in variations. In the Ghostbusters cartoon from the 80�s, the Boogeyman character wears a top hat. There is a Mexican horror film series involving a diabolical character, Coffin Joe, also with the top hat. An episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer features a creature in top hat. I�ve read a Batman story written by Joe Landsdale that involved a horrific dark figure with sharp teeth, glowing eyes that wore a top hat. I�ve read a UFO book by Raymond Fowler that involved an encounter with a dark figure in top hat. There was a play in London that involved the Boogeyman in top hat. The Nightmare Factory by T. Ligotti features a cover with a dark figure in top hat. Lon Chaney, in the lost film, London After Midnight, plays a horrific figure in top hat. I suspect there�s a basis in reality for these depictions, that maybe the creators of these characters were visited themselves, even if they don�t remember.

At this point, I�d really like to have a better idea of what the shadow man is. But, at the same time, considering he�s apparently real, I�m not so sure it�s wise to delve too deeply. Religious interpretations don�t ring true at all. Whatever he/it is, it�s not the devil. I don�t think it�s a Jungian phenomenon, some sort of embodiment of something from our collective unconsciousness, because we see this thing in waking life. But it could be something in that direction. Could it be some psychical force used to examine us by, what? Aliens? Extra-dimensional beings? Sleep paralysis also doesn�t fit the bill, since I�ve had that separately, as an adult, and it�s totally different and terrifying, and I was never terrified of the shadow man. Is there an entity that delights in nothing more than traveling the world, going from bedroom to bedroom, to either creep us out, or strangely comfort us? Does he sometimes do more than just stand idly by our bed? Are some disappearances the result of Mr. Top Hat?

There�s certainly much more to life then this physical world, but I�m not sure where this shadow man fits in, with his top hat (why, of all things, a top hat? Because it�s creepy? But why is it creepy? Because the shadow man wears it? Which came first, the shadow man, or the top hat?). I have a friend that, on rare occasions, we dream together. It�s happened three times, just enough times to realize that it wasn�t a coincidence, that, holy crap, we were dreaming TOGETHER. I�ve practiced remote viewing, and had eye-opening results with that. My point being, again, that incredible things happen that can�t be explained by conventional western materialism.

But what this shadow man is, what he�s doing in our rooms at night, often when we�re very young, why he dresses like a gentleman of the 19th century (this could be a real clue, though � does it mean that�s when he�s from?), are questions I can only wildly speculate about.

Sent in by Jim, Copyright 2009

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158 Responses to “Shadow Man in the Top Hat”
  1. Unknown says:

    Thats ironic because I saw this man when I was 5 years old until I was about 7.He would walk around my room and dissapear when the sun rose. I never saw his face, he was more like a shadow. But I distinctly remember his top hat. He never caused any harm, or even act like he knew I was there.

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      How About Bird Demons In Different Shapes And Sizes? Could A Bird Demon In Different Sizes And Shapes, Be The Hatman Too? And I Think There Are What We Consider To Be Females Too. I Think There May Be Female Hatmen Too….ps: One Of The Bird Demons, That Visited Me, Was Tall And Skinny. Yes, The One That Visited Me The Most, Was Skinny And Tall….And Then It Was Just Gone! It Was Just Gone! from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas

  2. CMF says:

    Excellent, I have seen this guy, in fact my daughter and I watched him walk across a bedroom doorway and into the wall, this was on the third story of a building, seeing tat made me scour the net for answers but I still dont know anymore than I started with except that others have seen it as well.

    Was the hat you saw like those old stovepipe hats they used to wearin the 1800′s? Thats exactly what it had on. Again there was no dread or fear, just plain “what the hell was that?” I have never been able to explain it and would love to know what exactly these things are, apparently there are others that take different shapes.
    Some cause fear and some do not.

    And we are about the same age.

  3. Indiangirl says:

    Larry, my son’s shadow man, had a top hat… The one my daughter saw the other day had one…
    Larry was not menacing, either. He kinda creeped my son out at first, but after a while, my son got used to him being there. Larry never caused any problems, was just there. He followed us from Texas to where we live now and even went back to Texas with him for a visit with his Dad. On that visit, my exhusband held a prayer deal with his congregation to rid my son of Larry. Several members of the church hovered over my son, praying for him to be rid of this “evil” spirit. My son told me that he could see between the people that Larry was just standing over by the pews waiting for them to get done. Haha! Since Larry never caused problems and even became a comfort to my son, that makes me laugh. One day, when our paranormal activity was at a particular high, my son prayed for everything, including Larry, to be taken away… It was (for him), and so was Larry. He has not seen Larry since, but misses him.

  4. Christina says:

    I wonder why too……………the top hat shadow man was one of three shadow figures I saw and heard as a child of 7/8 yrs old. As mentioned before, I had awakened in the middle of the night and the bedroom door was ajar approximately 4 – 6 inches. I heard whispering and when I looked towards the door, I saw several people standing there, the outline of them that is, and included with the three was the ever famous hat atop one of their heads. After reading so many stories, (didn’t Freddy Kruger have a hat similar to a top hat, too), I often wonder what the significance, if any, there might be.

  5. blondie says:

    Hi Jim,

    I enjoyed reading your post, you have posed some very interesting questions that i too have wondered about. I have also seen the ‘shadow man with the top hat’ he was just one of many visitors that came and went as i was growing up, but he was the only one that i actually saw (the others i only ever felt or heard).

    I was never afraid of him either, he never felt threatening at all. I remember that he used to be dressed very formally all in black with top hat and tails. He was about 6ft tall and walked with a flick of his stick (or cane). One time i woke in the night and went to the kitchen for a drink, the window of our kitchen looked over the downs (My mother still lives there). I dont know what made me stand and look out of the kitchen window while i drank, but imagine my surprise when he appeared from behind a tree and casually walked across the field at the end of my garden. He walked slowly flicking his stick as if he had all the time in the world!

    Thanks for your thoughts about the shadowman with the top hat, i’m very interested to see what other comments this thread recieves :-)

    • umarie says:

      EXACTLY!!! your the first person ive seen that mentioned he has a cane :o i was maybe 6/8 when i saw him :L he walkes all “fancy-like”. when i llooked at him i didnt feel anything,i just felt neutral.

  6. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Jim,, this was something that i was going to post about also…i met the man with the top hat when i was 4 years old.. i am now 51. He is very tall and thin, dressed all in black, black face.. but he is not a shadow, he is very solid,, i have always called him,,, the black man….

    He followed me from, England, to Canada, to the USA,,, he has appeared in every home i have lived in, and i have moved around a lot….in 1976 i had a daughter, she also met the ,, black man,, and was very afraid… i told her not to be frightened as he had never harmed me..

    every where my daughter and i moved,, he would show himself.. it was like he would appear in the bedroom doorways, and walk into the closets…almost like he was watching over us…it didnt make sence untill,, 1993, when my daughter and i moved again,,,,,, into a townhouse….we joked with each other about who would see the ,, black man .. first…

    We only lived there for 7 weeks,, no , black man, he never showed up.. first time in my life, at this point, i was about 33…….the reason it all makes sence now is,,, in August of 1993, my daughter was murdered by her x-boyfrend in her bedroom of the townhouse…. i was almost killed, my nieghbor that tried to help us was killed,, then the x, turned the gun on himself… daughter and her x, had been broken up for about 5 weeks, not long after moving into the town house… he broke into our home, early in the morning with a shot gun…

    point of the story,,, i havent seen the black man since 1993…. thats why i feel that he was protecting me and my daughter!!!!!!! i have moved many times since 1993, no,,,, black man…..

    strange thing is,, i never felt afraid of him…..i always thought that he might be an uncle that had passed away,, a coal miner.. but,, why the top hat, and what seemed like a suit???

    i really wish he would come back!!! i think i felt safer when he was around!!!!!

    very good story,,,, ktm

    • Anonymous says:

      i am so so so sorry to hear about the incident . but when my grandad past to , ive been followed evry where i go . i sometimes think the tall man is my gardian angel .but 5 weeks ago i dident see the tall man .same thing has happend the man never has hurt me exept hug me and move things Ive told my nice and nepeu the man wont hurt u unless u look for him unless you want comforting

  7. Camila says:

    Oh my god what an interesting story, unfortunately im a couple of years away from even turning 30 so I guess I’m not from that generation but that would have been very interesting to experience. This is a very good story, and the fact that a lot of people have lived it proves it wasn’t just a dream or a kid’s imagination. Again, great story!

  8. trolldoll1681 says:

    whats a jungian phenomenon? otherwise i’m impressed by your knowledge of the man in the top hat!! and i think just saying he’s ghost from the 19th century is to easy an explanation. i’ve also heard of people who dream the same dream on the same night, but there usually in the same house. what he or it is, is a real mystery. thanks for taking the time to make us think about such events!!

  9. blondie says:

    By the way, i first saw the ‘top hat man’ when i was about 16 years old and im now 26. So i dont think its a generation thing :-)

  10. Fenwinkel says:

    Dear Knowtomuch — unfortunately the black man didn’t do a very good job of protecting you and your daughter since she was murdered. Doesn’t sound like these top-hatted men communicate with those they visit as none has been reported in the letters above; and if he really was there to protect you, he would have warned you in some manner. Very interesting research done by Jim.

  11. CMF says:

    Blondie , I didnt see a cane but otherwise I would swear its the same guy…

  12. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Fen.. i have wondered what the reason was??? as time has gone by,, i have wondered if the (black man) already knew that he could not help us…. I have also wondered why he hasnt been back to protect me??? as, i have needed protection…. i have a lot of questions about this man,, is he good or evil??

    I really need everyones support at this time,,,,, as,, i feel as i am being a big way……

    If you could all send some prayers my way,,that would be wonderful…..

    God Bless,,, ktm

  13. blondie says:


    Your post was unnecessary and uncalled for !!!
    While you are intitled to your opinion if you are going to be so insensitive, if think you should keep them to yourself!!

  14. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Blondie,, its OK hun!!! maybe Fen. will go back and reread the post… i dont think Fen. was trying to be mean or anything, just being, matter of fact… sometimes, when we write things on paper, it comes out wrong,, i do it all the time!! thank you so much for sticking up for me,, but , i dont think that Fen. meant any harm……I dont fell attacked by Fen at all,,, just have some personnal health issues right now,,,,,,

    God Bless,,, ktm

  15. DarStarr says:

    Honey, you know you have my total support and all my love! I am soooo sending you prayers and love!
    All I can say is Thank you! Fenwinkels comment was not only uncalled for, it was viscious and cruel!
    HOW dare you be so crass about someone’s loss? Are you that ignorant that you can not even remotely empathize with someone’s pain? KTM is one of the most geniune, caring people I have ever met, and for you to be so cruel is absolutely disgusting!
    I can not believe you!

  16. Coyote says:

    It’s not always a top hat – but yeah, I’ve heard this story from scores of people over the years, from all over the country (and the world). Often, they mention the figure appearing in the corner of their room when they’re a kid. And yes, they usually seem to have been born in (or at least since) the seventies.

    I’ve seen the same critter – but I tend to assume he’s just some sort of relatively recent dream archetype, maybe emergent from whatever memes were going around in the late sixties to early seventies.

    My husband dressed as him for Halloween this year. ; )

  17. tabbycat says:


  18. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you, blondie and darstarr!!! hugs,, ktm

  19. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i was born in the 50′s,,,,,, im glad i didnt run into your hubby on Halloween…….

  20. lonergrllove says:

    2 be honest, mabe the people who invented thos characters had thought 2 put them in top hats 2 mak them look scary and evil.
    i think it’s just a happy coinsidence ………………………………
    or mabe it can be wat u think he is……………
    i hate mysteries but luv 2 solve them but i wldn’t look in 2 it too deep and tak it 2 far……………………. that is interesting , i think i will get bac 2 u on dat .
    thankx 4 sharin’ , god bless and be safe.
    luvv alwayz , lonergrllove( =

  21. it's me says:

    My sister who was born in 1986 has seen a similiar figured man standing in our bedroom door way just staring wearing a top had and suit like clothing when she was around 7 or 8. She also seen him a couple of days later when she said she woke up in the middle of the night with the urge to look out the window when she did he was there again wearing the tophat and suit standing in between two trees. She never said he looked mean or she felt scared he was just there standing staring without an expression. I’m pretty amazed at how many people have seen him too seems like majority of the people are young. Who know who he is???

  22. SpencerThePawn says:

    Does this seem odd to you? I have never seen the Hat Man, but at the age of 5 I knew he was comming for me. I dont know how I knew who he was. And the only dream I have ever had of him brought back feelings like I knew him, It freaked me out big time. I discribed the life long saga in another forum if intrested here it is. Thanks


  23. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Spencer,, thats sounds very interesting, i will be reading your post,, ktm

  24. CMF says:

    Imagine the exsistance of this guy from his point of view, lol

  25. jim says:

    KTM, hate to hear that about your daughter. I have no doubt you’ll see her again one day. I’m curious if you could see features, like eyes, or a mouth? I don’t think the figure I saw was flat like a shadow necessarily, but it was completely black to the point that no features could be seen.

    Spencer, that’s really interesting, that you intuitively knew what he looked like. Maybe you had seen him at some point before, but were only subconsciously aware of it? Or, maybe the reverse — maybe it was prescience, like a memory of a future event, since you eventually met him. I’d rather not meet him again like you did.

    Blondie, it sounds like it’s not a generational thing, eh? Tabbycat is seeing the same thing, too. I think it’s just that a lot of folks of my generation are online googling about this.

    As a point of interest, the figure I saw could pass for Abe Lincoln in silhouette, only taller, with more elongated limbs, arms disproportionately long, and with Abe’s really tall top hat, but with a very wide brim.

    After looking around the ‘net, it sounds like variations of hats have been seen, some more rounded like bowlers, some more like fedoras, and sometimes the figure appears to be caped. The figure I saw might have had coat tails, but not a cape.

    Black figures in black hats. Which makes me wonder about what CMF mentions, and it makes me think of an organization from some other dimension, or from the future (or past), or working for who/whatever created our reality, as watchmen, or patrolmen, keeping a metaphysical eye on things, so to speak, sort of like Tolkien’s Maiar (who also wore wide-brimmed hats). Not quite spiritual beings, necessarily, like guardian angels, but more like caretakers of the hidden cogs of our world, of which our lives sometimes intersect.

    I just wonder what John Keel would make of this. He passed away earlier this year. His book, The Mothman Prophecies, dealt with a similar sort of being (in a much more in-depth way than the movie). Wonderful writer.

    • tabbycat says:

      okay i have a theroy. soo a lot of people have see the top hat man maybe its like a childhood thing cos i am 14 now and i havent seen him since i was 10 but i just would like to say that he dident hurt me in anyway soo what my question is this a bad spiret or good??? now i have been a spectic for a long time till i researched it thank you to this site freaken rocks by the way! :) but there seems to be a lot of people who have seen him soo my question bad or good???

      • toribuz1 says:

        IDK I think there are more than one and like us some are good, bad even neutral….some are just watching some are malicious others act more like guardians….It just depends on the entity it’s self…or maybe we project what we are into them and they mimic us as a shadow of ourselvs who knows there are so many explanations…I have talked to TAPS and they say it is a wide spread event but most times it dhas been late and they said we were all asleep…..just thought we were awake….or at the in between place where you are just edged with sleep and your mind turns shadows of trees into hands or the rain storm sounds like footsteps coming up the stairs type of thing….I don’t think we will ever really know who or what they are but there is no doubt that they are for most to see the EXACT same thing around the same age same time of night…..freaky

        • tabbycat says:

          that makes a lot of sence as well. hay just wondering this might sound like a dumb question but u know that shiver you get sometimes my friend says its when a gost walks throw u i dont think thats true but does anyone now what it is?????

  26. CMF says:

    Jim, Abe Lincoln description with no features is very much spot on, it wasnt a top hat, but one of those stove pipe hats and elongated yes.
    I too wonder since these things seem to actually be around everywhere if your not right that its some other dimensional organization..

    I saw a show on shadow people where they actually got a picture of a BUNCH of them together, apparently there woods some where in the US is full of them.

    It would be good to actually interview wittnesses and start collecting data on these things.

  27. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    i agree,, Abe Lincoln,,,,all black from head to toe,, not a shaow,, he was like a real man.. solid form….his face was black,, possibe facial features…. and he always walked like a normal person,, not just a quick blink of the eye…he was very tall and thin,, semed to be wearing a tux with tails,, or maybe a suit of older times…

    strange things is,, how could i start seeing this when i was 4, living in England.. i had no clue who Abe Lincoln was!!!!

    the only time i felt fear was when i was 4.. after that,, he seemed like a normal part of my life… and of course,, no one ever believed me.. but,, like a said before,, my daughter also saw the same man on a regular basis.. she was also,, not afraid…i found that my daughter started seeing him when she was 2.. and she remembered this…. she also had many paranormal experiences in her life,, i guess she got that from me and her grandparents…..i taught her very young, that was just part of our lives!! i mean,, what else could i say….. i did a lot of praying, and still do… to keep any evil at bay…..

    i was born in 1958, and daughter was born in 1976……

    im sure i will get a lot of flack from this,, but,, sometimes,, evil lurks in our lives, no matter what we do,, or how we do it. some of us have to get used to it… so,,, like i just said,, i have learned to keep them at bay….

    i am very spiritual,, and believe in God,, and he does protect me… i have very strong faith…

    it does bother me when people come up with all of these ideas,,( not putting any ideas down)) when some people will always be afflicted with evil,, no matter what they do.. for sure,, try everything to get rid of them,, but,, there are people out there that will always suffer..

    i have found over the years and in my life,, many times it is best not to provoke evil…. as,, you can loose your life, and in the prosess, you could be possesed by evil.. then what ??? i will be going to Heaven, and want to keep it that way….

    just my opinion, and experience.. we have to be careful what we go up against, and how…

    i am going through some very bad health problems at this point..and many tests… i totally trust in God, and know that he will do what is destined for me,, at the same time,,, my body is weak.. a great place for evil to envade… so, i am going through a tug of war….any prayers would be welcomed!!!!!

    luv you all,,, ktm

  28. DarStarr says:

    You know you have all my prayers! Your body may be weak but your heart, soul and spirit are stronger than any person I know!
    I know you trust is God and that is a good thing! He is there for us if we truly believe in him!
    I am here for you, and praying for you – always!
    Love and hugs and kisses and prayers!

  29. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    thank you Dar,, you are always so sweet and kind to me!!! i really appreciate all of the prayers and support….looking forward to the end of theses tests, to find out where all of this is coming from…. there has to be a core to all of this!

    luv ya Honey,, take care fo yourself,, ktm

  30. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    OMG!!! Can we stay on topic and NOT do a touchy feel good hugging session in this thread as well?
    THIS is a serious topic to me!

  31. DarStarr says:

    You just keep your chin up. Have faith that all will be good. I know the last day or two you have been down, and probably not feeling your best, but know that better days are coming! Take care of yourself – maybe you need a mom visit. That always seems to brighten you up, and re-energize you.
    Life is so crazy, yet we just have to take it a moment at a time.
    You are always in my thoughts!
    Love ya right back!

  32. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Hi Dar.. i will be seeing mom today,, she is taking me to have a heart scan this afternoon… yea,, you are right, i havent seen her in about 2 weeks.. i will also be spending the night with her this sunday, so she can take me for more blood work on monday… i am at the point of not even driving!!!! i am taking one day at a time…

    thank you hun, i dont know what i would do without your friendship and support…. oh,, and your prayers.. you are the sweetest….. luv ya,,, and many hugs,, xoxoxoxoxo ktm

  33. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    she goat,, you are such a blessing hun,,,,will you keep me in your prayers also??? i know you will..

    luv and hugs to you,,,,, ktm

    oh,, she goat,, i would love to here your story!!!! maybe i missed it,, if i did, please let me know where to find it��cant wait to hear it,,,,, hugs,,,, ktm

  34. NimNod the She Goat.... says:

    CT , dude, seriously are they just gonna hijack every thread to cyber hug one another???
    What does any of this have to do with shadow people?
    Nothing! Im glad these folks are friends but this is just clutter imo!

    • Caretaker says:

      NimNod – Believe me I do feel you on this! I have had plans on trying to do something about this for awhile. I do not want to offend anyone or hurt any feelings but this is getting too carried away. This is not a forum for discussing general topics and chit chatting, the comments really need to be about the story.

      For example here – someone submits a story wanting to get comments and feedback about the Shadow Man. They wind up with a lot of comments that have nothing to do with the story they sent in. If anyone would like to have the advantage of being able to chit chat and make friends I would recommend the forum – Heck you can discuss things and not even have to wait for someone to come along and approve your messages. Yall can ‘talk’ in real time if yall are online at the same time. You can even send private messages to each other.

      This has been nagging at me for awhile. Soon I will make a note by the comment submission box and I will try to deal with this. I APPRECIATE all of you very much and I am glad that you enjoy the site and have made friends here. But please, for general chit chat and the like consider joining the forum.

  35. DarStarr says:

    Well, all I can say is wow.

    • Caretaker says:

      DarStarr – do you disagree? I think the forum is a much better place for general discussions and the like. As I said before you dont have to wait for anyone to approve your posts, they appear right away and y’all could talk back and forth so much easier.

  36. CMF says:

    Concur, and the decorum is much nicer, you should try it out!

  37. DarStarr says:

    Some people aren’t comfortable with the way the forum is set up and have a hard time manuvering around it. Hey, but it is what it is. No worries.

    • Caretaker says:

      What do you mean by how it is setup? The format is a standard forum, but if you could give me an idea of what makes you uncomfortable I will try to address it if at all possible

  38. DarStarr says:

    oh, no, not me. I am ok with it. But a few people have said to me through pm’s that they don’t go there much because it’s confusing. But like I said, it’s ok. Thank you for being so kind and such a good caretaker.

    • Caretaker says:

      DarStarr, perhaps it will take some getting used to for those who arent familiar with forums but once you get the hang of it it is really easy. Personally I always start by clicking View New Posts or View Today’s Posts at the top of the page or you can browse particular sections. There are also a lot of sections such as general chat that only logged in members will see.

  39. DarStarr says:

    No problem.
    Ok, now YOU are getting off subject! You don’t want to have to scold yourself now do you?? lol

    • Caretaker says:

      Yes! I sure am! And hey I have been guilty of joining in and taking the discussions off topic myself. But there are some changes coming up regarding policy on that so I want to let people know. I really appreciate all of you who frequent these pages and I dont want to offend anyones feelings in any way, but my task at hand is to steer this website (TrueGhostTales) back to the ghost stories. I am NOT sayng that all comments must be strictly about the stories and nothing else, I can understand some lateral topics coming up in the midst of it all, but completely off topic and unrelated comments may not be published in the near future (I am getting a few last ones in myself).

      Our forum is on a different domain but it is run by the same people and many of those who frequent TrueGhostTales are also members of the forum.

  40. DarStarr says:

    I don’t know what to say, it just seems that the only ones who are complaining are the ones that usually make nasty remarks about the people who do comment on the stories. But that is just my opinion, and it’s really not a good day for me to get into anything. (very emotional today) Anyway, it’s been great fun!

    • Caretaker says:

      This isnt about anyone complaining. I have noticed the problem for a long time but just hadnt gotten around to really doing anything about it before. Over the past few months I have received a lot of messages (via contact form) from people who didnt understand why we had all the general chat stuff. I tried to get things back on topic with the “food” comments awhile back but that didnt work. I had people mad at me because they wanted to talk about general chat and I had others upset because so many comments go of topic.

      There is nothing wrong with talking about other subjects while commenting, I can understand that as it is just a natural way we communicate. But there are stories with dozens of comments in a row that are about an entirely different subject than the story or article. I think that is a little unfair to the original writer as in most cases I am sure they want to hear about their experience. Also, when someone is interested in learning something about what they have experienced they are looking to read about that particular topic.

      I am trying to do the best I can to make this website better and better for everyone. Long ago I recognized the need for a forum so I built that for people to have a community and its free to join. I truly hope that no one gets upset about this and stops commenting altogether. My task here is not easy but I have to do it.

      Anyone reading this is free to use the contact form to message me to give feedback and suggestions. I apologize to the writer of this story for going off topic for so long here.

  41. trolldoll1681 says:

    now i see what going on and i am every bit as guilty of. death and dying and ghosts got me thinking about my bro in law and i appoligize for gettin off the subject. what i love to do is go to the new stories and read them and comment if i feel the need and where i get into trouble is when other’s comment end up leading to other subjects and i just join right in. like a square dance sorta huh.. thanks caretaker ktm and i were waiting for you to cut in on this. and nimrod the she goat isn’t wrong, its just that she got really to negative towards us to not let us say something towards her. we really need to email our friends here in a private was and i’m a little leary of going into the, is it like a chat room cuz i really have had bad experiences on chat rooms. ok nuff said thanks caretaker!! :)

    • Caretaker says:

      trolldoll1681 Thanks, and I do know what you mean about getting off topic, very easy to do.
      The forum is not like a chat room. With a chat room you generally have to install something. Forums dont work like that. There is nothing to install or download.

  42. jim says:

    Caretaker, I think you’re doing a great job.

  43. ChronicMidori says:

    Hey jim, interesting story with some very weird connections for sure! There is definitely more to this than coincidence. I personally have never run into a top hat figure. However, I posted a question on YahooAnswers about any good paranormal websites or info people could share with me (which is actually how I found this website) and one of the answers I got was a girl who sent me a link to a blog of her paranormal experiences. ‘The top hat guy’ apparently visits her often and has been seen by others as well. It is sort of long but shes got some similar stories to yours with some fairly descriptive details about the ‘top hat guy’. I thought you might find it interesting, here’s the link:

    Indiangirl, I just wanted to say that your story on Larry was interesting and the part about your son getting prayed over while Larry watched in the background was hilarious! lol ty for sharing.

    Caretaker, I think your doing a great job too. :)
    Note From – CareTaker Your link wasnt working, I corrected it. Normally links are not left in the comments. However, I will permit this one.

  44. CMF says:

    I think that some agency should do actual hardcore scientific investigation into these shadow people and why some wear hats and some dont and and why they have different hats , and just what the hell they are in general.
    I mean so many people have seen these things there ought to be some investigation into what this is. I for one want to know (but dont want to get attacked in the process)

  45. salvador says:

    Ok so totally had the same thing happen to me as a kid. My quick story…. go to the restroom, leave the light on when i leave, a tall shadow man with a top hat comes into the light…still a shadow… turns off the light and is gone! I’ve been telling my parents that for years and now i have proof of this from everyone else who’s seen it!

    Recently…9 months or so, i saw an interview on Leno or Letterman where the actress Scarlett Johansen told a ghost story of the same description, hence why i decided to google it now… I havent had time to really read all the other stories but think its crazy that its all so similar.

  46. salvador says:

    So after reading some of these stories i wanted to kinda add a little more… the Abe Lincoln description is how i described it but felt that was odd to say…. Also that cross dimensional stuff seems a little far fetched to me…BUT it does remind me of the movie Dark City…seen it? Keifer Sutherland anyone?….

    I was wondering that since we all seen the Top Hat guy when we were kids and there isnt a similarity as far as age goes…(saw it when i was like 4 or 5 and im 26 now) i was wondering if the month of our birth might be important as to why we’ve seen him… Im a December kid… hey shot in the dark ….trying to find some connection

  47. trolldoll1681 says:

    i do believe that scarlett was on a show thats called celebrity ghost stories!

  48. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    salvador i was just thinking what is the connection btween all of us? Im sept, my daughter is april and we saw it togehter at the same time. However I think it didnt know we saw it and it was comming from my former neighbors apt.

  49. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Nim,,i agree with you, i am also wondering if we are all connected by the man with the top hat?? Me and my daughter also lived with it for many years.. i found it very creepy, when i started reading all of the posts here about it…..the strange thing is,, how so many of us have almost told the same story about it……. i wonder what it is??? i didnt reallize you had a daughter,, how wonderful.. maybe we have more in common that we realized…

  50. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Me and my daughter where born in September!!! We both started seeing him at a very young age also…

  51. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    ktm I have a grand daughter as well.

    There HAS to be a connection o some sort, when you have been seeing this stuff your whole life you forget that there are people that go THEIR whole lives without EVER seeing anything ghostly in the least. I’m just curious as to what they are and what is te purpose. Certainly their have been enough eye wittnesses for us to determine that they DO exsist and thus have some purpose.
    Maybe they are comprised of intelligent dark matter….

  52. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have 2 step grandchildren, there where 3, but one passed away!!! My daughter and i never feared the black man, as we called him. He was, in a stange way, a part of the family… he never visited our last house where my daughter was killed, and i have never seen him since. that was in 1993. I do still see shadow figures or people from time to time, but i think that is different all together…I wonder if anyone will ever figure out who this black man is?? We always felt as if he was watching over us!!! I really feel that he was afraid to come into our last house, as he knew what would happen, and he had no control over it.. I have always wondered about that.. If i ever see him again, i will be sure to let everyone know!!!!

    The strangest thing is, he followed me through 3 countries, it all started when i was four. My daughter saw him the first time when she was only two. For most of my daughters life, it was just me and her, so we used to joke about the black man being the man of the�.. it was just our inside joke.. no one else got it,,lol�.Im sure the few that knew about him thought we where nuts,, oh well,, nothing wrong with that�.i would say, we where both a little eccentric�. and i still am,,lol�. its kinda nice being different.

  53. toribuz1 says:

    Okay I ‘m a little freaked out now I was about 8 when I saw him. I too am a heavy sleeper yet I felt funny you know down there. I woke up to see the shadow man in an Aberham Lincoln hat was how I viewed it then hovering over me….I was terrified. I closed my eyes and opened them and he had moved into the doorway of my closet yet I could see every detail of his out line, right down to the split tail coat and the cuffs at the top of his mid shin boots. I felt hopelessness, dread, dispair and fear. I said a prayer being raised in a church home and all =-P and he vanished I pulled the covers over my head and went to sleep waking every little bit to check and I never saw him again. I have always been afraid of the woogie man since even now I cannot have a door open without being afraid he will come through and I have a little fear of the dark I take my cellphone with me to go to the bathroom so I have some light.

  54. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    Tor, most times that i have seen the black man, he has come into my bedroom door and walked into the closet, i have gotten out of bed, and turned the lights on and checked the closet, nothing.. many times… i hate the dark, and dont sleep well, i always leave a few lights on…you said that, you felt funny down there????

  55. toribuz1 says:

    Yes. I hate to say it so personal, but like he was having 6 with me now that I’m older and obviously know what the feeling is it felt like the after glow of 6. I hate putting this up but I need the truth to be out there too. I still feel him around like he is waiting to grab me or something idk but sometimes I feel his presance but have never seen him you know the feeling like something is diffrent but familure and your afraid and don’t know why. Maybe mine is a diffrent thing all together being I’m the only one with THIS encounter. My ex-sister in law saw him too going through the knife drawer as a child since I learned that I have been looking for others and I found this site the other day.

  56. ChronicMidori says:

    Just a thought…. Maybe the Shadow Man in the Top Hat is always seen at the closet because he is looking for a place to hang his hat… LOL!! Sorry, couldn’t help myself. No offense to anyone please, just adding a little humor.

    It is quite interesting how many different people have seen him in the same manner, very odd indeed…..

  57. NimNod... the She Goat.... says:

    Possibly Chronic, the portal is in there that they come through and of course as he enters he is looking to put his hat up! Brilliant!

    Since not all of these things spawn a feeling of malevolence I am still wondering what their purpose is.
    There are at least 2 that are commonly seen worldwide, 1 is our stove pipe top hat fellow, the other being a wide brimmed hat apparently.
    Why the hats ? Who knows?

    Other shadow people seem to be described as having no hat or to be in a cloud form or even small animal form.

    But I find it amazing that this top hat man is seen so regularly , I was watching celebrity ghost stories and some of them have seen the very same guy we have!
    It REALLY makes me want to know what that is all about (but not so curious as to open a doorway I cant close!).

    I dont know , any theories?

    • Elise Gingerich says:

      Maybe They Are The Ones That Have Rank Over The Others?!
      from elise renee gingerich age 39 in Lawrence Kansas
      Maybe There Is A Shadow People Rank?! I Don’t Know….
      Why Do We All Usually Wear Hats, In Our Reality? Why Do Most People In This Reality Wear Hats?

    • Anonymous says:

      Read my post Oct. 8 2011. By Anonymous It’s the longer post. Scroll down past the picture of the Top Hat Man. It will be two past the picture. In the story I made a typo it’s supposed to read sitting on the couch not spitting . Please tell me what you think of maybe him being a medicine man or a doctor of some sort. Thanks

  58. toribuz1 says:

    I wonder if we couldnt do a seance to banish him or something you know summon and bind or vanquish him somehow

    IDK I don’t like it not knowing who or what he is or what it wants where hes from ect.

  59. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    Why banish?? If your crazy enough to get a seance going and it actually worked, you need to do a Q&A with him and find out what the deal is with them!

  60. toribuz1 says:

    Well the mod is still looking over the post before the whole banish comment. But he took advantage of me for a better way to put it I think. If it happened to me who else has it happened to and how would you feel?

  61. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    The,,, black man,, i call him has never touched me… i hadnt seen him since 1993, untill the other day, as he walked past my chair….. he looked the same as always… very tall, thin, tall hat, black suit… and this was in the daytime… i usually saw him in my bedroom, but this time it was in the living room.. i wonder why he is back after 16 years??? maybe he knows that i am under stress…. having health problems…

  62. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    You are saying that you did the nasty with the shadow guy?
    I mean you didnt make it sound bad in the post that is no longer there. SOOooo.
    Whats he like? Whats his name? Did he leave his number?
    Did he take off the hat? Does he call? I mean I have NEVER heard that one before.
    NOT saying it didnt happen… But I mean what was your overall impression of the dude?
    Inter dimensional being? Demon? Spirit? Alien?
    I mean thats a pretty personal encounter there, give us some info….

  63. toribuz1 says:

    NO!!! I didn’t. He did with me. Knowing what I know now about the deed yeah. I was terrified and I feel like you are making fun of me. I hope you understand this was very personal for me to share and not easy to say (type) by any means.
    As for what he is he was alive at one point I know that much but not in the same way he was at our encounter. He felt angry, or maybe idk but I felt dispair and breathless somewhat maybe idk. This wasn’t easy please don’t mock me. I feel he is a spirit and he is Evil in my book.

  64. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    NIM !!!! you have a wonderful sence of humor, but, im gona have to slap your hand!!!! That was not nice…. just as i thought you where getting a little soft with us,,,,,, i have had dreams of the same type thing!!! Well, i hope they where dreams…. but, i will tell you this, its awful, horrible…….. i cant imagine this happening to anyone while awake, but it does happen….

    I dont think this thing needs to be summoned, its already here!! And who cares what his name is, or what he is like??? I mean, its an attack… im sure its not pleasant……

  65. trolldoll1681 says:

    hey guys, there is a documented case about this sort of thing happening to a woman back in the 70s i believe. correct me if i’m wrong caretaker, i read the book, it was called the entity. it was also made into a movie. people investigated her home and she moved out for awhile and it followed her. so the professors at a university recreated her home in a place, i don’t remember where. and they blasted it with something like a fire extingesher. darn i can’t spell. and i believe they were able to trap it for awhile. it was a male and it sexually assaulted this woman over and over. i don’t recall what happened to her. so if anyone can elaborate on this case please do!!!!

  66. toribuz1 says:

    you are right trolldoll I can’t believe I didn’t think of that movie sooner….but mine was not violent just so we are clear. I have no idea what happened to her after all I remember is the giant jello mold over the fake house and her breaks being cut or something

  67. NimNod ...The She Goat. says:

    toribuz1- Weather bad or not you have been closer to one than anyone else in the world, I have never heard of such an encounter before.
    You say he was alive at one point? Was he dead at other points? Was he solid at will and able to dissolve at will?

  68. trolldoll1681 says:

    toribuz1, i can’t believe i remembered it after so many years! i would love to see the movie again and read the book. i’ll look for it. thanks. troll

  69. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    The entity was a great movie, didnt it come out in the late 70′s or early 80′s ??? Some say that it was all made up… But, it trully scared me… i would also like to watch it again!!!

    Tor, i know what you are trying to say. All of the times that i saw him, he was solid, as if he where a real person, he wasnt a shadow or mist….I have heard of many attacks on women…it is a known fact!!!!!

  70. toribuz1 says:

    idk nim I felt him like an airy touch I guess idk like when a curtain just barely touches you but dosent tickle you could feel it but there was no pressure. I felt as though he was indeed a ghost. But also felt idk like he was powerful. I dont remember it was a long time ago this happened in 1998. What stood out were the emotional feelings and the visual of him more than anything.

  71. Sweetie says:

    When I was about 10 years old one night, I was playing tag with many kids from the neighbourhood. My backyard served as the safe point and seekers layer so to speak. It was my turn to count and when I was done, I opened my eyes and proceeded to scan my surroundings to try and spot out my peers. As I stood there scanning, my attention was drawn to the sidewalk directly ahead of me, approximately 80 feet away. A man dressed in a black coat emerged. I could see him clearly, for the sidewalk was lighted by the buliding adjacent to the sidewalk. He wasn’t a shadow figure, I could see him plain as day, and he had his hood on. As I stood there staring at him, I still to this day have no idea why I just stood there, I didnt feel afraid or scared. He stopped and slowly began to remove his hood. His skin was white, pale pale white with dark circles around his eyes. I always describe him as looking like Death in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure but not so much black under his eyes. We stared at each other for a bit, then he proceeded to smile at me. I returned the smile and he continued to walk. I dont know why but I blurted out “Jeremy, quit messing around”. It wasnt until I ran to the sidewalk to see that “he” had dissappeared, that I got a chill down my back. Many people from my town claim to have seen him, but their descriptions of him are always him wearing a long black coat, with cowboy boots and a black top hat. The being that I saw did not wear a hat nor did he have cowboy boots on. Since this experience, I have had some strange occurances happen to me.

    For instance, as I started to type this, I felt a slight touch on my rib….and can sense something standing in the room with me. I have always felt this presence since then, and am not afraid at all. I’ve had many many weird dreams, some seemingly so real. I dreamt that someone I did not know was standing in my basement. When I woke up, I proceeded to walk downstairs and say angrily “you are not welcome here, leave now” and continue to go back upstairs and act as if nothing had happened. I have had this happen to me many times. Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and proceed to a room and angrily say or sometimes yell “you are not welcome here, leave now”…..I have no idea what this all means, I just thought I would share this story with you. This incident happened 18 years ago. ….thanks for reading, I look forward to your response.

  72. toribuz1 says:

    I have never seen that before almost makes me think vampire but we all know they dont exist right?…….ne way I have never thought to jusgt say go away that I will try next time I feel it

    Very interesting story though I am truley intregued

  73. Gnomer says:

    You guys are all saying you were kids when you saw him. Rougthly 6 ft tall standing in a door way or by the bed or walking around the bed even looking down at you as you slept. I saw him as a kid intill I was 15! I got use to him. Then he went.

    I’m 23 now and hes back. Have you guys who saw him as a kid noticed if he’s back with you guys too?

  74. Sweetie says:

    toribuz1: I can totally see where you are coming from with the whole “Vampire” comment, how can one tell someone about what they saw, if they themselves cannot put words to describe a “face” that you are not familiar with.

    Like I have stated before, I have no idea why I wake up and walk to a room and say the things I say. I’d have to describe the feeling as a very intense, it’s like unless I do this I can’t function…. I guess. It’s hard to describe in words. But when I do tell it to go away, its like instant calm. Again, it’s hard for me to describe the emotion. I would suggest you try, it’s worth a shot….:)

    Gnomer: I think he will follow you for the rest of your life. Perhaps you are experiencing some sort of change in your life and he is letting you know he is there. All I know is that he is been with me my whole life, and I feel as though he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just don’t be afraid, whatever energy is causing these appirations is also feeding off of yours. Newton’s Law of Physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed. I hope this helps. :)

  75. justagirl says:

    I’ve been wanting to check out this phenomenon for along time.
    When i was about 16 I was on a crowded was night time.
    The bus stopped and let a man on. He was tall, and wore a black coat and tails, and a top hat. He had a cane that had a brass handle on it i’m pretty sure.
    He was very methodical in his walk and sat down in the side seats in front of the bus. I happened to be in the first seat that was i was about 3 ft from him. I remember that he seemed a bit pale. He was like nothing i’d ever seen!
    I stared at him briefly ..his side profile…as all he did was sit and stare straight ahead.
    It wasnt long while i looked at him that he slowly turned his head and stared right back at me. I wasnt afraid but i do remember that his eyes were much like the brooding eyes in old old paintings….maybe even soul less. I wonder to this day if he was “real” or was he the devil…or angel of death…he just wasnt a person…im pretty sure…no one else seemed to react to him when i looked away….why is that? He definitely wasn’t normal at all.
    In my family, there have been encounters that my cousins …living in two separate cities…have had occur…and they all have to do with a shadowed man simply standing in their doorway…and then just disappears.
    My only experience was to have a shadowed person ..literally go right through me…while i was standing by a river at night…with friends…it was so apparent that I lost my footing…i never forgot it!
    I’m a Christian…and do believe there are spirits…angels…demons and think it may have been a spirit that was in our family line…I believe the spiritual bindings/connections to this entity are broken but pray each night for the Holy Spirit to watch over myself and family…Jesus has been the One that ive turned to…never to be fearful but rather speak forward and aloud that God has not given us a spirit of fear but of love power and sound mind…He is who i’ve turned to for all this…but i thought you al might find it interesting to hear my personal accounts of this top hatted figure…thanks for reading

  76. Sinner King says:

    KTM, I’m sorry to hear about your daughter, dreadfully sorry. I might be able to say why the Shadowman disappeared for all those years. He probably sensed it as you said, and could have made some sort of attachment to you and her, and when she passed, probably went into some sort of mourning.

    @ Sweetie. Ever hear about reincarnation? Priest and priestesses would usually say, “You are not welcome here, leave now!” after a excorsizm.

    Now as to who the Shadow man is…he could be a number of things. Angel of Death, Guardian Angels, “Existence Engineers,” could even be an old family member looking over their family after death. From what I can tell from the story and comments is that the Shadowman doesn’t mean to cause any harm. In Toribuz’s case, it’s a bit different, seeing as it was…attracted to him. No offense. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the Shadowman, but if I do, I shall post my interaction with him.

  77. Fanganda says:

    The Vodoan god of death, Samedi, wears a top hat and apparently is curious of the living. Not saying it’s him, just noticed that he fits the bill.

  78. Carlos says:

    Well I’m glad I came upon this very interesting post.Thanks to the OP and all others who have commented thus far.I know Top Hat Shadow Man has to be real.Now I have never seen him but I know at least a few who have.First I always wondered why my cousin(who is 30)said he would see the WWE(at that time it was the WWF)World Wrestling Federation now World Wretling Entertainment superstar known as the Undertaker in the Corner of his room at night.You see The Undertaker who still wrestles today as a matter of fact wore a top hat,long black trenchcoat and was tall and a dark black brooding figure.Anyway it wasn’t until recently about a year ago I began to realize just what he saw.It was the same figure that had been seen by others I knew when I finally was told what their experiences were.My Aunt had seen Top Hat Man standing in the doorway of her Uncle’s house in Texas back in the 60′s.A Friends sister saw top hat man on 2 seperate occasions in 2 different houses of my friends houses at that time(he since has moved).She described him as a Abe Lincoln type of hatted figure with longer arms and legs that were kind of elongated and shaped more creepy.My other Aunt said when she was younger her and her Uncle were driving home and in the middle of the road there was another car just sitting there facing them and when her uncle honked the horn a top hat man with a long black trenchcoat came out of the car and just stood there staring at them.They just drove right past them and when they did they turned around and the car and man was gone or fading away.There seems to be reoccuring themes or traits in these Shadow Men.Canes,Trenchcoats,Top Hats,sometimes dogs,longer thinner limbs.I feel like I’m going to see one sometime.I hope I dont but I just have that weird feeling I might.Top Hat Man is the one shadow that scares me the most.I remember a 80′s Twilight Zone episode that featured this top hat man and to this day that episode and top hat man give me the creeps.An Earlier poster revealed he had lost his daughter.i’m sorry to hear that and want to send out thoughts and prayers.Thank you all and this topic has and will always intrigue me.Sometimes Coast to coast AM does stories on these shadow people BTW.

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it very interesting that there has been so many sightings of the Top Hat Man. I don’t think it is just one man sinse there are so many variations of the Top Hat Man. My description is similar, but different. The man that use to visit me dressed like Abe Lincoln, wore a stove pipe hat and carried a medicine bag. He was tall and slender and wore a long beard.
      The first time I saw him I was about 13, I was w/ my older sister and a cousin who were both 15ish. It was a Sunday evening and we were at my great Grandmothers house as we were often on a Sunday our family gathered there to visit and chat. I lived not far from her house. If it were in the city it would be a block away,but it is in the country surrounded by acres of fields and woods. My sister, cousin and me walked into my house through the side entrance,passed through the kitchen and dining room and stood at the edge of where our living room is. We had a large light blue couch against a wall. We could see the end of the couch clearly. We were all startled to see this man spitting on our couch as if waiting for us. He had his medicine bag sitting on the floor next to the edge of the couch and his feet. I don’t recall ever seeing a cane. We all left the house to return to our grandmothers. I’m not saying that we didn’t scream or anything, but I don’t think that we had. My cousin never spoke of it to me, but I’ve spoken to my sister about him. It turns out that he returned many ted to visit/ watch/ touch only me. I was never scared or hurt. He would stand at the foot of my bed and stare at me, never speaking just watch me, or he would pull me gently by my ankles down to meet him.Never hurting me. It was almost as if he were fixing something w/ in me. Idk. My father use to tell me it was my imagination playing games. My mother use to think he was a person from a past life that had some unfinished business w/ me. Now that she’s heard of so many other encounters, she is as confused as ever. Another woman who I had known for a short while before her passing told me in a matter of fact way ;” Hmmmm, Oh that was just the Medicine Man.” I am now 47yrs. old and haven’t seen the Stove Pipe Hat Man sense I was 16. Other encounters, yes , but him Not again.

      • Anonymous says:

        I meant to type sitting on the couch not spitting! Omg that makes me laugh, because anyone reading it is probably thinking “spitting! Really? Wow,now that’s different” lol

  79. Carlos says:

    One other interesting note -why is it that most of these things occur between 3 am-5am.I have heard before that 3 am is the witching hour.I am typing this in a dark room right now and it is close to midnight,LOL.

    • NimNod.... The She Goat... says:

      I saw the Abe Lincoln one in the middle of the day, plenty of light.

      • varina says:

        :O! Yes that’s EXACTLY what it looked like and i haven’t forgotten it since.
        It is very strange people say they have seen him all around the world.

  80. Carlos says:

    One last thing I wanted to add.Other people have said in various stories that I’ve read over the years that the Shadow Man’s hats also sometimes look like an Indiana Jones or Freddy Krueger Fedora.I’ve also heard about wide brimmed witch like hats mentioned before too.

  81. Fenix says:

    Didn’t Jack the Ripper wear a tophat as well? Could these strange apparitions be some form of him? I know it sounds weird but it could be. After all, no one knows what became of him, how he died or where his body could be found…could he have been the angel of death? Is that what we see today? They say death is always watching us and is always close at hand.

  82. trolldoll says:

    i’m sure jack did wear a top hat being it was the clothing style in the mid 1800′s. if he was a physician, then he would have had money and the ability to buy high dollar threads, to keep up with high society and those among the royal court.

  83. toribuz1 says:

    you know i never thought about the elongated limbs but yeah he did but Abe did too they got worse right before his death as well as his body being unproportionate he was also lopsided for a lack of better words he hid his left side cause it was moderatly bigger and misplaced you could really tell with out the beard that was why he grew the beard to help hide it and he always had them take pictures of his right side so people wouldnt notice it so much….hehehe…little knowledge I saw him again a few nights ago Im going through a really rough time now and caught him peeking at me through a window so I know he is still around. But havent had a big encounter again. Maybe he wasnt trying to scare me and knows he did so he is keeping his distance but it has been a long time since I have seen him

  84. Carla Clark says:

    tophat now that you mention it the main shadow figure that is always in my room he did have what looked like a tophat . . . i read alot of these comments and posts and things they all seem so right . . . i mean 1 shadow man with a tophat all around the world that appears to children at a young innocent age, he never harms them but he stays. Most people who have seen the tophat shadow man (TSM) have seen him more than once even if it was some odd years down the road. What if the TSM had a higher perpose like to protect or to maybe recrut more shadow beings, like KTM’s daughter the reason TSM left was because he needed his daughter to help him . . . or if the children that mysteriously disappear in the middle of the night and are never found what if TSM did take them. That might explain why so many people at the same time see him. It isn’t just him it is all the others. its just a theory of mine but what if it was true. But why a tophat???? And if TSM isn’t here to recrut people why is he here???? And why are there still shadow people in my room . . .