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Shadow Man and the Lechusa

Posted on June 27, 2011

From the time I was a little girl around 4 years old, I could see things… ugly, evil things!

The first time I saw something I was staying the night at my dads house and I was sleeping with my stepsisters, everyone was asleep it was 2 in the morning and I was awaken by the coldness. When I turned to the right I saw this face it was black with sharp teeth and blood red eyes laughing at me it seemed, being that little I turned over and covered my face with the blanket!

The next day my sisters and I were playing, they had wooden bunk beds and I was climbing up the stairs when they started falling and I landed underneath them. The scary thing is a rusted nail that was hanging out missed my head by half an inch when I looked at the nail I started crying because it looked exactly like the faces teeth.

Another time I was at my aunt Rosa’s house and I was staying the night. I was sleeping with my baby cousin Jonathan because our aunts house is very old and a lot of my family have seen and heard things there so he was scared. We were laying down and I felt something pulling my hair, I turned to my cousin and told him”dude stop pulling my hair that hurts fool” and he turned to me with big eyes and said “I’m not touching your hair, I cant even reach it.”

The next thing I knew it felt like someone was trying to pull me off the bed by my hair! The next morning I was so scared that when my mom came to pick me up I didn’t let her converse we just left! About a few years ago like 2 or 3 years ago, we had moved into our new house in the south side of San Antonio Texas. I knew this house used to be a duplex but it was turned into one house. I was outside because I couldn’t sleep. I went to the back of our house, our yard was pretty big and we didn’t have a back light so it was pitch black the only light we had was the light from our next door neighbors house and it wasn’t exactly dependable. I don’t know what I was looking for but I looked down and I saw a shadow of a big bird which was impossible right? A big birds shadow in the middle of San Antonio Texas at 2 in the morning with almost no light.

I ran inside and told my mom what I had seen and she told me that when she was a little girl our family would see the Lechusa or the owl lady who supposedly is a witch with the body of an owl.

This next encounter that I’m about to tell you takes the cake of all the encounters I’ve ever had. It was in the same house as the encounter before this one I was 14 years old by now. Again it was 2 in the morning. Every one had went to sleep even me. I can’t remember why I woke up but when I did I saw an old man very white and I could see through him almost like frosted glass is the best way to describe it. But his eyes were red, bright blood red. I screamed at least 4 times for my mom but she didn’t come so I got the strength to run out of my room and into my moms room crying uncontrollably and I couldn’t go back to sleep so I stayed with my mom and little brother that night.

I was so scared we eventually moved from that house because my mom found a house that she liked in San Antonio. A couple of months after we moved in me and my older brother, who isn’t easily frightened, were smoking on our porch when we saw an owl and we didn’t know if it was fake so we started playing around with it (because legend goes that the Lechusa will leave you alone if you curse at it in Spanish) so we started cursing at it. After we started to shut up the owl started to fly away really fast! Every night after that when I look out my window I see an owl on top of the street light and since we live at the corner of our block the street light falls on our lawn.

When I was about 15 or 16 my mom took me to this place called a Botanica a place you go to for palm readings and candles with herbs and spices for good luck or money or Brujeria or in English witch craft. The man that was there has known our family for a long time. My mom went to get her candles for good fortune with her money. But the man kept looking at me and before we left he asked my mom if I had any questions I wanted to ask him so I told my mom to tell him about what’s happened to me. He later told my mom that I was being followed by a shadow man and that the shadow man was starting to get possessive and that was why I was seeing the owl a lot more! He also told me that their was a lot of negative energy around me so he gave me 3 candles one was blue another was red and white and the other was yellow and on top they had herbs and glitter and seeds that were red and black. The man said that for me to light the candles whenever I felt like they needed to be turned on.

When we left from the Botanica I felt an overwhelming sensation of sadness like I wanted to cry. My eyes got so watery. After my candles were done I haven’t seen anything and it’s been a year since my last encounter with the owl!

Sent in by Angelica Rangel, Copyright 2011

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One Response to “Shadow Man and the Lechusa”
  1. Moya says:

    Well that creepy, let me ask you this. how long has your mom been going to thisman for advice and good fortune? looks to me that a portal was opened and he is after you now. I can tell you this by experience. My mom used to read la varraja, ( tarrot cards ) and by her doing so she released something in our house and family that seems to follow us , me too. I have seen and heard things through out my life as well.
    I have A lot of family here in San Antonio, and we used to live there. I have a brother that had cancer when he was young, and we were living there for him to get his treatments, I dont know exactly where we lived because i was very young but I can tell you this. we were living in this apartment that looked like a house and we lived up stairs and one day I we were there chillen and I guess my and my younger brothers were giving my mom hell, and she had asked me to go outside and grab a stick to whip their butts and as I was going down stairs I was almost at the bottom of the stair and mayed my last turn and right at the bottom i stopped, and there i seen two great big green hands behind a wall were the washer was ,, the hands were just there, and for a moment i thought to myself ,they cannot be real, until they started to move, The hands were big, the nails were black ,it had warts all over them, and it had a sweater on , it was red and green, . I stood there and thinking to my self if the hands look like this imagine the body? I ran back up stairs. and my brother that had cancer asked me what was wrong, he said that i looked as if i had seen a ghost. lol I did, or demon or something. anyways I know all this happened because my mom used to mess around with the tarrot cards, its like playing with the ouija board. but that it just my thought. anyways good luck and i hope that you never get to see these things again.

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