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Shadow Creatures and the Tuurnagait in the Woods

Posted on July 16, 2009

As a 77 year old man, I have lived an extraordinary life and have seen many things, but none of things that ever happened to me was as terrifying or horrific as when I spent my first summer as a 14 year old boy in the pacific northwest on a camping trip. The memory of that time still terrorizes me to this day when I think of it. I want to share my story with all of you.

It was 1946, just one year after WW 2. My father moved the family (my mother, younger sister and me) from Chicago to Washington State. My father was offered and accepted a job in the logging industry, and after the war, we all packed up everything we owned and headed out on the road together. As I recall it took us about a week. I was excited and nervous about the move we were making. Little did I know at that time just how nervous I should have been?

My father had bought an old three bedroom timber framed house for us off of an old dirt road about a half mile to our nearest neighbor. We were surrounded by the tall pine and fir trees that are common to the area. I never initially put much thought into it, but I had begun to notice as the weeks passed strange figures looming around the house at night, they appeared to be in the form of shadow people which I would watch from my bedroom window after the lantern went out.

At first I was not very afraid of them, just more curious. This would turn out to be a mistake. The shadowy figures did not move as the rest of the shadows did under the moonlight. they moved differently and with a purpose. They always appeared regardless of if it was windy or not. I cannot explain exactly HOW I knew they were different, but they definitely were. They resembled people and walked through the forest in steps around the house.

One day I looking for evidence of their trespass, I never found any footprints. But I would occasionally find stones that were stacked up into small piles around my window. At first I discounted them thinking it was my sister, I confronted her and she denied it. She has always been very honest and sincere and I believed her when she said she didn’t do it. Her and I had a special bond, she looked up to me and would never lie to me. At nine years old, I know also that she would not have been able to move a few of the larger rocks into place. My Father was always working and never really at home, when he was, he liked to read his paper and listen to his radio programs. My mother would not indulge herself in such trivialities as going into the woods and making piles of rocks, she was too busy keeping house.

I would walk down to the mailbox to collect our mail, about a half mile away, often. I would get the worst feeling that I was being followed and watched. The further away from the house I got, the more intense the feeling. Sometimes I would run as fast as I could down that dirt road to get the mail and get back as fast as I could. It was about a 20 minute walk to the mailbox and a 20 minute walk back. I had managed to cut my time down to 25 minutes there and back and became a good runner because of it.

Even though I could never actually see them during the day, I knew they were following me when I would wander too far away. I always felt that I could be taken at any time. I would regularly take down the piles of rocks, and within a few nights, they would… re-appear, often in different places. And as I said, there never was a sign of human activity. I did not know what to do about the strange rock formations and the shadow people I saw. Every time I would ask about it, I was told to stop being stupid.

One night, they came really close to my window, I remember because it was a hot summer night and the frogs were unusually loud that evening. It was about 9 or 10 o’ clock at night, the sun had set not long before; we were tucked into bed… (My bed time was 8 o’ clock). I heard a terrible thump on the wall facing the outside near my window. I jumped out of bed, ran over to the window and saw it. It was a black shadowy thing with a head and arms and a torso with no legs that whipped its head around and looked up at me. I swear to this, that this thing was real and it was there.

I was so terrified I froze for a moment. Then I ran to the closet in the den and grabbed dads Remington rifle, loaded it as fast I could and got to the door. I was so scared to open it that my fingers were shaking. But I closed my eyes and managed to do it. I turned the latch and the wooden door creaked open to the night. I took a very cautious and nervous step out onto the porch and turned right, where my bedroom window was to look at the thing. IT WAS STILL THERE! I did not know what to do, or what it was, I was never so frightened in all my life. I raised the rifle and fired off a round into it. I quickly reloaded the bolt action rifle and got off another two shots before the rest of the shells from my pajama front pocket spilled out onto the wooden deck. The thing did not react to the bullets being fired through it, instead it just menaced at me floating there by my bedroom window.

It was not long before my dad came running out to the porch, the thing had whipped away so fast in less than a second that by the time my dad was there it was gone. He took the rifle from me, picked up a few shells reloaded it and pushed me behind him. He stood between me and the dark woods where this thing had come from and asked if it was a wolf. I bit my lip and, lied. Yes, it was a wolf. id you get it? he asked. I’m sorry, I don’t think so, I said feeling bad for telling a fib to my father.

A few weeks passed. I had begun having night terrors and would have a recurring dream that a giant witch lady was coming to pick me up and scoop me into a basket and take me away. She cooked people on rocks and ate them. I understand how ridiculous this sounds, but it was a chilling and grisly dream that I had often. She was a witch who lived in the woods and would use the souls of her former victims to gather up more children. As a 14 year old in those days, I was considered a young man and not really a kid as such, but someone had forgot to tell the witch that.

I got to a point in my life that I needed to know what was happening. I certainly couldn’t talk to anyone about it, especially in those days. So I started investigating. What I found in the public records and newspaper archives scared the hell out of me even more. Apparently between the years of 1939 – 1946, 41 children in that area had been reported as missing or lost with no trace. That is an average of over ten kids a year.

I would pray to God every night to keep them away, some nights it worked, and others it wouldn’t. I was very sincere and very scared having to go into my bedroom after sunset. There were times when I could not sleep at all, and other times when, (nobody ever knew this) I would cry myself to sleep wishing they would just leave. I always knew when they came because I could feel them in the room with me and outside my window watching me. The piles of rocks would appear near the house for years to come and I would see them out of the corner of my eye.

I never in my life wanted my little sister to go through that, so I never, ever brought it up or said anything about it to her. I would come to find out years later that she too knew of these shadow people who lived in the woods and had the same dreams and similar experiences as I did but never said anything to anyone. When we talked about it years later, she burst into tears telling me that she thought she was the only one and that she thought she might have been going crazy.

A year later on my 15th birthday, I was having a party at the house and it was an outdoor cook-off with some of the people from town and a few friends from my dads company were over. One of them was an old Native American Indian we called Long John. He told us kids not to wander off too far into the woods and stay close or the giant witch will get us. I FROZE DEAD IN MY TRACKS after hearing that! I asked him to repeat what he just said, and sure enough I heard correctly. It was an old Inuit legend that a giant witch who lived in the woods would come and steal children away from their parents when they wandered too far. She would heat up rocks and put the children on the rocks and cook them up for supper. I could not believe what I was hearing, this was the first time I had ever heard this story and it knocked the wind out of me because it was so close to my own experiences. The Giant Witch was an Atanarjuat, but an evil one and Indian sorcerers often use disembodied spirits for their own bidding to carry out their deeds. They are also, according to the legend, able to possess people.

I started carrying a protective charm that was made for me by one of the elder shaman that made me appear in my astral form as a tall and strong hunter to the shadow people and the witch so that they would leave me alone. It may have been a trick of psychology but whenever I carried that talisman with me which was a leather bag stuffed with herbs and bark, a bottle cap and an eagle feather tied together, I never was bothered long by these creatures. I simply had to point at them and they would scatter and not return. I still have that same charm over 60 years later.

My message is that if anyone ever claims to have seen these creatures, I would think twice about discounting them. I write my story because only recently have I been made aware that, others, have seen them too. I am not any more psychic than any of you, but I have seen some very strange things in my life that I cannot account for other than to believe in the supernatural. There may be more to this life than any of us could ever know.

Written by Ty Chase, Copyright 2009

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38 Responses to “Shadow Creatures and the Tuurnagait in the Woods”
  1. Pearlyshells says:

    This kinda gave me the creeps. It must have been very frightening, but you were protected at the end and that is what matters. I loved your story!

  2. Mike says:

    Thia is a very strange but intriguing story. Do you and the others with similar stories discuss and compare your encounters?

  3. geogirlforever says:

    I believe this … for my mother had some wild experience…ok here goes.
    My mother decided to take a permanent midnight shift in a local Inn here in our small town. At first mom never seen or heard anything, management even told her to carry a walkman with her (which she found odd). Anyways things started happening like hearing someone walking down the hall with high heel shoes (the hallway is carpeted), then hearing the kitchen door and walkin fridge door open without even moving, whispers in her ear (air actually tickled in her ear), there was only one room in the hotel that my mom said she felt someone was in there but couldn’t see anything, she also said in that room she felt like she walked thru an invisible wall cause it was soo cold she’d step out warm she’d step in cold she’d step other directions it be warm, then the cold was gone, she’s see shadows, and to top things off she was in the buffet area it was the early hours in the morning and she turned off the lights so now the dining room was dark all of a sudden the buffet table lamps came on mom turned the lights back on walked to the buffet tables to turn them off and made a discovery the buffet lamps were unplugged from the wall. That’s when she said enough…she couldn’t handle it anymore. so she quit….we come to find out that yes the Inn is haunted apparently by the original owner named “mary” who was murdered when she was 40 yrs old by an intruder, she apparently only wanders the old part of the Inn which was her home they have built a beautiful addition and landscaping is amazing, they do all kinds of things there weddings, partys…etc.

  4. Elden Cheney says:

    Hello,I’m not sure if I’ve seen them or not.But as a kid growing up on a farm in the Vermont hills I beleive that I have. I’ve all ways thought that there was more out there in the dark,and pitch black nights than meet the eye.

  5. geogirlforever says:

    Elden Cheney,
    I couldn’t agree with u more…. I too believe that we are not the only ones out there.

    My bestfriend and I have come across some spooky stuff, now even many years later when spoken about we get goose bumps all over our bodies…
    Also now I’m a mother of two boys… and my oldest scares the crap out of me with what he says sometimes — which always end up true…

  6. geogirlforever says:

    My oldest is now 5 yrs old but he started saying stuff around 3 1/2 to 4 yrs old (he was a late talker) anyways here’s one of many:

    My son and I were both in the computer room, he was beside me playing with his toys while I was on the computer. All of a sudden he looked over at the door and pointed and said ” Shhh I’m talking” I said “who r u talking to” he said “an old man” I asked him “what does he look like” my son said ” Almost the same like Grandpa” I asked him “what colour of hair” he said “white” —- I nearly crapped my pants because it could be possible as my dad looks identical to my grandpa who is deceased. My son never met his great grandpa he died 3 months before I was prego for my oldest.
    Also my son had another time he was looking out the window and said “mommy, mommy look at the old man on top of the roof” I looked and saw nothing then my son said “oh no mommy he jumped down, look, look” about 3 days later he’s going thru some photo albums of mine and freaked out “mommy, mommy who’s that” I said that’s your other great grandfather” he then said “that’s the old man on the roof” sooo once again my son never met my other grandfather as he also died 3 months before I was prego for my oldest….. I don’t know it’s weird… I have a friend who has read some of silva browns books and has told me to tell the spirits that he’s soo young and to leave him be… I’ve been following those rules…
    Both my grandfathers died on the same week four days apart, my one was on a Wed and the following Sun my other grandpa died.

  7. monii says:

    What an awful experience. I can’t imagine all that fear you’ve gone through being a kid. I think I know what this big witches eating people is all about. If you have more stories to tell please do it.
    God Bless (:

  8. trolldoll1681 says:

    that was a really good story! i do believe you saw shadow people, because i’ve seen one in my home. the stacking of the rocks was very interesting, did you get the chance to ask what it meant? it was a pleasure to here this kind of story about native american legends too! thanks so much and if you have more, please share them.

  9. CMF says:

    Excellent, I believe you , I thought the war with Japan eneded in ’47 though.. lol
    Anyway I watched an amazing program on shadow people the other moth, I think it was called children of the grave or something, anyway they had managed to catch a number of shadow people on film.
    I have seen a shadow person only once and I can tell you when you see one there is nothing like it, my daughter and I observed it walk through a doorway and walls in our apt on a perfectly sunny afternoon, they are very solid in appearence, they WILL make you wonder WTF WAS that? lol
    That experience sent me runinng to the internet searching for answers , but beyond lots of people having also having observed them, there doesnt seem to be alot of answers as to WHAT they really are…
    Thats a frightening experience that you had sir, I’m sorry that it took you so long to find out you werent losing your mind and lots of others have seen them as well.That was the culture then though, to not really discuss things.
    You can find lots of more stories just by going to google and looking up Shadow People or even Hat Man.
    In my experience it didnt see us seeing it, so I never saw one again, it just seemd to be passing through. However those who they notice noticing seem to have more repeated sightings as they seem facinated with those who can see them.

  10. marissa says:

    my little sister’s friend sometimes sees a man walk thru her house when she is having a bonfire in her yard at night. also, she sees a little girl in her room and outside with her. when the girl comes around she can tell because it smells like smoke. her mother looked into it and found that the house that was on the land befor hers was burnt down and a little girl had died in the blaze. i dont no if this is anything like your story because ive never seen anything my self, if anyone has anyidea what it might be please let me no.

  11. Al says:

    CMF – WW2 was from 1939 to 1945.

  12. CMF says:

    I stand corrected, for most of my life I was under the impression that it ended in ’47 for some reason.

  13. daniel PJ says:

    art bell did a program on shadow creatures a few years ago, very interesting, I would love to get my hands on it. I know they are real, whatever they are.

  14. Gregory Brown says:

    Very interesting/entertaining story. Only once in my life, I’ve stood face to face with one of these “shadow” beings. As best I could tell at the time, it was three dimensional. This was years ago when we were all young adults. All of my brothers have seen these beings.

    How is this for a scary thought, “Are more people just seeing them more frequently, or can they reproduce?”

    This kind of phenomenon ranks right up there with some UFO stories from some very reputable and trustworthy people.

  15. GINA says:

    wow…this is a truly amazing encounter, i am a great believer of the other dimesions and spirits, this must have been an absolute terrifying experiance for you……just like in this world there is good and bad and unfortunatly for you you were encountering evil, you and your sister …god bless

  16. Eric says:

    Being a born again Christian, I’d have to see that what you experienced were either demons or fallen angels. Satan and his legions can take on many forms after all.

  17. Natsiapik says:

    I was curious about the title of the story, and my curiosity rewarded me. The word “tuurnagait” is a little misspelled. It is “Tuungait” which means spirits, ghosts, monsters etc. It’s basically anything of the paranormal. I know this because I am an Inuit myself. Well politically Inuit is the word for our race but I much prefer Inuk. Inuit is plural and Inuk is the singular. It can mean ‘people’ or ‘person’ for the singular other than describing our race.

    This was a really interesting story, I’ve never heard of any stories from the woods since we don’t have trees up where we live. I’ve been at work stuck on this site reading very interesting stories and some of them I feel are true. I may have had an experience once before but I can’t write about it right now since I am at work. Thanks for the stories.

  18. Kuva says:

    I’ve never had any paranormal experiences that I know of, except I think I lived in a haunted house once as a kid, and my siblings experienced some things apparently. But I’m religious and also interested in the paranormal a bit. I believe you. How harsh that this happened to you, but how great that that dude came to your aid! :o One day you’ll get an answer about all that. For now, keep that protective item near you always and be safe and happy. God bless, an happy trails.

    Kuva \|/

  19. Eileen says:

    This is one of the better stories I’ve read on here, thanks for sharing…..the dreams and the Native American man validating them….wow!

    I also want to add, since you mentioned all the kids going missing, that (I know it sounds cliche and cheesy) but if you do research on Satanic ritual abuse they use kids for ritual sacrafice…..so maybe there was alot more going on there than anyone wants to know.

    (BTW the FBI keeps track of how many cars are stolen a year, but not specific numbers of children….estimates between 200,000 and 400,000, with only 1/2 being recovered…..so who knows what’s going on deep in those woods.)

    Did your parents ever hear your story? I wonder if they weren’t aware too….like your sister…..just not saying anything.

  20. Indiangirl says:

    Wow! Wow! What a story! I don’t even know how to respond. Having your dream told to you by someone you didn’t know…. That is scary. The rocks… Scary. The whole thing… scary.
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Alicia. says:

    This kinda sound like the Blair witch…

    • Rebecca says:

      I don’t doubt your experience but it does sound Blair Witchy with the piles of rocks and the witch! Really cool story though, wow. : )

  22. Elden Cheney says:

    This sounds nothing like the Blair Witch,nothing at all.

  23. jeff says:

    Ty Chase,

    That was a pretty good story. I don’t doubt your experience. I was raised in a Christian family, and not that it matters too much to anyone but I am part Cherokee and I have an interest in Indian history. However, during the time around the mid 70s my parents were preparing to divorce, and there was a very depressing atmosphere in the house.

    I believe I was the first to encounter one of these “shadow” beings. Then in time, each of my brothers, my father all had an encounter. My father stated that he was being taunted by one of these beings in his sleep. He challenged it, and he was struggling to get a hold on it, but it had no legs. He was asleep in one room and wound up in an adjacent room that was linoleum tile on top of solid concrete foundation.

    My youngest brother arrived at home but couldn’t get in because the front door was locked. We practically NEVER locked any doors, so that was odd. My brother sensed something was wrong, so he ran around to the back door. My Dad said he heard someone banging on the front door…, and that is when this thing picked him up and slammed him head first into the floor, and his forehead and scalp were split open and he was losing blood. My brother took him to the hospital and they stiched him up again.

    One of my other brothers witnessed 3 of these shadow beings came up through the floor in his bedroom. He was scared pretty bad, and about 30 years later he still won’t discuss it. He did sleep with the lights on for several years, even after he left home.

    I believe I was the first to encounter one. About 2:00 AM I was off work and walking home that was a couple of miles away. One of these beings stepped directly in my path blocking me from entering the dining room and hallway. I thought it was one of my brothers. I made an apology for nearly colliding with him, and he said nothing, no movement, not gestures. I was about 6 inches from him and I couldn’t see his face. I looked right then left and still couldn’t see his face. That is when “it” darted out of the house through two open doors. I couldn’t catch it.

    I still don’t know what these things are…, they were never mentioned in church or school. My grandfathers never mentioned them and one was a minister and the other a teacher. I don’t know what they are, but they seem to be showing up everywhere in the world.

    Can you tell us anymore about these beings and why they are here?


  24. Steve says:

    I would like to add this note. These beings seem to want us to know they exist. Probally just so that we in fact know that they exist. That’s why the appear mostly to children. So that they have the thought in the back of thier minds that there in fact things that go bump in the night. That there are evil creatures in the dark. I hate to admit this because I love the Lord so much. He has blessed me and my family everyday with his grace and presence. But I used to fear the Lord because I fear worst. I fear that maybe the more I pray the more I worship the more I try and help others and do the bidding of the Lord for his Glory sake. These things are there; they wait in the shadows. They somehow, by doing what they did to me when I was 14 kept me from doing all I could do to be the best I could be. I feared them so much I feared worst. Perhaps they want us just to know they are there kinda like the big bully in school. “I am here and if you do this or that I will get you.” I hope I don’t sound crazy.

  25. Carlos says:

    This is exactly why I come to these sites because of great classic first hand accounts of people experiencing these paranormal encounters.I bet you were very scared when you went outside and still saw that shadowman there and when Long John told you kids about the witch.Very Creepy Indeed.

  26. Anonymous says:

    That’s a really interesting story. I have a shadow person that keeps bothering me, so i know what it’s like. Your story makes me wonder if all shadow people used to be human and are now under some other entity’s control. Especially since the shadow person bothering me said ‘we want you. you are the key to living.” As far as i knew there was only one, so maybe by ‘we’ it meant it and it’s master? i still have no idea what it meant by what it said.

  27. Pat says:

    Sir, I want to THANK YOU for your story… it took a lot of courage for you to go thru that once let alone retell it…and the fact that you researched FACTS about those many missing children too… I am SO VERY Thankful that you AND your sister were spared….there is a similar story from this same sighting… I will forward it to you if i find it…HOW SCARY BECAUSE IT IS TRUE!!!!

  28. Pat says:

    This took place shortly after I had turned 16. My dad was working up in Oregon and Washington but was based out of rainier. I went up to live with him I guess just to do something different. I was used to being around the city type of atmosphere and it wasnt too long before I grew bored (not that the Oregon country girls in that area didnt stir my blood, its just that they mainly wanted to waste their time getting high, or drunk, tipping cows, or shooting the passing ships going down the Columbia river, which I didnt mind at that time, I just missed the city lights or something)…………………. //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/strange-creature-on-a-lonely-road-in-oregon/

    • Pat says:

      I hope you come back to this site and read this tale- this story and how he describes the creature really reminded me of what was in your woods too- strangely ALSO in the Pacific NW woods……..

  29. Athena says:

    Very interesting story. I like it. I always love Native American Legends and myths. I will remember this story. I like it.

  30. Jaimie says:

    I have experienced Shadow people since childhood. They are the highest Governmental Agency. Similar to FBI and CIA but higher, they do the assasinations of the richest men who own countries and islands for the murders they permitted to be committed. I am a contactee, I witnessed ??? in my life that someone got skitish and authorised my assasination and they stand by taking notes of all that are moving in under mind trasferences and disrupt their leads. They know who ordered me harmed but want the entire circle of unity down. They do things with the mind, move semi trucks with the mind and throw them in mid air. Move chains form the ground and circle your neck and hang you in mid air. They also make people act out what they really think or really want to do to you. Counter productive in protective measures. But it was explained like a person could act out their wifes desire to harm you , so that day the wife decides to drive off a bridge and dies, as you are shouting obsinities at a person for no just reason. They did not indicate which thing in life I witnessed but they said as people move in they will be there first to protct me from them. They are getting old. New people have to be recruited for this assingement and they are not proving programable so they are refering efforts to cybernoids to continue operations.

    • eileen says:

      Ummm OK…Jamie, I have no doubt the CIA is up to some wicked stuff….but explain this, why are shadow people, and stories of them, so much older than the CIA, FBI and USA all put together?

  31. star mcdaniel says:

    i have had similar experiences occuring in my home for the last 11 years. lately it has been getting worse. i didnt know they were real things.

  32. C.P.I.T says:

    very interesting story! I have my own paranormal investigation team and have seen many things paranormal in nature i have many photos of apparitions and one photo in particular frightens me and my team the most and that is a photo of a shadow creature… many people have said that it is a fake photo but my team and I know what we saw and what is in the photo we have. We are very interested in anything paranormal. We are currently trying to find out if one of the members land has an Indian burial ground in the woods we have all seen felt and even been attacked by things we could not see. we know there is something wrong with the land and woods surrounding the property at first we thought it was the house but they are the only ones that have ever lived there so we have come to the conclusion it is the woods we have captured more activity outside their house than at some cemeteries. We have photos and lots of evp’s. We hope to find out some information about the land soon. Your story really interested me and my team. If anyone knows any haunted property or houses etc. in Alabama my team would be proud to investigate it we always investigate free of charge and sometimes can travel out of state. I am a believer that there are more things out there than what we can see…

    • trolldoll says:

      C.P.I.T. this is a great reply! not many offer there services like this. i do hope you find and document something new and different!

      • C.P.I.T says:

        Thank you and also thank you for your interest in reading my post :) I love to hear about anyone’s paranormal experiences. I only wish i could find more areas in my area to investigate. I am highly interested in all things paranormal and continue to try to find answers. Update on the team members house we are going to soon try to find some info about the land wish us luck on hopefully finding some type of records. Thanks again and anyone who would like to share their story i would love to hear it.

  33. Daniel says:

    I discovered this story while trying to find some information to help me better understand my experience with these small beings. This is my story of my encounter. I was living in a double wide trailer in the desert outside the city limits of Las Vegas with my wife and four daughters. One night about 3:00 am I woke up to the sounds of my wife talking to three of these small beings wearing what appeared to be a black cloth that formed a pointed type of hood on there heads. It looked like the cape you see Little Red Riding Hood wearing in the story books. That’s the best way to describe their looks that I can come up with anyway. I heard my wife say to them “You can’t do that to him, he’ will wake up.” But I was already awake, I just couldn’t seem to be able to move. There was a fourth being standing to my right side about a foot and a half away from me. I wasn’t able to tell what they were doing other than talking to my wife. I began trying to regain control of my right arm with all the strength I could muster. I was finally able to move a little, so I reached out and grabbed a fist full of clothing from the one standing right beside me. The three standing with my wife at the foot of my bed were very startled at seeing me able to move and grabbing a fist full of the one by my side. The one I had a hold of quickly grabbed my arm and twisted it very hard to his left, which caused my right thumb to stick almost straight out uncontrollable. He then stuck my thumb in a small dark blue bottle. To me it looked kind of like a blue Vick’s Vapor Rub bottle, but with no paper wrapped around it. Nothing poured out of it, even though the being holding it sideways. He stuck this blue bottle of my thumb, as I watched pretty much helplessly, and in less than five seconds I was totally blacked out. The next morning I was unable to use my right arm for anything at all. My wife said she couldn’t remember anything about that night except going to bed with me. I went to see a Chiropractor about my arm, and he said it appeared to have been twisted and dislocated in the shoulder socket. It took almost four months of therapy to regain the use of my right arm again. My advise to those of you who do encounter these beings is not to touch them, or try to fight with them in any way, just let them do what ever it is they are doing and then they will leave you alone. Or at least I hope they will. I did get to see the face of the one I grabbed, and I believe they are some kind of extraterrestrial beings. I just wish I Knew what they are doing here. Well that’s my story of my encounter with these small child sized, black hooded beings. I hope I didn’t scare anyone with my story, but this is my true story of my encounter with them!

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