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Seemingly Holy Bracelet

Posted on June 23, 2011

Whereas dogs, insects and loud noises drive me mad, it’s the first time a bracelet achieved this. Now, my friends and loved ones (intellectuals or spiritualists) already see me as quite odd:

Bloodlust, seemingly insane, and even through this I am extremely praised for my intellect and philosophy, the way I see the world is so much more different, even though physically iv been told my brain is normal.

Now onto what I have to say, me and my friends were walking around alley ways that were rumored haunted, for strange and morbid things always seemed to attract us.

Well this takes place yesterday (early I know, but I’m not exactly happy knowing I might be an absolute loon), we went to an another alley, one that gave me a very slight stomach ache when I entered, but enough for me to notice. A friend felt it as well, and he had the urge to leave quickly, and he told us so, but me and another friend, absolutely being ravaged by curiosity, couldn’t help but go deeper. The alley simply opened up to another street, and there was a large stone that was said to be placed over a grave; I was asked by my friends to stand on it and I did so. I felt a bit worse, destabilized even, I almost dropped off the stone and I felt a bit dizzy, and from then on (I still feel it a bit the moment I write this) my shoulder has been through stinging pain. And for some reason, it’s the shoulder opposite to the bag where I was carrying some sweets (I’m quite the sugar tooth).

We then passed by a house which we honestly weren’t too fond of, one of those places that literally killed you curiosity from how creepy it was, but in the front yard my friend found a bracelet with all the saints painted on small wooden pieces, except for one extra piece, which seemed to have two nuns and a woman. When he tried to wear it, it simply broke before it passed his hand, and scared of handling it wrongly, he gave it to me. At that moment I was growing increasingly angry at the stabbing pain which wouldn’t go away, and even though annoyed, I attempted to wear the bracelet. It slid right down to my wrist, didn’t break or anything of the sort, yet me and my friend have the same muscle mass, AKA our arms were of the same thickness.

After a few minutes, the pain in my arm seemed to leave then come again, as if not knowing whether to stay or move on, and my friend said he didn’t feel so good around me. After we stared at the river a bit (we were that bored) we simply started going home. Now there’s the tricky part, now it feels like I hallucinated the way back, not really remembering what happened, not to mention when I did arrive home, I heard a slight, extremely loving voice in my head “I love you” were it’s words, again, lovingly in an almost angelic voice. Obviously I panicked, no one is in my home, and I highly doubted my cat spoke.

Once I decided to take off the bracelet, I felt as if I lost a certain peace, but didn’t put much though into it since I apparently got knocked out by exhaustion, strangely enough considering I feel like pure energy normally (Mostly known as Hyper Activity). I then woke up with a horrible headache, as if it was a hangover, I remembered my dream, a short one at that.

A woman was hugging me, she was beautiful and seemed just as angelic as her voice, it took me a few minutes to notice that we were being bombed, like a trench war and that me and the woman were in no mans land.
The dream ended with a bomb landing right upon us.

Now obviously I blame it all on the bracelet, because I feel paranoid and I hear voices (“I love you”, “Your so silly”). Now whereas these aren’t threats, as a man who almost completely relies on science and philosophy, this almost gave me a heart attack. When I take off the bracelet, the voices leave, but so does the feeling of happiness, another curious thing, I can’t bring myself to throw it away.

And yet another curious thing, my friend (not the one who broke one string of the bracelet) is extremely religious, and occasionally comes to my house to ‘cleanse it’, I swear it feels like I’m coming home to a church. And iv heard that sage and such wards away bad spirits, and my house smells of it, so I wonder, if it’s truly a ghost, why is my sanctuary like home not warding it off. And why did the bracelet almost break for him and not me?

I am not wearing the bracelet currently, I kept it in a small box in a locked drawer, since it has tendency to move, but I blame that on my friend who snoops while I’m not looking.

Now, the question remains, is it paranormal? Or am I just a complete lunatic?

Sent in by Luminatio (Real name preferred to be kept), Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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3 Responses to “Seemingly Holy Bracelet”
  1. carri says:

    maybe the owner of the bracelet went through a war. investigate the property. see if there is a history. no your not crazy.

  2. Alyssa says:

    no you arent crazy but if the spirit isnt a bad one then it wouldnt be kept away by the sage and such stuff

  3. Buddy says:

    Excuse me if I may sound a bit rude but, I have seen and heard a lot of levelheaded, scientific, philosophical minded people blame themselves for being crazy if they happen to face things of the paranormal. Is that sort of thing really hard to grasp? I also enjoy reading factual stuff about our universe and such, but I do not discard the idea that there are things even science and all the collective intelligence of man cannot explain.

    As for your story, its too early to say if the bracelet is a haunted item or not, since its only been a day after you acquired it. There are two ways to look at you predicament, one is scientifically and the other paranormally. Ill discuss both so that you may be able to decide for yourself if what you are going through is of paranormal causes or not.

    The sensation of being sick in the alley way.

    Scientifically speaking, humans like any other animals have built in instincts. If animals and people feel threatened the initial reaction is to run away as fast as they can. Its the same situation that you and your friends encountered when you faced the haunted alley, but in your case, you let your curiosity override that basic intuition. Clearly there is something in that alley or area that doesnt sit well for you and your buddies and yet you persisted for the sake of curiosity.

    Paranormally, places that have accumulated negative energy can influence people, its either there is a demon or an evil entity lurking in the area or a tragic event occurred in that area. Either way, this is enough to give off negative vibes that can make people sick up to their stomachs. It is also one of the signs to look for to confirm if a place is haunted.

    You mentioned of a stone marking an unknown grave. Scientifically speaking, it wouldnt hurt to research if that hearsay is factual or just an urban legend. There is a psychological study about the power of suggestion, the study details how people can be lead to believe into something by a simple suggestion. For example, if a place was rumored to be haunted, whether you have been to the actual place or not, you will be lead to believe that it is haunted, even minutely. If I were you, and I had that much time in my hand, instead of staring at the river I would have used that time to investigate the origin of that unknown grave (if that really is a grave), so that I can confirm if what I am experiencing is legit and not a hallucination.

    The feeling of pain on your shoulder. Paranormally speaking, the only known entities that can do such a thing are elemental spirits and demons. They do this by sitting on the persons shoulder or latching onto their backs or to the areas where the pain is being felt. It is very likely that there was a demon sitting on your shoulder at that time. Scientifically, it may as well be your imagination or just stress, nothing that a little aspirin cant cure

    About the bracelet, in the paranormal belief, it is not always a good idea to take stuff from haunted locations, because ghosts are known to follow the person who takes items from haunted areas. Based on your account, judging by how brittle the string was on that bracelet, I could deduce that it had been laying there for quite some time now. It may have been left there as some sort of charm or protection, or somebody just happens to drop it there. As for the trouble of putting on the bracelet, its not that hard to believe that your friend have heavy hands when it comes to handling things. With a person having heavy hands handle a bracelet with brittle strings, the result is inevitable.

    The voice you are hearing could have been caused by stress and due to the hysteria you and your buddies encountered earlier that day. You may have walked an extra mile that day for you to wake up with an aching head. In the paranormal view, its possible that the item you took is a haunted item and that the spirit in it is causing the discomfort you are feeling. Either way, its too early to say if the entity following the bracelet is good or evil. If this bracelet is indeed haunted, things will start to happen around you that are very much out of the ordinary. Being a philosophical and scientific person that you are, the first thing that you should do is to observe and log the occurrences, even if they are mundane. Notice if things happening in your present situations is getting bad or worse, if you keep feeling incomplete and experiencing bad things, the thing following the bracelet may be evil.

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