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Scary Shadow In Church Attic Crawl Space

Posted on January 10, 2009

I have a friend named Stacy. On Saturday evenings she cleaned a church for a little extra cash.

One Saturday night I’m at my buddy Dave’s house when she calls us all freaked out. She said that she was hearing voices and foot steps and that we needed to come over there and keep her company. So we jumped in my car and headed on over.

When we got there she was standing outside because after she had gotten off the phone with us, she heard a loud bang in the crawl space that runs over the sanctuary of the church. Dave and I decided to go in and have a look around. This is where things get a little crazy. I’ve never had an experience like this.

When we walked into the church, I got a feeling like something wasn’t right. Almost like I shouldn’t have been there. Kinda like I was being watched.

We checked one of the Sunday school rooms and I immediately wanted to get out of there. The room was really cold and it seemed almost darker than the rest of the rooms in the church. Dave said he felt the same way. I happened to look in the room as we were leaving and one of the little rocking chairs started to rock back and forth, like somebody just took a seat. Dave saw it too and we decided to press on with our “investigation”.

After a few minutes of just looking around, all three of us heard the noise Stacy was talking about coming from the crawl space. Against Dave and I’s better judgment, we went to look and see what was causing the ruckus. So we went into the pastors office which is were the ladder is to get into the crawl space.

Dave went up first and shined his light. After about 15 to 20 seconds he called out “hello?”, like he was talking to someone. The hair on the back of my neck started to stand up. I had the feeling that whatever was in the church, didn’t belong there. Then Dave shouted “Oh my god” and jumped off the ladder and shut the door to the crawl space.

I asked what he saw and he said “have a look for yourself”. So I did. At first I couldn’t really see anything. Just three or four boxes stacked in the back of the space. Then I saw a shadow. I didn’t think anything of it at first until it moved. I called out to it and that’s when it came at me. It wasn’t very big, but it had no face and it made like a hissing noise. I freaked and the three of us got the hell out of there. The three of us haven’t been back since, nor do I want to go back.

A true story. Dave and I have had a few wild adventures like this one. We’re both adrenaline junkies and whenever I’m home, we always go find places like that church to wander around in.

Written by Andy Nolin, Copyright 2009

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20 Responses to “Scary Shadow In Church Attic Crawl Space”
  1. Sorcha says:

    What kind of church was it ? Did your friend go back to clean it and if so did she find anything out about it?

    Thank you for posting your experience!

  2. Carly says:

    there must have been somethin wrong with the church. because real churches of GOD don have stuff like ghosts and shadows and evil stuff in them. because thats GOD’S house and nothin evil can get inside. so that church prolly wasn a true church or somethin..because ghosts and stuff like that in a church don sound right

    • The Caretaker says:

      I agree with you there, but remember a church is just a building. Just because a building is being used as a church does not mean that nothing can be wrong there. God is everywhere and is not limited to a building which is just a man made structure.

  3. Ryan says:

    I somewhat agree with Carly, somethings not right this is not the norm for church spirituality. Whats in the boxes I wonder. Is the paster or anybody else aware of this? Are there any odd occurances during church serveces or have there been any buriel services for anybody who could be suspect of a haunting? This makes my hair stand up just reading about it.

  4. Ryan says:

    True caretaker but the church in normally a focal point for Gods energy.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Yes, you are right of course, but I dont think this sounds like a normal church. I would really like to know what was in the boxes as well as a little more history about the place.

  5. Alpha says:

    Perhaps the spirit was once that of a former minister or pastor whom operated at the church and was buried there.
    Ghosts are often confined or restricted to places where the energy of their physical shell was most frequently emitted, i.e. towns they’ve spent their childhood in, or places of general significance to them.
    The spirit, even if it is malignant, probably had no choice but to be confined to that church since it’s physical form spent a great deal of time there.

    Maybe the church was the site of a murder or suicide. Suicides in churches are rather common, because one can easily repent and request forgiveness before condemning themselves to death.

    Alternatively, it could be the inner-demon of a person, whom came to confess his/her sins, and was granted absence from the demon. The demon was then forced to exist in the church, under the watchful eye of god.

    anyway take care

  6. Jackie says:

    That was a great story and one of the best for a while. It made my hair stand up too.

    It depends what goes on in a church to be able to call it God’s house. Look at the many priests who have been child molesters etc. Not saying the priest of the church you’re on about is bad.

    There might have been youngsters playing with the O-board in there, the church sounds like it’s easily accessable.

    • The Caretaker says:

      Yes I agree with Jackie. Just because a place is a church does not automatically mean that it is Holy or that God is “there”. Im not saying anything bad about this particular church as I dont know anything about it.

  7. Cheri says:

    I think you should go back and talk to the pastor during the day.

  8. Goththom says:

    I don’t confess to know what loopholes these things sneak through but I’ve seen quite a few instances where the demonic shows up in church. Keep in mind these are solid churches with good doctrine and the fruit of their labor was there. And yet the stuff still shows up. Yes, it’s just a building, but also there should be a hedge protecting it from entrance by the demonic. I agree also that Godly people can fall into horrible sin, and that too may be a way for things to show up where they have no right. Because the door is opened from the inside for them to enter by people who are doing things they don’t belong doing. As for ghosts in the church, I don’t know, I’ve never have seem any there. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen.

  9. flora says:

    wow i really wish something like that would happen to me toattly awsome.

  10. russ 88 says:

    great story man but im wondering did your friend stacy ever get done cleaning that church???

  11. Mike says:

    I think I can answer everyone’s question. Ghosts, demons, etc. can all influence a church or holy site by a number of different means. For example, a suicide or death at the site (this includes animals), or some way defiled. In cases like this, the ground or structure is no longer considered “Holy Ground”, because it has been affected/influenced by evil. (You might recall the scene from the remake of “Salem’s Lot” by TNT. There was a part where a dog was killed on the fence and Catholic priest told the cemetary folks that the ground would need to be “reconsecrated” because of this. He also mentioned that technically, that ground was no longer considered “Hallowed Ground”). The word Consecrated is used when new or old churches go into service, when a bishop or church authority undergoes the ritual, and when a funeral is conducted. It is essentially a “Cleansing” of the place, person, etc.


    All properly dedicated houses of worship should be considered consecrated, and if such a place is defiled in some way, it must be reconsecrated before it can be considered Holy Ground again.

    Persons who take Holy Orders, who take the Cross or who are crowned by a member of the clergy are considered consecrated blessed by God in their task. Also, when a corpse is prepared for burial, a ceremony of consecration takes place.

  12. Jackie says:


    with respect to you…there are many people who take their Holy orders. That doesn’t mean they are truly Holy in their hearts – or even remain Holy if they were true in the beginning.

  13. Superduper says:

    everywhere there will be a ghost even church…

  14. Brooke says:

    Freaky weird ghost! How could a ghost go in a church? Weird….I can’t even go in a church….

  15. alisha says:

    I have experienced this same figure before in the corner of my bedroom. i could only describe it as a black spiderman with no face and a hissing noise that when i close my eyes i can still hear until this day. This my friends was no spirit. This was a demon. One that visits people quite often so i’ve heard.

  16. Taylor says:

    I have to disagree with Carly. There have been reports of old monasteries being haunted by the spirits of monks.

  17. Andy Nolin says:

    So i totally forgot that i posted this story. Well to answer some of the questions, the chuech was a baptist church. It was located just outside a neighborhood. Yes my friend did finish cleaning the church, only because my buddy Dave and I stayed until she finished. I’ve never been back since, so I don’t know if the pastor knows about what goes on in there after dark. I think the boxes had old christmas decorations in them. Not too sure because i was only up there less than a min. When i get time I’ll send in some more stories

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