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Scary Indian Farm House

Posted on October 9, 2011

As I’ve mentioned it in another story what happened with me and my friend at his grandfather’s place and since then; we have developed some sort of addiction with supernatural. //www.trueghosttales.com/paranormal/headless-apparition-in-southern-india/

So whenever we hear something like that we try to go and investigate if possible. We have spent couple of weekends doing such things like setting up an audio recording instrument, sometimes a camera too and obviously night watches; but the experience we had at a friend’s house last month was not only scary but it was our first real encounter with something supernatural. Let us stick to word supernatural rather than ghost or spirit because we didn’t see or felt something clearly distinguishable like a figure but energy. So be it.

In our college a common friend had told us about strange happenings at his farm house which is located in eastern part of India close to one of the most beautiful hill stations. So we decided to go there in our one week festive vacations. We had enough time to prepare so we were able to arrange a tripod camera stand, a good quality USB voice recorder and our most longed instrument a DVD recorder handy cam with night vision-recording capability; along with our laptop and air pistols and other baggage. Well here I would mention that though people have commented in my previous post it was foolish to carry air guns; but to be honest it gave us some feeling of security so we did carry our air pistols this time not the air guns for the ease of carrying.

The farm house is an old two story building situated on the north eastern corner of the field; almost 2 kilometers from the house where their family stays. The ground floor is used for the tools and other supplies and the upper floor is used as a living room by the person who ever keeps the watch. This upper floor has two rooms in the back and a big balcony in the front along with the galleries on other three sides to keep the watch. There are no trees or bushes around which leaves a fair view of the field and around.

We had our dinner and went straight to the farm house accompanied by him. There we lashed our USB recorder with the front door and we took our handy cam and laptop with us to the upper floor and attached another high definition microphone with a long extension cable to the laptop. Whole night we spent watching for “something” but we didn’t get anything except than occasional howling or some wild animal wandering by. It was fun to feel this thrill as we were very close to the jungle and were quite safe due to the 15 feet height of our balcony and the iron doors on the ground floor. And nothing happened for continuous 4 nights despite putting our devices at different locations and trying other settings. Even on the fourth night we fell asleep and woke up late due to the boredom and tiredness.

Then all it happened on the fifth night it was a full moon and Saturday. Two of us walked to the farm house after we had our dinner and this time we left our handy cam on the ground floor lashed to the staircase and after shouting a couple of questions we left our USB recorder to the gallery on the back of our rooms. We attached the microphone with our laptop and started watching a movie using headphones. Suddenly around 2330 hrs a stray dog started howling so I threw a stone or two and it disappeared in the dark. About 0020 hrs the electricity was cut so we decided to stop watching movie so that the battery could last till morning. After 10-15 minutes our recorder graph on the laptop started to flicker. And both of us got excited. Then we put on our head phones and listened; it was like scratching sound as if someone was rubbing on it. We clearly felt goose bumps rising on our hands.

It went on for 5-10 minutes and then we decided to go and check the microphone which was placed on the terrace. We slowly climbed the ladder with our air pistols in hands. The moment we touched the top a cat jumped out of no where; passed touching my left hand and disappeared in the dark on the staircase down to the ground floor. We were both pretty taken by this and to make things normal again we spent a couple of minutes on the terrace and then descended. Well to tell the truth this was the first time when a cat made me so taken away if not scared. But the strange thing was yet to be noticed, when we came down our recorder graph was still flickering and the same sort of scratching rubbing sound was on the headphones. This made us reconsider our situation.

We pulled the microphone and placed it in the room which we had occupied for our stay, and the sound stopped. Now we were at bit ease, but not for long. After 10-15 minutes when tension was starting to reduce suddenly the graph started flickering again; and now we were scared, pretty scared. Whatever the reason was it “was-in-our-room-now”. Once again we gathered ourselves together and decided to check out. We switched on the emergency lantern and checked the room thoroughly but nothing was there. It was an empty room except than our beds and luggage. We decided not to spend the night in the room and took our beds outside in the corner of the balcony and bolted the room from the outside. The sound had stopped once again.

We kept listening intently but nothing happened for next 30-40 minutes. Then around 0230 hrs both of us got the same scratching/ rubbing sound again and this time it was wilder than previous as if the same cat was trying to rip off the microphone from the cable. But it couldn’t have been possible as we had checked the room thoroughly and had bolted it from the outside so there was no way to for the cat to get in or any other thing. This made us so scared that we put aside our headphones and grabbed our air pistols instead. The graph on our laptop was flickering wildly. It went on for couple of minutes and then it stopped again; and after a minute or two we heard the scratching again but there was nothing on the laptop. It was very faint in the beginning but then we spotted it. It was coming from within the room as if someone was scratching the door. And what happened in those 2 hours we won’t forget for our lives.

The faint scratching turned to tapping and then slowly it was as if someone was knocking the door from within the room to be opened. It got to wild banging twice and we didn’t know what to do. Our hearts were beating wildly, goosebumps were all over our bodies, we were sweating like anything, our throats were dry and we couldn’t speak a word and our air pistols were pointed in the direction of the door while we knew if something comes out these would be of no avail but still we did. We had barricaded ourselves behind our cots in the corner opposite to the staircase and we were too afraid to get the stairs in the dark as electricity was out.

This scenario went on for next couple of hours. Sometimes the scratching almost stopped and then suddenly it started again like someone was doing it rhythmically to make as afraid and then to put us at ease and then to scare again.

Around 0500 hrs we heard the second banging on the door and then the sound stopped. It was getting dawn and we were so exhausted that we don’t remember when we fell asleep. Our friend came about 0700 hrs to wake us up and was quite alarmed to see us asleep behind the barricade. We told him everything what happened that night and he laughed heartily first and then he told us to move to their family house what we did.

When we heard the recordings from the USB recorder we got the same scratching sound along with some grunts and screams, very faint, and it is really hard to tell whether the screams are of some wild animal or of some human being; these lasted only 23 seconds. While on our laptop we got total 86 minutes of recording, leaving the duration when there was silence in between. Our handy cam recorded the fleeing cat from an opening in the ground floor wall but there is something strange in the video. The moment the cat jumped from the staircase there was some sort of dust/ smoke raising from there and moving up the staircase. It’s not very clear, because of the night mode but one can make out by watching those 8 seconds on the recording. Now it could be simply dust or it could be that supernatural energy which came “up” after we disturbed the cat; at least that’s what my friend and I think.

In the afternoon we were told that 4-5 years back there was only a hut from which the fiends were watched, and that a watchman was killed by the wild animals, probably wolves, at that time; before the villagers could have rescued him. Then the farm house was build so that any one can stay comfortably and safely to watch the fields. But since the watchman was killed there have been such hauntings despite the villagers’ efforts to put the dead man’s soul to rest. And the interesting fact is that the cat belonged to the same dead watchman.

Sent in by avinash.kashyap, Copyright 2011


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