Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Posted on April 15, 2010

(A song by Black Sabbath)

It was the summer of 1974; I was going into my sophomore year in High School. I was in the high school band up in the mountains at Band Camp. A very good friend of mine had brought his stereo system up with him and we had it set up in our dorm room.

So while everyone else was out enjoying the free time, I was just enjoying this great stereo alone in that room. Though I had brought a number of my own albums along, this was an occasion to check out some that I did not own that my friend had brought.

I remember listening to The Who, �Who�s Next�. And then I wanted to hear this one by Black Sabbath, called �Sabbath Bloody Sabbath� that I had never heard before.

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

When I first looked at the cover art I was immediately struck by the obvious evil nature of this album. As if the title was not enough, the album�s artwork was very demonic looking. It showed a naked man lying backward face up on a bed, his head hanging over the foot of the bed with a large snake around his neck and a grimace on his face. All around him are other naked people kneeling over him lustfully. The headboard of the bed prominently displays the number 666 and above that, looking on approvingly, is a grinning skull whose outstretched headboard-arms hover over this orgy as if the bed itself is possessed or had come to life. Accompanying this is a couple of rats on the bed thrown in for good measure.

This was years before such iconic displays would become commonplace in the darker sort of heavy metal that Black Sabbath would no doubt be credited as having influenced if not created.

Even before I put the record on I was feeling an excited sort of anticipation over this album merely from experiencing the album cover.

I eagerly put the vinyl disk on the turntable, lowered the tonearm and cranked up the volume. When the second song on side two called �Who Are You?� began to play, then immediately something began to happen to me as the first notes of that strange song filled the room in which I was the lone occupant.

The song begins with a very eerie sounding synthesizer line that repeats by itself for the song�s introduction. The sound is decidedly dark and I felt as though it was ushering me even further into a realm of evil. I didn�t know it just then, but I actually was coming under a powerful demonic influence because of this album that compounded by the second as time seemed to become meaningless while that intro was playing.


What happened next was something that I will never forget. I began to be overcome by a strange dizziness that was unlike anything I had ever felt or experienced before. I have since read about and heard others tell of having this same feeling. Robert Anton Wilson for example in his book �Cosmic Trigger�. Also UFO contactees have described exactly what I felt. It�s been called a vibration or buzz or hum that comes over your head then down your whole body and whole being and surrounds you and puts you in an otherworldly time and space.

I was suddenly in a trance, staring down toward the ground before me in front of the stereo, but not actually focusing my gaze on anything there. My eyes seemed to look right through the red bare cement floor of that dorm room.

I was instantly aware that something extraordinary was happening to me and I became conscious of a number of factors associated with this moment. (Keep in mind that it takes much longer to tell of it and contemplate it than it did to actually experience it because these thoughts that I will describe came very rapidly.)

Right away I was aware of a presence that came with this buzz. I somehow sensed that this was directly related to the record I was listening to and that it was dark or evil in nature to say the least. But also quite exciting as you might imagine. I very quickly wanted to assess whether to be afraid of this or not and momentarily decided it was not intended to harm me or assault me.

I then became aware of a second and altogether different presence with me. Much closer, now that I think of it, as though more inside of me, whereas the other was external � that told me that I could end this right now by shaking myself out of the trance, turn the record off and flee outside and it would all be gone. There was a very real and starkly contrasting polar opposite in the nature of these two presences. The first was evil and the second was good.

Suddenly, I was standing there aware that I had to make a decision about whether to allow this strange, evil �meeting� to proceed or not.

I considered obeying the �good� presence and doing like He said and just shake myself out of this trance and turn this record off and run outside and I knew it would end. But as soon as I thought about doing that, a contrary thought came that said that if I do that, I might never know what this was all about.

Being more curious than afraid, I decided that to wait just a little bit longer, couldn�t really hurt. Not only was I merely curious, but I was also experiencing a kind of flattery. There was a felt awareness that I was special and privileged to be having this experience at all and that you don�t want to just end something this important before you even know what it is all about.

I decide not to shake myself out of the trance but to see what it was all about and where it was going. The thought of ending the experience and resuming my ordinary, boring life did not appeal to me at that moment, as long as there was no immediate danger to me by allowing this to proceed.

So I just stood there, under the influence of this strange buzz, waiting to see what would happen next. And by doing so, I knew that I was giving my consent for the visitation to continue.

Once I made up my mind to allow it to continue I then saw who had come to visit with me. In my spirit I saw four men that appeared to be in their late 20s or early 30s in age. (I would have been about 15.) They had long hair and were wearing all black clothes and black leather jackets and they looked like a rock band. I now was seeing myself walking with them outside the building that I was standing in. That is to say, I�m still standing there looking down at the ground but I see myself with these four guys walking outside the building and it�s as though I�m really out there walking with them. I guess the best way to describe it is like when you daydream or even really dream, you never leave your seat or bed but you can see yourself anywhere.

Communication was by thought and began with my own question which was not necessarily even directed at them perhaps, but I asked it in my mind nonetheless: �Is this really happening?� To which they replied, �Yes this is really happening, we�re really here.�

They were smiling and seemed pleased with themselves, and pleased with my astonishment. �Are you guys Black Sabbath?� Was my next question.

�No, we�re not Black Sabbath but we are the �power� behind Black Sabbath. They sort of work for us, as do many other bands.�

Only one of the guys really did the talking if you could call it that. The others sort of agreed with whatever he said. It was all done by thought though.

The one who did the talking seemed to be the leader and he had his arm around my shoulder as we walked. When they said that they were the power behind bands like Black Sabbath, I knew then that they were some kind of demon-like beings. Or you might say my suspicions were confirmed. Either demons or fallen angels I do not know which. (I don�t believe that they are synonymous.)

�So what do you guys want with me?� Or in essence, �Why me?� was my next question.

By now I felt that I had been singled out and selected as special by them but could not imagine what about me could have brought this on. I had always considered myself to be quite uninteresting and average at best in most areas. Though I knew that if there was one thing that I might be good at, it would be music. However at this early point in my life it was still mostly merely a futuristic dream. They said, �Well, that�s a common response that we get a lot from others whom we contact, just like you.�

They seemed to want me to understand that my being visited by them was not an isolated incident but that this goes on quite often for people elsewhere as well.

As strange as it may seem, my feeling upon hearing that was �Of course, I knew that.� Then he began to answer my question matter-of-factly by saying, �Well first of all, you believe in us. You know that we exist, whereas a lot of people would think you were nuts if you tried to tell them about us.� And right away, I thought, hmmm, that�s a pretty good point. Then he said, �Second, you are not like your other classmates.� As he said this, we had strolled over toward where there were a number of my fellow students playing a heated game of volleyball. As he spoke he gestured with his hand toward them all and said, �These people aren�t like you at all. They have their lives all planned out. They want to graduate from high school, many plan to go to college, get some stupid job somewhere, eventually get married and have a bunch of kids, blaaaah!� As he said that he put his finger in his mouth as if to mimic making yourself gag � And of course the meaning was that such a life was utterly distasteful to him, as well, he knew, to me also. He said, �That�s the last thing you would ever want to have for your future, and we know that.� Again I realized that he was right on the money. I had always known that it was my destiny to be in a very exciting adventuresome life of music and rock n� roll somehow. So I sort of acknowledged his last point maybe with a nod of recognition, but still wanted more. So then he stopped and looked at me and said, �What�s more, we�ve been watching you and you�re good. Those times alone in your room, when you play guitar or sing like you are performing, we have been there watching and now we are ready to offer you your dream.�

Everything he was saying was making perfect sense and yet I was apprehensive. As though there was some reason that I could not just go along with this but I did not know why.

I suppose it never occurred to me that there were forces like these guys behind music and bands. I just thought that if you were talented and had something to offer and a little luck you could be in the right place at the right time, and you could �make it� in music or entertainment.

I would later learn that they have gone to great lengths to convey just that appearance to the public at large but that nothing could be further from the truth. (Did you know that the word luck comes from the name Lucifer? Just thought I�d mention that).

�There are a couple little things that I need to explain to you before you decide� the leader said. �Okay�� I said waiting and wondering.

�If you choose to go with us, at the end of your life, you will go to hell and not heaven�� You can imagine my response at this bit of news. I was immediately taken aback and they tried to put me at ease by playing down that situation as nothing to worry about. They said, �But hey, hey don�t worry, it�s no big deal, hell is not the bad place you�ve been told about at all. We�re going there and you don�t see us all scared about it do you?� At this they all began to push each other around playfully and were saying, �OOH! I�m so scared aren�t you scared? OH NOOO�!� And then they�d laugh as though it were nothing to be afraid of. They said, �No, it won�t be like you�ve heard at all. It will be a place of honor for you because you�ll be with us and you will still be an important celebrity there just like you will be here when we get you where you are going��

The Power of Deception

Now here�s where I really have to mention something. I could sense that there was tremendous activity going on around me over this situation of my having this choice to make. I knew that my choice was a big deal. I also felt that they were lying to me about hell. This is where this gets scary to me even now. The power of deception and seduction is so very real. Even though I knew that they were most likely lying to me, nevertheless, I felt like I wanted to please them by going along with this idea and adopting it as a belief even though I knew better. Almost as though choosing to believe it could somehow make it true for me. This is where it is like being seduced. I wanted what they were saying to be true. I mean, wouldn�t it be great if you could go off and do your own thing, and have the time of your life being a big star or whatever, and at the end of your life you go on partying and being a big shot even in what is supposed to be your punishment realm? What a great deal! And I�m thinking, what�s not to love?

It�s kind of like a routine I heard comedian George Carlin do once, where he�s talking about how dumb it was when your parents used to send you to your room for a punishment as a kid but you�d just think, �Great, that�s where all my stuff is��

That seduction feeling that was coming over me was almost like a drunken stupor. And although I could still have shaken myself out of it and spoken truth to myself, I was allowing that lie to overtake me for the simple reason that I wanted it to be true. (How stupid.)

At this point, a girl that was playing in the volleyball game came over to where we were standing. She was carrying the ball with her because she was the server for the next point. This caused the whole game to be held up and everyone was watching us. Her name is Helga, and I found out later that she was a Christian, but I didn�t know it then. She seemed to be aware of what was going on with these guys and me. And she said to me, �Barry, what are you doing?� And with a stupid grin on my face and being all under their spell of intoxication of some sort, I said to her, �I think I�m going to go with them��

These four guys were very pleased at this and they led me away from the volleyball game and toward the tall, thick, shady, California Live Oak trees. There seemed to be a sort of dark fog or tunnel forming within these trees. They said that all I had to do to say �yes� to their offer was to walk with them into this tunnel or fog or whatever it was. You couldn�t see anything in it at all. It seemed to have a very black, dark essence to it and was swirling with thick smoke. But as I approached there, I hesitated. I still had another question. I said, �What will this do to my relationship with Jesus? Will I still be able to be friends with Him?� (Today this seems like a dumb question but I was so na�ve I really thought it would be possible.) At this the leader seemed to become concerned and he said, �No, I have to be honest, if you go with us you won�t be able to be friends with Jesus anymore, that will come to an end right here.� When I heard that I said, �I don�t think I want to do it then.� Then the leader became rough with me for the first time. He said, rather excitedly, �Hey, we�re offering you your dream here, what do you think He�s gonna offer you? You think He�s ever gonna let you be a rock star? What�s He ever really done for you anyway that you should be worried about Him��

Now I became somewhat frightened for the first time. And maybe even brought to my senses a bit. As if the stupor suddenly left me and I realized what was happening. And then I felt alienated from them, knowing I don�t belong with them.

I think I felt like a young kid who is being pressured to try drugs or alcohol or stealing or something he knows is wrong for the first time by older kids, who he thinks he wants to fit in with. And when you hesitate, you get the mean treatment.

But also my feeling was that Jesus has always been my friend. He has been very good, loving, kind and concerned for me from as early as I could remember. So how could I turn my back on Him just like that? If that was the choice then no matter what they were offering me, I could not go for it, at least not right now. Not before I could give Jesus a chance to tell me His side of this and maybe see if He had a better offer for my life, before I just give in to these guys.

At this they became like high-pressure salesmen that were losing a sale. In thinking about it now it�s a bit like C. S. Lewis describes in his excellent book �The Screwtape Letters� where these demon spirits are assigned a human �patient� that they have to seduce and destroy. Above them are higher up evil spirits that they answer to that are worse than themselves and they know they will not be dealt with nicely if they fail to deliver the goods. So, in response to my hesitation, they tried a more subtle approach. The leader said, �Look, you don�t really have to decide completely right now. You can just go ahead and try it out for a while. Just go with us right now and see how you like it and then if you are not satisfied, you have plenty of time later, you can always change your mind, and there�d be no hard feelings!�

It did not occur to me until later that there are some very well known rock songs by well-known artists that convey these very kinds of lies in the lyrics. For example the Australian rock super group AC/ DC sings, �Hell, ain�t no bad place to be�, We�ll have ourselves a party just like we used to do� My friends are gonna be there too� Hey Satan, paid my dues, playin� in a rockin� band� I�m on my way to the promised land� I�m on the highway to hell��

Of course I couldn�t have known about that one because at the time AC/DC wasn�t even out yet. But now days there are too many such bands saying the same exact kinds of things to even count them all.� This other one was already out but who knew what these words meant by Led Zeppelin, in �Stairway to Heaven�?

�Yes there are two paths you can go by but in the long run, there�s still time to change the road you�re on��

In the live version from �The Song Remains The Same� album and film, lead singer, Robert Plant adds the words ��I hope so��

It�s not hard to see that these rock stars have most likely been told the very same lies that I was told by these visitors of darkness. Fortunately for me, I didn�t buy it. And I wasn�t about to leave Jesus in favor of them, not at this point anyway. That�s not to say that I had completely made up my mind either way, only that I would not decide right then. So my answer was definitely NO for now.

Right at this point something happened that startled the four guys in black and they took off running into the tunnel without me. I had the feeling that they were given a certain amount of time to make their case to me and that their time was up. Or else just the fact that I was saying �no� was enough for God to send his angels and chase them away for now. It may also be important to note here that the Bible says that God will not allow us to be tempted above what we are able to bear, but will with the temptation provide a way of escape. So they probably had reached that point where any further tempting from them was past that limit. But they were gone very quickly and I was left standing there in that room and came out of the trance just as that same song was finishing up playing. That song is listed on the Black Sabbath, �Sabbath Bloody Sabbath� CD, with a running time of 4:10. So the whole experience lasted four minutes and ten seconds roughly.

I took the needle off the record, turned the stereo off and went outside completely amazed at what I had just gone through. I never told anyone about it for a long, long time because, like they told me, I knew no one would believe it.

Sent in by Barry Amundsen, Copyright 2010

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28 Responses to “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath”
  1. Christina says:

    Wow, that’s very interesting. The bottom line is there is temptation all around us in many forms and shapes. I am happy that you were smart about your choice. As someone said on West Side Story, ‘ya done good buddy boy’……………take care and God bless.


    P.S. I believe your story as something similar happened to my brother; a visit from the bad one himself. Happened in the early 70′s too. His wasn’t associated with music, but with his drug use and gang banging. Happens more than we realize.

  2. Cxc3 says:

    o.O gasp! I beleive it. Being a christian. I belive you I studied
    demons, the nwo.masonary. hell, heaven and angels. I belive you. I saw luci my self
    in a deam face to face. 100%. Man I love finding things like this. Thank Christ your safe. That all I can say.

  3. anonymousbastard says:

    I love AC/DC’s song Highway to hell even tought I knew that it comported satanic messages and my father always listens to metal bands and rock bands like this at first he didn’t believe me when I said that Stairway to Heaven had a satanic message in it I put the song on backwards and …what I said was right .These people sold their souls to be famous and rock stars now I heard that Lady Gaga maybe sold her soul to get this well known (yeah cause she’s talentless for me there’s no way she would be where she is now if she hadn’t dun that ) and the song Paparazzi If you listen to it backwards it says:Evil save us the stars above ,above we modelet on the arts of lucifer
    weird huh ?!

    • Caretaker says:

      I don’t believe that most of the bands were (or are) satanic. I also think that a Satanic band could be country, reggae, or whatever and wouldn’t always be rock or pop music. I attended a demonstration of back masking where they played records in reverse at varying speeds and there is a tremendous amount of music out there with those backward “messages”. I heard it in country music, pop, rock and even gospel music. I think people hear hard heavy music and see people dressed up “freaky” and they automatically think it is Satanic.

      As for ole Sabbath, I have been a big fan of Black Sabbath (only when Ozzy was involved) since I was 14 (a long long time ago :) ). I still listen to these guys and I do not believe they were Satanic. If you really listen to the words of the songs you will hear a lot of good messages as well as social commentary on the times.

      Sure, a lot of bands use(d) freaky artwork and other gimmicks to promote themselves. They were being rebellious as well as trying to shock the older generation, but they are certainly no more Satanic than say…… Harry Potter, Twilight, and similar stuff. A lot of it is about the ‘current times’. Anyone older than 40 here can probably imagine what would have happened if a movie like Harry Potter would have been released in 1970. There would have been mass public outrage and demonstrations. The idea would have never even made it to film.

      All this is just my own opinions. I think this is a very interesting post and look forward to the comments. I also expect a few people to disagree with me and that is fine. I especially look forward to hearing from some of the older people here.

      • anna says:

        people asume right away that there not good or the music isnt good.and it bugs me because they havent really listened to the band.and friend years ago thought Metallica was just noise without her hearing the song.and it a room-mate thought U2 was weird just by how they looked.i like black sabbath i agree with you when ozzy was on.rob zombie people think hes somthing different with how he sorry to cute this stort i have to go but i will be back later or 2morrow.

        • Caretaker says:

          anna- When I was a teen a lot of the adults insisted that Black Sabbath was a “devil worshipping band” and they told kids to worship the devil and all that – They never once actually listened to the words. Too many people judge by appearances and that goes for just about everything not just music bands.

  4. Barry Amundsen says:
    Listen to Geezer Butler in his own words describe the inspiration for Black Sabbath. Follow the link and find the Black Sabbath video right under Led Zeppelin on the left side then decide for yourself if they are Satanic or what…

    • Caretaker says:

      Barry – 99% of the time links are removed from comments. I checked your link and it is an interesting site. I believe it is important to get as much info as one can. I recommend anyone here to visit the site and check out the interviews and such. I do believe that most of what Geezer Butler said could have been PR.

      One thing was the mention that LaVey had connections with the band. From my understanding LaVey and “Satanists” in general do not believe a literal Satan or Devil exists. Satanists are more into looking at one’s self an not an exterior “god”.

  5. Elden says:

    I’ve listened to those bands and all I got to say is what kind of dope were you smoking?

  6. Barry Amundsen says:

    Thanks Caretaker,
    You are correct that LaVey and his followers did (do) not believe in a literal devil or Satan. To quote Stephen Baldwin from his autobiography The Unusual Suspect: “Kevin Spacey’s character in the Usual Suspects [movie] said it best, ‘The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.’” (page 116.) Some trick if he really does exist, huh? At the very least though Crowley seemed to have influenced rock musicians to follow something strange don’t you think? You can learn about that in the same site above on the Crowley link. Maybe Crowley wanted to sell records.
    Thanks again,

    • Caretaker says:

      I was not trying to defend or start a discussion on LaVey (I am not in agreement with him at all). My only point in mentioning him is that he was referenced to in the video as being evidence or whatever that Geezer was worshiping Satan or something like that – I only meant to point out that LaVey does not in fact believe in Satan so how or why would he be advocating or pushing the worship of Satan?

      A few of the classical music/opera guys were also thought to be “satanic” during their day. Any music that contained minor chords was at one time considered ‘of the devil’

      I have no doubt there are folks out there who worship a devil or Satan, but just because a band plays loud, wild music doesn’t mean they are devil worshipers.

      I had a friend when I was a teen who was always drawing pentagrams and wearing black and saying crazy things about the devil but he was not a devil worshiper. I think he was just out for attention but it was common knowledge among the community that he was in fact a “devil worshiper” when in truth he was nothing of the sort. I am sure the same thing happens all over the world.

  7. scarygirl67 says:

    Poor Ozzy…..All those years of being the Prince Of Darkness, and now he’s a shuffling old dude who needs his wife to operate a remote control. Real dangerous…

    Good band…great music…but in all reality, it was about the money, people. The image sold records..plain and simple. Human nature likes the dark side. Anything alluded to as far as their connection with Satan or demons or what have you was a gimmick. Parents saw the album covers and freaked out..forbid their kids to listen to the “devil’s music”. Anyone with a brain knows that the quickest way to get kids to buy something is make sure their parents don’t want them to.

    I do appreciate you sharing your experience and knowledge with this, Barry. What I said is my opinion on the subject, and I thought your article was extremely well written.

  8. Fenwinkel says:

    I want to address backward masking. I cannot imagine the brain turning every sentence/phrase it hears backwards, thus revealing secret, hidden messages. The messages may be there, but I don’t beieve our brains pick them up…only people who take the time/trouble to play them backwards on a device hear them. I think it was a good gimick that has outlasted its usefulness in selling records and getting them talked about.

    • Caretaker says:

      Fenwinkel I agree. It was like this – “Hey did you hear there is a message in that album when you lay it backward?” then the other person says “I am going to buy that album so I can check it out”

      I believe the entire backward masking thing was just a PR gimmick. I grew up with Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and the like AND I still dig the music and here I am almost 50 years old and I am a family man who still believes in God and loves my wife and children.

      The ironic thing is that there will be hundreds (if not thousands) of people who will be curious as a result of this article and will go to youtube or somewhere to listen to Back Sabbath – and many of them will become new fans :) As they say in Advertising “any press is good press”

      • K. Smith says:


        On April 28, 1982, Dan Rather c/o CBS Evening News did an interesting expose
        on backmasking. CBS investigators played the Led Zeppelin song �Stairway To Heaven� backwards and the following was found hidden was on the song:-

        “I sing because I live with Satan. The Lord turns me off. There’s no escaping it. Here’s to my sweet Satan. Whose power is Satan. He will give you 666. I live for Satan.”

        The song “The Day Electricity Came to Arkansas,” which is sung by the group Black Oak Arkansas contains the backward message, “SATAN, SATAN, SATAN, HE IS GOD.”

        Here is some more information that might interest you concerning backmasking.

        “James Yarroll, ,the famous brain researcher, gave the following testimony to the California legislature; that our human brains are capable of receiving, scanning, decifering, storing and later reacting on these subliminal or subconscious messages at a later date. We are also preprogramed this way. From the subconscious sector in the human brain, the messages are transported to the conscious sector of the brain.” Source:

        “Rock music is an IDEAL VEHICLE FOR INDIVIDUAL OR MASS HYPNOSIS’ (Musician Andrew Salter, Pop Goes the Gospel, p. 20).

        “Rock has always been The Devil’s Music . . . I believe rock and roll is dangerous . . . I feel we’re only heralding something even darker than ourselves.” (David Bowie in Rolling Stone Magazine, Feb. 12, 1976)

        • Caretaker says:

          at the show I attended (on back masking) they played similar messages from country and gospel songs. I was amazed to hear this stuff even in religious music (I cant recall now what songs or groups it was)

          • Barry Amundsen says:

            Check out David John Oates on “reverse speech”.
            Apparently whenever we speak we also are also creating hidden words and phrases in reverse that are our true thoughts that cannot be faked or lied about. They are more revealing than a pollygraph at telling the truth of what we are saying forward. This according to this man who has been on many talk shows including Art Bell demonstrating this phenomenon with audio clips of every kind. So it is not surprising that even country and gospel music would contain backward messages. Some (Len Horowitz) have even suggested that the English language is in some way connected to the original language of Hebrew but in reverse. Which is why one reads backwards to the other. That’s a whole can of worms there. Great example was in Obama’s election speeches where he constantly repeated : “Yes we can” and so did the audience but backwards it says (see videos) “Thank you Satan.”

          • K. Smith says:

            Have you ever researched gospel music. Some of it is just as corrupt and demoralizing as regular rock and roll. Here is something you might find interesting. Do you know that drums were not used to worship God. The House of Israel were NOT permitted to use drums in serving or worshipping the God of Israel.

            However, pagan cultures utilize the drum extensively in the worship of their gods.

            • Caretaker says:

              K Smith – Also a lot of the most popular gospel music (including the old stuff) is full of doubt, unbelief and scriptural contradictions. True, well just because a person is a good song writer it doesnt mean they know the Bible :)

  9. Facepalm says:

    So listening to this song gave you a vision in which you were tempted to become the next Black Sabbath? You do realize how full of yourself you seem with a story like that? Maybe the spirits didn’t want you to remain “friends with Jesus” because they thought you needed to grow up and stop having imaginary friends. And why would these visitors be so honest with you? Don’t you think that if they were real emissaries of evil they might have lied/tried to trick you? What a narcissistic load! Oh, yeah, and C. S. Lewis sucks, and ripped his best ideas from his ‘friend’, the far superior Tolkien!

    • Barry Amundsen says:

      Why do you think I waited all these years to ever tell the story? It sounds crazy and like I’m full of myself but one day I received a phone call from a drummer aquaintance who had just had a similar experience and he prayed to God for help wondering who would ever believe him and he was afraid and God told him to get his address book and there was a person in there to call for help. He led him to call me and we were both astonished at each other’s story and I led him to trust God with his life and say “No” to the demons who were trying to get him to sell his soul. That experience is what gave me the confidence to tell my story because it was proof to me that it is really real and I couldn’t have made it up or imagined it. So, if I’m full of myself to you, I understand, but you will know one day when in eternity that it is real. Now is the time to decide who to trust with your life.

    • Barry Amundsen says:

      You must not have read the whole story very closely They did lie and try to trick me. They said that hell would be fun and a good place for me if I went with them. That is a lie! (But one that many rock stars believe aparently and sing about and get others to believe as well.) They said that I could go with them for now and later if I did not like it I could still change my mind and get out of it. (“Yes there are two paths that you can go by but in the long run there’s still time to change the road you’re on.”) That is partly true but with great difficulty from what I understand. Whereas they say “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” what they really mean ultimately is do what we say or you’re toast. Listen to Sting’s “Wrapped Around Your Finger” for a glimpse into that. The “student” seeks knowledge not taught in college, (occult things) and the evil spirit spirit at first promises to be wrapped around your finger but in the end it says “I will turn your face to alibastor (white) when you find your servant is your master. You’ll be wrapped around my finger.” All cults and the occult work that way. You are never free to just leave when you want to. Without an intervention from God it is impossible to get out.

  10. jim says:

    A good story,but when I was 14,15 years old my dreams and imagination were running amuck,(did I spell that right?)There is alot of weird stuff in our world,who knows???

  11. Blessed says:

    Barry, I believe this happened to you 100% and I’m glad that you’re ok. My jaw dropped when you mentioned “bands” as being part of them. Evil takes many forms to trick people into giving up their souls. I’ve always wondered about this when I listened to “Sad but True” by Metallica. It’s like the d—- himself talking to you through the song’s lyrics and that is scary as hell.

  12. anna says:

    that was interesting.i thought that was a good story what you said.i cant believe the guys what they wanted you to glad you didnt go with them.i did not know where luck came from.i always l thought it was because of four leave clovers.good story husband loves AC/DC.i like some of there song and for black sabbath i agree i like it with ozzy too.

  13. Anonymous says:

    wow, this is so cool and interesting, it totally makes sense too with all the song lyrics and everything..

  14. Fenwinkel says:

    It might interest you to know that James Yarrell II, who was purported to be a brain expert in an above post, was in reality the president of a management consulting firm who studied how the brain functions. He is not an expert in this field by any means. I found the newspaper article when doing a search for James Yarrow. The article was published in the Reading Eagle on May 3, 1982, after Dan Rather’s “expose.”

  15. Eliza says:

    That’s so very interesting. I wonder I it’s true that all the other bands work for those guys. Honestly, I’d like to believe, but it’s hard you know? Having not had the experience myself. Hey, if they come back feel free to send them onto me :)
    Thanks for sharing. X

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