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Residual Haunting?

Posted on September 6, 2010

This comment was written in regards to a story here ( Haunted House for Sale) and the question is about residual hauntings. Most of us have heard about residual hauntings and we assume them to be some manner of “recording” of some psychic/emotional energy. A residual haunting is contrasted by an “intelligent” haunting in which the spirit or entity is known to react with the living and/or physical objects. When it comes to such things as ghosts and spirits it can be quite difficult to categorize and label. What do you think? Is a residual haunting nothing more than a paranormal recording?

I think this comment by “Big Chief” will lead to a very interesting discussion:

You know Ive heard about this realm before where people do relive their lives on earth over and over again until they get over their problems on earth. Ive heard some physics say this about people who commit suicide. I also saw this same thing with a girl who was talking to a demon through the Ouija where the demon told her that everything you do is being recorded and can also be relived.. I once talked to a person who did some Ouija sessions and he said that he contacted his father who committed suicide when he was younger.

He didnt know his father much as his father died when he was a kid. I asked him where did his father say he was (earth, heaven..etc..) and he said his father said he is still facing the same problems that he was facing on earth. He said his father, through the board, told him that where ever he was he was reliving his problems over and over again. The problems he faced on earth that lead him to commit suicide, he is still facing those same problems upon death in the spirit world. I dont know for sure if the person was telling me the truth but Ive heard about this realm from several people.

I believe that realm is related to the same thing that people call residual hauntings. Just like old battle fields are haunted with noises of gunshots and bombs and some houses are haunted with the violence or activities that occurred there. I believe those people are stuck in a realm where they are reliving their problems/trauma on earth over and over again until they get over their problems or trauma. Its just a theory of mines. I believe earth is shared by many peoples and invisible realms. Those old battlefield noises or old music playing in these houses or battlefields are people caught in this realm that are reliving their lives over and over again until they get over their problems.

Ive seen just about all these activities react to the physical living people around them. They make noise when people are around and disappear as people get closer or they shift noise to different places to avoid people. They show an awareness of the physical living people around them that shows me that its not just physic residual energy.

By Big Chief, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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41 Responses to “Residual Haunting?”
  1. trolldoll says:

    i myself and my boyfriend have seen these redual ghosts. i have seen two very simiilar victorian dressed women. they had no color at all and were moving away from us. i was close enough to see the details of her dress and the side of her face and the way her hair was done up in a bun. they seemed to be gliding above the ground. they lasted only seconds and were gone. i don’t know if they were memories or energy of being in that place before.

    • Anonymous says:

      I myself saw a residual haunting on 2 July at 2340 on Scott Lane in Scott Depot, WV, I was overwatching Canann Drive from my rear window. I clearly saw the white ghostly mamnifestation of a featureless young man ride from the far end of Canannm down the gravel road that links to Scott Lane. He seemed to be riding some sort of conveyance: a bicycle or mororcycle perhaps that could not be seen, but the crunch of its tires were unmistakable. It rode to the Scott Lane intersection just out of my sight. 5 Minutes later it cut across the field back to its starting point , this time clearly running, legs and army pumping vigorously. It ran much faster than a human could run,… like watchin it in fast-forward. After another 5 mins, the who things started again. Two full iterations. In all, I watch it on and off for 15 minurtes,. Damndest thing I;ve ever seen. I wonder if this is something it does every July 2nd, After questioning the neighbors, none knew of the death of any young men in the area or of any similar phenomena, Nonetheless, for me it was lifechanging.

      • trolldoll says:

        i also saw a man running by a window, it was alot faster than a human could. i went to see where it went and it ran towards the alley thru our backyard. nothing!

  2. strong says:

    That totally makes sense. When my dad dad died, I was only 2, and my family moved into the house he owned and left to my dad. My g’pa was only like 55. My sister & mom said when they would come home, they could hear his music playing from outside, but when they entered the house, it stopped. My sister told me once someone knocked on the door late in the evening and she went to open it, the knocking started at the back door, and no one was at the front door, this continued a few times, and finally she said,”That’s enough!”, and it stopped. Maybe since he was so young, and died so suddenly & unexpected (bled out his lung, can’t remember the english word) he felt there was some undone things in his life.

  3. Big Chief says:

    Wow, i didn’t realize I created a new story. I must have been drunk or something when I submitted this. Nonetheless, Trolldoll, how do you know that it was a residual haunting.. Was it because of the old victorian dress??? Was it your only time seeing these “ghost” in this area? Did they appear many times after you first saw them?? Were they aware of your presence and reacted to your presence being there??

  4. ANNE says:

    There are 2 places you GO when you die, 1 is heaven if you know Jesus and the other 1 is HELL. If you play with a ouija board you are looking for trouble, it is not family you talk to it is demons!!! believe me its true… i’m a christian and if you do stuff like that that demons hunts you.

  5. trolldoll says:

    big cheif, i think is a residual haunting because i was mere feet from her and she did not acknowlege my presence. a intelligent haunt would respond to a living person. she had no color at all, coarse the only other thing i have seen in this house is a shadow man and i couldn’t tell whether he was looking at me because he was all black! the ghosts i have seen have been zooming past a window and at their speed it would be impossible for a human. i saw the colors on their shirts and hair, but couldn’t find them in the process of running out of the yard in either direction. i have seen shadows of a persons form looking in my front door and across the front deck. i have heard booted foot steps walking across the wood floor in the formal dining room and they were loud. i do believe i know the differance. the last thing was that where she was walking and the way she was dressed, there was no house where she was walking when i saw her. this house was built in 1887, the original couple had a domestic situation and in a very rare instance the court kicked him out and she got possesion of the house! it is in the abstract!

    • trolldoll says:

      by the way, the woman was seen two times in the exact area and walking in the same direction. it was like a memory replaying itself. in her day, there was no house where she was walking.

  6. Camila says:

    I myself have lived through a couple of intelligent hauntings, and to this day in the place where I live the activity is crazy on some days and it will stop for a couple of weeks, and so on. I believe it’s not residual because one of the ghosts does her best to scare the crap out of me whenever possible!!!! Great story thanks for sharing th differences between the residual and intelligent ghosts everyone ….

  7. Christina says:

    Anne, if you are a Christian, do your beliefs not have an in between, as the Catholics have Purgatory? Just wondering. I have never summoned demons and I DO believe that it is each person’s belief as to where they go or don’t go. When it comes to religion, there is no ‘better’ one if we are to be a loving and tolerant society. (just my way of thinking, not looking for a debate)

    Big Chief’s comments were interesting in that he said people relive the same ‘problems’ that they did in life. My mother, who raised six of us, by herself and having mental problems, welcomed the end. Not that she was suicidal, but she always said she was never afraid of meeting her Maker, the Maker being God. She was a staunch Catholic and I feel her beliefs and the responsibility of six children to raise actually kept her grounded more so than she would have been, had she been alone.

    Although life was tough and there were many ‘problems’, I would say she would not have a residual haunting of our old home.

    I guess I am just writing my thoughts because it actually makes me think she did meet her Maker just as she had hoped and it makes me kind of understand that life wasn’t a ‘problem’ to her, she just had a life that had problems/ups and downs and she was up for the challenge. I suppose the thought was somewhat comforting.

    I enjoy reading and interacting on this site; you learn something everyday. Whether here or just in our daily doings.


  8. LMC says:

    In away it seems like you said the same thing it is ghosts replaying like a recorder what had happen to them until they get over it! In my understanding a residual haunting is something that plays over & over until they move on. My friend lived in a house that had residual haunting all the time it would play like there was a party going on over and over… The funny thing about it is some of the people who were at the residual haunting parties were still alive but older. My friend said they had allot of parties in that house through out the years. With her being sick now there is no more parties.

  9. Yarkeliz says:

    That was really interesting and makes sense too spirits stuck in earth. but i’d like to know what can we do to help them get over it? can we interact with them to help them? is that possible? thank you a lot for writing your story one of the best i’ve ever read. and please answer me :-)

    • Bry says:

      A residual haunting is technically not earthbound spirits that needs help to move on, they’re just residual energy ie. emotions, stress or some type of energy that in some ideal instances got recorded on the area where it happens or occurs. Some paranormal specialists identifies some materials that are good conductors for residual energy and if it has a steady source of external energy (ie running water, electrical currents etc…) to keep the recorded event going, it can even last for hundreds of years. So, technically, there are no trapped or earth bound spirits involved in residual haunting, instead its residual energy. Like what they say, it’s just like a magnetic tape being played over and over and over, and it will do so until it uses up all the residual energy that has been embedded on where the haunting occurs.

  10. GirlRacer says:

    Great point, BC. But you hear about the hauntings that occur once a year for example. What about the other 364 days? Are they enjoying a peaceful existence?

  11. Rosie says:

    I just have a question for everybody. How can I make sure the house I am going to buy is not haunted. I don’t like to live in a haunted house. Most of the houses I like were built in the 1990′s, but age doesn’t mean anything. In Asian countries, you can sign a contract with the seller to make sure the house you want to buy is not haunted. Once you move in and find a ghost, you can sue the seller, but I don’t think it workd in America. I personally just don’t want to buy a house over half a million dollars and end up selling it .

    Any adivce will be appreciated.

    • trolldoll says:

      that’s a tough one! you could ask the owner if you can spend a couple of nights or ask them directly. i know what you’re thinking, that they would think you’re nuts. maybe find out about the history, previous owners etc. otherwise i think that if you fear every house that you might want to live in is haunted, your not going to have much luck finding one. don’t be afraid, learn from such experiences. of coarse it probably isn’t. the one i bought didn’t seem haunted at all except for a couple of strange occurances and they weren’t anything frightening at all.

    • AnNa bites back says:

      well you can always get a priest and ask him to bless the house.i think you can sue the seller if they dont tell you what is acually wrong with the place.if theres something wrong like a leek or just anything.well thats my thoughts.im not saying your going to by a half a mill of a house but why so much?if you do.well thats what it sounds like it.

      • Rosie says:

        I have 4 boys and each one of them is a chicken. The 9 and 6 year old have to ask his baby brother to go to the bathroom with them since they are afraid of ghosts. In a way, it is my fault since I love to watch all the ghosts shows on TV. The house in Maryland is expensive. A lot of them were built in the 1960′s with only around 1700 sqft living area. I don’t have nerve to try a new house for a couple of nights either. People’d think I am crazy. The only one who doesn’t believe ghosts is my hubby. He is not afraid of anything but I don’t think he likes to live a haunted house either since he doesn’t like some ghost wakes him up at night. LOL.

        • AnNa bites back says:

          one thing i agree with you is i watch alot of ghost shows too and movies and my 4 year old doesnt really like it either.he hets scared.

      • trolldoll says:

        anna, it doesn’t matter whether a house costs half a mil or not. your chance that it is haunted are 50/50 like anything else in this world. but if i could afford a house for that much, i really wouldn’t be thinkin about it being haunted. i would be to excited to move in!

  12. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    I agree, however, I think there is some elasticity to the concept as the residual haunting of my grandfather in which he was seen always doing something he did in life; working in the vegetable garden, going to work etc all revolved around caring for our family ( as my father had died suddenly ) and he had taken on the role of ‘ man of the house’.
    Unfortunately, for a man in his late 80′s it was a great deal of stress and he only lived a year or so longer than my father. We ( incl neighbours and visitors ) continued to see my grandfather for years afterwards in a ‘ residual haunting ‘ setting. However, one night when my mother was particularly worried about a biker my sister had brought into the house, my grandfather’s residual haunting of ‘ going to work ‘ changed and became an intelligent haunting and he actually told the biker to get out of the house!
    So I think there’s something to the idea, I believe my grandfather was still ‘looking after the family’ so far from being a burden or punishment his was a positive presence and I always found it interesting it changed from a traditional residual haunting to an interactive intelligent haunting, when we actually needed a man in the house!

    • trolldoll says:

      jennifer, is it possible that his energy and memory were present and not his actual ghost? if everyone saw him doing the same thing and then suddenly he appears in front of the biker and speaks. it seems his real energy was looking out for you and his past life energy was continuing to be seen. i think i just confused myself lol. but a very good point!!

      • Big Chief says:

        So you believe the spirit has 2 energies. Past life energy and real life energy. How do you know this. This is where it gets confusing. To say that a spirit has his old energy that is being played over and over again and it also has a real energy that can interact with this world would show that its really not a residual haunting. I believe the spirit can be in a realm reliving their lives over and over again and also interact with the real living world. Just like a spirit can be in hell and also interact with this real living world. I believe many spirits choose not to interact with the real living world.

        They could be in the reliving realm and choose not to interact with the living world but I believe they can. I don’t believe a haunting switched from residual to an intelligent haunting. I believe that it was never residual in the first place. The spirits just came along or are reliving their lives and choose not to interact with the real living world.

        Just because you see a spirit or spirits walk by you and it doesn’t seem to notice you, that doesn’t mean that they don’t know that your there. They could choose to freely go about their business without interacting with the real physical world.

      • Alex The Cat says:

        It could have been his spirit just wanting them to know hes still around, they can be in more then one place at a time, on the other side they do what they love to do, like.. i recently worked with a spirit that loves to be a car mechanic, so thats what the does there. So this spirit could have been seen doing what he liked.

  13. Big Chief says:

    Good, my story is getting somewhere. The people or person who said that residual hauntings are real I wanted to ask you a few questions.

    1. How much energy does it take for there to be a residual haunting in a house or anywhere else? Does it take a certain amount of energy from the deceased to create a residual haunting. If so what is the required amount??

    2. What are the requirement of events that must take place on earth for there to be a residual haunting upon death? I’ve seen cases of residual hauntings after a family member died, after a war, after some violent activities in a house, etc..

    3. If there are such things as residual hauntings, how long does that energy remain in the area??

    4. If residual hauntings are true then shouldn’t most hospitals in the world have residual hauntings since many people die in hospitals? Gun shot victims, drug overdose victims, heart attack victims and so forth. Shouldn’t hospitals have the strongest residual energy in there compared to old houses or old battlefields. How many hospitals in America have been reported to have residual hauntings??

    • Bry says:

      It’s been a while since I was back in this forum. I’m no expert, but I believe that I have learned quite enough to answer most of your queries.

      Q: How much energy does it take for there to be a residual haunting in a house or anywhere else? Does it take a certain amount of energy from the deceased to create a residual haunting. If so what is the required amount??

      A: There is no specific amount of how much energy is needed for a certain event or occurrence to be recorded. Most paranormal researchers believe that if ideal conditions are met a recording of residual energy can take place, some of the most popular conductors of residual energy are stone structures (walls, floors etc.), enclosed areas, places with lots of metal rods to name a few. Residual energy can also be embedded into items that were dear to a person, because as a person often makes contact to a certain object they unknowingly transfer part of their energy to the item they like and in time this embedded energy builds up, its more like charging a battery. Humans release some form of energy and many tried to explain it they call it Chakra in Hindu, Farr in Islam, Lesya in Jainism, the Chinese call it Chi and the Japanese call it Ki, but its famously known as Aura in English, this just proves that this type of concept is not only isolated to the west. The fluctuation of this energy (a.k.a. aura) depends on the mood of a person. Some scientific fields are beginning to explore on the concept of aura because it can be used to influence a persons surroundings. Positive moods like feelings of happiness brings a positive vibe in the air and thus the people near a person with a much higher positive energy output also feels happy, but if a person is depressed or angry, the same can be observed with the people around them. Try talking to an angry person, and in a few moments you too will feel angry, the same goes with the surrounding, if a person or a group of people release enough positive or negative energy given that they are in an ideal situation where energy can be embedded a residual energy embedding can occur, thus once this residual energy gains enough capacity to manifest it will result to what we call a residual haunting. Now, after a residual haunting has manifested, it doesnt mean that its already gone, its still there just waiting to gain enough charge to manifest itself again, and if there is ample energy source for the residual energy thrive on, it will keep on replaying till that energy source runs out.

      Q: What are the requirement of events that must take place on earth for there to be a residual haunting upon death? Ive seen cases of residual hauntings after a family member died, after a war, after some violent activities in a house, etc..

      A: There are no standard requirements, but it can be a combination of many things, the important part is that an extremely significant amount of energy has been released and it has been embedded on the surrounding. The haunting you mentioned about relatives reporting that they saw the person they love just moments after they died from war is not residual, but a rather different type of haunting. I forgot the term they used for it, but this type of haunting was often seen during wars, many reports of this type of haunting dates back to the civil wars till World War II.

      Q: If there are such things as residual hauntings, how long does that energy remain in the area??

      A: Residual haunting will last for as long as there is energy keeping it active (see answer no. 1). One thing you must understand is that residual haunting is merely stored energy, its not a spirit, its more like a video or audio recording, but instead of being in a magnetic tape, it had been recorded in a place or on other things. Havent you asked, why paranormal investigators check for Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) first before confirming if there is a paranormal activity going on? Its because they are checking for residual energy and since residual energy is embedded magnetic fields it is somewhat electrical in nature. Thus, anything that can produce electrical charge (even if its minute) it can keep the residual haunting active. Ion charges in the air can be an external source of energy, electrical wirings can also be a source of energy, anything than can replicate ionization or that can emit electric charge can keep a residual energy active.

      Q: If residual hauntings are true then shouldnt most hospitals in the world have residual hauntings since many people die in hospitals? Gun shot victims, drug overdose victims, heart attack victims and so forth. Shouldnt hospitals have the strongest residual energy in there compared to old houses or old battlefields. How many hospitals in America have been reported to have residual hauntings??

      A: Residual energy (a.k.a. residual haunting) is leftover energy basically, but it is not permanent. If a place is always bustling with activity previous energy imprint can be erased and then replaced by a different one. Not all people in hospitals die horrible deaths. As I have mentioned on my answer to question number 1, there are positive energy sources and good energy sources grief, mistrust, anger are examples of negative energy sources, where as love, hope and happiness are of positive. As we all know there are also loving families and hopeful people in hospitals and it has been an established fact that positive always wins over negative. So, in this argument, the mix of negative and positive cancels out most of the residual energy in hospitals, same goes with public places. You know what kind of hospitals would have a high possibility of residual haunting? Mental hospitals, asylums, war hospitals, these hospitals dont have many hopeful individuals and loving families in them, only wounded, distressed, miserable people and overwhelming negativity leaves long lasting impressions.

      Residual haunting (or residual energy) can affect people, but it doesnt have the capacity to posses unlike poltergeists and spirits. Like how negative emotions can affect another persons mood, the same effect can be achieved by the residual haunting. Its not possession! If the person is overly sensitive to negative energy, they have a tendency to breakdown and go nuts. Its only the person going crazy, not them being possessed. I have read an article once that the only way to get rid of residual energy is to rewrite over it. If a place has had negative residual energy you can change it by overcoming the negative with positive, hold parties, invite friends and keep a loving and happy atmosphere, it will not happen in an instant, but it will eventually erase what was previously embedded.

      Residual Haunting, from the word residual, its something thats left over or left behind! It cant be intellectual, but spirits on the other hand is a different thing. My post will only go on longer if I elaborate on this further. I hope this answers most of your questions.

  14. Tracey says:

    Not just house it’s also the land before the houses building Like native american grounds or murder on ground or never know might been wood before the trees cuts down and buld a houses and drive ways.

  15. Alex The Cat says:

    Mmm some hauntings or what people think are ghosts haunting them are just these “recordings”… A replay of time. Or a Time-lapse…

    Hmm the reliving there lives thing.. Everyone that comes to earth once will come back again, until they no longer need to, its all for your souls spiritual growth and development..
    If someone commits suicide, they are only going to have it harder on the other side, because then they get to see what they left behind and have done to the people that care for them, and in the end they have to come back and walk the same path again to help their souls growth….
    One thing i find interesting is that there could be more than one of you on the planet at a time, like your soul as a few different people on this earth all living out there lives at the same time. You have your Soul out in the spirit world but you also have other aspects of your soul in this world… ‘It’s works a little like a computer hard drive you have your files and you store them onto the hard drive…’ Each aspect will live out its life and when you die it will go back to your Soul in the spirit world, and your lives and lessons will be stored there.

    Souls stuck on earth? Some people will die and will not cross over, they might not want to or don’t know how. You can help them however it isn’t always easy, some might tend to hang around you, and you will begin to pick up their energy, e.g you could start feeling the anger and sadness they could be carrying… When they cross over thats them going back into the spirit world back into there main soul ‘hehe the hard drive’.

    Some spirits might be making noises around your house, These residual hauntings, can be an entity wanting you to know that it is there, you could acknowledge it and maybe it would stop, just let it know that you can tell its around, but thats not always the best thing as sometimes it might be an entity getting up to mischief and acknowledgement is just an invite into your house.

    Ahh sorry if the things i said didn’t make much sense, i’m not so good at writing things and making them make sense xD But i hope you guys understand and i hope i didn’t go off the subject. :P

    • Camila says:

      Hey mr. The cat that is exactly what I went through! One year back the ghost of a man appeared to me and because he was murdered and buried in the land where my apartment now stood, he hung around my apartment for a very very long time since he was murdered his family thought he went missing they never did find out what happened so they left far and he is waiting to this day for them to come back for him… That to me is an intelligent haunting.

  16. David says:

    Hmmm Interesting comments. I must say. As I have lived in Sth East Asia I know many Asians and including my wife believe in the spirit world. Myself I am a bit more sceptical. I have posted 3 events that occured and hope they get posted in next 24 to 48 hours on the Site. The most recent happened in Cebu Philippines early this year. The 2nd and 3rd happened whilst I was at work in Australia 2nd one dating back about 8 yrs and the 3rd one in 1983. What I saw and heard on all these events I don’t know I am just relating them back to you as they occured. I will put it to this I saw and heard something. I don’t know what it was and there maybe or maybe not be a logical reasons behind them. I neither use drugs or alcohol or can explain to you or any one else what happened and why. I will just remain mystified as to why they happened. Do they scare me? No. Do they worry me? No. Am I concerened about them? No. Do I have questions? Yes. But how I decern those answers to those question I can not tell you. As the questions have not been answered nor have I really asked the questions as to why?. Maybe I will never be answered. So I will remain sceptical and question something of the events that occured to me.

  17. trolldoll says:

    what this all boils down to, is we don’t really know why these sightings happen. we don’t know if these are intelligent ghosts or just something that the person did when they were living in the place. i like to see all these ghost shows because it gives us alterior explanations. they all find evidence, but is it true or made up. i think i’m gonna have to be dead before man comes up with the answers to find out the truth is out there.

  18. Bry says:

    I have read a lot of articles about how certain materials can record events the most often suggested good residual energy recorders are stone blocks and metal rods. Not sure, since I only read from other articles, but I have firsthand experience of residual haunting myself, by MYSELF! Yes, I got haunted by my own self, its weird and unbelievable but, it happened. I am typically a night person, I’d always do my computer works at night, there are times I even stay up till morning and I rarely do my work during the day. I feel at ease working the late hours because its usually quiet and I can concentrate on my work more effectively. And during my late night activities I do make noises like typing sounds, mouse clicking and the usual footsteps. I often go barefoot on the floor so it makes a rather different sound than wearing slippers, there are nights when I sleep pretty early I wake to sounds of typing and bare feet walking across my work area, these noises only happen during the late hours I usually work in. After I have moved away from home, my sister who still lives in our house would tell me that shed often hear noises from my work room as if somebody was doing something with the computer, but when she takes a look theres nobody there. I think that was my residual energy replaying my activities during the quiet hours, I think that once Im long gone that will be my ghost. If not, that could be a different entity.

  19. Have Experienced It says:

    Yes, you can help spirits/ghosts get ‘unstuck’ and move on; I have done it. I didn’t go searching for experiences in the metaphysical arena, it came to me (as these things often do). Skeptics don’t bother me as I understand that unless or until they have an experience themselves – they won’t believe it. Why should they? I didn’t myself. I’m a highly educated, intelligent woman with a high paying job, and yes – “I see dead people”. I recently experienced a ‘ghost’ from the 1800′s who bothered me every night. I would see him around our house, and feel him sitting on my bed at night. My husband wasn’t happy (nor was I). Eventually, with the help of some intuitive folks and with what I got myself, I discovered his name, and that he committed suicide and has been ‘stuck’ and unhappy because he thought he would go to hell, ‘as the Bible says’. Attempts to remove him from our home and get him to heaven (or the Other Side), failed. Apparently I reminded him of his wife, who died in 1842. I finally contacted an experienced/talented psychic family in MN and they asked angels to come and take him over. The night he left I saw him, for the first time. He leaned over me, put his head on my shoulder and cried. I believe he was thanking me for helping him. I heard a few words that he spoke. It can be overwhelming when these things happen but at the same time, they reinforce my believe that our souls don’t die when our bodies do, and we live on. Pretty amazing. I’m just so thankful that this unhappy soul is now happy and where he belongs!

  20. Bry says:

    I have experienced a lot of paranormal phenomenon myself and most of them are quite unbelievable, but I’ve never seen spirits taken away by angels or moved on to the light and stuff. I just know they’re gone when I realize that I don’t feel their presence anymore, like the shadow people that I often see crisscrossing around my old house. I was not able to notice or even feel their presence for more than 4 years now…

    Most residual hauntings that I know of only tends to replay certain recordings of events in a certain area, more like a cassette player looping a tape over and over, but I could say that an intelligent haunting is quite a different type since it reacts to its surroundings. Unlike recordings, its not really bothered by its surroundings, it would just play what it has recorded. Classical examples of residual hauntings are the ghost that continues on walking to a wall that was once a door, ghostly figures being caught doing just practically mundane things before disappearing. unlike the intelligent type that turns to a person or something it notices.

  21. Gabriel says:

    Hey, hi. Thanx for all the info, but I have a huge problem. I have this friend who lives in eastpoint in Detroit. There is a real messed up energy in his house. I mean, all we do is do a lot of drugs there to be honest, but even when I’m not on drugs I can feel it. It’s this change of atmosphere that happens at the exact same time every day around 2 pm. Around that time everyone that was happy and indulging in intelligent conversation the moment before will suddenly stop and start to feel uncomfortable in some kind of manic depressive sort of way. I stayed there for a week and watched this happen over and over again. And I felt it much as they did. Everyone who visits that house notices it. I followed my gut one day to try to figure out where its coming from kinda like a your hot or your cold sort of scenario. All of my effort kept leading me back to one place… the stairway to the basement.
    Before I continue I must explain that I am a genuine shaman. I can see, feel, hear, speak to, and understand spirits or what you could call the dead. And I have been persecuted for it by many rational people saying I’m skitzo… but the fact is that I am a rational person myself. I only believe what I see, hear, feel and smell and I literally see, hear, feel and smell these kinds of things, so I believe in them. And this didn’t come about after or by doing drugs because I was made a shaman by spirits on a completely different plane long before I ever got into such nonsense.
    Now, this isn’t that normal sort of feeling you get when your looking down a dark staircAse cause I did this in the middle of the day no doubt. Secondly, the basement is not scary at all. There’s a bar and my friends room down there and we smoke weed down there everyday. There a couch and the whole deal. It’s just the staircase. You can feel this scary evil presence resorting from it. And its even so when your looking upstairs from the basement. But, my friend who owns the place says its something that follows him around wherever he moves or goes, so why am I drawn to the staircase? And what kind of an energy could do this? I’m not familiar with this specific line of energy. I’ve dealt with lots of evils before and this is not something I have ever come across in my adventures. I can’t figure out what it is and therefor I cannot provide any kind of a balance to it… please help me.

  22. Gabriel says:

    Basically what I’m saying is that I’ve found a negative energy source so strong that it has been able to overcome up to 12 people ,who are the most positive people you could imagine, at once. And yes, it is even somehow able to cancel out all positive energies in the entire house and not just at a Fixed point in the house. It’s like a fountain of evil that overflows every day at 2 pm. what do I do?

    • Buddy says:

      Well, if you talk about these sort of things to other people these days they’ll either say you’re crazy or you’re sick. It’s just sad, this is the effect of technology and arrogance to people. But it’s also easy for other people to fake stuff like this, and it might as well be the effect of the stuff that has been going on in that place. If you’re pretty sure that it is the real thing and not a hallucination, I could suggest that you try and find out the history of the place, who lived there and try to find out if there had been any tragic incident that occurred there, you may be able to figure out how to help the spirit that’s being stuck there.
      Don’t mistake positive energy from being high or just happy. Though being happy also emits positive energy, that alone is not enough. If you say that this entity emits an incredible amount of negative energy then, you may be dealing with a more powerful spirit. It can be a poltergeist, an elemental spirit, or a demon. If it’s either one of the three I mentioned, you’ll need help from experienced psychics in order to drive it away. I don’t recommend people with less spiritual powers drive off evil entities on their own because it could make things a lot worse.

  23. alafleur3443 says:

    I live in a house where the man b4 me that lived here died of a drug over dose sometimes I hear him say things to me like he’s right in the room next to me and I also think he is re living his life thru me b4 I lived here I never did drugs or drank alcohol but not long after moving in I started to become very self destructive is it possible the spirit is reliving thru me? Or am I just crazz?

    • Buddy says:

      As mentioned on previous posts, if there is a strong imprint of energy (negative or positive) who ever succeeds the previous occupants of the place (or in your circumstance, a house) will inherit the embedded energy. If you are specifically sensitive to the recorded energy, you will tend to follow the pattern of the originator of that energy. Try to break away from that pattern and don’t get yourself engulfed with the influence of the negativity that was recorded in the place where you live. If you don’t break away from it you might meet the same demise as you predecessor. First thing you need to do is to try and overcome your drinking problem, and rewrite over the negative energy that was recorded in the house where you live. Do some proactive, like a hobby to keep your mind occupied, invite friends and hold social gatherings not the drinking kind. You are being influenced by your house because you are in the same frequency as the person who died in it, try to be different and if you fail to do so and you feel that you are getting worse, leave the house and move somewhere else.

  24. Nikki says:

    Out of all the different kinds of hauntings, residual hauntings are the ones that interest me the most. The reason for this, is because I had a very “haunted” childhood and I experienced several different kinds of hauntings…poltergeists, disembodied voices, etc. And while the poltergeist had to be the most frightening, there are two residual hauntings that stand out in my mind. The first one, I don’t know for sure that it can be classified as a true “haunting” because the person’s voice I heard, was still alive. Let me explain…

    I was living in Tennessee at the time, with my mother and grandparents. My grandmother and I were sitting on the couch watching tv when I was about 5 yrs old…a typical day, nothing out of the ordinary, UNTIL…..from the back bedroom….we heard my grandpa’s disembodied voice call my grandma! “PAT”? it called. (My grandma’s name was Patricia)…and there was NO MISTAKING his voice…he had a very distinct accent, and it sound JUST LIKE HIM! The weird thing though, is that it wasn’t HIS voice, because he was all the way across town at work! This would be the start of a very “haunted” childhood.

    Which brings me to my NEXT experience…

    My family and I had moved to Georgia by the time I turned six, and we all lived in a house that had once been the site of an old southern rice plantation…

    It didn’t take me long to realize that there was something just “not quite right” about this house, because every night with out fail, I would hear the sound of a small bell ding. (Like the kind you would find at a hotel desk) Just one small “DING!” and then immediately following, it would sound like three or four people furiously cleaning the kitchen. Dishes clattering in the sink, brooms sweeping the floor, mopping, etc. Only problem was…there wasn’t a SOUL there! (At least not a LIVING soul anyway!)

    This, I’m sure, was a residual haunting. Perhaps it was the sound of the slaves who used to clean there during their lifetime? I don’t know for sure…but I DO know, it scared the t-total CRAP out of me! I was only six years old and didn’t understand. NOW, I would think it was rather cool…(Hey, I’ll take free housework ghosts or not!) but back then, all I knew was that I wasn’t supposed to be hearing invisible people cleaning the kitchen. And I always heard them “as clear as a bell”…(pun intended!)

    So…those are just two of many episodes I would encounter in my childhood. And this is why I find residual hauntings so fascinating. Not just because of my experiences though, but because I think it is simply AMAZING that sound and energy can become “trapped” and replay over & over again for years! Even centuries!

    I also want to add that GirlRacer asked a very good question…how is it that residual hauntings can only happen once a year? Or on the “anniversary” of an event? I have so many unanswered questions about this type of haunting and I believe there may be a lot more to them than just “a re-playing of events”…in fact, I find them to be one of the most interesting types of hauntings there are. Reason being, if we can find out how they work, I believe we’d be on the verge of a complete breakthrough between science and the spirit world!

    Thanks for letting me ramble! :)

    And thank you Big Chief, and everyone who replied to this topic! I very much enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts on the subject.

  25. Nikki says:

    Edit: It “soundED” just like him.

    (Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes…I got a little carried away I guess!)

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