Recurring Dreams Of The Shadow Man

Posted on July 7, 2009

I have had a recurring dream my entire life involving the dark man. I may sound crazy, but something about this dream is different than any other dream I have. I�m starting to think there�s something to it and I�d like to know if it strikes a chord with anyone else.

I live out in the country surrounded by woods, so at night it is dark and quiet. I�ve lived there for 26 years. The only light is the street light in the driveway. All of my life I�ve had an inexplicable fear of the back corner of our property. Something down there scares the crap out of me. Anyway, in my dream, it�s nighttime and I am in the driveway under the street light. I�m alone and it�s completely quiet except for the frogs and crickets. At first there is no wind and it is muggy and hot. But then, from the back of the property comes a howl like a wolf. All the crickets and frogs stop and the wind picks up fiercely. Then (I know this is bizarre but follow me) a man dressed like a Tibetan monk grabs my shoulder and says the following verbatim: �He is coming, but do not fear him. If you do, his eyes will take you.� He then returns to a circle of men in monk garb and joins in a weird chant with them.

Then I look back towards the woods and a black wind sweeps through the trees. The monks chant louder and he appears. The best way I can describe him is that the wind took the form of a man with some sort of wide brim hat (totally creeps me out to read everyone else mentioning the hat).

Two things I should mention is that he seemed to have no form at all, just a shade or something. Kinda� smoke like, but shaped sorta like a man. He was more than just dark. It�s like he was a walking black hole or something. The other thing was his eyes. He never spoke, just drifted up to me. Face to face. His eyes were burning red (not green like a lot of other accounts). He just stared into my eyes and even though I couldn�t make out a mouth, he seemed to be smiling.

Just then I heard a baby screaming and he vanished. That�s when I awake.

There are other dreams I have about him, but that�s the basis of my experience. Always there is a child, and always there are people dressed as monks chanting. I�ve never been a fanatic for premonitions or dream phenomenon, but I�m starting to think there is something to this thing. Get back to me on that.

The dark man has tormented my dreams my entire life. I thought I was crazy, but I have read too many accounts of him from others that seemed to match my own a little too closely. I�m no paranormal fanatic. Anyone who knows me knows that I�m a very logical guy. I search for physical proof and scientific explanation, but these dreams seem so real it�s as if they are actually happening. No sleep paralysis, just the dark man. Darker than dark. As if he were a walking black hole of light and of all existence.

If you look at a tree and he steps (or hovers) in front of it, it�s as if the tree no longer exists. Nothing can be made out but a silhouette of a smoky shape of a man with some sort of wide brim hat. He has burning red eyes like flames flickering.

In my first dream encounter with him, I was told by a man dressed as a monk, �He is coming, but do not fear him. If you do his eyes will take you. He fears you because you are the most evil thing he knows.� I don�t know what that meant, but then again it was a dream. All sorts of weird crap can happen. But at that moment I heard a howl and the wind swept through the trees and then he appeared. He got within inches of my face and stared into my soul. At first I was terrified, but I remembered the man�s words, and was no longer afraid. That got a strange reaction from him. He smiled, but had no mouth. I could feel his anger at me. Then a baby screamed in the distance and I awoke in a cold sweat.

Since then I have encountered him several times in my dreams. I�m always trying to find the screaming baby before he does. Once I had the baby in my arms running through the woods to get to a monastery where the monk (the same one) told me that I was late, but I must take the child to the altar. The dark man appeared, but didn�t lift a finger to stop me, just smiled his mouthless smile and looked to the horizon as I placed the child on the altar. Then a wall of fire miles high swept over the sea and enveloped all that I could see. The same red as his eyes was now all I could see. I awoke to find that nothing was left but a barren beach and an infinite ocean. The rest of the world was gone and everyone else in it save for me and a few of the people who had followed me to the monastery. The child and the dark man were gone forever, until recently and only briefly.
Someone tell me I�m not going crazy. Get back to me.

Sent in by Zachariah, Copyright 2009

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50 Responses to “Recurring Dreams Of The Shadow Man”
  1. Karen M. says:

    Um, maybe you should look into an encyclopedia of dreams to find answers.

  2. trolldoll1681 says:

    very creepy thanks

  3. grainne rourke says:

    i have experienced this male presence in my life a few times though mostly in my mid to late teens and not unlike you mostly in bed getting ready to sleep LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR AND HONEST FIRSTLY I WAS NOT SLEEP AS SO MANY PEOPLE SEEM TO SUGGEST I WAS LUCID STARING OUT MY BEDEROOM WINDOW AND SECONDLY I CANT HONESTLY SAY I SAW HIM. I can however say that when it has happened this is precisely how i would have described him definitely male and he lay on top of me so i was paralysed and could not move or breathe at all . It has been the most frightening experienced of my life to this day . I dont know what it wanted but i know it was bad so eventually i told my much older brother and he said it happened to another brother and he told the local priest who blessed the house and he was left in peace so i did the same and it worked. Best of luck to you P.S your by no means crazy, crazy people arent rational so chin up ….. xgrainne

    • Jordan Shap says:

      Man…i had an experience. i had a dream about this too….like im a native canadian..and i was at this powwow, and i was hanging out with my brother. and he looked at me strange and said ” Hey Jordan guess what’ and i said what? then he said ” theres someone that wants to see you.” i said ” oh yeah, who? ” then my brother responded “I dont know, he calls himself The Dark Man,’ and hes over there” ..and i looked where my brother pointed. and the dark man was standing right behind a church just 50 years away from us. waiting for me. and then i got scared…and you know those floating moving platforms that carry you to a destination..when i was standing on one apprently, and it tried taking me too him, and i got off…then i ran off somewhere, and came back to where i was standing, and i ran to the church, to see if he was still there..and he wasn’t. he vanished. strange. but he was exactly how you described him as. Long back coat. Long wide looking hat.i couldnt really see his eyes though..he was far away, and his hat must of blocked his eyes. but anyways…strange coincidence

      • Jane says:

        Hello Jordan.
        Im interested in your experience. Ive had a somewhat similar experience to yours and so has my younger sister. We have both dreamed about these floating platforms in the air really and they lead to a church maybe? when my sister dreamt of it she said she climbed the platforms and that it was a church but i did not climb them. i was in awe of the platforms myself and i could not control myself in my dreams. i just looked at them. maybe it means something. we have both seen the dark hat man before.

  4. Verbatim288 says:

    OMG!!!! this might not relate to ur story …but the shadow man is an aboriginal evil spirit that likes to touch and torment. dnt get him angry coz he will not show no mercy. My cousin had these dreams and she…(the ghost likes women better then men to pick on) ended up in a different state , in her country and in her mind. she has never been the same… P.S i havnt read ur story but i saw the title and i had to write something. im going to
    OH watch out though. he will never show u his face.

  5. Iki viki667 says:

    OMG! that shadow man is SATAN. he will try to steal your soul, even in your dreams. When you put the baby on the alter, God accepted it and temporarily banished Satan from your dreams. like verbatim288 said, the devil likes women better. Which is why you should try sleeping with a rosary or asking a local rabbi or preist for advice. No one has seen Satan’s true face without dying or being killed, so be very careful.

  6. Cullen says:

    Dear Iki,
    What you said is highly improbable. Sure, I believe in God and Satan. I may not be a devout Christian, also do not go to church. But there is one thing I know. When God banished Lucifer, he gave him the rule over the Kingdom of Hell, and ONLY Hell. The only way Satan can get your soul is if he charms you to following the path to Hell. But it is said when he comes to Earth, he kills anyone who isn’t branded with his symbol. We all know what that symbol is.

    Dear Zach,
    You should be fine, it was probably just a dream. Or it was you subconscious telling you something. Like, I had a dream that I wanted to buy something but I lost my wallet, as did I in real life. In my dream, I reached into my pants pocket, and there was my wallet! When I woke up, I checked those same pants, and there it was, my wallet.

    • Anonymous says:

      not true and dont think im some religios nut cuz im definatly not but iv done resurch into it and i do no a bit about the bible
      god infact gave earth to the devil thou the the devil still cannot violate gods rules
      so in theoy he can only touch those who are “sinners”
      as to wht that actualy implys i dont no

      ps sorry bout my spelling

      • Helena says:

        “Satan can only touch sinners”
        I guess if that’s the case then the story of JOB was a lie because I could have sworn that story was supposed to be about a righteous man.

  7. brittany lott says:

    this is not just some dream a dream comes once and goes a dream doesnt scare you this is a reaccurring nightmare and it definitely has something to do with the devil i think this is a demon trying to gain your soul or possess you in so doing he will gain your soul i suggest you pray and ask jesus into your heart and no you are certainly not crazy because there are such things as demons and this is certainly one the only way you will be safe is if you ask god for help hes the only one who can help you i assure you if you listen to me and pray about it and accept christ into your heart and mean it this nightmare will end forever and you will be free of this because it will be too late for the devil to get your soul if your already saved so please do this and tell me how it goes i will pray for you

  8. Lucy says:

    Zachariah, your dream certainly does sound menacing – you must wake up pretty disturbed. A typical interpretation of this dream would explain this “man” whom you potentially see as a ‘demon’ or ‘figure of evil’, as representing your inner fear(s) that you are not consciously aware of. For example, it could be something so broad as fearing the unknown or fearing death. If I were you, I’d break the dream down and do a bit of self analysing. Is there a dominant male character in your life that you fear or are afraid of? Or do you fear someone close to you will die? Are you under pressure to support people in your life (hence saving the child in your deam)? Do you have a rational fear of the dark? – it doesn’t have to be the absence of light, it could be the infinity of depth for example. Aswell as looking into these things, focus on the emotions you feel before, during and after the dream – do you have these dreams when you go to bed feeling tense, unhappy, stressed or angry? or do they occur when you are relaxed and feeling ‘open-minded’? (this ‘harmonic’, balanced state of mind often has a meditation effect on the brain whereby the unconscious part of our brain can be temporarily ‘opened’ – hence ‘spiritual’ senses can occur, which could explain the realism or ‘halicination’ effect of your dreams).
    One of the golden rules of a dream is the knowledge and element of control. Knowing that your dream IS a dream when your dreaming it, flips your brain out of the dream phase and will usually cause you to promptly wake up. The most interesting thing about gaining control during dreaming, is that some people (although only very few) can control their dreams so that they can interact with their dream characters and ask them questions. In otherwords, by asking your ‘dream characters’ questions you are in itself asking your unconscious deep rooted questions about yourself for answers you would otherwise be unaware of. Remind youself of this control technique before you sleep, and see if this particular dream has this flexibilitiy.
    Another point: when you’re in the dream, are you aware that you are familiar with whats going to happen and therefore anticipate the dark figure approaching? Knowing whats going to happen and by not playing into your ‘role’ of the dream, you have the control to not be afraid and interact. Have you ever thought of joining in with the monks and chanting? Or smiling pleasantly back at the man?
    If you decide that the self-analysing hasn’t brought anything up, and the dreams still keep coming, you could resort to putting a dream catcher over your bed or going to sleep wearing a protective amulet to give yourself peace of mind. Dont drink milk or eat cheese before bed either!
    Whatever you decide to do, and I know this may sound crazy, try and enjoy your dream(s). Enjoyment knocks the fear out of nightmares so instead, you can pay more attention to the details and get to know what your waking consious has ‘filtered’ during the day. I wish you good ventures.x.

  9. BlessedSpirit says:

    im lucid too. i am very interested in the paranormal and i will go to the end of the earth to discover how they managed to break into our realm and i will do all in my power to stop it. no one deserves torment from these spirits. the human race will banish them from earth!

  10. sleepless samantha says:

    hi my name is samantha im just about to turn 20, ever since i can remeber ive had the similar thing, there is a shadow man that follows me anywhere i am hes never around during the day hes a dark figure he gets in my dreams always wanting to kill me or take me away from friends n family n even tho im asleep i can feel him its a paralizing feeling atleast 3 nights a week my husband has to wake me up cuz im screaming and shaking people say its all in my head ive been like this the past 15 years i dont think your crazy i just wish there was help!!!

  11. BlessedSpirit says:

    dont fear any spirit. they can sense you are scared. get in touch with a paranormal investigator or read online for some tips on how to clear your home of ghosts. there is a ritual online see if you can get help from that. that all i got.

  12. daniel PJ says:

    Holy Hell! This story is very similar to a friend of my sisters. When we were growing up Bianca used to wake up in the middle of her sleep when she and my little sis had a sleepover. I remember one night she woke up and my mom was trying to comfort her asking what was wrong.

    All she would say was that a man in a black top hat with weird eyes kept trying to get her to go into the closet with him (In her dream), and that he would even drag her into the dark closet but she would fight him off and resist every time. and one day, the man who’s face she could never see, only the eyes and the black magicians hat, took her into the closet and was dragging her down a tunnell inside it.

    She recalled that she could see a firey light at the far end which he was dragging her towards, she was woken up by her sister who said that she appeared to be dead, and that she wasn’t breathing, her eyes had rolled back into her head and she was turning pale blue in the face.

    I personally think he was dragging her soul to the other side of the threshold that seperates the living and the dead. I haven’t spoken to her in years, but last I heard she was still having the same nightmare.

  13. Adriana says:

    i have the same dream since I was a child it comes and goes and I recently about two weeks had it thats why I was looking up info on it. I told my mom and she told me that when I see she/he to pray and tell him you believe in god and I did just that and it worked. I still get the dreams but in my dreams I pray and tell him he cant hurt me b/c I have god and poof he is gone and I sleep well the rest of the night. Try it. Oh and in Mexico they say the spirt is a dead person that just likes to bug.

  14. Zachariah says:

    Adriana. I have done a bit a research into it. But tell me, when you say you have the same dream, I would like to know how many (if any) of the details match some of my own. That’s kinda what I’m trying to piece together right now. Shared dream phenomenon. It has happened to me and a friend before, we had the exact dream in the same night, and I am looking for anyone else. I have found a lot of similarities dating back to the earliest of human history, and I think there is a larger picture to be seen. Get back to me if you read this. Thank you for your comments.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Hi, I am a shadow black man who keeps having this re-ocurring dream where some punk steals my baby and then sacrafices him on an alter surrounded by monks. (sorry couldn’t resist.

    The real reason I am posting is I once had a dream involving a dark figure. It’s the ONLY dream that has scared me. I woke up so scared, I am even scared to rehash it. I have had bad dreams but never ones that scared me. I love reliving dreams and have done so, but I this one i want to stay away from.

    If i told you the dream it wouldn’t seem scary. It was scary because he was looking for me and mostly because how reall it felt.

  16. colin says:

    the man with the black hat
    or mr teeth as i call him(because he has sharp pointy teet when he smiles)
    he mostly visits kids for some reason or persons, i do know he can talk without talking and that he is scary but he never really harms just annoys, he does even comfort some by tuking them into bed or even stroking their head, you cant get rid of him he just comes and goes as he pleases, this is what i have experienced

  17. Z says:

    If you are afraid of spirits (thats what they are) lay a sharp knife under your mattress. spirits are afraid of sharps.

  18. Z says:

    Don’t show any fear , spirits feed on it. lay a sharp knife under your mattress, spirits are afraid of sharp objects.natives know this.

  19. Rose Strailo says:

    I read your story and I have to say that it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end. It’s quite similar to what I’ve experienced and many others, as it can be seen here on the site.

    Anyways, the line the monk said:

    - – - He is coming, but do not fear him. If you do his eyes will take you. He fears you because you are the most evil thing he knows. – - -

    I believe it means something along the lines of this thought. What is the one thing the dark doesn’t want you to have? Well, there are actually a few things the dark doesn’t want you to have. The love FOR God, the love OF God, the will power backed BY God and of course, the light of your soul that is touched by God.

    Now mind you, I don’t think there is a Satan. I’m not saying that he might, but considering who they say he is (one of Gods favored Angels? He’s not going to turn his back on his children, no matter what they do), I don’t believe there is a Satan.

    BUT there is evil out there that wants to drag us down. To make us believe that God does not love us. And your Shadow Man is frightened of that love that is received and given.

    No, I don’t believe all Shadow Men are evil, or are there to hurt you.

    Sometimes, our guardians are kinda scary looking since we see them according to what we need in our lives after all.

    But I hope this nightmare leaves you alone soon.

    And look at me…talking like I know what the heck I’m talking about half the time (and really, this is all just instinct…).

  20. Reedie says:

    Since i was 11 i hard a reaccouring dream about the man in the black hat. i had it for quite awhile as a kid. but it when away until recently. I OD last year and my gf mom saw a man in her house and described it to me. it gave me chills because i knew who it was. it was the same man who visits my dreams. and not only my dreams but also my room and the jail cell as i awake. And i know im not still dreaming because he is real enough for me to talk to. in my dream as i kid im up on a wall high in the sky and once i get to a certain part of the wall it throws me off. and i know that its going to happen and i always try to stop it but it drags me to that spot. and once i get thrown off i fall and fall and eventually land in a mexican gas station. and my legs are broke and im bleeding yelling for help but noone answers. and eventually the man in the black hat comes out and comes close to me and tells me not to worry that it will all be over soon and he walks away as i lay there and die. It gave me chills when i found out that im not the only one that has the encounters with this man. I dont know who he is but hes never personally harmed me. Just warned me. He visits me in the times of my life that seem to be my lowest. I dont know if hes an angel or a demon. But to those of you who also have the relationship with this man knows how it feels to see him. the fear that crawls up your spine and how you seem speechless in his presence. You may see him in your dreams but dont be suprised if you get a visit from an un-expected guest. ~Reedie

  21. nic kelly says:

    hi i have had my own experiences with the man in the black hat as a child, as a teenager and again in my late teens when i was very ill and depressed. this figure never did me ill and at some times he seemed almost fatherly, although i was always felt a little numb and a little afraid. I spoke to a friend about this a few years ago and she told me she had experienced his presence too. i have wondered how commonplace this appearance is. i would like to collect some stories and if anyone (Zachariah!) has any more info about this phenomena I’d be really interested, especially suggested symbolism in child development. anything really! i think this is common and meaningful!

  22. SpencerThePawn says:

    I know who you speak of. The thing is I dont understand how i came to know of him.
    When I was very young laying in bed trying to go to sleep I would hear my heart beat thru my ear. But at that age i didnt know that was what it was, the important thing is I knew it was him walking towards me. he was far away, maybe another state (i was in Az) but along those lines. What baffles me is he had never appeared before me or never seen him out of the corner of my eye. The mental picture i had was from the knee down, I could see the opening of the trench coat as he walked in the gutter. Every step was towards me. And for some reason i knew he wore a hat. I had never met this Hat Man (shadow person) until the night of December 30th 1999, and by the sounds of it maybe never again but I know he is still watching. The encounter (dream) goes as follows. I was in a room, in a house in Chicago ( i used to live there but never in this home, but i knew i was in Chicago) sitting on a day bed that was white with brass tips. I had my back to the wall looking outside this fairly large window. I was looking for him, because for some reason I knew he was going to contact me ( now recall I have never seen him in dream or wake before this dream) and when ever he contacted me in the past he would come from nowhere and grab me. So sitting on the bed looking for him so i can save myself from being ambushed. i think I see something so I slowly inch my way off the bed towards the window to get a better look because it was dark outside. I look for a while and just when im about to turn arround i see his reflection in the window dash out of the closet behind me. He puts one hand over my mouth and grabs my right arm with the other and drags me in the closet. The next thing I know im in a fairly large room and it was completly pitch black. And i was sitting in a wood chair and he was sitting across from me are knees were inches apart, and even with the room being completly dark he was still darker so i can see his outline. He then begins to speak to me but thru my mind and i would speak to him by thinking. He told me one thing…… ” Now you can sit here and listen to me and I will tell you what I want you to do…….or……you can choose to wake up and do what I want you to do anyway….” I did, what I now regret, I chose to wake up. And not a second later I was sitting up im my bed freaking out, because this was no dream I can remember every detail every color the feeling of past encounters was too natural as if I had met with him many times before but maybe supressed the memory or something. I was 20 at the time Now im 30 He has never come back But I know he is watching and I can feel him sometimes walking at my heels. I am a normal person no quarks i have an above average intelect that came from a very loving and wealthy family. No issue’s what so ever, This is the only thing that haunts me but if that’s it im pretty lucky. I wish I would have stayed then, at least maybe to help other people. thanks for reading your stories have helped me express mine so thank you

  23. KNOWTOMUCH says:

    I have already commented on ( the black man) on another post… i saw him from the time i was 4,born in 1958,,,, to about mid 30′s…… the first time he was under my bed…. from then on, he followed me to every house we lived in,,, after my daughter was born,1976, he also followed her..

    someone here said something about a closet…. yes!!! he would come into my bedroom door, and walk into the closet,, every time, i was laying awake.. every time, i got up, turned on the lights, and looked into the closet, in each house.. my daughter also had the same things happening to her….. wow……

    he was very tall and thin,, tall black hat, looked like some type of suit or tux, with tails.. black face… my mother remembers the first time i saw him when i was 4, under my bed,, i screamed bloody murder, she had to sleep with me that night,, she said,, from then on, i talked about this man a lot,, and he also came into my dreams at times…..

    when i would dream of him, the dream was always, me and other children, and people holding us up in the air while we sat on a matress.. we where for sale!!! people where actually bidding on us… remember, i was only 4 the first time, and i still remember that dream, and him being under my bed.. i remember him coming out form under my bed,, thats when i started screaming…i am now 51..

    i never knew if he was good or evil, had no clue who he was….. i just figured, a spirit, following us around.. its amazing that all of you have seen the same thing… the last time i saw him was in 1993, not long before my daughter died..he never entered, our last house…..

    this is really freaky!! i hope i never see him again… wow,, chills down my spine,, for sure!!! take care all,, ktm

  24. Helena says:

    This has nothing to do with the devil or evil but preperation for things to come. I dreamt of a black figure a few years before I saw it in person. My mother has also seen it. It has watched me since I was a child. in one dream a voice says “5 foot 7. (his height) he came to earth when you were born” it repeats over and over. and then I’m standing on a wall looking over this crowd. meteors darts across the sky and I hear the passage from the bible about how in the latter days the stars will fall from heaven. this being comes in a purple robe carrying a box to annoint me for something and a man’s voice says “you are the sign”. i also have dreams of a baby but its mine and I have to save it from something. I walk through a field with a red sky overhead and a tree ahead of me where the dark figure stands. I also have dreams where everything is destroyed and all of humanity save a few. I’m curious as to your age. The shadow phenomenon is common but this exact occurence and apocolyptic dreams is more rare. So far everyone I’ve found is about the same age as I am. The fact your told not to be afraid is a sign he doesnt want to hurt you. In my dreams he is only violent to alert me to something I’m supposed to do, like if I’m neglecting my destiny. Do you have strong spiritual dreams or inclinations?

  25. Zachariah says:

    Helena this is Zachariah. I wrote this story awhile back, but I still watch for comments. I am 26 years old and yes sometimes I do have strong dreams like this quite frequently. Not all of them are apocolyptic, some have very pleasant endings. Also, I should mention that this wasn’t exactly the end of that particular dream. Long story short, the world was reborn. In a sense, I feel like the end isn’t necessarily the END, ya’ know. Life will go on after the apocolypse. I posted this story mainly because I felt like others have had similar dreams and I wanted to see if any might respond. So far, your account seems most closely related. Many people see this “dark man” as a ghost in their house or as “the devil”, but I agree with you, he is something different, and not necessarily evil, but frightening none the less.
    In the latter part of the dream, I saw people waking up on the beach as I said. We didn’t know what to do or if there were any others anywhere. Just then, bags of chips, sodas, and other foods began washing up on shore (remnants of society I guess). It was more than enough food to survive on while we rebuilt, but people began running out into the waves fighting over every little scrap they could get, drowning each other for it. I was reminded then of a passage in the Bible about God delivering mana to his people in the desert. They had enough to survive, but they began hoarding it and God stopped sending it. I’m not an incredibly religious person, but what I saw in my dream was that we had been given a new start but we had the same greed that ruined us before.
    The last I remember was seeing an egg wash up at my feet. I picked it up and could see into it. I saw the yolk forming like a little chicken developing inside. I saw it eating the white that surrounded it, and saw it growing as it did so. I saw the little chicken eat everything in it’s shell until it was ready to hatch, and I thought of how all of us are much like this chicken, consuming everything around us in order to grow, until we are too large for our world to contain… then we change into our new world, so to speak. Don’t know what that might mean to you, but I found a strange comfort in it. Perhaps we already are doing exactly what we’re supposed to, perhaps we never really had a choice. That’s life.
    I don’t know, it’s crazy I know, but I find assurance that you’ve had a similar experience with the “dark man”. I expect more and more people will turn up who have.

  26. Helena says:

    I am 26 also! It’s strange because a while back someone out of no where asked if I had heard of the ‘indigo children’. I hadn’t and they said that I sounded like one. The definition of an indigo child varies but the common thread was that they were sent to prepare the way for a more enlightened age of humanity. I”ve only been able to find two other people beside you and I that have encountered this dark man in a similar from.

    As you said it’s as a ghost, devil, etc. So far we are all about 26 years old and not dreaming about the end of the world exactly but of destruction on a global scale but where some people survive to rebuild for the better. In mine it always ends in the same field with a blood red sky overhead but an odd feeling of hope. As for your egg dream, I had a similar one. I was walking on this beach with these grass huts and villagers walking toward the ocean. At first it seemed like my family and I had found paradise but on looking closer I saw that these beautiful ethnic people were little more than cavemen in appearance and were violent,etc. I was reminded of the Bible where it talks about how evil often takes on the appearance of good. I told my family that this wasnt a good place and that we should walk on. As we were walking away I saw the villagers looking at the ocean and gathering on the shore. A storm began stirring and the people stood mesmerized as the clouds rolled in grey and black at first like a normal but large thunder storm, then the clouds turned red and grew into a tower of clouds that took on the face of God. He was displeased at what his creation had become and was going to destroy it. I could hear in my mind a voice saying that I was being given this chance to survive but it was up to me to take it. I grabbed my little sister and told my mother to run as I could feel his anger and a sense of doom building. Thunderbolts came out of his eyes and hit the earth. The villagers gathered around the hole in the ground where the lightening had struck. The earth caves in and swallows them into this black abyss. I make it to a cave that collapses. When I awake. The empty ground is a forest full of fruit and everyone I love is safe. I dont read the Bible but I always hear a passage or see something in these dreams that reminds me of one. I wake up feeling like Moses in the morning! But the message that mankind will always find a way is constant. I have seen this dark figure in person, as did my mother. He told me “Soon. It will be soon.” Guess we’ll find out before much longer what IT will be. Take care.

    • Charlene says:

      Helena and Zachary,

      I hope you’re still checking this. Because I’ve been having similar dreams. But, only since I moved to a knew house. The man is like black billowing smoke, but darker than black somehow. The dreams seem like a warning. In the last one the world was being destroyed by tornadoes of some sort. And I was in an old house, very tall, lots of rooms. Everyone in the house originally came to the house wanting something materialistic. But the dark man warned me the house wasn’t real. The only thing real in the house were the people. And the only way to survive the storm was to understand the house wasn’t real and live right. Staying attached to the house meant certain death in the storm that was coming. And he said the storm was coming soon.

      Very strange. Certainly not the only dream with the man, but your dreams sound very familiar and struck a chord. I’m 30 now, but was 28 in 2009.

      Again, I hope you’re still looking at this comment section. These dreams have become more frequent and are very very vivid.

  27. steven says:

    I have had an experience with these black men before also it was shortly after I began practicing Falun Dafa .I had a dream where I was in my room it was night time and I suddenly had a thought that I needed to keep some special books safe ,it wasnt my thought it was like someone gave it too me ,I quickly hid some books under the floor boards, I didnt even know what they were only that they were very important and needed to be kept safe. Just as I finished two men in black burst into my room they had wide brimmed hats and long overcoats they seemed like they were from a few hundred years ago I remember having a feeling that there were more of these beings ,both angrily said give us the “….” the word sounded like sanskrit it had a ringing sound to it, I knew they were referring to the books I had hidden under the floor ,I was strangely calm and had no fear as if someone were protecting me, one of the men in black took out a strange stick that had my features on it, he threw it at the wall and I flew across the room at the same time and hit the wall hard but I didn’t feel anything, they seemed surprised and then I woke up. I never saw them again. I believe that I owed some debt to them that they wanted to collect on later, and that when I started practicing Falun Dafa they knew they wouldn’t be able to reach me, they tried to stop me by not giving me the opportunity to read the books trying to take them away, when that didnt work they tried to harm me but my master protected me. or bore the debt for me.I don’t think these beings are good things they do harm to people i think they are low level things that know a few shallow principles and try to trap people into owing them a debt that’s why they have their smile they think they have control . However people are precious and the cosmos is full of beings that can protect you, these black things are nothing before them.However many people no longer believe in Gods and Buddhas or do not follow what they taught in the past how can they help you. It’s a persons heart that matters, that’s what is looked at , the practice I follow teaches the principles of Truth,Compassion and forbearance if you keep that in your heart at all times see who dares to harm you.
    Thats just my take on it based on my limited understanding I hope it helps someone.

  28. shacks says:

    hello my name is bradley my girlfriend has been having re-accuring sightings of this man in the black coat with a hat and has done since she was a child! i recently went on a trip to jamaica (where i am at present) and she contacted me sayin she had seen him standing in the doorway. also she had a dream where he said he dosent want me there then dragged her out the window anyway a few days later she had the same sort of dream but hit her head on the way out of the window. when she woke she had a bruise on her head ??? now im currently up at 4.31 am writing this becaues he appeared in my dream and i woke at the time of 3.16 am and was too scared to stay in bed in the hour of 3 (as i hear thats the hour the demons feel safe because it was the hour god passed) then it occured to me a story my mum told me about when i was a child seeing him in the corner of my house and screaming the house down and persisted to say he was still there while she was comforting me he did not leave until she told him to (not being able to see him herself) this actually scares me does anybody know a true way of how to get rid of him and why he would say he didnt want me there my girlfriend has always said she fears she will die young aswell does this have anything to do with it??? well ill find out more of a description of what my girlfriend say but the one i saw a few hours ago (in my dream) had a hat long jacket all black didnt speak and i woke up straight after. also ive heard stories from people sayin hes the angel of death???? im currently staying at my uncles house who is a pastor so will as his advise on the situation and get details of the man in black from my girlfriend and my mother as we have both seen thin in our life this feels very spooky and will keep me up until it gets light sleep tight all brad

  29. Dennis says:

    Strange I found this forum. I feel compelled to share my experience. I have always remembered it but have only told a few people recently.
    When I was about 12 I woke on the top bunk where I was sleeping. There a black figure. It was like a robe filled with emptiness. I don’t remember seeing eyes. It hovered over me for a couple seconds as I trembled before it. It casually drifted away from me and dissappeared into the corner of my room. I was too scared to even get up and run to my parents room. I was scared [email protected]#tless.. I sat under the covers and shook for I don’t know how long until I finally fell asleep. This only happened once. Nothing has ever happened in my life again like this. Yet, it has haunted me and I have just now at the age of 41 felt the need to see if others have experience the same thing.

    I also have a reoccuring dream about living in a huge house with dozens of other people. The house seems endless in size like a bunch of houses crudely patched together to make one big house. We are all afraid. There is a storm.. We are by the ocean. The waves get bigger. Then finally, the big wave comes. It covers the entire horizon.. Just before it hits, I wake up..

    I will keep checking this to see if anyone has experienced similar dreams or visits.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing..

  30. Helena says:

    I guess the message they emailed me about was deleted. Did anyone else get a message on here about this being coming from the devil who was sent here because God gave the Devil dominion? I guess maybe it got deleted because it basically called all of us evil. For future individuals that feel this way, I want to point out that I’ve never killed anyone, I don’t sleep around, I rarely lie and if I do it is always a small one, I’m nice to my fellow man, and I am charitable, I believe in God, I’ve been baptised. So what great evil have I committed? If this is from Satan why aren’t every pedophile, child abuser, and murderer seeing this thing too? It seems drawn to kids. Kids haven’t generally been alive long enough to do anything evil and their souls are supposed to be pure until 8. There is something, I think, to the fact that we’re all kids usually when we start seeing it. It fits the Italian and Germanic tale of the boogeyman so apparently this is something that has gone on for hundreds of years. There is a board about it on Indigo World. I don’t think the devil has anything to do with what I’ve seen, I believe it comes more from God than anything!

  31. Anonymous says:

    if your having the same dream about a dark figure with red eyes you need to talk to a pastor or minster. this could be a form of demon possession or you could have something really great for your life. & the devil loves to hinder anyone who’s about to change the world. i mean look at the whole world its in a mess and people who were once good become bad. we dont know exactly what this is because it could be because you have watched a movie. i dont care what other people think about this comment but i really truly believe that this is serious.

  32. Helena says:

    Again, I HAVE seen a black figure but no red eyes and he is NOT the devil. I have met enough evil HUMANS to know evil by now. Satan doesn’t need to take the shape of a shadow to possess people. ministers don’t know what this thing is and like you would probably say it’s evil which it is not. Red was one of the colors of the veil for the temple. Albinos have red eyes! Why does everything with red eyes have to be evil? If Satan was after the souls of people who have seen this there are far more effective ways to scare and control us. If you are so interested in the Bible then you should know that Satan usually takes the form of whatever is MOST appealing. If he was after us it would be through taking an attractive form or just in our mind through our own insecurities and fears. If someone hasn’t seen this thing then don’t comment on something you have not seen or met. There may be evil ones just like there are good and evil people. But what I’ve seen has been good and protective. If it prefers females perhaps it is only because women seem to be more spiritually conscious. Jeez. THis Devil talk has really got to stop.

  33. craig says:

    well,these storys have all really scetched me out as i thought i was the only person to ever to see this shadow man.

    as most have said the same thing as i have experienced in different ways it is only fair i give you my account into this figure.

    when i was younger ,about 9-10,i had a recurring dream of being sat up in bed ,looking out my bedroom door onto the stairs where a man( cloak and wearing a top hat but him being so dark ,you could not see his face or his appearance almost a shadow but too dark to be such)would walk into my room ,up to the side of my bed and stare at me,but even though i could not see him or his eyes looking at me ,i knew he was staring at me.he would not speak and would just stand there.i could not move in these dreams ,almost paralysed.i spoke to my friends about this dream earlier and they told me to look on the internet to find more details on this recurring dreams to find many others to experience this figure making similar experiences . i dont wish to scare others as this dream effected me for a long time but there must be more to this man than is known as he targets younger people and seems to be more of a presence than a thought of imagination.he is no devil and no evil as many may say because i have never seen red eyes or herd of him bringing harm to dreamers but this dream is not normal and i would love to know more about this ghostly figure .

  34. Anna says:

    When I was in high school, I used to have this reoccurring dream about a thing I called the Dark Man. The basic plot was always the same. I would dream that I would suddenly wake up in my bed in the middle of the night & know that I had to go to the back door because someone was there. I always knew it would be him, the Dark Man, & when I had walked all the way down the hall to the back door, I would pause. I could see the shape of him through the curtain on the back door, shifting his weight, as if he had been waiting a while. I feel compelled to walk to the back door, in fact, I can’t stop myself. I draw back the curtain, but what I see only confuses me more. The “man” standing there, has no apparent physical substance, like he is his shadow. no features define him excepting that he is rather tall, wearing a full length trench type coat, & a hat that looks to me, like a fedora. Now, depending on the dream, he recognizes my presence, & will either gesture, bow slightly, or tip his hat to me. Then, once again depending on the dream, I will either stand there, both confused & frightened.. or start thinking that I will open the back door. I have always woken up before anything more could happen, & I am grateful for it. I haven’t had the dream in about four years, but it still makes me feel jumpy. I am surprised & interested to know that others have shared my unusual experience. Even though I say it was a dream, I sometimes can’t help but wonder if it wasn’t, because of the impact the dream had on me. It was enough to ask the protection of God & occasionally, St. Michael. I have not had the dream, or been threatened by the image since.

  35. Tim says:

    At about the age of 5 I started believing our house was haunted. I would hear sounds and see shadows. My parents pretty much thought I was crazy. All I know is that I spent about every night terrified to the point my 3 older sisters would take turns trying to calm me down. About 20 years later one of my sisters finally told me that one night she saw someone laying in bed with me, and she never went back in to my room. It got so bad my parents took me to a psychiatrists. I never saw any figures, just shadows. Then, at the age 10, we moved to another town. There, I started to have this reoccurring dream of a man like the one being discussed here. I would have the dream a couple of times a week, and it was pretty uneventful. My dream was me being trapped in my house because this man was constantly circling our house. He had a face. He looked like he was in his 60s. He was tall and skinny. I always called him “The Magician”. He wore a black suit with a long black coat. He wore a top hat (as a kid that’s why I called him a magician). I do remember him having skinny, bad teeth, but I don’t remember his eyes. In my dream, he encircled my house so much that he wore a dirt path in the grass. I never could tell if he was trying to get in, or if he was waiting on someone to come out. He could’ve been trying to keep me safe inside. All I know is 25 years later it still gives me goose bumps when I think about him. We lived in that house for four years. After we moved, I never had that dream again. Nor, have I since thought I have been visited by any other spirits or ghosts. Sorry about no paragraps, but I did this from my phone, and it won’t let me go back up to edit.

  36. trolldoll says:

    i believe there are entities other than ghosts and spirits and the like. i think they are something that we have no knowledge of and it seems that’s the way they want it. i think they are watchers of some sort. all the people here who have seen them have some sort of connection to their realm. i don’t think most of them mean harm. i myself have seen a shadow man but he wasn’t in the type of clothing described here. he was just the black outlined of a regular man. i could see no features either..

    • Caretaker says:

      I agree! I think there is much more “out there” than just ghosts. Who knows how many or what sorts of ‘things’ exist that we are unaware of, unable to measure or see.

  37. Jordan Shap says:

    but for the women in here…i think he goes for women mostly because..women are much more sensitive then men are. your minds are more open to these kind of things..but it can happen to men too. im a sensitive person too…he probaly visited me probaly because of past. of an abusive childhood…and i was quiet about for so many years. and i manifested and supressed my emotions…and he probaly came into my dream, because of my own strong negative manifestation over the years. and i was one angry kid growing up, but i never showed it. i was quiet and angry type kid. who tortured animals when i was young..witnessed spouse abuse at age 6..and i had a dream before the spouse abuse..i was looking out the window, and there was this demon elephant-who had a body of a man..visiting our home, he looked up at me, and walked in. then i woke up, and i heard my mom and dad screaming. i ran downstairs, and my dad had the knife against my mom. and i yelled stop, and he did. he ran off..then we ran off and didnt see him till a year later he came back to us. thank GOD!

  38. Jordan Shap says:

    and last but not least..sorry for the instant messages..but this topic got me going..but i had this other dream of him. i was walking back home…but i visited my house first, and my parents house was just next door. right beside my house. and when i walked in my house…everybody was having a good time. friends and family were happy. then i went to go get something at my parents house..and my other friends and nathan, who was a close friend of mine. were looking for someone. i asked who were they looking for, and they didn’t answer me, they were too mad. and so i just noddled my head and went back to my house, were the party was at, and got inside the house. and everybody was dead. blood was everywhere, and body parts were on the floor, corpses too. it was so gruesome..i was so shocked. and i said to myself” who the hell did this to my family and friends? i cried..and i ran back to my parents house, to look for nathan. he was still looking around..and we went to the front door…with flashlights. and i saw The Dark Man..the same dark man from my other dreams with him. he looked at me, and ran off.

  39. Jane says:

    Jordan do you think he did that?

    I have to say with great relief that i haven’t seen him anymore. I dont think my sister has either. It all seems so unreal now that it happened. I want to believe that all of this can be explained with a simple scientific explanation like sleep paralysis or some sort of mental disease even drugs but I have never done any, nor have been suggested that I might have a mental problem. The strangest thing to me is that everyone sees the same thing. I would think that I dreamt about it because I heard other people talk about it but I never knew about him until I dreamt about him and researched him years later. It first happened almost 6 years ago when I was 13 and now I’m 19. I’m still infatuated with this and I wish I could let go because I kno I’ll never find an explanation.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Same here, I had the same experience . But this time he reaveled himself after years of posing as a black figure. It usually shows up when my room gets cold. The son of a bitch is a coward. I mocked him with laughter and said ..”Are u you gonna un- paralyse me or what? Stop wasting my time. Something was chocking me and being paralyse didn’t help either. Right before accepting defeat I said “well jesus this is how it all ends”. I immediately woke up after saying the lords name. which was surprising?!? I wanted to see it again and I did. The room was cold and my tv was on , their he was sitting on my bed watching watching the television. This time in a dark black form and again I was paralyse. It jumped on top of me and was swinging. I was laughing because I didn’t feel anything . So I tried shouting but couldnt. So I thought it in my head and “What a fucking pussy!…Hit me like a man!!! …then I woke up. I want to see it again .

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