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Real Stories that Happened in One House

Posted on September 26, 2009

My name is Meagan, I’m 15 years of age. I already sent a story but that wasn’t my story.

1. I was at my friends house this is where most of my stories come from is in this one house. Kim who is the mom said that if you go upstairs and look around go back down stars then go up again something will be different. So I did that, she said its something small like the blanket will be flipped over a different way or a small toy will be on the clean floor. There’s three rooms up there one straight ahead from the hallway and another on the right hand side of the hallway.

I went up there and a small red ball came out of the right hand side room and stopped in front of the room which was right in front of the hallway then all of a sudden it started rolling in a circle. a Big one and then stop as sudden as it started. I was freaked out me and the two people who where with me ran straight down stairs. A little while after I wanted to check if the windows where open. Nothing, there was only five people in the house two were with me which left two and they were down stairs.

2. I couldn’t sleep so I went and sat in front of the mirror. It was right after Halloween and we had those flashing lights on at one point when the light went one there was a girl behind me! Then the light went off then on and nothing… Everyone said I was just seeing things that were in my head but I no it wasn’t.

3. Passover… that’s what I call that night and I’m pretty sure you should know what that night is. On that night there was a little girl (4), a boy (10), me and my girl both (14), my friends boyfriend (16) and her mom. On that night strange things happened… but only to me. I started bleeding out of nowhere I wasn’t cut or nothing my toe nails started bleeding, I thought nothing of it. Then I went to the bathroom the light wouldn’t go on.  I went back in there 15 minutes later and it was on! Later that day I heard the water on. I went in the bathroom and that water was almost flooding the sink. After that I started getting weird ideas in my head I thought were so funny. I went and put black eyeshadow in my hair and put on black clothes and my makeup – really freaky looking and just sat there looking at my self… I’m not the kind of person to do that I think it was freaky that my mind just did it. After that I was like what was I thinking I honestly don’t know too much! I also kept getting burnt on the stove/smokes/candles and more.

4. Me my friend and her little 4 year old sister were laying in bed. I haven’t seen them for like 6 months and all of the sudden when we were almost asleep the little girl says (do you know who Sara is?) I said (no, who?) my friend gave me a really bad look. The girl replied (my friend she was here earlier). I was there all day and there was no little girl here I said (where did you meet her, the park?) I didn’t realize what she meant till after. The girl said (no she doesn’t like it outside she has no home) that’s when my friend told me that her sister has a friend named Sara who no one met, who doesn’t have a home so she stays in this house. I was like, well is it her imagination? She said maybe.

Her mom heard what we were talking about and ran in the room and said come in here. Her face wasn’t joking. We went in there and her mom said she thinks Sara is the one she saw in her old house one day. I looked at the little girl and asked what does she look like. It freaked me out when she turned to look at me, she had an evil looking smile on her face and said, pretty like me right now. I said what’s her hair color she said black. Her eyes? Black. What kind of little four year old girl imagines an evil looking girl with black eyes and black hair? We kept talking I said is Sara here with us? She’s like no she’s sleeping. The mom said well who does Sara like? The little girl looked at me and said she likes Meagan and you mommy and Cory (her bother) then she looked at my friend (her older sister) and said she doesn’t like Kortney. Everyone froze the way she said it, we then stopped asking questions and out of nowhere she’s like Sara is coming and we froze. Everyone in the house other than the little kids who sleep there say they hear thing. Everyone but Kortney the older sister, the one that Sara don’t like the one who’s room has the most things happening. She doesn’t care, she doesn’t notice, she doesn’t react to anything… except for one night…

5. That one night little things happened such as she came down the stairs and her mom took a photo on the phone when we looked at it, it looked like a guy was standing over her looking down. She said it most have been her boyfriend but at the time the picture was taken he was up stairs. We took another and it looked like someone was sitting on her lap. In the middle of the night her bed was moving. I woke up and woke her up, she said it was nothing she didn’t care until she saw something the next day walk past her. She said it looked like a shadow and that was the only time I saw her scared even a little bit.

6. I never saw it but in the middle of the night my friend Krissy woke me and Kortney up crying. She said her and Kortney’s mom saw something they explained it like this… Something was standing there looking at them and when they turned their head completely to look at it the figure seemed to fly backwards to disappear in the darkness. Kortney didn’t care like always, she went back to bed but like anyone else most people would care I went down there and tried to calm them down.

7. This one happened not in that house like all my other stories, this one happened when I was walking down the street and then at my grandmas. I felt something push me where I actually fell. Then I saw a figure which could have been an animal or something it was far but not too far though. Me and my brothers wanted to talk to my grampa but I don’t think it was him who answered us. I asked are you happy here and there was nothing then I asked are you a male nothing then when I asked if it was a girl bang two times and two bangs we kept asking questions and getting some answers I think we were bugging her.The table out side flipped over and the beer bottles all broken. I thought it was the wind because there was an umbrella on the table but it was a nice clear day no wind, not enough to knock a table over with stuff on it. At that one time when we were talking to her why only then not a second earlier or later or 20 minutes after it was in that one second why? Because I know there’s ghosts out there.

This isn’t a story more of me just saying that in that house where almost all my stories happened I heard voices a couple times and sounds every night and the bed moved. I slept at her house almost everyday till I moved. She moved now I haven’t spent time with her but I’m looking forward to finding out if those ghosts followed them to their new home.

Written by Lashonda Meagan Cowan, Copyright 2009

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3 Responses to “Real Stories that Happened in One House”
  1. jhean says:

    ..hi Meagan!!
    i really like your story!!
    my heart beats very fast when i
    started reading your
    beautiful scary story!!=]

  2. Tony L says:

    If you frequent that house and can count on when something is going to happen then you should take a voice recording device and a video camera and set up in the hot spots. your bound to record something on one or both. If you do let us know

  3. Aliza Mebaraks says:

    hey im aliza

    by reading your story
    should i believe you or not? i dnt know
    but let me tell you something girl if its true well find things out like whats goin on?
    and you know wha i do believe you but people need prove u know,so they can believe you,and um i see ghost and would you believe that? no right? oooo well there u go …..i see ghost, and i never told anyone because once i told my parents they thought im mental so ……………..NO ONE WILL BELIEVE YOU…!

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