Random Time Slip Experience

Posted on July 9, 2009

Hey Guys, Several days have passed since I last visited this site and within that particular duration of time I underwent a momentous, unnerving paranormal phenomena, the likes of which I have never experienced nor have heard of prior to the event. The experience was both a blessing and a terrible nightmare at the same time.

Now, I consider myself a person who has a natural affinity with the paranormal. Growing up, I was accustomed to seeing specters, demons and even a vampire! The paranormal has been a recurring trait in my family (derived from my father’s side who comes from a long-line of psychics and mediums)but the event I experienced makes my other experiences seem redundant.

I believe what I experienced was a time slip. A supposed anomaly where time doesn’t flow in the linear fashion we perceive it to flow in.

Anyway, the day started of with my best friend and I meeting up to go on a road trip, outside our home town. We were relishing the freedom summer vacation provided and we were just glad to be away from college and back at home with our family. The trip was no more then a recreational pursuit, enabling us the opportunity to observe the scenic, photogenic tourist attractions residing outside our town and within the State.

The day went on smoothly and it was an enjoyable ride. It was only in the latter part of the journey, that the trip began to take a turn for the worst.

It was evening and we were on our way back. The return trip should have taken no more then 3-4 hours top. As we entered a particular route, the calm cloudless conditions suddenly altered into dark, cloudy weather. This rapid transition was rather peculiar but being the ignorant teenagers we were, we let it go and just continued with our conversation. As we drove on a bit more, it became apparent that a storm was unfolding. This storm wasn’t any different other then the fact that the clouds seemed to take on a mild yellow hue and the air seemed to be buzzing with electricity. The hair on our necks started to stand up and the speedometer and gas reading on the car went haywire. At this point, my friend became startled and she started to complain about the sudden lack of cars. There were a few cars that were tailing by in the near vicinity and since the road was straight it was rather creepy that they just disappeared.

By now, it was fairly obvious we were both freaked out and we came to a stop. It was fortunate that we did so because the car completely cut out and the storm became more intense. We both got out of the car and I volunteered to travel up the road a bit in search of some help whilst she stayed with the car. I was certain that there were a few houses along this route and continued trekking along the road. The storm began to psyche me out all the while.

It was about a while through the trek that the storm seemed to reach a climax with loud, discordant thunder and intense lightning before it abruptly stopped. Almost immediately after the storm stopped it dawned on me that the scenery had changed, becoming rather peculiar. It wasn’t so much the type of vegetation and natural features but the repetitiveness of them and their structure or shape. Perhaps this was an overreaction but it just felt abnormal.

After having covered 2 miles I began to lose hope when all of a sudden I noticed a bright light behind this hill. I hadn’t noticed the hill before but considering my attention span I didn’t think much of it :P . As I rounded the hill I came across what appeared to be a street, that lead into a residential area. Filled with elation, I jogged along the street and it was then that the street struck me as being odd, because the houses had garage designs that were circular and the roofs contained what I think were sheets of a dark metal rather then tiles. The street was also really quiet…

I walked about the street a bit when I heard laughter. Traversing to the source of the laughter I came across a house with a middle-aged woman,(who coincidentally reminded me of my best friend) probably in her late 40s or early 50s playing and laughing along with her grandchildren in the front lawn. I approached the house and said ‘Excuse me, do you mind helping me out’. She turned and looked at me and then an expression of pure consternation and dread enveloped her. She immediately stood up and backed away a bit and started to rapidly exclaim, ‘Oh my god… this can’t be…’. This really scared the **** out of me to say the least. She reacted like I was a ghost!! I know at that point I should have left, but I was reluctant to do so out of fear she may call the cops mistaking me for a serial killer or a robber of some sort, so instead I tried calming her down and pleading with her. ‘Wait..please calm down…I just need help…please I really need help’ I said. Those last few words, I uttered pleadingly because I was getting desperate.

Fortunately for me, she must have registered my desperation because she stopped backing away and approached me a bit closer and again I thought I saw my best friend in her….Strange as it seems I felt a closeness to her at that point. Her grandchildren by now were crying and she tried to console them. When they quieted down, she turned, face to face, and said ‘Is it really you Jessica, honey?’. At this point I felt my bowels vibrate and my stomach squeeze itself.(Now there are only 2 people who call or have called me Jessica. The first person is my best friend who does it as a joke considering my name is Jesse, whilst the 2nd person is my grandpa who loathes me and considers me an effeminate disgrace.) To reply I said, ‘How did you know?’. It was at this point I looked at her and saw a strange mark below her blonde hair, on her cheek. It was a burn mark…. now this is important because my best friend had a burn mark too on the exact same position.

I started to back off and I began to sweat profusely. It was incredibly uncomfortable… She also seemed rather unnerved and made a strange whimpering noise to which her grandchildren started to cry again. I was incredibly uncomfortable where I was and felt the desire to run away were it not for an inclination holding me back. In all honesty…it was weird…really disturbing and confusing…

Her grandchildren were now screaming and she tried to console them. I looked at her and said ‘Please…what’s going on?’. She looked at me and said ‘I’m not sure honey, but it’s wonderful to see that gorgeous, youthful complexion of yours again’. I looked at her as if she was insane! (In fact, amidst the fleeting suspicions that she was a future version of my best friend I tried to reassure myself she was no more then a person suffering from dementia).

The noise of her grandchildren now attracted the attention of people inside the house. A man, probably in his late 20s to early 30s, with a tousled mat of blonde hair and a white coat on came rushing forth. As he draw closer, the uncanny similarity between me and him scared me. ‘Mum, what’s going on?’ he shouted. He rushed forth and stopped as he looked at me. ‘No way…’ he said. ‘Dad, it can’t be…no…but your young…’. By now I felt like vomiting and I had ***** my pants, quite literally. 2 more people came out of the house. A gorgeous blonde girl with a business suit and another young man with a business suit. They looked at me and the girl quickly stated ‘Holy crap, he looks like dad did in his college photos!’.

By now my vision began to fade (I guess cause of stress) and the strange stormy weather had reappeared, much more intense then what it was. The lady turned to her daughter. I looked at her and saw a gorgeous beaming face. A face that I’ve grown accustomed to since I was a young toddler. I felt certain it was my best friend’s face.

At that point I actually felt happy and before I knew what happened, the storm started to become more severe (quite ominous really) and then it was pitch dark ,I was in the middle of a field, with trees and cows off in the distance and I blacked out.

I woke up sometime later by the farmer who found me and had called an ambulance. I was at the hospital and before I knew it my best friend had came along with my family. She told me that 8 hours had passed since I left till the farmer found me and it was just about sunrise of the next day. Apparently I was found 120 miles from where the car was. She asked me what happened and I said I don’t know. I think she knew I was lying but she hasn’t mentioned it again. I doubt I’d ever tell her.

The actual encounter with the lady lasted no more then 5-7 minutes top, but I can remember it with such clarity and detail and the time I thought till I left the car to the point I blacked out was no more then an hour tops!

The above recount is 100% true and I hope you all believe me. I posted this account because I truly can not explain it and I hope you guys can make some sense of it. It was a bitter-sweet experience, but a confusing one in many senses….paranormally and relation-ship wise and definitely has impacted on me to say the least…

It has caused me to question the parameters of what we refer to as the paranormal. I never knew a phenomena such as time travel existed and am certain I had a glimpse of the future.

Sincerely Alpha.

Written by Alpha, Copyright 2009 TrueGhostTales.com

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95 Responses to “Random Time Slip Experience”
  1. trolldoll1681 says:

    i have been utterly reendered speechless. what a terrifying story!!!! please if there is anyone who can make any sense of what happened to this poor girl, please tell me what it is!!! i can only wish you peace and happiness the rest of your life!!! thank you

  2. Ana says:

    That is an incredible story. I can’t seem to find an explanation for something like this, but amazing nonetheless. I would love to hear others’ interpretations of these events.

    Alpha i’d love to hear more about your thoughts.

  3. Silverwolf says:

    There are many accounts of things like this happening. Likely it was an glimpse of the future. Please don’t think you’re going crazy, to be able to expearince something like that is truly an gift. I would highly recomend checking out the paranormal section of about.com. There are many stories of people expearince similar things there. Also an book worth checking out in regards to this phenomena is “Interdimensional Universe” This will explain much about Interdimensional Time Travel. Which is what you expearinced.

  4. Karen M. says:

    Alpha, what state did this happen in? I had an experience of some sort of missing time too. When I was 17 my boyfriend and I were about 1hour outside of the town we lived in, I was driving down the road and came to a stop sign and when I turned we were right back in town! We just both looked at eachother and couldn’t believe it, it should of taken 1 hour to get back, there is no explination for what happend!

  5. Alpha says:

    Karen M
    It happened in Montana

    I did research a bit about this phenomena within that website, but there were only a few experiences that involved interaction (even then it was mild) with people of the future and past. 2 people even got chased by a hovercar in one of the stories, but that was as crazy as it got.

    The experience posted on this blog seemed to have been of a much larger magnitude. It ‘was’ truly frightening, but i don’t really mind anymore. It was weird nonetheless though… I was just wondering if people underwent an experience like this of the same calibre.

    Thanks for your great replies guys!! :)

  6. Bracket says:

    Maybe you were struck by lightning and it was all an hallucination.

  7. vanessa87 says:

    this story is absolutley incredible. ive heard of this before. my father istens to a am station on the radio called coast2coast..this sort of thing has been a subject a few times and hs happened to many others.

  8. Alpha says:

    Are you suggesting the voltage from the lightning scrambled the neuro-electrical signals transmitted throughout my body inducing a hallucination?
    The lightning strike would have had too much voltage…

  9. Karen M. says:

    Montana, um for some reason I thought you were English!

  10. Bracket says:


    Plenty of people have been struck by lightning in the head and have been okay. I’ve heard of a man, who live in Australia i think, who has been struck by lightning eight time. I also heard of a story of a woman who was struck by lightning in the head and had an hallucination that she was a completely different person, when she woke up she was confused as to who she was. It’s not hard to believe that you could have had an hollucination of being in the future.

  11. Silverwolf says:


    For something like this to have been an hollucination, is completely illogical and
    quite improbable also considering the magnitude of accounts of Time and Other
    Dimensional Rips, Shifts, etc. They’re easily explained though through the use of
    basic quantom physics (an form of science), there are many different realities that
    co-exsist etc. And likely what happened was they just ligned up in the right space
    and time or something triggered an ‘shift’ or ‘rip’ and they aligned allowing Alpha
    to witness and interact with the future.

  12. bracket says:


    It’s the most logical theory there is. Time travel is more logical than an hollucination? It can’t be easily explain because there is no known form of time travel and no real evidence what so ever of other dimensions (it’s strictly a philosophy and hypothesis). For instance, if you were accused of murder and you said it wasn’t you but your evil twin from the 8th dimension, you’de be in a mental hospital by the end of the day. And, those accounts of “Time and Other Dimensional Rips, Shifts, etc” have no merit what so ever. If you took the best minds in the world in time/quantum mechanics, physics, psychology, astrology, meteorology, general/special reletivity, paradox’s and spacial philosophists in general, they’d probably agree it was something easily explanationable.

  13. Karen M. says:

    Well, I’ve heard of people with various ailments who were struck by lighting and after were completely recovered from their symptoms!

  14. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, you said in your article about disappering into the 4th dimension that there is transporting, as well as other possibilities.

  15. Jen says:

    Is this seriously real?
    It’s amazing that you had such an experience!
    I admite that I’d be freaked out if this happaned to me : O
    I do think this story is real : )
    and I like how you went to the future, i’ve only ever read stories where people have gone to the past.

  16. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Yes i know, but even then, i just found them interesting, it doesn’t mean i believe them. Most of those stories had multiple witnesses and were documented. With the storm Alpha talks about that was building up, i have know doubt in my mind that he was struck by lightning, it’s the most logical hypothesis. I always use logic before jumping to the paranormal.

  17. Blue jay says:

    It’s quite possible, in my opinion, that something could have made a twist in time, transporting someone into the future. But, then again, the future doesn’t exist, in many aspects; because the future hasn’t happened yet. Therefore, since it hasn’t happened, it’s impossible to travel to somewhere that doesn’t exist.
    Of course, that’s only one point of view.

    The other would mean that the future was ‘set in stone’, and we have no power at all to stop it. It would mean I was destined to write this comment, and that no power in the universe could have stopped me. If something had, it would have been destined for it to stop me.
    Or it could have been a hallucination.
    (take your pick)

  18. lookasquirrel says:

    wow,that was SOME dream you had there.Maybe even some bad ass LSD?Your imaginary girlfriend over reacts to much,dumb broad coulda made more of the moment.

  19. Alpha says:

    Actually Bracket,

    Time travel isn’t hypothetical. There are many theoretical applications and laws extending into physics and quantum physics that impose notions of time travel being plausible albeit not very probable. Perhaps the most basic of this would be Einstein’s theory of relativity. His theory of relativity implicates the unification of space and time into space-time.

    Now Einstein’s theory suggests that space time is smooth however this is only on a ‘big’ scale if you will. In truth, if space time were examined on a quantum scale, it will contain tiny holes which may lead to tunnels that can enable us to travel through space-time. This sort of activity is supposedly predominant at a singularity, where the singularity doesn’t just dip due to the curvature of space time but in fact creates a tunnel leading onto another side of space-time (aka a wormhole).

    The only reason why space time is never held in high regard is because of the many paradoxes associated with it. People have tried to soothe these complications through notions of parallel universes and so forth but time travel is still turbulent.

    Perhaps the paranormal anomalies we call time slips are the momentary openings of these tunnels in space time through some yet unknown activity?

  20. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, one way to find out, Alpha when you went to the hospital did they say that you were struck by lighting?

  21. Karen M. says:

    Quantum leap!

  22. bracket says:


    Actually, since they still have no way of making it work, it’s still a hypothesis. Some people may have some ideas on how it might work and that’s an hypothesis. Also, those “wormholes” don’t momentarily open and close and if it did it would suck the entire earth into it perminantly. and if you’re claiming it just sucked you in, that’s not how it works, it’s not in and out. It’s only in,no out.

    • John says:

      Hypothesis is just a word. Accounts like this flood all the time. Sometimes it happens to 2 people or more at once. That kind of group hallucination is fairly impossible, unless u are willing to accept that those involved are psychic?

  23. someone says:

    ok this may seem weird but i think what has happened is that you have actually traveled to the future saw your best friend in the future with her children and grand children and when her son came i think he saw you as your dad or that you looked like his dad for some reason who had died i think he died because of what he said and that you even appeared as his dad when he was young this is the theory that i made up don’t take my word for it but thats what i can get from it i guess i read to much fiction books but i a m trying to help

  24. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, if it is just a hypothesis, how do you know that there is no out? I believe that they do momentarily open and close! There are stories of people who went missing for several years only to return to the exact spot where they disappeared with no memory of what happend!

  25. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Ok. I’m going to admit it, i got wormholes and black holes momentarily confused. There is no exit to a black hole, but there is no evidence of wormholes either, so either way, i still don’t see it happening. Common hypothesis says that a wormhole doesn’t appear and disappear also.

  26. Alpha says:


    Just several discrepancies i felt prompted to point out-

    1. These wormholes, as i stated exist on a quantum scale, and therefore can not suck something as large as Earth into it.
    2. Self-induced time travel is still a hypothesis but time travel itself isn’t a hypothesis and a widely agreed notion of physics.
    3. You got black holes and wormholes mixed up….but i guess you already figured that out :P
    4. There is no evidence of a wormhole as portrayed in science fiction but there is evidence of small tunnels existing on quantum levels.

    Karen M.
    They found nothing wrong with me. They simply thought that i underwent shock of some sort causing me to be nauseous, vomit and ‘upset my bowels’.

  27. bracket says:


    Yeah, the only known way to travel forward in time is to move faster than the speed of light. I don’t think you can run that fast.

    I’m sorry, i really just don’t see it happening. I also find it convenient that everyone steps out and says “oh, it’s dad”. Your story calls her your best friend, now, is she actually more than a friend or is it just a friendship? Because if it’s just a friendship then maybe it was an holucination of something you’d like, similiar to a dream.

  28. Karen M. says:

    I wonder if NASA ever lost a satelite to a black hole.

    By the way Bracket are you saying that now you agree with him or do still think he was struck by lightning,

    • Caretaker says:

      Satellites are in orbit around the earth. The nearest Black hole is very very far away. If a satellite were to escape the earth’s orbit and start drifting in space we would never know if it made it to a black hole

  29. Karen M. says:

    Caretaker,yeah but they would lose the signal or communication!

  30. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    The nearest black hole is hundreds of millions of lightyears away so we’d probably be extinct by the time the satellite actually reached it.

  31. Karen M. says:

    But that’s already happend they have sent ones up and never heard from them again!

  32. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Yes, but they only lost the signal, because it got too far away. If a black hole was close enough to suck a satellite in that fast we’de be sucked in too.

  33. Karen M. says:

    Well, I am into astronomy, just the stars not black holes and meteros or the hypothesis on the origin of the solar system ect…If I remember wasn’t that old t.v. show Dr. Who about time travel?

  34. Karen M. says:

    I shall go and consult my book on space, Bracket I asked a while back if you believe Alpha now of are still sticking to the lightning theory?

  35. Karen M. says:

    Bracket, you’re lucky it’s a holiday and I have nothing to do today, making me google things! Well maybe it wasn’t a wormhole cause it says: “However a known property of wormholes is that they are highly unstable and would probably collapse instantly if even the tiniest amount of matter, such as a single proton attemted to pass through them”. Maybe Alpha passed through a different type of hole, who knows!

  36. Bracket says:

    Karen M.

    Yes i still think he was struck by lightning. It’s the best, most believable, hypothesis right now.

    So, it’s some unknown, random, rip in time now? This is why i follow Occams Razor, this isn’t necessarily directed at you, but it annoys me when people make a big, random, assumption and when it’s disproven, they come up with a much more randon, obscure, idea. Do you know what i mean?

    • John says:

      Surely occams razor would suggest that the experience was exactly what he said it was? the same yellow clouds and atmosperic disturbance was present in 1935 when a pilot glimpsed a future version of an airfield.

  37. CMF says:

    As there are lots of parallell universes that the barriers to seem to be becoming thinner all the time , Im going to believe your story. Ontop of that our galaxy is currently colliding with another galaxy as we speak so an anomaly such as this is quite possible albeit rare. Wheter it was in fact time travel or a parallel universe there is no telling , but it sounds like you need to marry your best friend :-)
    Truly amazing.

  38. CMF says:

    You guys need to look into (youtube and what not) paralell universes. They say there are easily 11 diminsions now

  39. Karen M. says:

    Bracket well it wasn’t a random obscure idea, that’s what I found on google that wormholes would collapse if anything entered into them so I guess in a sense you wouln’t be able to get out of them either! I know what you mean but then again somethings can’t be explained so simply like we all wish.

  40. Karen M. says:

    ok he was sruck by lightning there are no other holes!

  41. CMF says:

    Then how did he wind up 120 miles away?

  42. bracket says:

    Karen M.

    I wasn’t saying that about your info, i was talking about the part where you say he might have passed through another type of hole we don’t know about yet.


    Yes, i know about the 11 dimensions, and i’m willing to believe them, but do i believe someone can walk in and out of one? Most likely not, because it would cause similiar problems potential time travel would.

  43. Alpha says:

    Karen M,

    Those wormholes are ‘supposedly’ unstable because they violate the null energy condition however there are numerous scenarios in physics where such violations exist.

    Furthermore, if there was some indirect source sustaining the throat radius of the wormhole then it would be possible to time travel but that source currently is an unknown…so who knows…? :)

  44. trolldoll1681 says:

    i just want to say that i am extremely impressed by all of the opinions expressed here on wormholes!!!! thanks to all of you because i have learned a great deal on the subject!! i have heard of dimensions but never knew there were 11. and the only thing i ever knew about wormholes was on star trek. so thank you

  45. bracket says:


    So there’s some unknown force that held it open just so that you could go through it for a couple minutes? Even you have to agree that’s far fetched.

  46. Alpha says:


    Actually it’s not that ludicrous at all!

    Engineers have numerous hypothetical assumptions about how to refrain the contraction of the throat radius of a wormhole, except it’s currently not that practical given limitations on technology and so forth.

    Physics (like all science is constantly expanding) and in time perhaps we will found out what (or even if) there is a force sustaining the throat radius of the wormhole. Besides, the whole unknown force thing is just one possible assumption as is the lightning strike thing.

    P.S. Your response makes it sound as though the unknown force did it on purpose to let me through. Are you implying that the force is ubiquitous? :P

  47. bracket says:


    Ok, so a group of scientists held it open so that you could walk through?

    I’m not making fun but that’s the way it sounds by the way you wrote it.

    Also, this is my point i made to Karen M., every comment you make, makes it more complicated and harder to believe. It was a hypothetical hole through time that could hypothetically have some unknown force (or intelligence) holding it open for some unknown reason, at the exact moment you walked through at that exact location and you just so happen to meet a long time friend, and that friends kids that are implied to be yours, in the middle of nowhere. Also, the fact that every kid came out and basically said “dad?” is kind of convenient.

  48. Karen M. says:

    O.K. Here’s what NASA said : “What about wormholes and time travel”. General Relativity is the only theory currently that appears to explain everything we know about space-time. Wormholes were “discovered” as an allowable solution to the math of General Relativity, they are not a seperate theory. A wormhole is not really a means of going faster than light (or forwards or backwards in time) it’s a shortcut so that something far away is much closer. You can think of an ant on a piece of paper. If that ant could fold the paper around and poke a hole through it; it could get to the far end much faster than if it just walked. That’s what a wormhole does in 3D space.

  49. CMF says:

    Bracket not only is it possilble, it is most likely that the paranormal things we read about on here are a direct result of the same. If there can be (and they are trying to prove it) an inumerable number of parallel exsistances in the exact same space as this one, then it is QUITE likely that when you see a “ghost” of a civil war soldier somewhere , that is in fact just reality becoming thin in that area and you are seeing that soldier in his own reality.
    I think as well that heaven and hell will soon be proven to be in fact other dimensions, I mean it has to exsist somewhere if it exsists at all.
    This is how its possible to be in 2 places at once Electrons when looked at closely have been shown to be in 2 places at once meaning that it is in fact possible. I think that is how you get intervensions by Angels and Dmons, they have the ability to traverse between the seperate realities that can coexsist in the same space.
    Anyway you can look up String theory and M theory and hell physisits can break it down waaay better than I can but it is absolutely facinating and I think explains much of how not only Alphas experience is possible but “paranormal” events period are possible.
    Additionally they have constructed a HUGE ring underground in europe where they plan to collide atoms so as to be able to open doors into other dimensions. (sounds dangerous to me though)

  50. CMF says:

    Karen, Relativity does not explain everything, in fact relativity is in direct conflict with quantum physics. The mysteries of the universe are yet to be explained fully. One thing we do know is that everytime we think we have it, something else doesnt fit into what we thought knew.

  51. CMF says:

    I dont think that the subject of this story went through a wormhole at all but did in fact step into an alternate dimension which explains why both time and space were displaced leaving him 120 miles away from where they started from.
    Of course this could all be bull, but Im saying a wormhole just doesnt seem possible within the confines of the atmostphere

  52. Karen M. says:

    CMF, I just wrote what NASA said , are you going to argue with them?

  53. Bracket says:


    I know about string theory and all of that, and i’ve even thought about that as a possible explanation for ghosts, but you don’t find it strange that he meets an older version of his friend in the middle of nowhere?

  54. CMF says:

    Karen I dont have to argue with Nasa the are physicists everywhere debating these things.All of them much more learned than we. NASA has to go with the official version of the last proven theory which of course is relativity, however you may wish to follow the link above to see where science is at now adays.


    This should help.

  55. CMF says:

    You can also see the NOVA program on it here

    You wouldnt argue with NOVA would you? ;-)

  56. Karen M. says:

    CMF I’m sure NASA isn’t lying about where science is now a days!

  57. Karen M. says:

    COU COU CACHOO CMF, but you said that you don’t belive it was a wormhole either!

  58. CMF says:

    Oh sure Bracket I do, but then I find most things on this site strange haha..
    I cant say whether any of it has happened or not, however he seemed to be looking for an answer as to how it could have happened, so I have to take the account as somewhat serious and profer any explanation that I might have for it.
    It could have been they were in the woods doing really good shrooms but I dont know lol.
    There have been many cases throughout time apparently where people have just “disappeared into thin air” in front of wittnesses and we have no idea where they went.
    Now obviously neither you nor I were there when those things happened but one takes it in stride when one read these things if one has ever seen anything unexplainable oneself…
    in his story he seems to wander into an area that would be from the future in a reality where he has in fact married the friend and had children, the only explanation I can see for this would be an alternate reality in a parallel diminsion!
    Imagine the story that is being told on the web in the alternate reality he wandered into!! lol

  59. CMF says:

    Karen I dont know enough about wormholes to really postulate a theory on that, however it seems much more likely that a wormhole on earth would be almost cataclismic in its ramifications whereas the universe becoming “thin” in certain areas would not be as damaging to the entire reality that we know and live in therby allowing beings to travel between the diminsions much more fluidly.
    Thus sort of expalining how demons and so forth manage to enter and return from one plane to the next.

  60. Alpha says:


    No offense, but you’ve made completely wrong misinterpretations from my comments.

    You said that ‘a group of scientists held it open for me to get through’….. and the funny thing is i even stated that engineers couldn’t do it given limitations on technology and the lack of practicality.

    As for the credibility of the actual event itself… yeah i know it seems absurd and almost ficticious, but that doesn’t bother me cause i know i experienced it and just like all people on this site who’ve had intimate paranormal encounters, i’m simply here seeking answers to satisfy that particular phenonmena whether it is something more simple such as a lightning strike or something far more intricate.

    Besides, if you do doubt the credibility of the story just simply ignore the article and refrain from visiting again.

    (P.S. If you don’t find my story credible just check out time slips on google! :) )

  61. Alpha says:


    The ramifications incited by the presence of a wormhole aren’t necessarily cataclysmic. Essentially this chaos can be averted if an equilibrium were achieved. That is the amount of matter transferred to another dimension (presumably speaking me, in this scenario) is balanced with matter being spewed in from another dimension (a white hole perhaps?). Then in this case the disaster can be averted. Yet, this is once again cumbersome as it raises the possibility of someone travelling to this dimension during my absence and that mass transferred to this dimensions should also have been within my near vicinity to slighten the gravitational influence.

    Despite this, wormholes aren’t necessarily the product of gravity, i.e. infinitesimally small, dense phases of matter such as neutronium were condensed/concentrated and then frame-dragged

    Recent research suggests that wormholes can be achieved through the manipulation of the permittivity and permeability of metamaterials, enabling the formation of a tunnel that is invisible to EM waves. These metamaterials have also had confounded success as cloaking devices too.

    Anyway, i also had several queries about your proposal of the universe thinning. Are you suggesting that the near my location the universe ‘thinned’ (what do you imply from this? Loss of curvature perhaps?) and alligned itself with other dimensions enable me to traverse to an alternate dimension?
    Or are you referring to Sakharov’s view on inelasticity, (zero-point field) in quantum field theory, but this is a notion pertaining to the periphery of an enormous (i use the word as an understatement lol) body where gravity is greatest, all though that would compose numerous problems lol.

    Anyway just hoping you could your idea on the universe thinning. Thx

  62. Bracket says:


    That part about the scientists was a joke, but you get what i’m saying though right? I say something then you give extra info that makes it more complicated and harder to believe. Like the part i said before- ” It was a hypothetical hole through time that could hypothetically have some unknown force (or intelligence) holding it open for some unknown reason, at the exact moment you walked through at that exact location and you just so happen to meet a long time friend, and that friends kids that are implied to be yours, in the middle of nowhere. Also, the fact that every kid came out and basically said �dad?� is kind of convenient.”

    It’s not even really about the time travel as much as the fact that you just so happen to come across an older version of your friend in the middle of nowhere.

  63. Alpha says:


    Sorry to say it, but the paranormal isn’t something straightforward (hence the term paranormal). Often there will be events or phenomena that are seemingly absurd and ludicrous. That’s just how it is sometimes lol. Often things will have to be reinforced with sometimes harder and more complicated ideas for it to even seemingly make sense.
    Yes the story may seem absurd but questioning its authenticity repetitively will get you nowhere.

    I can promise you it’s what i experienced!!! As for the notion of a wormhole sustained through some sort of energy residue , is exactly that! A notion…no more then an idea…a proposal. It’s simply an explanation put forth to explain the event! It is one of many possibilities yet you seem so wound up about it!!!!

    Perhaps it was something more divine then mere coincidence (again something you seem so tied up about)? Perhaps a connection between my future family (if that is what they are?) and me within that location triggered a chain reaction of some sort, pulling me into the future? Perhaps i was abducted by aliens and subject to tests?Perhaps i set foot into a suburb for psychologically inhibited people. Again these are just proposals. I’m not saying they are the right ones lol.

    I don’t know what the right explanation is but i hope to find out or even just obtain a sense of it. That’s why i posted this article on this site. Not for its authenticity to be crudely analysed.

    Remember Bracket, there’s a lot about this universe we don’t know yet. Perhaps this event is just one of them.

  64. Karen M. says:

    Hey Everyone, going to Spain for vacation, Bracket hold em’ like they do in Texas plays, take this hand , cause I’m gone!

  65. Bracket says:

    Well, it’s a little too absurd for my tastes. I’m not wound up about it, it’s just that i’ve heard of stories of people being struck by lightning and having very similiar experiences.

  66. Amatrix says:

    The “HUGE Ring” underground in Europe is actually called the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Its pupose is to Collide particle beams of protons or lead nuclei at nearly the speed of light. (Proton accelerator). Which will create even smaller particles which will basically reveal what makes up matter. It crosses the border at 4 points between Switzerland & France, underground about 150-500feet. Many believe it is very dangerous because they consider this to be a way of creating a man made Black hole.
    The LHC will be used to create the conditions just after the “Big Bang”.
    The first beams fired in Sept. of 2008…Because of some difficulties it was temporarly shut down & they plan on refiring the beams in Nov. of 2009. Look into it more…its is very interesting.

  67. geogirlforever says:

    There’s alot of people that are all worried about LHC and that black hole that it may create. Some are even saying we might as well kiss our butts goodbye.
    But what can I really do about it nothing just sit back and hope for the best, because their going to do it if we all like it or not.

  68. CMF says:

    Yes Animatrix, thank you , I couldnt remember what the thing was called and was too lazy to google it lol. Your absolutley right, I find the research facinating albeit exteremely dangerous.. Like Apes toying with dynamite and zippos. lol

  69. CMF says:

    Alpha, you seem to know quite a bit about the topic for someone confounded by their experience however this is probably the most educated debate on paranormal that I have ever come across.
    The reason that the “universe” would become “thin” in certain areas would not just pertain to earth but anywhere in the universe as all space and time are somewhat relative in our perception of them.
    Each universe has a membrane containing it , if you will, with an infinite number of realites within it, now either the reality itself became thin and you stepped through , not time, but to an alternate reality in which it was the future and the circumstances were as you discribed them OR , possibly, the membrane itself became thin and allowed you to step through with similar results. The fact that you could get back would be damned lucky if it was true.
    IF the membranes collided and and you stepped through though , it no doubt may have resulted in the creation of yet another BIg Bang creating yet another alternate universe!
    One we will never see of course. But I think the most likely thing is that probably our percieved reality in this universe in fact thinned and you stepped through to the other side.
    No matter what, if true, you were very lucky to return here, although had you not it may have ended in a paradox that would not have been pretty for any of us.. lol

    As for the worm hole theory, acheiveing an equlibrium is preposterous , that would indicate that some intelligent design staged the entire event… Although I will admit not neccessarily in an infinite universe full of infinite possiblities, but never the less to me it would indicate that some intelligence had staged this.
    Unless of course the you here and now was actually the “being spewed in from another dimension”…

    Any case gravity itself has zero effect on interdimensional travel as there are dimensions that have never even seen gravity and have no use for it in order to exsist!
    Dont know if anyone else has noticed but time itself seems to be speeding up, again I point to the fact that the milky way is colliding with a dwarf galaxy as we sit here typing.
    ANYTHING could happen to time and space and reality itself..

  70. CMF says:

    Addtionally Alpha I am looking at this through the lense of Sting Theory so all it takes is for the vibrations to occur ,no latter what the cause , in such a way as to let someone “slip through”.. Thats how it would thin.

    I would go with the lightning theory except you were 120 miles away and thats impossible for the time frame for a person on foot. Especially one struck by lightning.

    Did you go get checked out to see if anything medically had happened to you?

  71. Amatrix says:

    LMAO!!…Yes I agree.

  72. Amatrix says:

    Sounds like you had a very amazing experience. Reminds me a bit of the Mothman Prophecies. Do you remember the stories?

  73. diva says:

    really stunning……….:)

  74. Alpha says:

    Thanks for your responses. (Sorry i couldn’t get back to you earlier guys)

    I forcibly wound myself in much ambiguity at your proposal of a universe thinning, since i started contemplating over quantum field theory, particularly zero-point field when it was something as blatant as the vibrations and lenses of string theory….(boy am i glad this wasn’t an assignment for class)

    However achieving an equilibrium isn’t all that ‘preposterous’. If the amount of matter transferred to this time was balanced with the amount of matter transferred to another time then an equilibrium will have been achieved, avoiding any consequences (and perhaps there was some force…not exotic matter…sustaining my presence and the other matter’s presence throughout the duration of the scenario). Perhaps there was some omnipotent force controlling the event too, but at any rate revelations concerning opposite binary wormholes are still relatively new.

    And yea gravity has no effect on intra-dimensional travel, but it does have an effect on the formation of black holes and presumably wormholes (unless you manipulate metamaterials and so forth)

    By the way i’m not confounded by the experience lol. I had numerous assumptions on the cause of the event but wanted a more thorough, firm proposition and since this seemed like a paranormal phenomena i posted it on this site, in the hope of some prospect i guess.

    Anyway thx for your posts and others

  75. CMF says:

    lol, okay, well if your convinced it was a wormhole then I cant change your mind, even if wormholes are on a quantum level and that would be far too small for a person to fit in I guess thats what your going with, I cant expalin the universe thinning, it just sounded to me like thats what happened. You could always continue to research that.

  76. Alpha says:

    Isn’t possible for wormholes to exist outside a quantum level?
    The small tunnels found in space on quantum levels now may be different to other forms of wormholes out there?

  77. CMF says:

    Honestly I dont see it happening on earth.
    And even if it did one that size probably would have effected way more than just you.

  78. Karen M. says:

    To create it you need to tear the fabric of space time.. you’d need something really dense: a black hole. And since they found out about white holes (spitting things out) they think all 3 could work together. Though maybe you can use a wormhole as a shortcut also.. but apparently they’re thinking the black hole is the way in, the white hole is the way out and the worm hole is the path you travel in between. I’m sure both are possible.

  79. Jonathan says:

    whoa the topic got off. I have a question about the story. Reading your story I was convinced you were a guy but your best friend calls you Jessica? This discrepency says you may not be a guy and I need you to prove it. :)

    All seriousness, can you please clear up the Jesse, Jessica thing.

  80. Karen M. says:

    What difference does it make?

  81. Jonathan says:

    it makes a difference because it’s a loose thread and i am always searching for the truth.

    And (just read your previous comment) they never “Found out” about white holes. It’s all theoretical. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_hole Just as all of this is. None of this has been proven yet. Maybe the M-theory will help bridge all the gaps but as for now we can only theorize.

  82. Reppy Rendan says:

    It’s quite possible that you’ve been experiencing mental slips. It’s not too uncommon that the brain is in one way or another malfunctioning or performing differently, which may cause such delusions in which you are actually tricked into seeing, hearing, and in all but the most literal sense, experiencing them.

    I wish you look in overcoming this illness of the mind.

  83. Paradox says:


    please read
    Chapters 6, 7, 8 and 10



  84. Maddie says:

    The anecdote is fascinating. RE: Occam’s Razor. Why isn’t the most likely reason for this event that Jesse actually HAD a paranormal experience where he encountered a future reality? If all the Nobel Prize winning scientists who accept that we exist in a holographic multiverse are correct, then it is possible that Jesse, via some currently unknown mechanism, experienced a time/space shift , and encountered a future reality that his future self is a part of! Quantum events are stranger than we are capable of comprehending with the present state of knowledge; but we are increasingly able to measure “paranormal” phenomena.

    Note from Admin – Read Maddie’s story here Encounters with the Metaphysical in a Victorian Portrait

  85. Bo says:

    Well I have an experince to share, not nearly as dramatic at Alpha’s but it has perplexed me all my life. I was 12 sitting tuned out in a chair watching tv. Sudenly out of the corner of my eye I sawa galss of water about to fall off the edge of a table. I reached out to catch it. I felt it then it was gone. There was no glass. i recall thinging how wierd it was and sat looking at the spot for a couple of minutes. Then didn’t think about it any more until, several days later, (hey I was 12 and not counting days) when I was sitting in the same chair, watching tv and I suddely reached out and caught the glass of water, which was there. Did I slip forward in time by a week for a few seconds? or what other explanation could there be? I am well and truely an adult now and can honestly say that I have been puxzzling over this for almost all my life. There is obviously somethings we do not yet know or understand.

  86. Cmaster No1 'Future person' says:

    I believe you have experienced a time-slip. As did I 2 years ago but that’s another story. I might have caused that time-slip by accident because this is true. I AM FROM THE FUTURE. THIS IS NOT A HOAX. I HAVE ALREADY SAID TOO MUCH. I live on that street which is a popular place for time-slips Anyway call me in 25 years time. You will know what to do.

  87. le not french guy says:

    This story is amazing.. I have heard so many of these and it just makes me want go through a timeslip.. P.S. didn’t you ever think about what is going to happen with your bestfriend? Will knowing that you marry your bestfriend ruin marrying her or what?
    I would like to know a lot more detail about the houses because there is this one story where the man said when he was 7 he traveled forward in time and saw houses that were really shiny and circular.

    • steve says:

      I know the incident you mention,it was a boy going through the woods near his home and came across futuristic street described just like the above case.Its all over the internet in many places.

  88. MikeA says:

    I experienced a time slip many years ago. It was a Saturday morning and my alarm was set to wake me at 5AM so I could get ready and go to my job at the hospital at 7AM. The alarm sounded and I looked at my clock, it was 5AM. I then went into the kitchen to have breakfast and the kitchen clock read 5AM. I jumped in the shower and during my shower I heard a loud pop, after which I noticed blood in the water and realized that whatever popped had made my nose bleed. I got out of the shower, got dressed and went back through the kitchen towards the front door, but when I looked at the clock it now read 3:30AM, as did all the clocks in the house. I don’t know what caused this phenomenon but has always wondered if it could have been some kind of warp in space time. I’d be interested in knowing if anyone else had a similar experience.

  89. kyresha says:

    i may have had such an experience.i am using may because i am not sure.i think i was about 8 at the time .we used to live in am apartment building .and we had a building behind us and an other across a narrow street. we used to play cricket at the back side of our buildings compound.acidently our ball went over the boundry ball. me and my friend went to retrieve the ball.i didn’t get along very well with the kids in the building behind ours so i stayed outside the gate .the narrow street i mentioned stops about 3 meters beyond the gate.and there is nothing beyond it but tall reeds.i was amusing myself staring at that spot.then suddenly the scene changed.i see four lions resting in the shade of a tree and i feel as though i am going to pass out beccause it was hot and then i look at the sun it is at its peek as though it is 12 in the noon.but we were playing in the evening.this vision or whatever you may call it lasted only a few seconds and my friend called my name but i was so tied that i hurried home without bothering to tell my friend .i mentioned it to my mum .and she just brushed it of saying that i was watching too much tv.and for two consecutive days after that i had a fever and my mind was so disturbed that i didnt want to get out of bed for a week.i used to have visions before that day about people dying(they would really die).or seeing ghosts etc .my parents never believed especially my mum .the whole thing still freaks me out.after that experience i never had an other experience with paranormal.i believe it created some kind of mental block.

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