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Question About Dreams and Meanings

Posted on February 7, 2011

I have a question that has been bugging me for the longest time and was wondering if it meant anything.

I have been dreaming of my husband cheating on me almost every other night, but it is never the same girl or sense. Its always a different scenario.

Then some times I have dreams about my ex and its always the same scenario. I want to know if these dreams mean anything or am I just paranoid. I’ll be honest that sometimes I fear my husband will cheat on me but even when its not in my mind I get reminded by dreams it is possible.

So my question is am I just being paranoid or can dreams really tell you something that you cant see in your right state of mind? The dreams of my ex, what does that mean he is always in them? Does it mean something about me or something about him?

Sorry so confusing I’m just tired of feeling so sad when I wake up.

Sent in by Ondrea

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15 Responses to “Question About Dreams and Meanings”
  1. Anonymous says:

    This is just my opinion. Your dream can tell yourself that you are not only not confident about yourself, but also not confident about the relationships you had and you have with the people who was or who is very close to you. If you are confident about everything, you won’t feel that way.

  2. strong says:

    Don’t be so paranoid about those dreams. I use to dream of my man being unfaithful & I started to read up. What I found was that it was my subconscious bringing my fear to life, as I was in a bad place at the time and felt low self worth. So, although it leaves you with a crappy feeling, its not necessarily prophetic.

  3. trolldoll says:

    i agree. you dreams these things because of your fears. unfortunately it could and does happen.

  4. Anna Mossity says:

    If they mean anything, it is only that you are in a state of anxiety. After all, it’s your subconscious, not his…

  5. AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

    keep a dairy about your dreams then go back to it in a while and you will know what it means.well thats what the caretaker had said once to me.

    • Caretaker says:

      Hello Anna, good to see you back! And yes, I believe that keeping a detailed dream journal is definitely the best idea on how to deal with this.

      • AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

        thank you =) i have been checking in but i have been going through stuff that i have to take care of.i love this site i would never leave i love everything about this site.

        • sharayah says:

          hey anna :) some guy was asking for you the other day. so sorry i can remember his name. you was missed. ;)

        • Rob says:

          Hi Anna. I am the guy that was asking about you. I was worried because i haven’t seen you on the comment board. But now i know ur ok.

          • AnNa BiTeS BaCk says:

            i found you were you asked trolldoll,i left a message there.but i am on but just checking in.i have to deal with some things which i should of in october im sick.i dont want the caretaker to get upset because were not taking about the story so i can tell you more if you go to paranormal culture,thats if you want to.but i havent forgot about all of you,i miss all you.

  6. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    Dreams are funny things and very individual, keeping a dream journal is a good start and you can start to ‘ train’ yourself into recalling vivid details. I’m a writer and got alot of ideas for my novels and short dtories from dreams.
    Firstly dreams also work in puns and imagery – so often things aren’t as they appear.
    (EG) finding yourself closing a large door on an empty building after letting a horse out -” closing the door after the horse has bolted ” an analogy for doing something in your life a little too late after the event. Meanwhile you could strain yourself thinking ” what do horses have to do with it? – I don’t even like horses! ” LOL Also, people in the dream aren’t always literal – dreams are often littered with people we recognise and don’t recognise but they’re symbols of very often parts of ourselves. The little girl/ boy in the dream is often a juvenile aspect of ourselves and the older lady/man is often the sensible mother/ father aspect of ourselves that tells us to ‘ pull our head in and behave ‘ but we could invest alot of time thinking ‘ I don’t know that old lady – who is she? ‘. The fact you have CONSCIOUS worries about your husband cheating means that the thoughts already exist in your mind. The dream state is often like a garbage dump of random thoughts/ worries and proceses we’ve done through the day – even thoughts and feelings from out subconscious that we aren’t necessarily conscious of – while we sleep the brain is trying to sort and catelogue everything.
    Your ” husband ” in the dream could be part of yourself or mean ” marriage ” in general – or a relationship in general and the concept of ” cheating ” doesn’t necessarily mean jumping into bed with someone. There’s a lot of levels you could play with on this one.
    Are you ‘ cheating ‘ yourself of something, opportunities, not looking after yourself in the relationship? Is your husband ‘ cheating’ as in cutting corners and not doing the right things sometimes?
    The fact it is a repetitive theme usually means it is something the mind is trying to process and make sense of…………my own personal one is I try to make a phonecall and I can’t press the buttons and though I try and try and try I get the numbers wrong and ican’t call the person, n the dream I get very frustrated and give up. In real life, that warns me I am not communicating with someone and ” can’t get through to them ” something that’s going on with me at that time.
    Of importanice when writing down a dream is write how you felt IN the dream – meeting a big scary lion is one thing, but noticing you felt safe and comfortable IN the dream is important. AFTER you wake up, you may decide you should have felt frightened by a big scary lion and connect that instead as we can change things after we wake up.
    I don’t think your husband is cheating on you – it is a dream, but what is it trying to tell you about yourself?

  7. Amy says:

    Because you dream of your husband cheating on you doesn’t mean he is cheating on you. However, do not discount it as it being completely untrue. I am not trying to be the bearer of bad news but you wanted the truth. We have all heard of, and I am sure experienced, deja’vu. He may be cheating on you and you may be figuring it out in your dreams now and will figure it out awake later. Trust me, I hope he is not. I was cheated on and I know how much it hurts but I don’t want everyone to get your hopes up and then you get the big upset. Good luck!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have had experience with dreams and have had many a dream wherei see something that later comes true. if you are really worried, talk to his friends and ask about him.

  9. confused says:

    What does it mean when you get a knock at the window and no one is there, yet I have two guard dogs outside and not one of them went off like they usually do when some one turns up……

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