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Psychic with a Horrific Past

Posted on May 21, 2010

I’m an 18 year old with visions.

The disturbances first started when I was around eight or nine years old. I was living in my grandmothers house in a place called Campbellstown, it is located inside a city. People say that its haunted because there is a graveyard there. My house was two roads away from the graveyard, however, I do not believe that this graveyard has anything to do with the encounters. I’m sorry if I’m wandering but all the above info is relevant.

My elder sister, who is a year older than me, had the first experience. One day as she and I were sitting in our room (she was ten and I nine I think), she told me that last night she heard a knock on the window. I never believed her because I always fell asleep before her so I thought she was a bit crazy to suggest that, so she told me that she would wake me up the next time she heard it.

That night, she woke me… and I did hear it, my body froze. Many nights after that I heard the knocks on the window and sometimes around 1 am and 2 am in the morning, there would be knocks on the kitchen door. And each time I heard it I would be paralyzed and my breathing rapid. When I told anyone, my sister would deny it. My mothers aunt told me never to open the window because “it” wants to come in.

About a year later I had my first encounter. I never used to pray or anything as I was a child and couldn’t care less. My sister and I were laying awake in bed. I turned over to my side of the bed which was close to the wall, and I saw it. A black hooded figure that held out its arm to me, the way someone would grab a person by the throat. I quickly turned over to my sisters side. She said (I quote) “Simone, look at what’s on your side.” I replied that I know, and I quickly shut my eyes and fell off to sleep.

Year after year I kept having horrific nightmares and still do. I remember where the devil was on a cross the way that Jesus is depicted, just last night I heard a knock on the window for the fist time since we moved in our new house a year ago.

Sent in by Sam, Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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Tags: Campbellstown, Psychics, Shadows

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16 Responses to “Psychic with a Horrific Past”
  1. Anonymous says:

    well i hope dat u get better from having all does bad nightmares, and you should of had listened 2 ur sister whenshe told u that she herd a nock on tha window.
    well i wish u luck

  2. AnNa says:

    no matter how scared you are check it out and quickly take a picture then you know what your dealing with.what if its just someone triyng to scare you?

  3. Sam and Emily says:

    Sam/Emily : Hey your story caught our eye as we were looking to see if they posted ours. We dont want to say much about us because at school were outcast but people dont understand right? Hopw you get through this dude.

    Teen Ghost Tracers

  4. sam says:

    @ anonymous- i was young that time so i didnt want to believe her, i was more interested in sleeping so i could get up the next day and play with my toys ^_^…i still do have alot of nightmares, premonitions and visions, most recently vampires though, i feel one near… you can check out Vampiretruth.com , i commented on a post CRAZY VAMPIRE DREAMS, u can read my comment there. by the way, thanx 4 comment

    @AnNa- whenever i would hear it i would freeze, like paralysis, i would be in a state of shock, i already saw something so it couldnt have been a person fooling around with me. its funny you should mention it though, a few times when we heard the knock we would run into my parents room and tell my dad, my dad is a policeman so we were always safe, and when he would go outside and check he would bluntly say “THERE’S NO ONE THERE”. by the way, thanx 4 comment

    @ Sam/Emily- yes, people do tend to become distant to others who are unlike them, like sheep who follow blindly ^_^ ,but dont let that bother you.let me know the title of your article so i can read it too. i have learnt to live with this “gift “.the harder it become, the closer i got to God, guess thats how i found myself in him, lol and by the way- ima girl- SAM is just an abbreviation for my full name, thanxxx 4 comment


    • AnNa says:

      thats good you have someone in the house to protect you and your family.thats always good.do you know what you are going to do with all of this?let me know.thanks for commenting me back.

      • sam says:

        yes actually i do, i just let it be, if something happens i will stay strong. Recently however i have been dreaming of a vampire, usually i dream of him standing at the foot of my bed watching me as i sleep….its not of twilight…I HATE twilight…. i feel his presence often…
        my dog barks at the bushes for no reason and the car alarm goes off early hours in the morning…. i know he exists and i choose to believe he does, until we meet…. life does go on

        have u had any paranormal experiences>?

        • AnNa says:

          i aucally have had some.but nothing like what people have on this site.fFIRSTi worked in a greenhouse yrs ago and i heard 2 voices man and woman saying my name,but no-body was around.i told some people and they said it could be the owners parents they died years ago.SECOND we had a dog.he chocked himself and couple days later or weeks im not sure but i smelled him.you know that smell what dogs have when they dont have a bath,like thatTHIRD .then my son under 1 year old at the time we had a monitor and my husband and i heared a man i dont remember what he said.i wasnt scared.FORTH we were watching t.v. and we saw a shadows going by the t.v. into the kitchen.i thought it was cool.i’ve never were scared once from that.and the weird thing is i kept on saying nothing happened to me i wish and i acually have had stuff.so i hope thats good enough.but i wish something else happened nothing bad you know.thanks.i hope i hear from you soon.

          • sam says:

            i wouldnt be freaked out by the voices but definetly by the shadows….
            however, i cannot understand why you would want to experience these ‘things’?
            you should be happy that you are normal because its not fun having to wake up early hours in the morning, praying, clutching a rosary in your hand hoping that the images will fade away… its funny though, in all the time that everything happened i never ran to my parents room o_0

            God Bless

            • AnNa says:

              i really dont know but the stuff i had said what happened its nothing to what i;ve read on this site.i just want more.not a ghost thats mean even though i cant pick and choose.the voices that i heared i was not scared at all.i guess i’ve been into ghost for a long time,and i find new stuff out every time.out of my family im the weird one.im not like most people.i dont want to to freak out but besides ghosts like like to read up on murders,i like to watch on t.v. of tornadoes, i dont know.anyways.the wierd thing is i dont believe in witches.i know if you believe in ghosts and goblins and demons why not witches.anyways thanks for commenting me back if you want i can comment back.thanks sam.

              • sam says:

                yes i do understand that u are fascinated with ghosts etc ANNA, forgive me if i come across as rude but you ghosts arent to be medled with if u know what i mean, i would prefer they stay away from the human world. ever heard of the saying “be careful what you wish for” ? you could want to meet a ghost but not a mean one… however you could get something evil instead…

                i see where you coming from though, the human mind is curious to many things, esp the unknown…

                take care Anna

                • AnNa says:

                  no your not being rude at all.dont think at all like that.and i understand what you say.and one day when i least expect it.it (might) happen.and thanks for listening to me.and telling the truth. you take care yourself.thanks again.

  5. slkchk says:

    To Anonymous, Wow !!! Where did you go to school ? I want to stay away ! Have a nice day

  6. Cori says:

    I, too, have powers. I can see spirits, I have dreams that both metaphorically come true and completely come true, I can usually sense anything paranormal and supernatural, and I can also usually sense when another person has powers of some sort. I can see auras simply by looking at a picture but only if Im meant to see their auras I think. My eyes literally change colors, I actually have a picture where you can see a bit of red in my right eye and white in my left one. I have been told I have cats eyes. And I just know things sometimes. Things I shouldnt have known because theres no way I could have known. All in all I get very confused and sometimes I feel all alone. I have an affinity with crystals and I can tell when its gonna rain. I also can call a storm to me if I want. I had experimented and thats how I know I can do this. I appreciate your story because I personally feel a connection with anyone who has powers simply because I feel that that person can help me and maybe even teach me new things. I felt as if I should share this with you. And I wish you peace and happiness for the rest of your days.

  7. sam says:

    thank you Cori… we are very much alike indeed… i too am able to see auras, even around non-living objects… i do sometimes feel misunderstood and lonely but i have gotten used to it, i think that you may be a vampire, be it psychic or otherwise… you should do more research on vampires….. try vampiretruth.com

    if you need more info or just someone to speak to then feel free to drop me a comment

  8. Cori says:

    I graciously thank you. I have known others like us but sometimes I wonder if they are quite mad because of they way they occasionally talk.

  9. sam says:

    yes i agree, but the only other person i know like us around me is my grandmother, i don not think they are mad, i feel that the human race is afraid the unknown, thats why they think we are crazy. when you find out what you are please let me know ok.

    keep well ^_^


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