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Posted on November 23, 2010

Well let me start this off by telling you that I have no one to turn to right now, and I’ve been a dedicated visitor and member of this site for years, and the community here is very helpful and kind. So I have decided to come here for help. You see, I believe I have psychic abilities. I see spirits, and I can communicate with them, I can read people’s thoughts, feel people’s energies and emotions, I can travel mentally to people’s houses, as well as I can communicate with animals, but mostly dogs.

Most people, if I choose to tell them, they either stare at me, horrified, or they just laugh at me and tell me I am just wanting attention or that I’m lying or that I’m a fake, which I’m not. I have had these abilities, for about four-five years, but they’ve only gotten stronger, and harder for me to ignore. I have only one friend who believes all of this, because I’ve proven my abilities by traveling to her house mentally. I asked her if she was wearing something yellow or pink floral, but the pink floral filled my brain completely, and she simply answered with the pink floral. Over time, I kept asking questions, and she responded, I was usually correct.

I’ve been able to communicate with animal’s since 4th or 5th grade, sometimes verbally, but more often than not, mentally or non-verbally. But I’ve been tied with communicating with dogs the most, and at the moment I have two dogs, who I have non-verbal conversations with daily.

I’ve visited many haunted locations, and not haunted locations in my lifetime. Every time I go to a haunted location, I see at least one apparition. Why recently, I was at my Great Aunt’s funeral, and I saw a woman in a long white dress and curly reddish-brown hair, with her mouth agape, run into the room where the casket was. I later matched the appearance of the spirit as my Great Aunt, when I saw her picture later that afternoon. However, I see and hear spirits all of the time, some more frightening then others.

I have this thing I call the mind GPS. If I see someone, or a car of someone I know, after concentrating hard I enter their train of thought and part of me, can follow them to their destination. I don’t try this method ever because it is quite creepy and violating to some people, but it can happen automatically, even when I don’t want to. I also can hear what people around me are thinking, I cant control it, it just happens, their thoughts enter mine and I can immediately know who it is. I also get confused by all the emotions of the energies in the room at school, but it doesn’t usually affect my individual emotions.

I’m not sure what else to say other than I need advice and help on how to control these things. It gets in my way quite a lot and it is annoying.

Sent in by Anastasia Rasomova, Copyright 2010

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10 Responses to “Psychic Abilities”
  1. Fiddyy says:

    Hi anastasia that is the coolest thing i ever heard =D and im sorry for your aunt lost =( I think i have phychic abilities too i cant remember people even with one look and i dont know why i can also kinda “preduct”(i dont know what it is called) future coming future, but mine works if i’m not forcing my self to use it or i will get a dream about future and it will happen i can also feel people like if they are good or bad like i once got a nanny and i did not like her because the 1st time she step in the room i felt a really bad negative energy…hmmm…..but i dont even know if i got Psychic abilities im confused maybe im just imaginating things but the nanny was really baaad >.<

    But i guess you might control your abilities by concentrating…

    • Adrian says:

      Try grounding and centering yourself, it is a method that i use myself. I have had similar experiances since my childhood. I am also a psychic who can hear thoughts and communicate with the spirits of nature. I believe you have a large amount of psychic energy that needs to be grounded and centered. You need to try and do this too see if it helps here is the method that i use myself ,but remember that all things in life had to be learned and controlled. Stand barefoot on the floor and invision large roots growing from your feet and going to the earth to nurture its newest forms of life then see newly purified energy filling you and stabalizing with in your core and see the roots retract back into you this is a method that i have found to be both positive and reassuring so practice as with all things is key try and face your fears and use the abilities to help the spirits and people whome your abilities take you to. I wish you the best of uck and that you grow to be a strong beacon for the psychic of the day

  2. Rosie says:

    I watched a TV show. It is about psychic children. They can see a lot of spirits and sometimes they are bothered and people can’t understand them. This show is great, it helped those children who has special psychic ability to understand themselves better. You can watch it and I am sure it will help you as well.

    By the way, I have a question: my friend has a dog called Flake, he was killed by a car. My friend’s heart was broken, do you think Flake is happy ? I’d really appreciate if you can answer my questions.

    Have a great turkey day!

  3. Carri says:

    Hi you are a psychic. I am also and get the same response from friends. you can do remote viewing to a high level. I can do it only by looking at pictures, it is hit or miss for me. I cannot read mind but can sense emotions of people. you actually can read minds to a high level. only wish I could like you. only a few people in the world have abilities like you. you are actually are amazing, you should work for the government. Like do remote viewing for them. does this run in your family. and how did you come to do remote viewing at such a high degree or level. how are you able to read minds? i would not tell your friends or coworkers you can do these things they often do not believe in these things. only tell people who believe in these abilities. you are gifted.

  4. James says:

    Cool.. i wish i had yours than what i have..i too have an unusual ability… i don’t know if i can predict the future or something but instinctively i can predict when a person will die even if i haven’t meet him in person…its usually people that i have a grudge with…people that hurt the people i love…like one time, i told a friend of mine who was being physically and emotionally harassed by her uncle.. i really hate that guy so i told her dont worry your uncle cant hurt you by the end of May..and i dont know how or why but her uncle had a stroke that last week of May and past away that week …it just among the recent prediction of a person i mentioned that will past away..its either by heart attack, nightmare or through suicide…and its creepy..

  5. Kayla says:

    That’s amazing but I can understand if it’s frightening to se ghost, I would be scared if I saw them all the time.
    Do you know if someone else in your family has the same ability as you?
    In my family several people can see things, I sometimes knows what will happpen before it does I get a special feeling and my uncle (who you shouldn’t always believe) says that he can get a similar feeling. I can also dream about things that later happens but that isn’t often which other people in my family have done too. One of my friends who believe in the supernatural tells me when ever something weird has happened “That’s what happens when you’re a bit psychic.” Other things happens to me too but they’re hard to explain but it is nothing compared to you.
    Have you told anyone in your family about your ability? Did they believe you?
    My advise is to see if anyone in your family has the same ability maybe they can help you control it.

  6. Chasity says:

    I think youd be suprised how many people have abilities like you do, its kind of the natural state of things of course there are different degrees. its a talent like singing… Everyone can sing, though they may not be able to do it well. Like most of the people who have commented I also have certain abilities. In addition to a lot of the things mentioned I have a pretty good nose… Like strange good but idk. I keep things under control through meditation also, people like us tend to attract random energy and it can build up and amplify or through off your abilities, kind of similar to one of the other comments but I go outside and find bare earth and sit with me hands touchimg the ground. Visualize the energy and stress of these encounters draining from your body in to the ground. Earth nutralizes energy so it wont linger around ypu or in your home.

  7. Anonymous says:

    it is amazing!!! people study for years and still have trouble with things that come so easily to you…my best advice is simply this-find a rieke master and ask for thier help,i think this is your answer.

  8. katie says:

    I have something kind of like yours and even had someone call me a crystalline.
    You might be an indigo or star child if you have more than one pychic ability.

    I once freaked out my guitar teacher because I picked up on his deceased sister
    and once on my english teacher when I picked up on his evil dad.

    Yea you sound like either a star or an indigo child, try looking up at least 7 different webites to explain what it is=) Goodluck!

  9. Sophia says:

    i believe you because i happens to me too. i something start daydreaming even if i don’t want to and get like a picture of something that later in the day or the day later happens then when it happens i say to myself,” where did i see this?”and then remember i say it on my head. other times i hear what people are thinking just by looking at them. i stop this by moving away or taking a short nap. thanx for your story, it let me know that i am not the only one with these visions and stuff

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