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Power to Dispel Evil in the Name of Jesus

Posted on September 17, 2011

I know some of you are not religious or believe in god ok, I’m not going to start witnessing to you but share with you some historical fact and some advice that may help you greatly.

Please read to the end you will understand what I am getting I’m not asking you to convert just listen it may help you.

Here goes, lets put aside that the bible is holy scripture ok and look at it as a historical document.

Now listen to me carefully there are 5 sources outside of the bible by historians of the second century that witness the events of a man called Jesus. These historians were adversaries of the Christian faith. They worked for the Roman Empire and these documents can be found in museums and religious archives that collaborate:

1) Jesus was a living breathing man
2) Jesus performed miraculous things
3) Jesus was tried by a Roman governor, Pilate, and sentence to be crucified
4) Jesus was seen alive by 500 witness at one time and for 40 days after confirmed dead

Now to the bible (remember we are looking at the bible as a historical document) it documented many things from healings to exorcisms:

1) First example of exorcism – the only demon named in the bible was legion when Jesus crossed over the lake a demon possessed man that was unable to be bound and was living in the tombs ran up to Jesus and beg him not to cast them back to the hell Jesus ask his name and the demon said I am legion for we are many they ask to be cast in to a herd of swine and Jesus did and the herd of swine ran down the hill into the sea and drowned the farmers witness it and ran to town and told the people of the town what happen they came and found the demon possessed man clothed and in his right mind they were afraid and ask Jesus to leave the once possessed man wanted to go with him but Jesus told him to stay and share what he had done.

2) The Bible also documents that a man that was not with Jesus and the apostles, was casting out demon and unclean spirits using Jesus’s name and the apostles went to stop him and Jesus said don’t for if he is doing these things in my name he cant be against us (meaning he didn’t know Jesus but he understood the power of calling on his name) and found it effective.

Even the apostles came across an unclean spirit they couldn’t cast out and Jesus told them this kind of dumb spirit you must fast and pray to cast out (so the power of prayer in Jesus name).

Now here is the advice that will help you even if you don’t believe or know Jesus the son of god. He knows you – and try shouting these words when these things happen OK – In the name of Jesus the son of God depart and Jesus rebuke you! And I found out first hand how well it works.

Please understand I’m not trying to convert you I really want to be able to help you and all I can do is share what I know without doubt works.

Sent in by Chris McDowell, Copyright 2011

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8 Responses to “Power to Dispel Evil in the Name of Jesus”
  1. jk says:

    Words from a very wise person.

  2. CoralinKC says:

    TY Chris. It couldn’t hurt- We need all the help we can get in times such as these. Something’s coming for sure! Not exactly sure what it is, but the feeling’s building every day. I’m not some crackpot screaming DOOMSDAY either….lol…

    • A.J Ryder says:

      Hi CoralinKC

      I agree with you – I can feel the energy building too. When the ‘Day’ finally arrives, it will have a profound, yet positive effect on us all. I look forward to a time when we all stop squabbling over who’s Faith is right and who’s Faith is wrong. Let God be our Judge!


      • Stan says:

        You’re so right about the profound affect on us all. However, i respectfully disagree with the “positive” part. God WILL be our judge and he has told us very clearly what we will be judged on and the consequences for non-compliance. For those of us that have at least tried to follow those instructions, we have already experienced a “profound, positive” change in our lives. For the rest of the world, the outcome, I’m afraid, won’t be so “positive”. Like you, i sense that something is building. There is more chaos in the world than ever before – in every sense; the weather, natural disasters, politics, finances, war, you name it – the landscape is dramatically changing at an accelerated pace. I look forward to the day that Christ returns triumphantly to claim his bride and I’m totally stoked to be named in the wedding party! Jesus, please come, please come today……

  3. Stone says:

    I am NOT a religious person. I have been raised among several different religions. Minor Catholic, Episcoplalian, Baptist, and even Assembly of God. I’m sure there’s a couple more I was placed in the hands of while a Pre-K to 3rd grader.

    I don’t KNOW all these things to be what we call EVIL but I do know that all of which I have had relations with were NOT dead humans and yet claimed to be such dead relatives of those communicating.

    There was one time that a mist formed in my room and grew and grew. I think I told this previously on this sight but it’s been quite a while. Anyway, it did NOT try to communicate and frankly scared the crap out of my room mate and myself. It just kept getting larger. I asked my friend if he saw something and purposefully didn’t tell him what or where as not to guide him. He described exactly what and where I was seeing the same thing and it continued to almost fill the room.

    It was at this point I invoked God’s help and asked him to rid this thing of my house. I didn’t even know what it was much less whether or not it was malevolent or benevolent or not even a thinking entity.

    As soon as I asked God to rid it, it dissipated. Still don’t know what it was where it came from or ANYTHING about it. I just wanted to say that there definitely is something with something we call God that is real.

    Again, I am NOT a religious person and I do divination and prophecy type activities. I and the furthest from a Bible thumper but I DO KNOW THERE IS A CREATOR THAT tell us there are things in the world that are not of our knowledge and has some sort of intervening power over these things.

    I am certainly not preaching ANY religion to ANYONE. I personally HATE religion because they ALL claim to be the ONLY truth and that in itself is BS !

    BUT, do NOT deny the spirit in the universe that is just beyond our comprehension and apparently actually gives a crap about your very life. I assume most call it God!

  4. A.J Ryder says:

    Thanks Chris McDowell, an informative OP.

    I read 4 specific Psalms when casting out demons, which works just as effectively. Although I am not a Christian, I am still doing this in God’s name, which is exactly what Jesus did if you think about it.

    It all boils down to what a person feels most comfortable with using (Faith), but the outcome is always the same – the ‘evil’ is dispelled.

    A good post


  5. Sue says:

    I was raised as a Christian and really have lost faith in any organised religion but when I was growing up and even up until now have been afraid of evil or demonic things, or just things that don’t seem to be of a friendly nature. I have seen many things since I was little perhaps it is a gift to some but to me it was usually frightening but I was always told to call upon God and use his name “Jehovah” and ask for his help. I have done this many times even in dreams and feel it has protected me over and over again. I truly believe in the power of using his name or asking him for protection against these sinister situations. The use of the name of Jesus is also very powerful but I prefer to call upon God.

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