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Possession The Ring And The Cemetery Part 2

Posted on April 26, 2009

Read Part 1 of Possession The Ring And The Cemetery

I jumped on him, grabbing the scissors from his hand and throwing them to my right, where they bounced off of a wall. I sat on top of his tummy yet again, holding his arms down with my feet. I slapped him. I hit him. I had to snap him out of this. I couldn’t take it. When I was repeating I would not be abandoned again, I was saying that because when I was only three and a half years old, the woman I loved most in the world passed away, she was my Nana. Kolton means so much to be, just as much as she does. I refused to lose someone that meant so much to me twice.

He pushed me off to the other side of the bed and began hitting himself. I got back on to him, pinned his arms down and continued to weep. And as I looked into his eyes, the thin film was gone. They were back to normal. “Baby, what is going on? Why are you crying? Why are you hitting me? I was trying to sleep baby.” I shoved my face into his chest and continued crying, repeating over and over again “Oh my God, oh my God, oh my god.”

I got off of him and picked up the scissors I had thrown to my right and handed them to him. He looked at me, confusion in his eyes. As if he did not understand what was going on. I got up off of the bed and began to cry even more, I thought I was losing my mind. What was going on? Am I dreaming? Was this all in my head? I fell to my knees, my head in my hands, crying. He got down right beside me and held me in his arms.

“Baby,” he said to me, “Baby what is going on? Explain everything to me.” It took me a few minutes to speak again, as I had to calm down first. I told him everything that had happened. I told him what he had said to me, about dying and going with him. He looked confused still.

“Baby, are you going crazy?” he said to me, sarcastically and held me close in his arms again. He needed me to go home, his grandmother wanted to get some rest. He told me to have my mom come pick me up.

While I was calling my mom, he went behind the TV and produced the scissors I had handed him earlier, as he had thrown them when I had fallen to my knees in tears. He just looked at them and sat them down on the table. He laid down on his stomach across the bed and began looking through his stuff on the other side of the bed. And then he stopped with a very puzzled look on his face. I hung up the phone.

You see, for his birthday last year, I had gotten us dog tags. They say “Hannah & Kolton – 07/01/08″ as that is the day that we met. Earlier today, he had told me about how his had broken completely, the string he had it on had and he needed to restring it. When I went and sat down beside him, and looked into his hand, there was his necklace, completely put back together. He had put the pieces of this necklace in a bowl earlier that day, the bowl down in the corner. In the bowl now, was his necklace, a piece of paper from his new “GO” phone, and a ring. On the ring, was a skull with the horns of a demon on it. As he picked up his ring from this bowl, he had a look of disbelief. And he began to explain the story of his ring.

When he bought this ring, it came with a small booklet that told the rings story. This ring was supposed to keep you safe from evil spirits. He explained that the only time something very strange and freaky happens to him is when he is not wearing this ring.

He picked up the “GO” phone paper out of the bowl. Remember, only his broken necklace had been in this bowl when we had arrived. He looked at the letters “GO”. And he said, “G – O, Get Out.” I shook my head and put my head in my hands, terrified. We got my things together and went outside to sit. As we sat there, he stared at his ring and told me the stories that had happened when he wasn’t wearing his ring.

His friends Chris, Leo, Nicole, Josh and him were all laying down outside once. And while they were lying, they heard a blood chilling, high pitched scream. After this scream, the lights on the street went out. They went back to Chris’s house and he put his ring back on. Kolton did not believe in the powers of his ring before what happened between him and me tonight. He also explained to me that he once woke up and saw that the eyes on the ring were glowing red. I shivered at this. I begged him to not take off the ring anymore and he promised.

My mother pulled into the drive way and I told him that I was going to call him as soon as I got home, as I was still terrified of what had happened this night. When I got home, I walked into my room and turned on my light. When I looked at my bed, my bible was opened. I looked at the page that it was opened to. It was on the page of a verse that every US Military Army Ranger has a verse that he/she must memorize. And the verse was Isaiah 6, 8. “And I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me.”

I called Kolton immediately. Kolton desires to be a United States Army Ranger. This was a verse that he once told me to look up and that I read every night in my Nana’s bible, the bible that was now opened on my bed.

When I called him and told him, he seemed a little shaken. He had to go though, because his friend that he hadn’t spoken to in a while was calling him. I allowed him to go. And hour later, Kolton called me back. He seemed extremely scared. He said “Hannah, I’m freaking out. My friend just told me that another one of my friends in Georgia died in a car crash this morning.” A chill rushed up my spine. At that very moment, I realized that we had spent the day before all of this in a grave yard.

Paranormal activity? Were Kolton and I the victims of an evil spirit? I do not know, to be honest. But I do know that tonight was an extremely scary night for me, which I hope I will never experience again.

Written by Hannah Elizabeth Monroe, Copyright 2009

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17 Responses to “Possession The Ring And The Cemetery Part 2”
  1. CuteSagittarius says:

    Hey,why are the comments taking sOoOo long to appear, CareTaker?

    • The Caretaker says:

      Hello CuteSagittarius Well, I cant be online 24 hours a day :O) All comments are read before approval

      If you would like to have quicker discussions and have your posts online immediately then you should try out our forum at http://www.talkparanormal.com. Blog commenting isnt as quick as forum posting and we have the same types of topics and even a lot of the same people on the forum as there is here (Though they may use different IDs)

  2. CuteSagittarius says:

    Ooh,that’s alright,my dear… I just thought perhaps the site was having some kind of technical problems, as the comments used to apPear here much faster awhile ago.
    Thanx for replying!

  3. CuteSagittarius says:

    I must say I don’t like this story much. The incidents are in no sequence. Seems like the writer has desperately tried to scare the readers without any suCceSs!
    Sorry, but u should try, try again!

  4. tyra says:

    That story is sad and scary at the same time….

  5. Jackie says:

    When you get involved with things like vampirism etc then you’re bound to attract evil. If I were you I would get away from your boyfriend, he cut you without your consent, who knows what will happen the next time.

    I would turn your life around now before it is too late, you’re going down the wrong path and so is your boyfriend, but he is dangerous, so you need to get away from him and do this without him.

  6. brenda bowman says:

    sounds like possesion to me and i don’t like the sound of that ring and what its supposed to represent and do to protect the owner please do some research on it ! something is bent on trying to do you both harm

  7. Akash says:

    Easily the most creepy story i have read in a long long time….Excellent !

  8. brenda bowman says:

    jackie said what i was really scared to say something that make u drink blood from someone u love is NOT RIGHT, I WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THE HE… OUT OF THERE

  9. etf4life says:

    im sorry but i really didnt understand what was going on it seemed like alot was something and those things were going out of topic

  10. PlayGirl says:

    i am a bit lost here, not sure how to comment, nothing really makes sense, but i would agree with the rest.. get away from that man… he is going to cause you a lot of pain, mentally and in reality…
    respect yourself enough to draw the line

  11. L. M. S. says:

    Wowsers. I agree with everyone else. I would get away from him as fast as possible. If all that is real. Everything except the very beginning sounds quite fake.

  12. Alpha says:

    that scared me….that much is for sure….

    Anyway, probably a case of possession brought on by the cutting thing….you shouldn’t cut yourself or your loved ones…
    it’s symbolic of evil….anyway creepy story

    Time for an extra set of laundry

  13. Blue jay says:

    If this is real, it sounds very creepy…I know next to nothing about this paranormal stuff, as I’m new, but this does NOT sound like a smart thing to do.
    It sounds like your boyfriend was possessed. Not sure if this means he can be again possessed, more easily and quicker, maybe, but I doubt he is safe to be around.
    I have no idea of the bond between husband and wife, but in comparison of mom and son, it would be hard for me to willingly leave, even for my own safety…
    Those of you who are laughing right now at the prior comparison, shut up and pay attention. Get a life, maybe.
    Thank you.
    For a memory, it sounded quite detailed. Usually we pitiful humans don’t remember the little details like scissors bouncing off the wall. I could tell some parts of the story were exaggerated, or plain made up.
    I’m sorry, but it’s true. Unless you have some supernatural recollection, I doubt that I would remember scissors bouncing off the wall after I had been attacked by someone.
    If it was however, a fictional story, you did a very good job, very well detailed. I felt like I was in the room with the person.
    Very good job, either way. Thank you for publishing this.

  14. Blue jay says:

    Somebody said earlier something about this spirit being bent upon the destruction of the pair…I don’t find this necessarily true.
    Think: Most spirits that I know of are mentally ill, so why would they take the huge risk of being dicovered to kill a pair of humans?
    If the spirit was mentally ill, wouldn’t it have found a quicker way to do it’s business?
    It could have forced the man to push himself and his girlfriend out of a window, or simply stabbed the knife into her without all the drama…sorry if this is getting offending, or if I make it seem as thought you SHOULD have died, I DO NOT mean that at all…
    But still, it seemed as though the spirit was testing you, seeing if you would make an easy target…he used your boyfriend to get close to you, maybe even so he could possess and destroy you later.
    I suppose you didn’t make an easy target, but who says others won’t try?
    When hunters go to a hunting lodge, hear about a wild bear nobody seems to be able to kill, won’t others try their luck?
    In a way, you might be better off if you had done something different…beats me what.
    Take care, though. If this story is true, you are either very lucky nothing has happened you so far, or they’ve given up on you.
    If it’s not true…I answered that in my last comment.
    Nice story.

  15. Clips says:

    Hi. Well as i was reading your story it felt like reading a novel which made me doubt its veracity. However if it is true then you probably wanna stop all that vampirism stuff, and that ring of his, well im not too sure it would work in the manner you explained, i would think quite the opposite. I would do some research on it and remember that the demonic wont protect against demonic, why would they fight each other right?. Question: why would you spend the day at a cemetery?
    I wouldnt say it was possession, maybe he needs psychiatric help seeing how he has a history of depression (im guessing here) split personalities maybe? i dont know.
    You should rule out all rational explanations before jumping to conclusions of occult or mystic nature. That’s why catholic priests examine potential cases of possession before saying a person is possessed. However if you are compelled, look up a prayer to st. michael the archangel against demonic activity. Goes like this “Most glorious prince of the heavenly armies, st michael the archangel, defend us in battle against the power and principalities, against the rulers of the world of darkness….”so on so forth i don’t know what the prayer is called but should help whenever you feel evil lurking around the corner. Best of luck!

  16. Pat says:

    Scary- very scary…. any time you dabble in anything in the occult (and i think vampirism would qualify here) you are opening doors you may not mean to. You are VERY lucky he came out of that trance or whatever he was in because he was NOT your boyfriend at that time…. and you could have been hurt or worse too! That ring is EVIL and has a grip on your boyfriend… he needs to go see a priest or minister and get that thing far far away from him….I am afraid for you both!

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