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Possessed Please Help

Posted on March 30, 2010

Let me start off by saying that I love experimenting with the paranormal, though I’ve never used a Ouija board. I’ve played many ghost games and I love watching scary movies. I’ve met many people who have experienced paranormal activity. But that was before I did.

Well, on September 2009, I was sleeping and I remember dreaming about… black. Black space. And all of a sudden, I saw a red dot in the distance. As it grew and grew, it got closer. And closer. And closer. Until finally, it took over the black space, and now all I saw was red. In the nightmare, there were shadows. And I felt like someone was trying to make me… force me, to kill myself. That’s funny, because when I woke up, I had my hands on my neck. Choking myself. I tried to take my hands off my neck, I pushed and I pulled, begging for air. I just had to give up, I couldn’t do it anymore. But luckily, my mom came in my room and everything stopped.

As my dad drove me to school, nothing happened. I was kind of relaxed. I knew that nothing would happen since I was with my dad. But when I got to school, the pressure was back on. I bumped into my friend (since 3rd grade we’ve been in the same class) who knows everything about the paranormal. Since the 3rd grade, we experiment with ghosts. Well, she told me that the same thing happened to her (the dream) and she told be that I am possessed. By a demon. Of course it freaked me out, but nothing happened to me since that day. That is, until January 1st, 2010.

I was at a BBQ party. I had just downloaded this app on my iPod touch called “Ghost Capture”. It works like this, You get/take a picture and then you add a fake ghost to it. I showed it to my aunt and she backed away. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that she doesn’t like to talk about it. So finally, at night, I forced her to tell me.

She told me that when she was young, every time she would go to sleep, she felt someone watching her. Night after night. Until one day, she woke up in the middle of the night to someone staring at her. A dark figure, looking at her from across the room. She screamed and screamed but nobody would hear her. Her voice was like, on mute. And whenever she would pray, there would be an argument carried in the air of the room.

Well, on that night, after the story she had told me, I was still up for chills, so I downloaded an app on my iPod Touch called “Ghost Radar”. It supposedly helps you talk to spirits. Any ways, I was using it, and when I turned to face the TV, I saw a dark figure pass by. Weird? I know. Well, I turned back around and there was nothing there. Every time my cousin would move (She was sleeping in the mattress next to my bed), I would be scared.

When I fell, I dreamt about me in my bed. With my cousin on the mattress. And then, shadows entering my room. Staring at me. As much as I tried to wake up, I couldn’t. Something didn’t let me.

I swear I could feel someone piercing their eyes at me. I even hide the mirrors in my room. I can’t look at them because I’m too scared. My family always tells me to watch out with ghosts and that it’s not something to play around with. I love God, and I never doubt him, but sometimes I get carried away with ghosts. Every time I would talk to someone with experiences,, I would tell them, “You’re so lucky. I wish I could feel those experiences”. But now, I regret saying that.

Today at school, I told my friend about my aunt and she said that the ghost/demon was not only looking at her, but he was inside her. and he was muting her mouth.

Anyways, if you have any info or advice, please comment. I appreciate that you took your time to read this, and may God bless you.

Sent in by Angelica Martinez, Copyright 2010

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13 Responses to “Possessed Please Help”
  1. peachez says:

    i am soo freaked out, i am sooo sorry!!

  2. anna says:

    no offence but just that dream ur friend thinks your possesed ?i dont by that.im not trying to be mean or anything and why would u think its funny that you were chocking yourself.thats weird.im sorry yur aunt had to go through that.thanks for the story though

  3. Mariah aka genius(yeh i spelled it right.) says:

    I think by “funny” she means ironic. And it was. o.o

  4. blackcat says:

    Wow that would freak me out i hope it stops!

  5. Nana says:

    This must be so terrifying on your behalf!

    I’ve never had to go through what you’re suffering, so I don’t know if this will help, but try to at least stay confident. In yourself and in God. If it happens, tell the demon that there is no room in your soul because your soul is with God. Tell it that it has no power over you because only God has power over you. Hope it helps!

    If you’re wondering why it came into your life, my personal belief is that demons can only be invited into your life. That invitation is given when you focus a certain amount of energy on them. You mentioned that you were interested in the paranormal, so that alone could have at one point welcomed the demons. But, if you stay with god, the demons can be pushed away, back to hell.
    Just a little info, in case it helps :D

    • stedny kay says:

      ive been interested in paranormal things for a very long time. i really enjoy the scare and thrill. thats why im on this site. but i dont believe that thats why the demon is with her. cause none of that happens to me.
      i wouldnt be so sure your possessed just cause your friend told you. it could just be night mares or simply a ghost in your house. if things get bad contact a priest. try blessing your room.

  6. Ronica says:

    Hi, I wanted to say to you that like you, I am very interested in the paranormal. I have been studying it for close to 30 years. I get the same way too sometimes with my dreams, although I have never choked myself.
    If I make make a suggestion to you, Keep your Bible by your bed and read Psalms 92 or it might be 93 or so, you’ll know which one it is when you read it. It helps believe me. God protects us, we just have to ask…..

  7. Emmah says:

    Pray. Just pray. Wear a cross aroound your neck and always keep holy water&&a rosary handy.

  8. Jessica says:

    You Definitely Got to Have A Priest Bless You Or Your House.. & Thats Kind Of Funny Because I Say That Too “Oh Your So Lucky I Wish I Can Experience That Too” Lol

  9. Countess says:

    Seems you are working yourself up at times. When you spend time, in the dark, reading, attempting contact, etc. all things spooky… your gonna get creeped out. I do! Also, what is up with this friend of yours? Does she often tell others they are demon infested? She’s no expert don’t listen to her.

  10. knowtomuch says:

    Nana, you gave some wonderful advice!! I have lived with the paranormal for 51 years and have never know any other way. Its not all fun and games. I dont think you are possesed. You may have an angry entity lurking around you, and as Nana said, you can push it away. Be very careful with the spirit world, its not a toy to play with. Evil is always lurking, and if given a chance they jump on it.

    I wish i had had someone to talk to about this when i was 13, im sure my life would have been much easier. Keep a pure and kind soul and heart, let God guide you, and you may encounter some positive spirits. This is a good way of protection!!!

    You may have opened a portal into the unknown, not a good thing, but you can turn it around. Stay strong with love in your heart, dont ever fear evil, as this is what it wants you to do.

    I will be praying for you and your loved ones for peace and strenght!!!!! God bless, k2m

  11. Midnight says:

    @ Angelica,
    I know this may sound a little critical but, its a very likely senerio none the less. Young people, especially, young women (pre-to-teenage) go through so many Physiological, Psychological, and Spiritual changes during a short span of years, which; inturn, produces “wildly powerful” Psycho-kenetic energy. In some cases, the young person can manifest, and project that energy outwardlly, and un-wittingly, be the cause of the haunting. This can also happen in a collective invironment. You said you and your friend, another female I presume, had the same thing happen on the same night? This is not new. I think perhaps, you should first look at the prospect of a “Poltiergueist.”
    The energy that both of you are emmitting can have a volatile effect on your respective environments, and if added to by environmental stessers, it can get pretty dangerous. In any case, Please contact a local spiritual proffesional for help!

  12. candice/no more demon says:

    ok get dragons blood.. with a charrk cole and burn it .. stand under neath the smoke and get a friend to take a long feather and spread the smoke around your body.. and u say while they doing that.. demon i bannish thee as many times as u feel the need…
    i was possessed for 7 years now.. i have no idea how i got rid of Dimora/dimetry..but last sunday(25 may) i had a attack i was speaking back wards and puking and the monday … i was better..i no longer feel like a prisioner… but i can stillfeel Dimora watching me so she’s not complelty gone.. so im still very corsiouse about her… i do feel weird cuse i was 11 years old when she possessed me and now shes gone and im 16…?? so i have no clue on how to act anymore.. i dont like the normal food i wouldve eaten.. butim still free more and more people are starting to like me..im passing my grades and im no loner cutting myself!! IM FREE/ sort of besides her watching me im still good!!!( soz i had to tell .. i cant tell my christain family ) ahahaha

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