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Poltergeist Activity or Something More

Posted on December 14, 2010

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for submitting stories. I enjoy reading everyone’s personal experiences because I have had quite a few beginning when I was a small child. But this is not about then. I had my most recent experience this evening. I apologize in advance for how long this story is.

I injured my back in January of 2010 in a car accident, and sometimes the only relief I can get is by taking a hot bath for hours at a time. Sometimes it can get a bit boring, so I take a kitchen chair and place my laptop next to the claw-foot tub, I usually read stories from TrueGhostTales.com.

I live with my boyfriend and another roommate. Tonight, my roommate left the house at 5:30 pm to bowl in a league with his father. I hung out with my boyfriend until 6:15 pm when he also had to leave to bowl in a different league than our roommate. I had walked him to the door and then locked it behind him then went into the kitchen and made myself a quick snack.

I proceeded to the bathroom for my usual bath routine with the laptop on the chair. I was reading in the bath and about 6:55 pm I heard 3 loud bangs coming from my kitchen. At first I thought it was my upstairs neighbors (they have hard-wood floors and even footsteps sound loud), but after I thought about it, I thought that something had fallen in my apartment. I stepped out in just a towel and stepped out the bathroom. I walked into the kitchen and my heart stopped. Six cupboard doors were wide open! I am very adamant about shutting cupboards because of my tall boyfriend and roommate because they will hit their head if they are left open.  I remember closing the only cupboard door that I had used when preparing my snack, and the others were already closed.  I quickly searched the entire apartment looking to see if someone was home or if someone had entered my home. I inspected each room thoroughly, checked the locked doors and even texted my boyfriend and roommate to see if they forgot something, and stopped home quick. Both said no.

Needless to say, I panicked and went back into the bathroom and locked the door without closing the cupboards. I quickly got dressed and called my best friend and explained my situation. I made her stay on the phone as I exited the bathroom, planning to have a cigarette outside. As I rounded the corner I looked up, and all of the cupboards in the kitchen were closed!

I hastily bundled up (I live in Minnesota and it’s about 4 degrees out) and went outside and called my sister who (is lucky and) lives in California with her Air Force husband. She believes that I may have poltergeist activity due to stress.

Here’s a bit of my background, I was kicked out of my house for smoking marijuana (once!) shortly after my 19th birthday (March). I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment until May 31st, when we all ( bf, myself and other roommate) moved into a shady neighborhood very close to downtown. I work for a small business for below minimum wage (I used to be a CNA but after the car accident I realized that I cannot transfer people without injuring myself more), and we are very short on money to the point of needing government assistance. My boyfriend (of 4 years) is very supportive except for the fact that he doesn’t “believe in that ghost crap”. My family on the other hand is very spiritual.

Could this really be poltergeist activity? I always believed that poltergeist activity stemmed from pre-pubescent females. As I mentioned, I am 19. I don’t want help from the church because I am not part of any church and I kind of have my own belief system.  I have lots of questions, such as ‘How do I tell if it’s poltergeist activity or spiritual or demonic?’ and ‘How can I get rid of this?’

Please help by commenting below.

*Please note* I have dabbled with the Ouija board a few years ago and had a bad experience and I know for a fact that no Ouija board has been played nor even entered my home*

Sent in by Jessie B., Copyright 2010 TrueGhostTales.com

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15 Responses to “Poltergeist Activity or Something More”
  1. Priss says:

    This, according to my view is just your imagination. since, you have so much of interest in reading paranormal stuff, this may just be an imaginary thing.
    And the cupboard thing, it may be the activity of poltergeists, if you believe it was.
    Its about what you believe, if you believe it was a ghost then it was, and if you dont believe it then leave it alone and move on with your life. Dont give so much attention to this incident.

  2. yumi says:

    To be fair, i’d wait and see if it continues. Your panicking like its been going on for ages. I know it doesnt seem like it but there could be an explanation yet. Leave it a while and keep an eye out for anything extra unusual.
    DO NOT turn to the ouija board again, that wont help.
    Keep positive, and know your boyfriend is there for you, people like that are good support.
    Keep us updated, and if it does continue, regardless of your religion, if you want something done im afraid a priest, or spiritulist is the way to go. ^^

  3. Jessie B. says:

    I submitted this story a few days ago, and it was published today. As for recent activity, I have had plenty. I have a creepy closet built under the neighbors stairs in the bedroom that I share with my boyfriend, and the day after I submitted this story, I was the only person available to be home 2 pm-10pm and I spent most of my time, home, in my room. While leaving my room for a smoke break (about 7 pm ish) , I saw through the window (my room window faces the porch) my closet light go on. I was frightened and ran back inside, and as I made it to the entrance to my closet, a black shadow person shoot into the back of my closet partly blocking out the light (the light is on the wall). I booked it back outside and drove to my best friends house. I came back home at 9pm and all my lights were on in my house. I jumped in my car, yet again, and drove around until 10 pm when the boyfriend and the roommate returned from work.

    I have since lost my diamond engagement ring (FROM MY FINGERS I don’t take it off, ever) and found it again in my jewelery box next to a silver cross. I have had my house keys taken out of my jacket, and found in another room in the Christmas tree stand in the water. I have found my beloved ‘pillow pal’ frog slashed to pieces. (I know, I’m 19, but I have always been fond of sleeping with stuffed animals)

    Mind you, this is not the work of my boyfriend or roommate trying to scare me, besides the text message I sent them to ask if they were home I haven’t brought up any ‘ghost talk’.

    I understand that you may think this is my imagination, but I can’t imagine this stuff up.

    The reason why I sound a bit frantic is because last December, when I lived with my best friend in her apartment, we were using a home-made Ouija board and scary things happened then, beginning with cupboard doors opening up. That’s why this scared me so bad. I am sorry for panicking. D:

  4. yumi says:

    Hey, dont take offence to what i said. I simply said it was one incident and not to panic. After all this stuff has happened (which obivously we didnt know about until now) you have every reason to be upset.
    And i certainly dont think its your imagination, that shouldn’t have been said at all to you, i implied there could be an explanation for the first incident, but the following incidents are spooky indeed.
    I will quote myself again though “regardless of your religion, if you want something done im afraid a priest, or spiritulist is the way to go.”
    Or leave it and see if it dies down, sometimes things pass by.

  5. sharayah says:

    i believed you from your 1story.i mean how can you mistake not shutting ALL the capbords? and i know when im alone in my house and people come home i would hear the door or keys,footsteps something.all she hear was 3 bangs and if someone was playing game wouldn’t she hear them running out the house? if i was you i wouldn’t take this unclean thing in your home lightly at all. you need to look to God,you may not want to hear this but you need out side help. yes i know not all churches are of him(GOD) but god has sent people to help us.also im thinking that your carcrash,your back and the loss of your job my be the work of this unclean spirit or demon,you may have had it for a while.it dosen’t have to be around you it’s time to ask God for help and for you too seek help from someone .you take care of your self :)

  6. Jessie B. says:

    another update:

    *No worries Yumi, I understand your concern. I am not upset with your comment at all. We are all entitled to our opinion and it would be stupid of me to deny you yours.

    My sister (who is Catholic and not the one in the story) is coming into town on the 20th. We are planning on receiving holy water from her old church. I took the silver cross necklace to my grandmother, and she brought it to church to have it blessed. I wear it 24/7. I hope we can nip this in the butt and get whatever decided to mess with my head leave. Even though I am not religious, I have been praying.

    I had another incident last night, I was straightening my hair in the bathroom with the door closed and locked, (home alone! coincidentally enough) and my bathroom door started banging and shaking like someone was trying to get in. I thought my house was being invaded (like I said, I live in a scary neighborhood) so I ripped the hair straightener cord out of the wall and ran with the straightener above my head and yanked the door open… Low and behold, nothing was there…

  7. Anonymous says:

    it does seem to qaulify as poltergeist activity, You said you played with the ouija board years ago, Maybe you didnt quite close the gate between you and that spirit, therefor it may be haunting you not the house, Has this happened at all to your roommates?

  8. Jessie B. says:

    My sister and I did bless my apartment while she was in town. We went around each room and said the Lord’s prayer and another one (a Catholic prayer) and sprinkled holy water. This was on the 22nd of December. Since then, I have had no activity. No cupboard doors opening, no lights turning on, no false intruders trying to get into my bathroom. BUT, I have begun sleep walking (I used to a bunch when I was little, and I will usually do it if I am in an unfamiliar place but we’ve lived here for 7 months).

    My boyfriend wakes up at 4:30 am Fridays-Tuesdays for work, and I have started sleepwalking then. I have no memory of this except for tiny bits and pieces, but no sound. He told me all these accounts the next morning, and then joked with my family about it a few days after:
    It started with me just sitting up in bed after his alarm clock went off, I had my chin to my chest and I growled. My boyfriend is a bit of a joker so he just pushed on my head so I would fall back on my pillow. I fell back and instantly began snoring. Another incident a few days later, my boyfriend had already woken up and was in the bathroom getting ready for work. He turns around (he was facing away from the door, looking in the mirror) and I am standing next to him, and my chin is on my chest and I am sleeping standing up! He kinda taps my cheeks and told me I couldnt sleep in the bathroom and to go back to bed, so I (I remember a tiny clip of this) sit down on the toilet and go potty. I guess I fell asleep again, because my boyfriend taps my cheeks again and tells me to finish up and go back to bed. I walked down the hall and back towards my room, (its right next to the front door) while my bf puts on his coat and shoes, I quickly turn towards the front door and start muttering that I needed to go home, repeatedly. My bf hugs me and points me to my room and says, Home is this way, then gets me close to the bed and pushes me onto my bed. Within 5 seconds, i am snoring again.

    I only remember tiny 1/2 second bits of all this. I remember going potty, I remember being hugged by the door… Thats it. I dont remember any sound, but I felt really dizzy and cold.

    I am not saying this is related, but its just odd that as soon as we bless the house I start sleep walking again.

    • lunawatsername says:

      you growled at your boyfriend and he laughed? perfect! a lot of negative energies are believed to feed off negativity, so having a boyfriend (and a roommate) who are not shaken by paranormal activities, while it must be frustrating that they might not take you seriously, could help you see how to beat things like this. nothing ever happened to either one of them, probably because they wouldnt let it, like a mental stronghold against the paranormal. my advice would be to try not to think, and especially worry or fear, these things too much. it might help to keep busy out of the house more too, less time to dwell on things. :)

      • Jessie B. says:

        I have been really busy lately so I haven’t been giving the thing much thought…. I am still sleepwalking, but all other activity has stopped. Of couse my boyfriend laughed when I growled at him! I growl at him when I am awake and he trys stealing my cheetos. lol

    • sharayah says:

      im happy the activity stop but the sleep walking reminds me of the movie paranormal activity.when the girl was sleep walking and couldn’t recall the next day. :|

      • Jessie B. says:

        Yeah, that was a scary movie. I have been sleepwalking on and off since I was little. I have been known to walk into my mom’s room at 3 am (when I was 12 yrs old) and tell her “We need some pickles. Like some really big pickles. I want them so I can roll them up in my hair so my hair will get all big and poofy. That is all. ” Then I walked out of the room. I had no memory of that, until she told me at breakfast the next morning.

      • Raquel says:

        Paranormal Activity is just a movie. It is not based on real facts. This girl’s experiencies are real.

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