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Please Help Me Understand What This Is

Posted on August 26, 2011

Not a ghost story but asking if this had happened to anyone?

Please help me understand what this is? And why this happened to me? I lost my father tragically 2 years ago and last night before I went to bed I was very upset. I told my husband how much I missed my father and how much I want him back… I wish he was alive, how badly I need him! I was crying very hard and my husband said I just needed sleep.

We went to bed and I struggled to fall asleep. Then of all of a sudden I felt very tired as if someone had given me a sleeping pill. (which was odd because I could not sleep). A few hours later I was awoken by a feeling of someone sitting next to me, I could feel the pull of the blanket and the presence of someone was right next to me.

I was completely paralyzed. I couldn’t move. I was completely powerless to move, resist or cry out. I was terrified. I couldn’t speak, it felt as if all of my energy was literally taken from my body. Although my husband was laying next to me I tried to scream nothing came out.

After a minute which seemed like forever I was able to call out to my husband. I was beyond terrified. I need some sort of explanation, was it my father? I don’t feel he would want to scare.
Why did this scare me to the point of not leaving my home today?

If anyone can help me to understand I would greatly appreciate it.

Sent in by Gina, Copyright 2011 TrueGhostTales.com

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7 Responses to “Please Help Me Understand What This Is”
  1. lizzy says:

    hi, im lizzy and i think i know what you are going through. i lost my aunt 2 years ago because of cancer and the same thing happen. i had a dream that night that she came down and said everything was alright. i dont think your dad was tring to hurt you, you might of just took it the wrong way. he was trying to let you know that everything will be alright but ghost have no way of communiating with you. dont worry just when he does that look in the air where you thing he is and think really hard of what you were going to say. i promiss it should work and when you cant talk just say dad, its ok im alright so now can you please leave me alone. i hope this information and instructions help you!!! :)

  2. Buddy says:

    From your account one of the possible explanation to it is sleep paralysis. It’s a condition when a person wakes up in the middle of being paralyzed while sleeping. This is a natural body occurrence, it’s like a safety mechanism the brain releases chemicals that paralyze the body while in deep sleep to prevent the body from acting out dreams. Some scientists believe that lack of sleep paralysis is one of the causes of sleep walking. The feeling of fear comes afterwards because you suddenly realized that you can’t move your body. The sudden feeling of being sleepy must have been because you exhausted yourself probably due to your emotional stress. If you feel that this incident is of supernatural causes, I don’t think that the entity you felt sitting beside your bed is your father. As you have said, he has no reason to scare you. Humans also have instincts that can tell if thing are dangerous, somehow, you felt that the entity is dangerous and thus you want to get away from it as quickly as you can, but since you are paralyzed you were not able to do so. Don’t be afraid, just don’t forget to pray and believe in the love of God and of your father. In any case, if your father would want his presence to be known you definitely won’t be scared. but if you see an entity that looks like your deceased father and you feel terrified of it, it may be something else and I suggest you keep away from it and never ever provoke it.

  3. Stormsearch says:

    It sounds like a very terrifying experience for you. However, I think it’s actually a physical occurrence, not a paranormal one at all. It’s very unlikely to be your father. There’s a condition called sleep paralysis, which happens when you wake up in the wrong order. At night, your body is effectively paralysed; this is what stops you acting out your dreams. Normally this effect is removed before you become conscious, but sometimes when you’re under great stress or unhappy, things happen in the wrong order. The symptoms are exactly what ypu describe. I definitely recommend looking it up-the article on Wikipedia is a good place to start. The fact that you were so stressed and unhappy is also very suggestive. But be reassured, it’s nothing paranormal and it’s nothing to be scared of. I’m very sorry about your father, and that this happened to you when you were missing him so much. Hugs.

  4. David says:

    Sounds like Sleep Paralysis, and is very common.

  5. vicki carnes says:

    Would like to know more bout your experience. Pls, read my story haunted house on huffman ave. My mom and I, went threw the samething. How long have you lived in that house? If you have been there for awhile and this is the first occuance id say, it was sleep paralysis. There’s so many more questions id like to ask you. Whatever it was it wasn’t your dad as he would never scare you. I’m very sry, you lost your dad. Rather it was physical or paranormal don’t give it power by being in a constant state of nervousness…god,bless

  6. pinky says:

    hey..hi…the same happened to my friend.She was also very upset.and I saw her experience of my own. You just dont worry.She also tried to find out so she got to know that she has weak stars and so the spirits can attack her.I would suggest you to go to temple or church and find your solution.God bless u

  7. Carri says:

    I had a OBE similar to your experience. but I did not feel anything move next to me. But I was in a haunted motel room. I was sleeping next to my BF and woke up in another dimension. I could not will my body to move. I saw my soul above my body. it took about 5 hours of my soul hovering over my body to go back into my body. during the time I was hovering all I saw was darkness. I saw my body below me, my boyfriend was fast asleep beside me. But as soon as the morning sun broke I returned to my body. But what is so odd is a week later my brother died in a car accident. This happened in 1984. That is the only time I have had a OBE. This experience forever changed my life. I know there is a spiritual connection to our bodies.

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