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Paranormally Frustrated Please Help

Posted on April 10, 2010

I’m really frustrated and confused about the things that have been happening in my apartment. Ok so I’ll start off by telling you how it all happened.

I have been living in this apartment ever since I was a baby and I have never experienced anything before. My house is actually a studio so when I moved in they decided to build a little room in the living room so my house could have two bedrooms. The superintendent in my building said that they had to take it down and they took it down in 2006.

A year or two after that is when I started experiencing things, especially when my new bed came in and we made another room. So this room was separated from my living room by big heavy curtains because they didn’t allow walls and doors to be built. So the first night that I had my bed I was listening to music when I started seeing a strange flickering light under my door curtain (yea that’s what I call it ha-ha) and I thought it was my parents TV that was turned on (their room is basically right next to mine). So I waited a lot and I still kept seeing this flickering light so I decided to investigate and I checked under my parents door. It was pitch black no light whatsoever and I waited like five minutes just to make sure. And it couldn’t have been the light coming from my window because it would’ve reflected on the walls and the shades and the curtains were down so there was no light. So I leave it as it is and go to sleep.

The next night the same thing happened and it kept on for like a week. About three months later I have another experience. I was walking by my dresser and I noticed something. A really small skeleton like hand. At first I think well maybe it was my brother (which is stupid because my brother’s like 16 and he has a bigger hand than me) but I call him over and show him and told him to put his hand next to it to see what happens. And his hand is still way bigger. Then I put my hand next to it and my hand was bigger. Then my brothers like “Are you trying to scare me?” And of course I said no but he didn’t believe me.

My next experience happened like a week after that one. I had this little Sponge Bob gameboy my dad gave me (I love spongebob ha-ha) and it came with a case. So it got lost and I was looking for it in my drawer. I found the case and I took it and left it on top of my dresser. I left my room to tell my brother something and when I got back the case was gone. I thought it fell to the floor or something but I checked under my dresser and anywhere near my dresser. So I asked my mom and everyone in the house if they took it and they said no. But when I checked my drawers again it was in the same place I found it.

A few nights later or a few weeks later I don’t remember that well, I was listening to music on my psp on my couch in the living room. The TV was on even though I wasn’t really watching it. So I look to my psp and its getting discharged so I curse and look for the charger. This was at like 1 am at night everyone was asleep. When I turn around this tall black shadow comes from my room and passes by the couch across from the couch I was sitting on and disappeared when it reached the table. It was a woman because although it was dark, I could see her flowing hair, the outline of it moving. I just froze and my heart was beating fast and all of a sudden the room felt cold.

A few months past and another experience happened. I was talking to my brother in my parents room and I heard a loud crash in the living room. So I went to check and my brother’s picture was on the floor. And the strange thing was that the frame was broken but not the glass. The picture was hung on the wall above one of the couches and it couldn’t have rolled down the couches because there’s a space big enough for me to put my arm through and if it would’ve fallen it would’ve fallen in the space. Even if it rolled off the couch it would’ve landed a few feet away from the couch. But it landed near the other couch to far away for it to just roll off of the couch.

A year passed and no experiences, and I actually wanted to have one. So recently I was watching TV like at 1 in the morning and I heard water running in the bathroom but I didn’t want to count it as something paranormal because there’s a strong possibility it was just the water pipes malfunctioning. But I grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures in pitch black to see if I find something. I thought I did but I debunked it later for being the shadow of a painting.

I am really frustrated and confused about why nothing has happened recently and I am confused about what’s happening in my house. If you can help me please comment and give me some advice or information on what’s happening. Thanks a lot.

Sent in by Ana Karina, Copyright 2010

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8 Responses to “Paranormally Frustrated Please Help”
  1. Nana says:

    The activity you described is most likely the work of a poltergeist, a sort of paranormal energy that is known to cause mischief and mayhem. Poltergeists can cause things like you described; knocking paintings off of walls, turning on/off electrical appliances, moving objects etc. Their activity is usually centered around one person in particular, and will follow that person for a certain amount of time, anything from a day to a year before disappearing. They appear and disappear spontaneously without warning. Some people believe poltergeists to be brought on by the energy of the one person they haunt, and in some cases are simply a result of that person’s energy materializing.

    When these occurrences started, were you perhaps focusing a certain amount of
    energy on something? It could be excitement, happiness, sadness, anger or other strong emotions that brought on the poltergeist.

    Once a poltergeist is gone, it is unlikely that it will come back. However, as I previously mentioned, poltergeists are unpredictable and spontaneous, so there is still a chance that you will still encounter more activity. It is also possible that the poltergeist is simply dormant and will come back. My advice is to not stress the situation or try to get the poltergeist back. This can sometimes anger whatever entity there is, causing the poltergeist to become violent and attack or injure you or your family, as well as whatever possessions that you have. Please, don’t try too hard to bring the paranormal into your life, or you will end up regretting it.

    Hope this information helps! :D

    • Ana Karina says:

      hey Nana thanks so much that information did help. Nothing has happened recently things are pretty normal around my house. I hope that things never escalate to violence and attacks towards my family. Thanks for the help!

      • MARY says:

        Please don’t be upset by your excellent fortune. If you are interested in paranormal things see if you can join a group in your area and learn and go hunting. You never want these things to follow you home though. My friend from the other side threw my baby down the steps at 7 months , Threw me down so hard I miscarried a child after 2 yrs of trying. This thing is VILE it has pulled my youngest “s leg so far thru the bars of his crib that one false move from me would have broken his growth bone or his pelvic bone.

        I have four children , I know they put their feet in the holes of the crib however 99.99% of the time it is only up to the knee or just pass when they realize they cannot get it out and panic and cry . He was staring at the closet of his room and screaming uncontrollably . so ,,, I put a audio recorder in his room and from the minute his older brother and I left for him to take a nap for TWO hours he screamed for us and said Get Away !!! OW OW OW OW . When given to the team that is investigating some were in tears at ther pain and fear my son was in . He was callingout for Me and his brother ,now you wanna hear creepy ,one floor down all we heard was his deep breahtingand country music in the backround ON the monitor????!!!! It cut off my son’t ability to cry for help and be heard.

        When checking the tape a man’s voice extremely clear screams in MY FACE “GET OUT , GET OUT” , also when I said pleasant dreams honey this jo says cleatr as day Noooooooo, He was not asking us to GETOUT of the home he wanted us out of the room so He could start torturing my two year old.

        This is not something you want in your home, we also lost things and then found them in the same spot we knew we left them. All of the things you mentioned we experienced , My husband having a full conversation overheard by my oldest son, with the youngest and my husband never left our room or bed that night.???BLESSINGS LIGHT AND LOVE TO YOU AND YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN A GREAT GIFT LET IT GO PLEASE , MARY

  2. joanna:) says:

    wow i hope it doesnt happen again ,because someone could get hurt.good storyps:i lke sponge bob too:)

  3. anna says:

    maybe if you dont think about it,something will happen.try not to think about it.you should take more pictures and if anything post so we can see them.thanks for the story.if anything does happen let us know.

  4. LMC says:

    good story… Don’t worry about nothing happening sometimes they tale a break… then again she could of been passing by… still don’t wish for the paranormal you might get an unwelcome guest!

    keep us posted on what is going on! are you on talk paranormal? you can go on there and discuss everything and get feed back!

  5. jeff says:

    Ana Karina,

    I read a response from someone else about these type of events, it was a woman I belive, though she was younger at that time.

    She thought that if the house or environment was full of discord, animosity, dark emotions (my words not her’s) that seemed to attract them.

    Just before the home I was growing up in finally started falling apart, emotions were running very high, fear, negativity, etc. These “beings” made themselves known to everyone in the house at one time or another.

    So, I think if you are not exhibiting negative attitudes and behavior, these creatures go where there is. Like this other woman’s comment, they derive some kind of pleasure from people’s misery.

    I’m still trying to figure out WHAT they really are. I’m sure they have free will, they think and reason, they have their own attitudes, beyond that I’m pretty much at a loss as I don’t know what they are…, if I had to bet money, I’d say they are something evil.

    I read someone’s account, and they said they placed pages of scriptures over doors and windows, in hallways and rooms, and put Blessed Salt at door ways and windows, and things pretty much stopped.

  6. Mike says:

    What is happening in your house, is the work of demons. Don’t believe all this crap about ghosts and paranormal. All of us are in a spiritual warfare, Satan is trying to bring the human race with him to hell which he knows he’s already damned. Demons are real, without Jesus in your life, the sin you commit invites them into your life. They will influence your thoughts, and from what your going through manifest themselves. They are very dangerous and far more powerful then you are. I would pray to God for forgiveness and protection from them, for he is the only one who can protect you. You should really search for more information on this, you will find out there is a hidden world all around us, if you really have a love for the truth. Hope you get through this.

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