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Paranormal State – Is It Worth Watching?

Posted on January 9, 2008

Have you seen “Paranormal State” yet? What do you think of the new series? Fred has written a very informative expose about the new show on A&E for our readers. Be sure to post a comment at the end of this article and let us know what your thoughts are about “Paranormal State”. Here is what Fred has to say about the series:

Here it is people — my long rant of “Paranormal State”. Oh where to start? Where to start? I know! Let’s start with the leader of the group Ryan Buell. In one of the on demand specials that introduces the group members, Ryan Buell states he is a expert in the field of paranormal research. This is not true. He is no expert in the field. He’s a self-proclaimed expert in the paranormal. To be an expert in a field you first need to have special skills or knowledge and authority in some particular field. You also need to uncover new innovative findings or have substantial influence on the field. This kid has not done anything new or innovative. I have read a crapload of books on the paranormal and been in quite a few paranormal research groups, as well as followed other paranormal researchers and their log journals parers etc… From that I would not call myself an “expert”, but if knowledge is all you need to be an expert, well then every person on this web site or that has watched one tv show on the paranormal is an expert! I would only say that I have a good knowledge base in the paranormal.

And I’m going to now use all of my talents to rip this show a new one! Ok Ryan, stop with all the “ooooo the devil is following me” crap. I love how he never says the name, but coincidently a psychic writes it down on a piece of paper and wow… it’s the same OMG! I don’t think so dude. If a demon had abeef with you, you wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning. And a demon would never, I mean NEVER, tell you his name. If you have ever done a little bit of reading you would know that if you know the demon’s name, you can control the demon. Or you can get rid of him. Man, Ryan… I think you like drama more than you like sex or breathing. Also they have an occult member performing rituals in the show. WOW how unscientific is that? Magic is an unproven practice in the world of science and if you are going to be a paranormal researcher, you really need to be scientific. That is what the field is all about. The point is to validate the evidence gathered to further the legitimacy of the paranormal field. You know, out of fantasy into reality.

I must say I do like watching the show, it’s just so BAD like a Troma film. It’s like watching a donkey show — it’s so horrible you can’t take your eyes off it (I would like to thank Kevin Smith for that analogue!) The only show it’s really competing with is Most Haunted for the most fictional reality-based paranormal research show. There is no debunking in the show. They don’t even try to debunk anything! Oh I love their equipment “oooo fancy stuff”. I really like the Walmart special motion detectors and how Ryan says “we calibrated them”. LOL. You can’t calibrate them, lol. By “calibrated” he means positioning them. Give me a break. I don’t think this show is going to last too long at all. It’s a slap in the face to real paranormal researchers. If any of you are really interested in a good paranormal researchers show, Ghost Hunters on Scifi is a much better show. I must say I did like the first episode of Paranormal State. It led me to believe the show was going to be good. They did good research in proving the little kid was seeing dead people. Sad to say, that was all the good research they have done so far.

And what is with the Director’s log? MORE DRAMA!!!! I think the14u2cee said it best: “Director’s log, date unknown: The Demon is again following me. Today we have George Bush and Osama bin Laden looking for EVPs at the White House, with special guests Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton investigating the white man….”. It’s like a bad Star Trek ripoff. And what is with Kelly dating Dillon Ops? Sorry, wrong show. With all the drama I get them a little mixed up. If I had more time I would love to stay up and rail on the show longer, but it is late now. So my final thought is with shows like Paranormal State on the air, it only hurts the validity of the paranormal research field. If people just go around believing any old thing the field will always have shadows of doubt on it, and will never be taken serious.

I’m The Spectacular Fred man, and that is my opinion.

Written by Frederick P Corbin Copyright 2007-2008 all rights reserved. Used with permission.

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29 Responses to “Paranormal State – Is It Worth Watching?”
  1. Nancy says:

    The only way your going to get A Demons name is through an Exorcism! If your Lucky! I agree on that, I saw that show, Than they call in Warren! Ghost Busters to the rescue! She bailed him out of that one and others! Lorraine Warren is reknown for what she can do , If hes Professional Why did he call her? But its fun to watch. they look like Taps gone wild!

    • Claetrahj says:

      I would like to start by saying that I agree this show needs to be debunked officially but for the most part people with some minute intelligence will know that the majority or more likely all of this show is staged and obviousely fake.

      As to the demonology that was referred to in here that you can only control a demon if you know its name but only referring to the name of origin. The devil is referred to as lucifer in his origin to god’s creation which he somehow denounced in order to release himself from god and stage an attack against heaven. The new name isn’t known and never will be as well as those demons he’s created. The names we call the devil, baelzebub, diablo and lucifer and so forth are names we’ve given to the controller of evil and by these technical aspects have no control over it. Even the human knowledge of its angelic name being lucifer are given by mankind and in their original discovery were simply written as symbols that apparently lost meaning before the spoken or written word. Therefore that name has no known way to be spoken. I honestly think religious belief is a lie that keeps the guilty at ease and only spiritual belief could be reality and exists as energy. Because of this, the effects of rituals only take sway though the emotion and spiritual will they evoke upon people who believe in them through the energy created by themselves, You want a spirit out of your house badly enough then you can practice any religion you want as long as that practice makes you want it out strongly enough to make it unbearable for that being to stay or force the energy from one form to another if it was created by the person who convinced themselves it was there in the first place.

  2. Val Davis says:

    Whatever anyone thinks of Paranormal State, I would have preferred to hear a mature argument instead of a seemily pubescient rant from Fred. It’s pure entertainment, not to be taken seriously. To natter on about Ryan liking drama better than sex or breathing is strictly teenage silliness.

  3. larry says:

    Why is paranormal states no longer on A&E..? And is there going to be another season?
    Thank you

  4. mark says:

    well larry to answer ur question, i think they probably took the show off due to crappy ratings

  5. Donna says:

    I started watching this On Demand a couple weeks ago, just for the boredom factor. Haven’t believed anything that I’ve seen, of course. The one with the girl getting exorcised was so ridiculous. Would a demon really scratch a pentagram on her skin? Give me a break – that’s so cliche. And from what I know, it’s a pagan symbol – not demonic. And I love how they always see stuff, but the cameras are conveniently pointed at them and never catch anything. Still, I watch when there’s nothing else on because I love “scary” fiction.

  6. tambelina says:

    I like paranormal state.

  7. jennette says:

    i agree with nancy thats the only way believe me

  8. racheal says:

    i love paranoramal state its alsome

  9. Antonio R. Garcez says:

    I have been informed that I am considered an expert in the paranormal field. I’ll claim since it’s been documented by others. That being stated, I am so “rubbed raw” by all these supposed expert “ghost hunter” programs. If you chose to read any of my books, you’ll immediately notice as how they differer from others ever writtenthey are not fake, nor are they a segment of the greater swill you’ll find on the shelfs. My web site is http://www.ghostbooks.biz

    Best to all.


  10. Jenn says:

    I do agree with you. I also think that the “Most Haunted” shows are a bunch of crap, for lack of a better term. Ghost Hunters, I am addicted to on the other hand…great show! Although Paranormal State (and Most Haunted) are a bunch of bull, they are still entertaining, but in a car wreck kind of way.

    Thanks for the colorful insight. :)

  11. DarStarr says:

    How about ghost adventures?!?!? Those hyper – HIGHLY emotional guys come across ALL kinds of things that go bump in the night! And are just SOOOO dramatic about it! They make me laugh!
    And Jenn, I so agree with you, I LOVE Ghost Hunters, mainly because they go in there in a mature way, try to debunk things and accept the paranormal! LOVE Grant and Jason!

  12. trolldoll1681 says:

    i do remember a episode, in which a young lady was supposedly posssed. the way they did the exorcism was like a soap opera. the girl obviously had a mental illness. i was not impressed. now chip coffee seems ligit but i’m not sure about loraine warren. its the end of 2009 and the last couple of new episodes aren’t as good as some of them i’ve seen and i do agree with alot of what mr. corbin says now that i’ve seen most of the episodes. most haunted hasn’t been back on and i didn’t believe that show either, kat should never have been allowed on that show. it seemed to be purposely fake in alot of ways.

  13. Jennifer Mills - Young says:

    We had Paranormal State on over here a couple of times and it dissapeared rather quickly. Have to say I think the drama does take precedence over any actual possible events, which would be a shame because when they possibly stumble onto anything real, they then have no credibility . Unfortunately, while a bit of entertaining ” fluff ” aimed more at the teenage market, sadly, alot of the viewers take it seriously! As for the demon following him, I agree, if evil had really infiltrated his life as much as he claims, I agree he wouldn’t be able to get out of bed in the morning & certainlyhave no time or ability to make a tv show! While its not a show I personally enjoy, my teenage kids love it! But a bit like watching TV with ‘ parental supervision ‘ they are astute enough with the paranormal to call me in and ask ” what’s going on here? ” when they see something that doesnt quite ring true and I can see rather quickly just a bit of TV hype & explain it as such. But other teenagers watching it at home alone or even their parents without an educated mediator, take this kind of show as gospel and it almost perpetuates the myth ‘ every haunting is a demon ‘ ( yawn ).

  14. Antonio R. Garcez says:

    My personal experience with Hollywood took place a few years ago when I was asked to participate in “Americas Scariest Places,” the other was a Ted Turner production, “Haunted.”
    Both of these shows were filled with scary lights, scrips, fabrications and drama galore! I actually spoke (unbeknown to the crew) to several folks who were living in these homes, hotels within the supposed “haunted” locations. They gave me totally different personal stories, disavowing any reference to ghosts inhabiting the locales.
    I walked away from one of these film sets, check in hand and much the wiser. Beware folks, the true demons and shadow people are easy to locatethey can be found in offices sitting comfortably behind corporate desks!

  15. trolldoll1681 says:

    both jennifer and mr. garcez make very well put points!!

  16. Brian says:

    I for one am a Paranormal Researcher and I find this show to be the biggest flop of Yak turdage I have ever had the hilarious pleasure of stepping in ( or watching ) . I mean come on who in the world comes up with the contracts for televisions shows on their channel. I would have rather watched my 5 yr old daughter wander around with a camera filming under her bed in search of the “Under the Bed Monster” that has plagued children since beds were invented. It would be more of an actual paranormal investigation than these CADS put on. And Chip Coffey., What a NUT JOB !!!! Has anyone had the pleasure of watching his show on “helping” children that are psychic. If I were one of these parents I would have had him thrown in jail. What he does to these poor influential children should be criminal. Now dont get me wrong I do believe somewhat in psychic abilities even though I am not myself psychic. But come on. I too could travel around and tell every kid with a vivid imagination that they are psychic. All I have seen is him take young children .usually younger at least, and feed their wild teenage delusions. Most of these kids have NOTICABLE insecurities as it is. Now he is going to label them psychic. What ever happened to good old investigation techniques. Obviously they were thrown out the winow with this bunch. I think PRS and PS as well as mister Coffey himself should be shunned out of the paranormal community. They take what is already hard to get taken seriously andmade it even harder to get it into mainstream science. WE WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS LONG AS THESE CLOWNS CONTINUE TO BE PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC IN MASS MEDIA !!! tHANKS ALOT JERKS IN PRS !!! AND CHIP IF YOU TRULY WERE PSYCHIC YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT WE ALL THINK ABOUT YOU AND YOUR ‘GIFT”. I think it is a cover to mask your inner demons of dealing with some obvious personal issues that I wont mention here but YOU know what they are. Get them fixed and quit preying on our children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caretaker says:

      Brian, you said “WE WILL NEVER BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY AS LONG AS THESE CLOWNS CONTINUE TO BE PRESENTED TO THE PUBLIC IN MASS MEDIA” Well, perhaps that is the entire purpose of shows like that huh? The same approach has been taken on the search for UFOs and extraterrestrials…….

  17. Satansgirl66 says:

    Come on now, anyone who knows a little bit about the paranormal can tell you the show is overbearingly fake. Where do they get their info, hollywood?

  18. Standing Wolf says:

    It would be great if there were a way for real people with real experiences to contact ryan and his team. He should be careful. ive watched a few of the shows and he walks the line with alot of what he does. Sometimes you open doors that cant be closed if you arent strong enough. Take from someone who has lived their real life around the spiritual world. Be careful the path you take if you are not strong enough to walk it, you may not find your way back. As for Lorraine i would love to meet her she has true insight more worthy of a tv show. if you truly have psychic abilities , no words need to be spoken, everything is right in front of you.

  19. paranormal man says:

    I agree with this article i have researched the paranornal many years and I don’t even consider myself a professional.Next if a demon wants you its going to get you not follow you its going to mess you up.the only way to deal with a demon is with the clergy of the church.demons won’t give a name.Finally not all haunting claims means that there is paranormal activities going on.experience and common sense along with using scientific methods and equipment can tell you if a place is haunted or not. i personally don’t like using mediums or so called psychics.

  20. Jay says:

    I and everyone I know just love the show and I hope it’s still filming.
    I do watch Chip Coffee also and think that his team did a wonderful job of helping these gifted children to accept their gift, not to be frightened by it and learn how to control it. These kids always left happy and more content by the end of the week.

    Theses shows are fun and exciting to watch and they do send out a message loud and clear, don’t open doors that you can’t close.
    Keep up the good work Ryan, you have a huge following here in Canada.
    Thanks to A & E.

  21. Rylee says:

    I only started watching paranormal state recently.
    Ryan is a little out of hand, but I find the cases interesting.
    And coming from yself, who has had paranormal expieriences, this dude shouldn’t be saying he’s an expert.
    Even if you’ve had a expierience or know somethings about the paranormal your not a expert.
    Being a expert, like you said, “Requires certain skills.”
    I also have a knowledge base of the paranormal, even though I’m only 13.
    But other then that the show is interesting, and I espcially liked the case of the child ghost in the ladys attic.

  22. trolldoll says:

    and ryan is obsessed with demons in fact he thinks he’s being followed or haunted by one in particular. i know that most of the cast is catholic, but honestly, they have no physical proof that there is a demon following him.

  23. Camila says:

    Paranormal state feels like a rip off !! Just like that very bad movie “paranormal entity” was such a bad movie nothing compared to paranormal activity which actually seems believable it sucked me right in the first time I saw it. This show is just a soap opera mixed with paranormal talk.

  24. AnNa says:

    i’ve never seen the show and just by reading it,it sounds like he doesnt know what hes doing.i cant say i know what to do beacuse i cantbut the only show i do watch that has some what to do the paranormal is (A HAUNTING)i love that show.psychic investigater something like that.but i cant get the channel with anything else with paranormal stuff.how long was that show on?or is it still on?

  25. AnNa says:

    i went on youtube and checked it out i couldnt even watch it all the way.i dont know if this is right for what ryan said but i’ve never heared anyone from a paranormal to say he coward come out or we are going to send you back to hell.dont people that know what there doing wouldnt say something like that.the demons would get more angery.wouldnt they?when i watch a haunting the paranormal they tell the home owners dont say anything mean or they will lash out.i dont know.but you ryan does sould like a fake.

  26. Sandy says:

    I’m always amused when they bring in Lorraine Warren with her cutesy hair bow in the back. She walks around, looking distressed, then says, yep, there are demons in here! That’s her only function. She has nothing to do with contacting the spirits or trying to get them to leave. What a cushy job! I could do that!

  27. Cristina says:

    Wow i watch that show and i do like it!
    i think everyone has their point of view nd your point of view is way way way different than mine and well let me tell you my point of view!
    Look i dnt think everyone is an expert but i do think that people who have study this know more than people who just began to study and i think that Ryan knows his stuff and am into the Paranormal phenonmena nd i know that he knows more than i know but what i dont get is how u said u know most of ur things too well i will disagree there with you because trust me i dnt think u do!
    And if he dsnt wanna say the “demons” name is for a reason…
    have u thought that maybe ur only sayinq this bc ur not a believer… well just think about ti nd maybe u shouldnt get into his life… i think he is pretty kool nd well thats my point of view(:
    Like it or not i disagree with all of you(: except the people who like this show((:

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