Paranormal Experiences in Nursing Assisted living Home

Posted on November 17, 2010

Larry’s Midnight Smoke

I used to work in a nursing/assisted living home for over a year and a half loved the job since the day I got it. The residents were awesome and so were the people I worked with. The home was big and had three sections in the building. In the front of the building was long term care, where the residents who need the extra care stayed, if you go down the elevator you would be entering personal care, which is the department that all the dementia and difficult patients used to say in. If you take a walk over to the next area they are the assisted living, people who can take care of them self but are either lonely or would like the little extra help.

In assisted living there were three floors; one on top who are the ones who need help walking cause it was closer to the dining room, the second floor which had the residents who didn’t need as much help as the others, and then the bottom floor which only has seven guys down there who were all mainly independent. And I do have to mention because this is very important, the building was just remodeled so everything was brand new. But now you know the floor plan of the building I can go on with the story.

Right before I started working there a man on the top floor of assisted living passed away. He always went out for his midnight smoke every night, never fails. He would go out anywhere between 12 am and 1 am and come back 15 minutes later. Well when Larry died one of my coworkers claimed that she saw his call light going off when nobody lived in that room after he died, she went in and shut it off. Then about 10 minutes later the elevator door opened, (now normally when someone is calling for the elevator, the doors open the doors close it hits the floor etc. it makes a dinging noise), then shut. She thought it was weird but brushed it off, well then after 15 minutes it happened again. Ever since then every night, never fails, the elevator door opens on the top floor and goes to the bottom floor so Larry can go out for his smoke and then come back in to go to bed.

That wasn’t the worst of it. We would hear wheel chairs and walkers walking up and down the hall ways, we would see and hear people walking and talking. I remember the one night that scared the bajesus out of me. There was a little old lady named Nellie, she was the meanest little old lady but there was something about her that you had to like her, and she had a very distinctive voice, it sounded like a lamb. Over in PC night shift get the pleasure of folding and putting away clothes so as I’m in the TV room watching some medical channel that I put on, I heard Nellie screaming Help Me! (She had to scream because she couldn’t use her legs) So I went down there to see what she wanted, but she was asleep. This happened over the next half hour every time I went into the TV room I’d hear Nellie screaming for me to help her. So the last night as I went to look I sat in there a minute and waited to see if she was talking in her sleep and looking at her not moving her mouth there was the scream again. I freaked out and ran for assisted living and wouldn’t go back over to PC for the rest of the night.

One more story, once again over in PC there is a resident who doesn’t have dementia he is just really mean to his wife and we had no where else to put him so we put in PC. His mind is still intact. He would have conversations with himself, or so we thought, about how he was a carpenter. Well one night he came out freaking out saying there was a man in his room that wont let him go to sleep. We went down and checked his room, nobody was there. It took us an hour to get him to calm down. He kept screaming that we were all going to get hurt if we didn’t leave and we needed to get out of the building with all the residents. We had to get his wife up at 3 in the morning to help us get him to calm down. He then continued to tell his wife that a man was in his room and that he was trying to first steal his stuff and then that kept hitting him so he couldn’t sleep.

Nobody liked working over in PC by themselves. A lot has happened over in that area and there is much, much more. I know that this place is haunted. Not just because its a nursing home but just because there is a lot of activity. I would an uneasy feeling in the PC laundry room, which for me is very rare to feel uneasy because I’ve had many experiences, but this feeling just takes over my entire body and scares the living day lights out of me.

Sent in by Amanda, Copyright 2010

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6 Responses to “Paranormal Experiences in Nursing Assisted living Home”
  1. AnNa bites back says:

    wow lots of stuff happened.why did you leave if you loved the place?if its personnal you dont have to say.thanks for the story.if you have anymore stories you should post them.

  2. trolldoll says:

    my guess would be a place such as this has to be haunted. i mean this is the last place they will ever live and i’m sure there energy lingers on. i believe these people do see and hear things. the woman you thought was screaming, i bet was just a prankster! or they honestly wanted you to check on her. maybe the guy with the temper was being taught a lesson by a previous tenant. hard to say but i have heard from a nurse friend who did the late shift and i believe you too!!! thanks so much, you can alway go back into that profession!

  3. sharayah says:

    im glad you got out of there.i know a lot of people looked at that old man like he was crazy,but i would take heed to his warnings. good all is well with you. may God be with you. :)

  4. tharaka says:

    try to leave a digital camera on record to see if u can catch some of this activity on tape .. its worth a try ..

  5. Anonymous says:

    OMG i can so relate to your story. My grandpa is 87 and he DOES have dementia. EVERYDAY he tells me the same story that goes like this:
    “Two boys, 17, opened my door, looked in, and closed it. I went to the window and saw them walking across the lawn.”
    1.) The first time EVER that my Papa told me this story was 2 hours after the death of his beloved friend Clayton.
    2.) My Papa, with demensia, repeats this SAME story every day, word for word and swears with everything in him that these two boys break in and steal his things.
    3.) This month 2 sets of keys went missing, his wallet, his ties, and many other things. They are STILL missing. We cannot find them.
    4.) We know that know one is breaking in because we call him a million times a day, have tried cameras, and he has one of those chain locks on his door that he always has on.
    5.) My papa lives on the 5th floor of an appartment. So for him to see those boys and then look RIGHT out the window and see the SAME boy walking across the feild EVERY DAY is unrealistic. It would take longer than that for them to get down the elevator, out the back door of the building, and onto the feild.

    i just thought this story kind of related to yours. My papa claims EVERYDAY that people are in his appartment, yell at him at 6 am to get up, steal things, and sometimes he even says that there is other people there when there isnt.!!!

  6. yumi says:

    I find it incredibly sad to think these people could be in a place like that after passing.
    I certainly don’t mean any disrespect to the home, far from it, but i’d like to think they went straight to heaven or somewhere nice. To be trapped where you died, especially being elderly, is very very sad indeed.
    Very good stories, thankyou for sharing.

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