Paranormal Experiences in Montana

Posted on June 21, 2011

Okay so I might jump around, here is my story I am almost 17 currently. I’ve always had those “feelings” sometimes through out my life and seen things out of the corner of my eyes.

At less than a year (my mother freaked at this one) I moved to Montana from a troubled home in my home town, and in the house we moved into I would sit in the kitchen the same spot and pet a invisible dog, I would just sit there and coo at it and talk and pet the same height, she bought me a dog after that I loved that dog, I guess it stopped for a while I never had any imaginary friends.

I’ve had experiences all my life. I cant remember at the moment the younger ones (really tired atm) but things started picking up at age 9. This experience is weird. I woke up one morning, swung my legs over and stepped on a piece of paper that was sticking out from under my bed, was a school paper of an aunt I had never met or heard of. We didn’t talk to her and still haven’t since her death about 2 years ago. I took it down to my mom asking who it was and she freaked over that (my mom and aunts had grown up in 3 different haunted houses and different experiences also my grandma). How it got there I don’t know.

I met my moms old friend daughter same name as me (moms friend is very intuitive also with experiences (odd enough we’re related)) and I stay the night at her house and her daughter and I were in the small computer room around 11 everyone was asleep and we heard foot steps, later after still hearing foot steps we have to go get something to eat, well I’m looking down the hall (I have eyes that see well in the dark) and I see a torso of an old guy he’s walking toward us and I could see his face, we flip over the couch and back in the computer room.

After my great aunt died I had gone to a Chinese restaurant with my grandma (her sister is the one that died) and I’m talking about my aunt and I had my tea and I had my hands under my chin so I didn’t see at first and my gma (grandma) had seen it the first time, my cup moved, and so it moves again and I see it, so I trap it with plates (I know silly) and then I look and see if the table is slanted or if a car had drove by or if it was wet, none of it was and I had chills bad!

After my grandpa died I went up to the house and was there alone and I was sitting up were I usually sat (I kept him alive for 6 years) and I heard a cough and then him call my name I got the chills again and then I had to go to the kitchen (you had to walk past the room he died in to get to the kitchen) and my big dog was walking with me and in the room I glanced in and saw the figure of his body and his foot thing that kept them propped up and a dim light like the lamp was on (it wasn’t) as I had been walking past I stopped dead in my tracks and so did my dog.

I have been in school and it had been quiet and someone had called my names (happened all through the school) in my house I lived in for a long time seemed to be haunted (its the one where I found that paper) so I moved out of that room into the basement, in the upstairs that closet was horrible the attic door constantly popped open even after I would close it and then I put a dresser in front of it and it still opened and at night you would see hands coming out of the closet (no door) reaching out of the frame toward me.

In the basement I would hear my name called over my loud music, and people coming down the stairs or the light turning on, before we recently moved) before the last couple months in it got more so active, my sister (she’s never really had experiences) looked through the vent at 6 in the morning that vent went into the living room just above where my mom would usually stand, and she saw a figure standing like my mom and it would shift its weight (in the basement I heard the floor creaking) and my mom had already left for work and she saw a dim light (like I did with my grandfather) thinking the light was on so she called out and no response and it disappeared, she called me thinking someone was in the house so I got up with my candle stick holder bat (long story) I went up no one was there, and my room door would open while I would sleep I would wake up to it opened, (this was stupid to do I know) well I had been in another town with a friend and she and I had gone to her work place went to the basement were her now boyfriend and some of our other friends were (none had been drinking).

We made a homemade Ouija board and used a shot glass for the pointer, they had candles set in a star and we sat in between the star openings. we talked to someone named dillion and 79oujijni random(it kept moving toward me all the time I even got up and switched sides with someone and the shot glass just moved toward me.) (I’m still convinced someone was moving it) we took our hands off of it and it still moved though, and then our friend Ryan (whose an easy going friendly guy) got a weird look on his face went into an old freezer and started staking crates, and there were old beer bottles down there (from the boss). Ryan came out of the freezer (it didn’t work) after we told him to come out after opening the door to, and he started yelling get out get out over and over and picked up one of those bottles and threw it past my head and my friend (I came with) Amber just barely missing our heads. As soon as we all exited the building he was fine but barely remembered it.

Earlier that evening we had gone to the grave yard at dark and marker 3 is an up hill if you put your car in neutral its suppose to push you up the hill. Well that happened and it tried running us (amber and I) into a grave stone luckily I told her turn on the lights and press the breaks. a month ago I was staying at someone’s house (she’s native my moms friends mom whose like a mom to my mom) she has old items in her house but the house was finished last year, and I was sleeping on the couch and heard glasses being set down on the counter like someone had just taken a drink that went on for an hour exactly at 12:13 am and then something was touching my arm I had to actually say stop for it to stop I had tried moving and shaking to get like the feelings you just get.

Now recently (its not all the experiences in my life but some) I’ve been staying with one of my aunts and her house is fairly new and her house pops and hear people walking around and I went to close the door last night the bedroom door heard it click and let go went to walk and it opened again my aunts phone was turning around (it was not vibrating)
so tell me what you think I still get those feelings

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One Response to “Paranormal Experiences in Montana”
  1. LMC says:

    Sounds to me you might be a sensitive… Find a good reliable psychic & ask her some questions. There are people here to help you.

    I was like that growing up… Once I realized it was me I searched everywhere for answers & learned how to except it & embrace my gift… It’s a gift from God :-D

    Walk with peace & love in your heart,

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