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Fairies And Elves Creatures Of Legend

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November 28th, 2007


Ghost Of A Young Lady

Submitted by Chrizelle

I was 11 years old and my family and I were on a short break to Prince Albert in South Africa. It is a very old and small town.

My friend and I were swimming in the big farm dam outside the guest house. There was an old store place next to it. We were swimming under the water and when we had got up there was a ghost of a young woman standing there. She was about twenty years of age and she had about the late 1800′s clothes on. She was beautiful, but the problem was that she was rather white and half transparent.

Later on we had found a photo of a young man who stayed there and his tragic history. He was going to marry a young lady who was pregnant with his child. The day of the birth she lost her life and is ever since seen on that same spot.

We …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 27th, 2007

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Our Military And The UFO Alien Connection

Does our military know more about UFOs and aliens than they let on? For decades military intelligence has been investigating and researching the UFO phenomenon.

Today, Paul Dale Roberts, a True Ghost Tales guest writer, has presented an expose on his experience with military intelligence and what they know about UFOs and aliens.

This story and all comments have been moved to the Aliens and UFOs website:

Our Military And The UFO Alien Connection

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November 26th, 2007

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My Cousin’s Ghost Visited Me

Submitted to us by Melanie Constantine

One of my very close family members had just passed away, I was sitting in my room and all of a sudden his face pops up on my wall. I thought I was just seeing things so I shook my head and closed my eyes and told myself it wasn’t real.

When I opened my eyes and looked his face was still there so I asked “Is anyone there?”, but no one answered me. So I asked again “Hello, is anyone there?” and finally he replied “Yes Melanie, it’s me Timmy don’t you remember me?” And I asked him why he was there at my house talking to me and he told me in the sweetest tone “I am here to watch over you and make sure you are always safe!”

I didn’t know what to say then, but I continued to talk with him for hours and he told me everything that he …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 25th, 2007

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Amber The Little Girl Ghost

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 24th, 2007


The Fireplace Devil

Submitted to us by Joshua

This didn’t actually happen to me, but it happened to one of my close family members. My cousin Tomas. He was about 5 to 6 years old, he was a kind little boy at first, and he went to church every Sunday. What I am about to tell you is unexplainable. This story is 100% real – enjoy.

It was in the year 2000. My cousin and the rest of his family were praying next to a fireplace. But he was just playing with his toys. It was starting to get warmer and warmer in the room. The fireplace had a small fire dancing by it self.

My cousin told me that then he started to cry, because he felt an evil presence in the room. He had gotten closer to the fireplace, he said he couldn’t help it. He want to get next to the nice warm spot.

That’s when it happened. The fire …

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From Category: Demons,General Paranormal

November 23rd, 2007


I Saw My Dead Friend’s Ghost

Submitted to us by Apple

Do you dare to read this story?

We planned a party for mothers day. We decided to go shop for our food and we planned to meet at 6:00 at my house.

When I woke up early in the morning (I woke up at 5:00 a.m) I went out of my room to our backyard and I saw my friend Polly waiting for someone at Miny’s house. I told her to come here and take a cup of tea, but she wouldn’t come. I thought I would bring her a sandwich and a cup of tea.

When I came back into the house I saw her sitting outside Miny’s house. When I came out of the house I saw her there doing the same thing, but when I looked back to get the bread and when I took a look again toward her she was gone.

In the hour we met with my classmates, they …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 22nd, 2007

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The Old Man’s Ghost

Submitted to us by Lee

My family and I lived in a house once that an old man died in and there was a big back room which was his jewelry making room where he died.

My little brother nearly fell down the steps of the back room so we put a gate there to keep him safe.

Every night we heard stepping on the steps and rattling of the gate and I believe it was the old man going to his jewelry making room to make some jewelry.

We all didn’t like that haunted house so we moved out and as we were driving out of the driveway a curtain lifted up and I saw the old man.

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 22nd, 2007

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The Old Ghost Lady Downstairs

Submitted to us by Kaitlyn Haas

One night, me and my best friend Anna were at my grandma’s house watching TV and babysitting my 3 cousins.

While we were gazing at the TV, we heard a strange noise that was coming from downstairs. So me, being so brave and fearless (yeah right), decided that I would ask her to go downstairs with me. She was all “Okay,this should be interesting.” And it was.

As we took slow steps down to the bottom story of the house, we heard a 3rd pair of footsteps. We looked, and it was only us, so we forgot about it. As we turned to look in the 1st room, we saw a woman. She was in her 60′s, about 5 foot 4, and had white hair. Then we looked closer,and she disappeared.

I was so scared that I grabbed Anna’s shirt and literally pulled her up the stairs. Now,I never go downstairs during night. I …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 21st, 2007

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Is The Ghost In My House Nice Or Mean?

Submitted to us by Amy

It all started when we moved into my new house. Well, it used to be an apartment. The bottom part was one part, then the top part was another part. My room and my sister’s room had a doorway in between.

The stairs are not very cushiony so you can her someone when they walk up. My sister is like an elephant when she walks up the stairs.

One day I heard footsteps coming up. I hollered go down stair now. I am tired of you running up and down, but no one answered. And I didn’t hear foot steps. I asked my mom where my sister was, she said at her friends.

That night I turned off my light then my cord started moving, but the fans weren’t on. I couldn’t move, I didn’t want to move. I scared myself to sleep. It happens once in awhile. I’m use to it now, but it …

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From Category: Ghosts & Hauntings

November 20th, 2007


Ghosts In The House Turn On The Television

Submitted by Mary P

When I was a child, we moved to a two story farm house a few miles south of Lamar, Missouri.

There was a strange feeling, cold sensation, when going up the stairs, it made Mom and me very uncomfortable but we moved in anyway.

The day we were moving our furnishings into the house, Dad had put the television in the front room but did not plug it in or connect it to the antenna.

I was going through the front room and all of a sudden the television came on all by itself. I yelled and ran to my folks and told them the television came on all by itself.

Dad assured me there was nothing to worry about, and to continue helping. To this day, I cannot account for why the television came on all by itself without electricity, an antenna or the knob being turned on.

Does anyone know how this could happen? …

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From Category: General Paranormal

November 19th, 2007


Bat-Demon Like Creature Prowling In The Woods

Submitted by Rayford Ladean Rowe

When I was ten, me, my mom, and dad were nearly attacked by some bat-demon creature perched on the side of a cliff. That was thirty miles south of a town called Eureka Springs in Arkansas.

I turn twenty one this November and I will be moving up there to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to research that event that happened nearly eleven years ago. Even if I find out as much as I know now, which is nothing, I will have tried to solve it.

If anyone has heard something that I don’t know please reply to this with a comment.

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From Category: Strange Creatures

November 19th, 2007

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